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We appear to agree on much ...

Reader comment on item: Israel's Strategic Incompetence in Gaza
in response to reader comment: If Israel is in the "End Times", where are the Biblical signs of such?

Submitted by kman (United States), Jan 24, 2009 at 15:50

However, the "signs of the times" are becoming more and more urgent. The first and earliest sign of the "end times" was the re-establishment of Israel as a nation which happened sixty years ago.

The intensity of the infammatory nature of our planet with almost every inflammation haveing ties to the earths greatest powers cannot be excluded. This includes the very real and imminent dangers of Islam everywhere including their intense efforts to attain nuclear capabilities, through North Korea, China, Russia, ex-Soviet Union states, and just about any other idiot willing to sell absolutely anything to enrich themselve(s). Note the speed of the recent financial meltdown and its spread, which didn't catch me off guard at all.

Note, also the increased intensity of natural disasters within the U.S. alone and their numbers. I don't buy into all the baloney on "global warming". A couple decades ago they were ranting about the new coming of an ice age. It is clear that "natural" forces are becoming anything but routine seasonal changes.

Read the prophecies of Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation. The New Tetsament as a whole has Jesus telling of specific changes coming and signs to watch for. Every time man tries to get to specific on what they expect of "signs", those signs blow right on by them - RE: The Pharisees and other teachers fanatical and ongoing searches of the scriptures to glean every hint possible of the coming "Messiah". When the Word stood right in front of all the Jews and laid out all the prophecies he fulfilled, they still stood there stupidly questioning everything. Jesus said to "read" the signs of the times.

Yes, we have always had wars and natural disasters. I have followed them all and seen the decided nature of increase and the ground swell of increase in rage and hate amongst those who suffer so terribly in our world. Reading the signs means seeing the upsurge of Islamic dominance that offers hope to the hundreds of millions who suffer every imaginable horror. They offer what the weakness of mankind craves the most - the "godly right" to express their hatreds and rage in full measure through Islam.

Islam is a double front presented by that religion where its early book professes much of what Jesus had already put forth in the arenas of truth, salvation, peace,love for manknd, etc. The so-called peaceful ones either truthfully or hypocritcally buy into that little prong of Islam. However, according to the law of Islam, the more recent passages "correct" and supplant the former with Muhammad's new attainment of military might which then fortuitously gave him words from god (Allah) that allow all the despical atrocites that the radical "prong" of Islam pracices in great numbers all over the world.

Russsia has not been defeated by the Cold War. They dumped all those Soviet Union States that were a huge financial drain. They focused on re-building their military and consolidating power for Putin the ex-KGB leader of years past. They then flexed their muscles in Georgia and saw the absolute nature of impotence and weak will of all the so-called western powers. That weak will has been displayed increasingly since World ar II when the U.S. started worshipping itself as the "almighty conqueror and protector of the world" instead of the Almighty God himself that resued the allied powers in many truly hopeless encounters with Japan and Germany. God got increasingly shuffeled off to the side. Instead of grasping the victory when they were finally getting it, the U.S. fired General McCarther (sp) right at the point we were defeating Communist China and North Koea. Suddenly they wanted to negotiate & got their wish. That part of the world has paid in spades every since. The entire planet is in greater and greater financail debt to China while they build as quietly as possible most mammoth military in history.

Do you see the re-surgence of the "Great Bear" (Russia) from the north which wil sweep to the south (for the warm water port they have lusted after for so long) Do you not see the lethal nature and evil of the man Putin? Have you ever read of the many moves he has made to stop dead in its tracks the infant move of Russia towards democracy?

How about the End TIme prophecy of the "sleeping giant " to the east? Who could that be but China, which despite a few nagging problems, has become the planet's financial as well as military giant? Why else would Russia sweep south and China eastward in fulfillment of prophecy to ensure stabilization of "warm water ports and world oil supply" for themselves?

Put this whole picture together and see it as the powder keg it is. The incredible speed with which the financial disaster took place and its almost instantaneous spread throughout the world should tell you just how fast any global military confrontation would escalate.

The Ten European Powers are established and their increasing world influence. The end time leader is a mere formality and could easily be setting up for his takeover from any one of numerous new world leaders. The French and Egyptian prominence in leading "new peace moves" speak to the prophecy of that beast leading the world into the first three and a half year period (world peace) of the seven year period of the "end times".. The Pope who has been working hard to abase himself before the Muslim world. Perhaps a newly elected American president who campainged one of the most "lie" dominated political campaigns our country has ever seen. The nature of his success backed by a heavily biased media is just mind blowing. Obama's past has been dominated with a vast allegiance to terrorist and islamic forces. The church he and his wife attended for 20 years and raised their daughers in are all hard facts that the press subdued. Other facts (RE: the L.A. Times) adamantly refused to report the damning evidence of Obama's complicit involvement with very dangerous people in the U.S. I could go on and on about who Obama has always clearly been.

What do you see as the growing picture coming from our population that showed the enormous ignrance and incredible indifference towards politics until it became fashionable. They then went where to inform themselves? They dug to what depths? They ignored blatant lie and total farbrication to insert a politically correct campaigned black man who represents nothing of what he campaigned. He publicly debated another black presidential candidate who is a man of great world and national awareness and great Christian integrity - Alan Keyes, who showed the shallow depth of Obama's "Christian" beliefs in that public debate. Put together the whole picture of the man who has assumed the reins, bit, and bridle of the world's most powerful western nation, and throw it into this growing world picture.

Have you seen the creeping Islam that has been moving in many sectors of our own nation, Canada, and Europe? Where do you get your "hope" for anything beyond another hundred years for mankind's governance on this planet? Past Biblical history has shown a clear repetition of a two thousand year cycle of man's existence that so far comprises at most (Biblcally) eight thousand years. I have heard it put at 6 thousand.

Got implanted man on this earth about 6 thousand years ago (or so) then wiped the entire planet free of man's pestilence except for Noah's small family. He jump-started it again through Abraham and started the race of his "favored people", which, as prophecied, got badly off track themselves several times right up to the point two thousand years ago when their prophesied Messiah was presented to them on a silver platter. Do you feel another staggering moment developing right at the point of mankind's most incredible and planet-wide failure with everybody and his brother coming in possession of nulclear weapons?

Great Britain is being dominated and blinded by Islam in a gradual campaign that is being mirrored right here in the U.S. and Canada. A great many legal maeuvers have aleady been accompished in all of these nations and weak-kneed western populaions are caving to all forces of intimidation right now. Whatever is "cool", fashionable, and delivers the least resistance to powerful forces is being totally bought into.

Have you seen that all politicians are in favor of opening our borders completely to everyone who wants in, and carte blanche citizenship, all voting rights, all rights to Social Security, drivers licenses, etc.? This is to stabilize a new voting base that will give hands-down complete political control to those now in power. What kind of chaos might ensue from that? You think we have fianacial disaster now?

Laws are on the table that will increase the 50 million number of babies that have been slaughtered right up to the moment of 9 month full term birth. Do you suppose that at this moment in man's history after being gifted with the freest most powerful nation in history, that the Creator of all this isn't seething right at this moment? I have heard that this is absoluly the case.

How about the hundrds of billions of dollars Americans spend every year on just sports entertainment alone while God's people are raped, tortured, beaten, driven from their homes, and persecuted terribly all throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East, Pakista, India, Bangladesh, Myanmahr (Burmha), Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Indonesia, China, Philippines, North Korea, and many other places?

All this while the once most powerful and gifted nation of all time sat on its rumps endlessly indulging themselves with every imaginable entertainment on earth - including now, massively - porn. The ACLU fights for the "rights' of men to own child pornography and all things Christian. Have you no clue to what has already been accomplished against all things Christian in this nation? Can you imagine maybe its about time for a throughly angry God to allow things to come to an end before "even the chosen" (Jesus words) are blocked from the salvation he bought?

We have just passed the 2 thousand year anniversary of Jesus birth without a whimper. The end times " whole moon turned blood red" is a crucial component that will be delivered by nuclear war. There are many other prophecies that cycle around the two solar and four lunar eclispes scientifically forecast for around the years 2014-2015. Jesus ministry start will be 2 thousand years old in 2030, and the 2 thousandth anniversary of the Messiah's ministry in 2033.

The History channel on American TV has repeatedly broadcast the new awareness that religions all over the globe, including Christianity, European "seers", Chinese greats, South American Aztecs, and others that all predict' "coincidentally", a massive world wide catastrophe unmatched in all of mankind's history in the year 2012.

I watched a secular journalist interview this "high up" Jewish priest in Israel who pointed out a whole plethora of end time prophecies that have recently (last couple decades) been fulfilled including many I hadn't realized myself. This interview re-appears quite often.

You will have to excuse me if I don't put in a little more time to specifically name all the carried out prophecies and signs that are very obviously playing out. I have to cop to the excuse of taking my wfe to ER yesterday as her rather unique health problems deteriorate. The week has been challenging, but I consider answering you to be important on both mine and God's agenda.

God has always caught His people sleeping (much scripture, which I assume you know of). Jesus warned numerous times in his time and alluding to our future of how we are going to be cauht napping. I could put in a lot more time giving you many specific verses, but my time is very challenged right now, and you do claim to be a Christian. I assume you are thoroughly educated in your Bible and specifically Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Revelation, not to mention, many other books of the Bible?

I respect your knowledge and courage of engagement on your beliefs. That is a quality very important to our times. It is going to be hugely challenged in next few years. Your qualities are terribly absent in our nation right now, so believe me when I say I respect you. You are gong to have to ramp up the intensity of self-education a great deal.

I am far more aware of national and world events, politics, and beliefs of every kind than I let on. It also strains my time. I go on forums all over the world and read many unbiased news reports. Dr. Daniels and his group alone put strains on my time that has my family frowning, rolling their eyes, and complaining. I'm not sure how much time I will have in the next few days, so ask your forgiveness if I get back to you late.

There are a few others on this forum that I admire greatly - Mr. Tovey, and at least a couple Australians to name only a few.


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