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To Noah: Our dharmas are different II

Reader comment on item: How the West Could Lose
in response to reader comment: You have some fundamental misunderstandings, Plato

Submitted by Plato (India), Feb 18, 2007 at 06:17

Part II :

"Again, first we deport, ban, and isolate. The nukes will fly only if they somehow figure out a way to commit a massive terror attack against us, which would be nearly impossible since no Muslims would be around in the USA and they'd have no method for sneaking in."

And yet again you are willing to vaporise a goodly portion of humanity for the crime of a few. You seem convinced that the vast majority of the Muslim masses would have been such a crime to justify a bigger crime on your part. You plan to sequester your country from Muslims is impractical and a pipe dream.

"First, remember that my method virtually insures against such a nuclear war. Second, if we nuked their population centers, they'd all die. Some from the blast, others from radiation sickness (if we used neutron bombs), the rest from starvation. Remember, neutron radiation would also kill plants and cattle. No doubt they would resort to cannibalism, but they're barely able to eek out an existence as it is, with millions and in some cases billions of dollars in foreign aid. So they would die out pretty readily. We could always help them along by spraying with nerve agents, napalm, firebombs, etc. It would be easy."

First, the phrase 'virtually insures' comes off so easily from your keyboard. Second, nuking population centres as though you are cauterising a wound. After reading the rest of it I had to rush to the sink and retch.

"No, unfortunately some non-Muslims would also die. Such is the nature of war. It is unavoidable. I would hope that most non-Muslims would have the common sense to flee once the writing was on the wall. In any case, sacrifices must be made."

Just about 100 million or so (but as it will never happen if my plan is implemented, don't worry?).

"Because you presented the idea of a virus that only kills Muslims or some such absurdity. Remember?"

I presented that idea to highlight the absurdity of your own plan. But since then I have come across this comment on Richard Dawkins 'The God Delusion'. I am going to go out and get that book.

'In fact, Dawkins points to a vast body of research showing that faith has roots in the structures of the brain, the psychology of the parent-child bond and social conditioning.
"So are all ideas viruses of the mind?" the author asks. Yes, because a meme is a theoretical unit of information transmission, very similar to the concept of a gene with all the implications this has for memetic variation and self-preservation.
How absurd do you think my idea is now? Not that I would like the creation of the virus I suggested.

"Put some real warriors in charge and the job will get done, trust me. Again, many of the generals and other leaders know how to conduct a war, they are just hand-tied by idiot politicians. That's why we lose. Warriors are good at breaking the enemy. Politicians are only good at breaking promises."

Since you say 'many' of the generals how do you decide who those real warriors are? Or are you hinting that the warriors should be given a free run?

"Again, get rid of the idiot politicians who are sleeping with the Saudis and let some real patriotic American warriors run policy."

Who decides who are the real American warriors. The public vote to decide which general has the most blood-curdling strategies?

"I never "guaranteed" anything. That's just a good estimate. It could be a little higher, it would probably be a lot lower. In any case, even if I were wrong by a hundred-fold, that would still be a drop in the bucket compared to the alternative where global nuclear war breaks out. In fact, it would be a drop in the bucket even compared to a situation in which America did not respond at all to a Muslim attack that took out LA, New York, and Chicago."

Now you spell it out (no guarantees). A little higher, a little lower or maybe a 100 fold higher. No wonder you are not guaranteeing anything. The only thing you are guaranteeing is that the Muslims will do what you say they will do if your plan is not carried through.

"Your posts start out kind, then descend into snottiness. Weird. Anyway, you simply refuse to listen to reason, that's why you don't see the brilliance of the plan. You want it to fail, you want it to be unworkable."

I will listen to reason if you come up with a reasonably brilliant plan. I don't see brilliance in a plan which had 20k casualties but could be a bit higher, maybe a 100 fold higher. That is about the exact figure of the Muslims you estimate are in the US. Yes I want it to be uworkable as long as you have such wildly differing casualty figures. How do I know it could not be a 1000 fold higher.

"I swear it is getting tedious having to repeat myself to you a trillion times. Please try a reading comprehension course. As I have laid out the plan, it minimizes to near zero the likelihood of any sort of nuclear attack by any side against any other. It virtually guarantees against nuclear war. On the other hand, not implementing my plan virtually assures it, as Islam is hell-bent on nuking both Israel and America, and we all know damned well where that leads. Why is it that you refuse to acknowledge this after I have spelled it out at least 4 times now?

My reading comprehension course is coming along fine. I will improve as we go along this road. You say it minimizes to 'near zero', have you any factor up your sleeve by which it should be multiplied like the casualty figures above. Then you say 'virtually' guarantees against nuclear war, and also nuclear war is 'virtually' guaranteed if your plan is ignored, and you also have 'guaranteed' information that Islam as a an ideology (not some crazed individual or Muslim dictator) is hell-bent on nuking Israel and America. Like your guarantees I on your fifth try 'virtually' acknowledge this.

"As for the 800 million Muslims left, wrong again.....(a long list of Muslim dead for your action)....Now we're up to 400 million of them dead."

You began with 1.2 billion Muslims. So if 400 million are dead there would be 800 million left standing (or maybe crawling would make you happier?). Do I have to take math remedial classes now? Oh but you also say 800 million of those crawling would die out from the after effects. The final solution in its final ultra-modern form. Gas chambers are so passe'

"Again, there would be no need to write off the "last of the Muslims". They'd be cut in half at least, and left with an apocalyptic disaster (which at least Iran would be happy with!), and they'd be deprived of any method of attacking America. They would have to devote all their energies into surviving today and into tomorrow, and their barbaric tendencies would ensure that they focused all their rage on one another, fighting for the last living, non-irradiated virgin to rape. Islam would for all practical purposes be a thing of the past. We could simply turn our backs and watch them die"

The Nazis watched the Jews die because of their race. You will watch Muslims die because of their belief. A very crucial and important distinction indeed. And all of that is unlikely if the US adheres to your plan to the dot

"As I said, there is very little fallout from neutron bombs and it would not last long enough to threaten neighboring countries. We could also take them out with non-nuclear weapons."

I have serious doubts about that, but you are the expert.

"Again, an inaccurate comparison. One, we were not fighting to win in Viet Nam, and two, we were mainly bombing empty jungles, not dense population centers. One or two neutron bombs dropped in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Malaysia would kill more Muslims than died in the entire history of the Vietnam war (1945-1975) with 2.3 to 3.8 millon dead in that war. Hell, one neutron bomb in Tehran alone would exceed that number by a factor of four."

So were you fighting to train your soldiers in jungle warfare? And bombing empty jungles. Now I understand why you say your strategists do not have a squirt of common sense. Just a few snotty remarks for you to shoot down.

"Again, don't be foolish. You cannot reduce almost anything to an absolute zero chance. My plan does indeed make it nearly impossible though. On the other hand, Islam is trying to get its hands on nukes, it has already threatened to erase Israel and America off the face of the earth, and we know that when it comes to violence and genocide, Muslims do not jest. Allowing them to remain in America is inviting a planned disaster of which we are already aware, ie the American Hiroshima plot, and the Second Holocaust plan. That virtually assures nuclear war. Again, nothing is 100% certain, but let's use common sense!"

Since you tend to multiply your figures by arbitrary numbers by what factor can I expect you to multiply a number near zero with? And your 'nearly impossible' drives me up the wall. You also seem to have you forgotten that Islam has already got its hands on nukes? It is not 100% certain but common sense tells you that America is rushing helter skelter towards disaster as long as there is a single Muslim within its borders as the Muslims are incubating the Hiroshima plot and the Holocaust plan. To counter that you have your own Hiroshima plot and Holocaust plan, only multiplied a 100 fold.

"I'll take a plan that generates a 99.9% chance of avoiding a nuclear war over a plan that generates even a 50% chance of nuclear war."

I am sure those figures have been distilled from the figures you supplied to a number crunching super computer.

"If they don't, too bad. They at least get to keep their lives, which is more than they allow the victims of their genocides and planned genocides. Remember, they have had ample time and ample opportunity to reform their religion, if that was their intention."

You Americans are so generous. It must be your BBB training.

"Russian and China are not suicidal Muslim countries. Precisely why M.A.D. worked with Russia (Soviets). They are not going to commit suicide by stepping into a nuclear war in order to defend Muslims."

You had put them in the 'God forbid' category in your plan. Which is, oh so very reassuring. And you are certain Muslim countries are suicidal which is not reassuring if your plan calls for acting before the Muslims decide to commit suicide.

"So why in God's name are we not giving them what they want? Kill 'em all, let Allah sort them out, that's my policy. If they're so eager to sacrifice themselves, why not be humane and assist them in their quest for martyrdom?"

Oh, when any Muslim country shows what are suicidal tendencies in your estimation, put it out of its misery before they act on it.

"Why even bother to listen to them? I can find a great many better things to fantasize about than insane plans to reform Islam from within via all the mythological moderates that you seem to believe exist yet in reality are about as evident as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster."

You have a plan to close up America so tight after expelling all Muslims that no Muslim will be able to crawl in. That is sane. Among 1.2 billion Muslims the moderate ones are so tiny that they are non-existent by your very accurate estimate. That is the deduction of a sane genius.

Again, it appears you have zero comprehension of my plan despite having it spelled out to you and despite having corrected you a million times. My plan, as you put it, does not have a range of 500 million dead. That is the number of dead likely through not implementing my plan and allowing the Muslims to continue to infiltrate and plot a nuclear blast in NYC.

Not just zero comprehension but negative comprehension. Your plan not having to be implemented is contingent on the improbability of some Muslims not being able to sneak in and do what you consider is unacceptable damage. And in that unlikely event you are willing to destroy upto half a billion people including a 100 million of people you yourself would consider innocent bystanders.

"Your "plan" was a snotty remark and clearly not meant to be serious. Get real! Concocting a virus that only kills Muslims? What sort of nonsense is that?"

As nonsensical as scientists finding a biological basis for religious belief.

Again, it appears you have zero comprehension of my plan despite having it spelled out to you and despite having corrected you a million times. My plan, as you put it, does not have a range of 500 million dead. That is the number of dead likely through not implementing my plan and allowing the Muslims to continue to infiltrate and plot a nuclear blast in NYC.

Actually I have zero comprehension of what you mean by 'nearly impossible', 'virtually insures', 'virtually assures', ,virtually guarantees' , 'minimizes to near zero', 'casualties can be a little higher maybe a hundred-fold more, and 'God forbid'. As you say God forbid those nearly impossible situations.

"It's not just a "paper plan". It is a well reasoned plan that has historical precedence on its side, and reality backing it as well. I suspect that's why it bothers you so."

Historical precedence? You mean Hitler's final solution? It sure bothers me.

"It is interesting though, how people like you who are so strongly opposed to my plan always seem to focus on the idea of a nuclear war. You seem to have a compulsion with looking at all-out nuclear war as the most likely and most preferred result, whereas my plan makes it the least likely and least desireable outcome."

Yes we do focus on nuclear war because it is an extinction level event. That's why. Your plan, since it contains so many 'nearlys', 'virtuallys' and starting numbers being multiplied by hundred is so dicey we get nightmares after reading it. Your plan is virtually a doomsday plan.

"Expose" the Koran? It's already been exposed. People can read it in every language on the planet. It's only the Muslims and their apologists that live in denial of what it truly says. And again, it is not my burden to come up with a plan that fits your absurd claims. You're the one claiming that we can "convert" the so-called (and mythological) "moderate" Muslims, so it's your burden to come up with a detailed, realistic plan along those lines. I insist that any such plan is doomed to fail."

"I know plenty of 3rd and 4th generation "American" Muslims, and to a person they are just as violent and nutty as the 1st generation. The only way to change them is to deprogram them. Where in the world are you going to get the ability, manpower, and facilities to do that?"

That is your anectodotal evidence. Michel and I sometimes give our own anectodtal and even statistical evidence which you simply dismiss out of hand.

"Again, you're being absurd. There are always exceptions to any rule. That's why the rule is the rule and the exception is the exception. For some reason, you and your crowd seem to believe that just because 0.00001% of Muslims are peaceful, that means there is hope for Islam to become peaceful. And yet the very opposite is happening...they are getting more and more violent with each increment of freedom and access to the West they receive. Hence the phenomenon of "moderate Muslims" is an aberration, an anomaly, a blip on the radar that holds no promise, no hope, no chance of success."

Your figures you pull out of your own hat. Figures coming from anywhere else are trashed. That is why you call them 'absurd', 'aberration', 'exceptions to the rule'.

"What I said: "What is considered significant by one person could look insignificant to another like a glass being half empty or half full. And if you do not hold me to the gold standard of American values I could name some Muslim countries that are struggling to reach those standards."

Your reply: Oh, don't give me that relativistic nonsense!"

When you don't like something that is said on this blog it is shot down promptly as absurd, stupid, or more politely as relativistic nonsense.

"Sorry, but a fraction of 1% is simply not workable in reality. You may, for example consider a replacement birth rate of 1.3 to be sufficient to allow a culture to continue growing, but reality tells us that is far too small a number. Likewise, a fraction of 1% of Muslims being peaceful is not going to be able to stand against or influence the other 99.999% who are violent."

I don't know what to think of your numbers. You seem to throw out very precise figures . Even experienced sociologists would hesitate to come out with such stunningly accurate figures. If your intention is to stun the readers, it fails because you have a tendency to put in saftey factors of a hundred-fold or so.

"What you're actually trying to do is engage in a transparent attempt at moral relativism, and I will not be led down that road of lies."

I prefer moral relativism to moral absolutism. I use the Native American paradigm as a touchstone for testing the morality of pre-emptively deporting a few millions based on no more than anecdotal and poor scientific evidence seeing all American Muslims as terrorists and their supporters bent on destroying America. The natives were destroyed by your forebears with the excuse they were savage and uncivilised. The same charge you now bring against the Muslims. You regret what happened to the natives. Will your descendants have to regret what you plan to do to the American Muslims? Probably like they can shrug the whole thing off as not being relevant then, a fait accompli.

"Again, don't give me that nonsense. Did we become the Nazis in WWII? Did we become the Soviets in the Cold War? No. Your argument is invalid. And for the 50th time, I am not advocating genocide. You seem to attend the Goebbels School of Debate, believing that if you utter a great lie often enough, it will be believed. Unfortunately for you, I am able to counter your propaganda each time, and correct you publicly, where your lie is clearly exposed. I am calling for the deportation and banning of an evil sociopolitical ideology called Islam, an evil ideology dedicated to our destruction, and the isolation of that evil to its breeding grounds. Nuclear annihilation is a deterrent, the same deterrent we used against the Soviets."

You did not become Nazis because you did not attack them to begin with and you never adopted the Nazi way of doing things. Against the Soviets you did not reciprocate in their style. Now you are proposing mass deportation as the Nazis and Soviets did and if that is resisted the Muslims are to be killed, by your calculation 20k or at the most 100 times that. You also say in your post: " First, remember that my method virtually insures against such a nuclear war. Second, if we nuked their population centers, they'd all die. Some from the blast, others from radiation sickness (if we used neutron bombs), the rest from starvation. Remember, neutron radiation would also kill plants and cattle. No doubt they would resort to cannibalism, but they're barely able to eek out an existence as it is, with millions and in some cases billions of dollars in foreign aid. So they would die out pretty readily. We could always help them along by spraying with nerve agents, napalm, firebombs, etc. It would be easy."

You first say that your plan virtually ensures no nuclear war. In the next breath you say if you nuked (unlikely event?) their population centres and if that happens you expect them to become cannibals to survive and you are ready and willing to help them die using all your favourite weapons, nerve gas, napalm etc. Just like a doctor's (Dr.Mengle?) clinical discussion on how the patient can be put out of his misery. Good going Noah, after you deal with the Muslims your mirror will be so misted up with the fumes of the gas and napalm you will not be able to see how your face has changed after all that.

"You, Plato, cannot debate this with me honestly, because you know you will lose. You insist on using lies and propaganda to misquote, misinterpret, and misrepresent my claims, because you need that propaganda in order to vilify me in your eyes and allow you to dismiss my plan without the burden of looking at it honestly."

Honesty lies in telling me that I believe only .00001 per cent of Muslims are moderate?. You are not willing to consider that human behaviour follows the bell-shaped curve with extremes of behaviour at the tails of the curve. You have assumed that all muslims are concentrated at one tail, with the bell shape disappearing and only one tail showing. The differences we see among people because of religion, sex, race etc comes from differences in experience, education, the media, parenting etc. I think it is our duty, at least I consider it is mine, to help Muslims reform by attacking the source of their 'weltanschauung'. That is my dharma. You have yours.

That is me babbling unintelligible propaganda in favour of fanatical Muslims to you. So be it.

"Nonsense. They're simply being enticed out of their hiding holes like cockroaches. Most of them are coming from terrorist states like Iran and Syria.

And Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, and whereever there are Muslims. Some of them will crawl all the way to the US

"We killed 100 million Iraqis? Then there are no Iraqies alive, since there are only 26.7 million Iraqis. I guess you're getting your numbers from the same insane source where Michel gets his 30 million Muslims in America. Hmmm...maybe you're one of Michel's split personalities, just Michel posting under another user ID and talking to yourself? Interesting".

[I wrote:"Yes, Yes the US has been known to laugh away collateral damage. I can't argue with what is a national given"

I see that you're one of those strange people who believe that you can fight a war without collateral damage. Once again, you're not dealing with reality. Nor do we laugh away such issues. We try to minimize it."]

You have minimised it to the extent of 100 million out of about 600 million. Reality begins where delusion ends.

Where did the Iraqis pop up here. Even with all my stupidity I know that even the entire ME does not have 600 million. (Noah, I know that was just an oversight on your part due to fatigue)

"Unfortunately for you, I am somewhat of a Vedic scholar. The definition of karma you see there is a perversion of the original Vedic concept of karma, which was merely the law of cause and effect. You touch a hot stove, you burn your hand. That's the original concept of karma, summarized and simplified. It's not "I did bad things in this life so bad things will happen to me in the next". That (mis)understanding is a simplistic and inaccurate definition.

Good to know you are a Vedic scholar. All is not lost. Indian philosophy is predicated on a very pro-life ethose. Each life is precious because it is a spark of the ineffabel Self. Yes the Gita, which is the Vedas distilled, has Krishna urging a reluctant Arjuna to fulfil his dharma, that is fight for a righteous cause. What you are proposing is to uproot the entire Muslim population on the expectation of a future nuclear or other devastating attack on the US by some unrighteous individuals from among them and unstinted support from the remaining.

"Wrong. Your understanding of karma is inaccurate and simplistic. Karma is Islam attacking the west and being annihilated in response. Cause and effect"

Wrong? What you have stated ."Karma is Islam attacking the west and being annihilated in response" is pre-eminently Judeo-Islamic. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Retribution here and now. For the crime of a few, but which in your mind has the support of practically all Muslims based on your own estimates and on some surveys in the ME you are willing to punish every one of them. Reminds one of the communal punishments the SS used to mete out.

Let me end with a prayer from the Atharva Veda, Kanda Six:

O Soma! The earth, the sun and other gods tread along paths that are not marked by hatred. May we also tread the path of non-violence and peace.

O victorious Soma! You are the one who destroys demons for our sake. Bless us.

O gods! You are the ones who repulse the power of the demons. Grant us happiness through your powers.

I don't know if I have covered everything. I am ready to drop. I hope Brahma gives me the energy to answer another one of this length.

Remember the Koran challenges its readers to come with a 'surah or verse like it' and then says it cannot be done. I have no master plan like yours, just psycho-babble, but even if I came up with one you say you insist the plan is doomed to failure. I repeat Muslim is as Muslim does.

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Speaking of hate and the Qur'an [83 words]dhimmi no moreApr 9, 2007 18:1988016
Why not burn effigies? [80 words]Noah WilkApr 9, 2007 20:5288016
noah [62 words]moderate MuslimApr 10, 2007 21:4888016
Back to Morous (12 seconds on the shot clock) [3677 words]moderate MuslimMar 25, 2007 22:1287974
Our dear M&M and cut and paste jobs Paki/Arabic and the bogus hadith! [522 words]dhimmi no moreMar 27, 2007 20:2387974
an addendum and my source for the hadith literary criticism [20 words]dhimmi no moreMar 28, 2007 07:0687974
My compliments to the sheik (morous 360 dunk in moderate's face, the crowd goes wild) [1370 words]MOROUSMar 28, 2007 16:3987974
To Moderate Muslim: [894 words]PlatoMar 30, 2007 04:2287974
No, I respect many [89 words]moderate MuslimMar 30, 2007 19:2587974
To Moderate Muslim: But Allah hates other religions [234 words]PlatoApr 1, 2007 02:0587974
numbers matter [54 words]susanApr 1, 2007 10:1387974
Here's your answer Plato [129 words]moderate MuslimApr 2, 2007 19:0987974
heh, ok right, that is so bogus [40 words]moderate MuslimApr 2, 2007 19:2487974
let's start from... [46 words]susanApr 3, 2007 03:1587974
And speaking of bogus! [86 words]dhimmi no moreApr 4, 2007 17:2987974
your answer [535 words](moderate) Muslim (though all real Muslims are moderate)Apr 5, 2007 22:0887974
christian arabs are first victims of muslims [243 words]susanApr 8, 2007 07:2687974
Islam and Terror [1398 words]moderate Muslim AmericanMar 22, 2007 17:4387720
Hamza Yusuf a Muslim scholar? LOL! [187 words]dhimmi no moreMar 23, 2007 19:2287720
5Nothing's more fun than debunking "Muslim Logic" [2959 words]Noah WilkMar 23, 2007 21:1887720
To Moderate Muslim: It is just a wish-list you have given us [2577 words]PlatoMar 24, 2007 06:4087720
M&M and David Chappelle exposed [147 words]dhimmi no moreMar 25, 2007 09:1487720
high muslim clerics agree with bin laden [394 words]susanMar 27, 2007 15:2487720
ok? [44 words]moderate Muslim-Mar 27, 2007 22:0087720
you just proved how ignorant islamphobes are [82 words]Islamophobic ignoranceMar 28, 2007 15:2687720
Precisely why we condemn you [380 words]Noah WilkMar 28, 2007 17:1887720
The little olive institute [32 words]dhimmi no moreMar 28, 2007 17:4587720
Our dear M&M and Yusuf Hamza's ancestry [25 words]dhimmi no moreMar 28, 2007 17:5187720
thanks.. [8 words]moderate MuslimMar 28, 2007 19:2087720
Islamophobia, really? [298 words]dhimmi no moreMar 29, 2007 07:2287720
Because , the most comfortable position for a coward is to struggle to be portrayed a "moderate" (&) Moslem. [611 words]Ynna(tchkah)Mar 29, 2007 13:4087720
poor reply [71 words]susanMar 29, 2007 13:4287720
like you said something... [91 words]susanMar 29, 2007 13:5087720
we need ears to listen and eyes to see [252 words]Islamophobia no more...Mar 29, 2007 16:3887720
chechnya is sufi [20 words]susanApr 1, 2007 10:1487720
I dont think you get it (Ynna (tchkah) [129 words]moderate MuslimApr 2, 2007 19:2387720
and why? [41 words]moderate MuslimApr 2, 2007 19:2787720
Our dear Islamophobia no more and his little diatribes [48 words]dhimmi no moreApr 2, 2007 19:5487720
Congratulations for not going to work to CAIR [108 words]Ynna (tchkah)Apr 3, 2007 03:0287720
skewed perception of Islamophobes [138 words]Islamophobia no moreApr 3, 2007 03:0387720
africa's fault is african [146 words]susanApr 3, 2007 03:2287720
an Islamophobe [259 words]Islamophobia no moreApr 3, 2007 03:3287720
cair wants sharia [39 words]susanApr 3, 2007 03:3987720
More diatribes from our dear INM aka M&M [103 words]dhimmi no moreApr 3, 2007 18:4387720
YOU DON'T GET THE POINT [19 words]moderate MuslimApr 3, 2007 20:2787720
For our dear INM and what is an Islamophobe part deux [343 words]dhimmi no moreApr 4, 2007 07:5387720
no matter how you turn it [67 words]susanApr 4, 2007 14:5187720
nobody is irrationally vilifying islam [234 words]susanApr 4, 2007 15:0887720
sharia allows slavery [18 words]susanApr 4, 2007 17:3987720
Dropping names and Si, comprende mucho! [111 words]dhimmi no moreApr 4, 2007 17:4887720
fallacy of bias history-reading [108 words]Islamophobia no moreApr 5, 2007 01:5987720
islamophobia, the stupidest word ever invented [124 words]susanApr 5, 2007 16:3087720
Cair and other people [171 words]moderate MuslimApr 5, 2007 22:1587720
CAIR [374 words]Noah WilkApr 6, 2007 14:5587720
Why then do you support it? [290 words]Noah WilkApr 6, 2007 15:0387720
cair = sharia = stone age [70 words]susanApr 6, 2007 15:1987720
Noah [124 words]moderate MuslimApr 6, 2007 23:4087720
M&M CAIR (big time LOL) and his flawed logic! [344 words]dhimmi no moreApr 7, 2007 08:3787720
Yes, Moderate Muslim, you ARE responsible! [516 words]Noah WilkApr 7, 2007 16:4587720
ROTFL [44 words]dhimmi no moreApr 7, 2007 18:3787720
al-Shari3a [10 words]dhimmi no moreApr 7, 2007 18:3987720
CAIR and mockery [26 words]dhimmi no moreApr 8, 2007 11:4087720
i'll see [37 words]moderate MuslimApr 8, 2007 22:3487720
Why aren't moderate muslims standing up? [55 words]Bob SterlingAug 20, 2007 23:5187720
why should the west win anyways if it continues with its current programme of warmongering? [434 words]cocoMay 6, 2009 12:0187720
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so here are you answers more if you want em [29 words]moderate MuslimMar 20, 2007 19:3287302
Moderate Muslim fails again! [1415 words]Noah WilkMar 21, 2007 15:3287302
mauritania has got legal slavery, allowed in islam [15 words]susanMar 21, 2007 16:5787302
MM [230 words]JaladhiMar 21, 2007 18:0187302
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Dhimmi No More - defenders of the faith have left town!!! [40 words]JaladhiMar 26, 2007 16:5687302
Your answer Plato (which is a really bad name for you, because it dishonores someone who actually thought [169 words]Moderate MuslimMar 20, 2007 19:1887298
Was the post for me? [45 words]PlatoMar 21, 2007 08:3087298
Try paying attention, Moderate Muslim [570 words]Noah WilkMar 21, 2007 17:5587298
blatantly clear? LOL [178 words]dhimmi no moreMar 21, 2007 19:5087298
To MM: Would Mohammed be a good name for me? [130 words]PlatoMar 22, 2007 14:0087298
you guys hate the truth, dontcha [23 words]moderate MuslimMar 22, 2007 17:1087298
clarification [36 words]Moderate MuslimMar 22, 2007 17:1287298
No, Im not beyond help, although I dont need much [73 words]moderate MuslimMar 22, 2007 17:1587298
Free will in islam? LOL [379 words]dhimmi no moreMar 24, 2007 08:1587298
you like lies don'tcha? [148 words]susanMar 25, 2007 10:2187298
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LOL syed is asking for caliphate [8 words]susanMar 18, 2007 10:1686570
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THE JOKE'S ON YOU (DHIMMI) [32 words]moderate MuslimMar 16, 2007 19:2786568
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sex slaves conspiracy [101 words]susanMar 20, 2007 16:1486566
?? [72 words]moderate MuslimMar 22, 2007 17:1986566
Yes, you are on trial [223 words]Noah WilkMar 23, 2007 18:5786566
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Spain and Arabian imperialism and justifying the absurd [69 words]dhimmi no moreMar 27, 2007 20:4886566
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disproved [331 words]susanMar 15, 2007 16:2486334
Islam and violence and silence [116 words]dhimmi no moreMar 18, 2007 17:3486334
uh NO [7 words]moderate MuslimMar 19, 2007 19:2586334
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A Peaceful Muslim Country (oh my) [259 words]moderate MuslimMar 11, 2007 21:2185929
...muslim [492 words]susanMar 12, 2007 18:3085929
very poor example [255 words]susanMar 12, 2007 18:4085929
Dave Chapelle? and who the heck is he? And why should we like him or hate him for this matter [235 words]dhimmi no moreMar 12, 2007 19:3985929
MALAYSIA A PEACEFUL MUSLIM COUNTRY???LOL [110 words]MOROUSMar 13, 2007 16:5385929
Malaysia is Saudi Arabia of East [142 words]JaladhiMar 13, 2007 19:1385929
Talking points, pillars, quibbles, quotes, examples, and some words of wisdom from the kennedys. [972 words]moderate MuslimMar 13, 2007 19:3285929
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Muslims suppress free debate on anti Semitism at Leeds University, UK [163 words]DelboyMar 15, 2007 09:4985330
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Susan [507 words]Moderate MuslimFeb 28, 2007 20:3479077
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