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Bilal: You failed to tell us what happened to the rapists and torturers you have listed. What are you trying to hide?

Reader comment on item: Niqabs and Burqas - The Veiled Threat Continues
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Submitted by Plato (India), Sep 8, 2009 at 05:34

Bilal, you wrote,

>>A kaafir from Sheffield raped his two daughters, getting them pregnant a total of 19 times.

The 56-year-old kaafir groomed his daughters for sex from the age of eight before he spent years repeatedly raping them.

He committed the shocking abuse over a 30-year period, fathering nine children with his daughters.

Seven of the children survived, while two died on the day they were born. The other babies were lost either through miscarriages or abortions.

The father, who lived in a Sheffield suburb with his wife and two daughters, was guilty to nine rapes and two indecent assaults against his elder daughter, and 16 rapes and two indecent assaults against her younger sister.<<

Bilal in keeping with Muslim practice of giving out only half truths you have left out what happened to the rapist. Let me finish the story for you:

"A 56-year-old man from Sheffield who raped his two daughters over many years has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 19-and-a-half years.

….November 2008 - Father is jailed for life with a minimum term of 19-and-a-half years.

May 2009 - The man wins a five-year reduction in his minimum jail term at the Court of Appeal. A judge said it should be reduced because the original sentence had been in line with those imposed for "serious murders". http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7751075.stm

Now take a look at what happens to Muslim rapist relatives:

UAE citizen's family protects her rapist

Fatima contacted the BBC World Service citizen journalism project, Your Story, because she wanted to share her experiences of sexual abuse growing up within a strict Muslim family in Abu Dhabi.

She suffered many years of abuse before she finally told her mother what had been going on.

Fatima is now 26. She lives in the United States of America where she has just been given asylum and citizenship after establishing that she would be in danger if she returned to her home country. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7966086.stm

"My imam father came after me with an axe

Hannah Shah had been raped by her father and faced a forced marriage. She fled, became a Christian and now fears for her life

We are all too familiar with the persecution of Christians in countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yet sitting in front of me is a British woman whose life has been threatened in this country solely because she is a Christian. Indeed, so real is the threat that the book she has written about her experiences has had to appear under an assumed name.

The book is called The Imam's Daughter because "Hannah Shah" is just that: the daughter of an imam in one of the tight-knit Deobandi Muslim Pakistani communities in the north of England. Her father emigrated to this country from rural Pakistan some time in the 1960s and is, apparently, a highly respected local figure.

He is also an incestuous child abuser, repeatedly raping his daughter from the age of five until she was 15, ostensibly as part of her punishment for being "disobedient". At the age of 16 she fled her family to avoid the forced marriage they had planned for her in Pakistan. A much, much greater affront to "honour" in her family's eyes, however, was the fact that she then became a Christian – an apostate. The Koran is explicit that apostasy is punishable by death; thus it was that her father the imam led a 40-strong gang – in the middle of a British city – to find and kill her. http://infidelsarecool.com/2009/03/23/uk-imam-raped-daughter-from-age-5-15-as-punishment-for-disobedience/ "

This Muslim Imam who raped his daughter is probably still free protected by his family and other Muslims. How many of these domestic rapists ever get punished in Islamic countries?
>>Josef Fritzl, a 73-year-old kaafir, murdered one of the seven children he fathered with a daughter (Elisabeth) whom he kept locked in a cellar for 24 years. He threw the baby in an incinerator. When Elisabeth was a toddler, Josef Fritzl raped a woman in Linz in 1967

Again you failed to mentioned what happened to Fritzl. In case you it here it is: 'On 19 March 2009, Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 15 years…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritzl_case#Trial_of_Josef_Fritzl

Now read this story out of the Fatherland of Islam, Saudi Arabia:"My father is a retired military man and an alcoholic. He abused me since I was little. My mother died at the hospital because of beatings and burns. When my siblings and I accused our father of her death, he forced us to change our testimony. He hit me with chains and swords and raped me. I ran away from the house and lived on the street, where the hay'at found me and brought me to a shelter. But my father complained to the police I had run away and I spent one week in prison. My complaint about rape was rejected as the case focused on my running away….." http://www.wunrn.com/news/2009/05_09/05_04_09/050409_saudi3_files/UN%20SR%20VAW%20Mission%20to%20Saudi%20Arabia.pdf

Muslim rapist father is protected in Islamic Saudi Arabia. What do you think would have happened to him in the Kuffar country you live in Bilal??

I gave you some statistics of domestic violence in Muslim Pakistan which included rape:

"Male dominance and commodification subjects women to violence on a dailybasis in Pakistan. Approximately seventy-percent to ninety-percent of Pakistani women are subjected to domestic violence.4 Typical violent acts include, but are not limited to, murder in the name of "honor," rape, spousal abuse including marital rape, acid attacks, and being burned by family members (often labeled an accident by family members)." http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/161014

Have you asked yourself how many of these men (should be around 70% of all Pakistani Muslim males) get hauled into court and punished. Check what is the rate of conviction is in Kuffar countries for men who commit crimes against women and children.

>>Two kuffaar men have caused and allowing the death of a 17-month-old boy 'Baby P'. The child's mother also admitted allowing or causing the child's death.

The post-mortem examination revealed Baby P had suffered:

• Eight broken ribs and a broken back, with another area of bleeding around the spine at neck level.

Kaafir James Howson, 25, Doncaster, held a 16-month-old baby (Amy) over his knee and broke her back in two.

Kaafir Kirk Coleman brutally raped and beat his 3-month-old baby girl.

The 3-month-old baby girl had broken ribs, a fractured skull, and more. When she was taken to hospital she was unconscious and needed a ventilator to breathe. She has been left permanently disabled.

Kirk Coleman was a US Army paratrooper. He had 2 tours in Iraq. Kuffaar consider these men (such as the 3-month-old baby-brutal-rapist Kirk Coleman) "heroes".

Typically like in your first two stories you have not said what happened to these criminals. I am willing to take a bet they all are cooling their heels in jail. Why didn't you tells us what happened to them, Bilal? Is it because Muslim Sharia law will be shown in very poor light when compared with Kuffar law on crime against women and children? Read what happened to a Muslim who abused his wives and children in Kuffar country:

"MURRIETA, Calif. — A self-described polygamist was convicted Wednesday of charges that he starved, tortured and abused his two wives and many of his 19 children and stepchildren.

A Riverside County Superior Court jury found Mansa Musa Muhummed guilty on 25 counts, including torturing seven of the children, abusing 12 of them and falsely imprisoning the wives. He faces seven life sentences.


Muhummed, whose birth name was Richard Boddie, told authorities that his Muslim faith gave him the right to take multiple wives. He was arrested in 1999 after one of his wives, Laura Cowan, managed to slip a 13-page letter to a postal service worker describing the abuse.


Once the case went to trial, a string of his children and stepchildren, now adults, also took the stand, telling the jury that they had been beaten, starved, strung up by their feet and forced to eat vomit and feces.


He said that his children and stepchildren ate three regular meals a day except during the holy month of Ramadan, when the older children ate two meals — one before dawn and one after sunset.

Doctors said the children were extremely malnourished. A 19-year-old daughter was 4-foot-1 and weighed 56 pounds." http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,365744,00.html

Such TRUE stories of MUSLIM ATROCITIES on children and women are also ENDLESS and can be easily sourced by trawling the Internet.

Torture and atrocities are no big deal in Islam as the Prophet himself practiced it. From 'The Life of Muhammad', Sirat Rasul Allah, translated A Guillaume, printed by Oxford University press, Pakistan:

Page 665:…al-Yamuri killed Masada b Hakama b Malik b.Hudahayfa b Badr, and Umm Qirfa was taken prisoner. She was a very old woman, wife of Malik. Her daughter and Abdullah b Masada were also taken. Zaid ordered Qays b al-Musahhar to kill Umm Qirfa and he killed her cruelly (T by putting a rope to her two legs and two camels and driving them until they rent her in two. [Zaid bin Haritha was Muhammad's faithful slave and adopted son and ex-son-in-law]

The Muslims of the prophet's time did know a thing or two about interesting ways to kill an old woman, didn't they? Do you want to hear some more such TRUE stories of how Muslims kill helpless people, Bilal? I will leave you in suspense for the moment.

>>Based on the statistics verified by broadsheet newspapers in the UK such as the Independent; you find that a woman is raped once every 2 minutes in the US alone. At least 1 paedophile in every 10 mile radius.<<

Again typically, you have not given any proper source for your statistics. In Pakistan, where records are poorly kept, rapes occur one in two hours. But the key question how many of those criminals are brought to justice. Would you dare look at what kind of justice is delivered in Muslim countries? Let me help you. Just read the reports on what happens to women who report being raped in Muslim countriesv.

Terrible crimes occur whatever the religious persuasion of people. But the key to being a civilized or uncivilized religion is whether it accepts and condones such torture as Islam has done from its very inception (also read what the Prophet did to Kinana bin Rabi or the camel herders who killed one of his men).

>>As for the issue of dowry. So? I'm sure a woman would rather receive a dowry than have to walk around half naked and spread her legs for everyone in the bar to define her "worth".<<

And how many half-naked women did you find spreading their legs in a bar for you in your Kuffar nation, the UK? And if they did, you would have offered them a dowry, mehar, for lending their vulva as required by Islamic law to make it all legal in the eyes of Allah. Just Google misyar and muta marriages and read what comes up.

>>As for the killings; look at the "interventions" ... with blood of throughout history. Iraq and Afghanistan being the most recent obvious examples. A battle ground where copious numbers of innocents have been raped, killed and their property pillaged.<<

Your name sounds Pakistani. You probably have heard about how Bangladesh came into existence. How many innocent Bengalis, Muslims and Hindus, did Muslims kill in East Pakistan?

Have you heard of what is happening in Darfur and South Sudan? Google them and discover what Muslims do to Muslims. Muslims kill more Muslims than all the kafirs put together: "This grisly inventory finds the total number of deaths in conflicts since 1950 numbering about 85,000,000. Of that sum, the deaths in the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1950 include 32,000 deaths due to Arab state attacks and 19,000 due to Palestinian attacks, or 51,000 in all. Arabs make up roughly 35,000 of these dead and Jewish Israelis make up 16,000.

These figures mean that deaths in Arab-Israeli fighting since 1950 amount to just 0.06 percent of the total number of deaths in all conflicts in that period. More graphically, only 1 out of about 1,700 persons killed in conflicts since 1950 has died due to Arab-Israeli fighting.

(Adding the 11,000 killed in the Israeli war of independence, 1947-49, made up of 5,000 Arabs and 6,000 Israeli Jews, does not significantly alter these figures.)

In a different perspective, some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims."


>>This amongst with the typical standard of your society as mentioned above proves my point of how you are all ... with no morals.<<

You saw the standard of Muslim society in the material I have quoted above. You can check these figures on more neutrals sites. Is this the Islamic morality you want to foist on Kaffirs?

Whether directly or indirectly, the Neo-Cons and Zionists have had hands in perpetrating genocide against Muslims throughout modern history.<<

The standard of Muslim society seems to be that they can kill anyone, whether Kaffir or recalcitrant Muslim, and no one should question this Allah given right.

Muslims question the killing of a few thousand Palestinian Muslims but are deafeningly silent about the genocide in Darfur and Sudan and hide under the excuse of some Western Christian conspiracy. Is this the standard of morals that Islam gives Muslims?

>>You people are a ...<<

And you people are a what?????




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