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Nothing's more fun than debunking "Muslim Logic"

Reader comment on item: How the West Could Lose
in response to reader comment: Islam and Terror

Submitted by Noah Wilk (United States), Mar 23, 2007 at 21:18

There's nothing I love better than debunking "Muslim Logic". I call it that because only Muslims use this brand of what they refer to as logic, but which is illogical in the extreme. Moderate Muslim gifted us with a giant post full of standard "Muslim Logic", which I shall now gleefully destroy one sentence at a time. Here we go!

MM: "Islam is a religion, not a person, not a country, not a race, but merely a set of rules governing how one acts. Islam cannot be adequately represented by any nation, for any nation can be led astray, and the true Islam is the Islam practiced by Muhammad (pbuh) and his followers."

So according to your Muslim Logic, there can never be a "true Muslim country", and thus we can never point to Islam as the fundamental problem in any nation. Brilliant. Of course, your Muslim Logic fails to deal with the reality that all countries that are dominated by any brand of Islam are rampant with rape, slavery, suppression of freedom, ignorance, fanaticism, and intolerance. According to Muslim Logic, it's just a grand, cosmic coincidence that every single country that is dominated by Islam is a cesspool, while most countries that are not Islamic have much greater freedoms, much greater tolerance, much higher prosperity, etc. It is just a grand coincidence that more than 90% of terrorists are coming from just Islamic countries and Islam, while the other 10% come from all other countries and religions combined.

MM: "This is not to demean previous followers of Islam, Moses, Jesus, or Adam,"

Adam had followers? What part of the Bible covers that? I must have missed it all these years.

MM: "but it was not called Islam when they practiced it and they had not been given the complete final message from Allah to mankind as the prophet Muhammad had been."

So the final message was "forget all that peaceful nonsense and go blow everything up"? Because Islam has a fetish about blowing things up. You know - ancient Buddhist statues, skyscrapers, cafes full of women and children, airplanes, and so on and so forth.

If Islam is the final complete perfected message, why then is Islam the source of over 90% of terrorism in the world? Why then is Islam involved in over 90% of all wars going on? Why then is Islam the only religion whose clerics condone nuclear attacks on cities?

Muslim Logic sorta skirts those things that don't related to Normal Logic, doesn't it?

MM: "Islam is not, not, not a radical religion."

Sorry, but we're immune to the Joseph Geobbels Method of Debate. You can repeat it a million times, but we won't fall for it.

MM: "As in any religion, it is possible to twist and destroy the meanings of verses to condone an agenda."

Why then are Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confuscianism, Lutheranism, etc, not being twisted and used to condone a violent agenda? Why is it that Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, Confuscianist, Lutheran and other clerics all condemn terrorism and violence while Muslim clerics call for nuclear attacks on cities full of innocent, unarmed, non-combatants, women, and children? Why don't Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc parents send their kids out to blow up cafes full of innocent people or name their children after murderous monsters the way Muslims do? Does Muslim Logic believe that it's all part of some secret Illuminati plot to discredit Islam on a global level or something?

MM: "The main agenda I am talking about it is the agenda of Al Qaeda and other such terror groups to bring harm to those who they see as agressors or occupiers, as well as the citizens of those countries."

Like the Palestinians, and Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, PLO, etc? What is the common uniting ideology that ties together more than 90% of all terrorist groups? Something called "Islam". But according to Muslim logic, that's just a Jewish or Christiant plot to make Islam look bad.

MM: "In order to justfiy this, they took bits and pieces of the Quran and misconstrued them until they had propaganda to further their cause. They ignored, or subverted any verses which pertained to peace or justice, or the rules of war"

And of course, Muslim Logic fails to answer the question of why all those peaceful Muslims cannot reclaim their so-called religion of peace from that tiny minority of "just a few twisted radicals". Somehow, 1.2 billion supposedly peaceful Muslims cannot reclaim their religion of peace from a couple of whacked-out radicals. That makes no sense. Well, at least not using normal logic.

MM: "Terrorism, an act which is intended in purpose to bring fear to others, is an un Islamic action. It goes against everything taught in the Quran."

Oh, so all those commands in the Koran about not befriending Jews or Christians, about striking off their heads, all the violent commands I and others have been posting are actually not part of the Koran? I thought the Koran was the unaltered word of all-powerful Allah himself? So did some radical Muslim invent a time machine, travel back in time, and insert all those violent commands? And if so, that means Allah is not all powerful. And if those commands are not actually part of Islam, then why do they appear in the Koran? Or is Allah perhaps the supreme radical who corrupted peaceful Islam, since those violent commands are indeed the unaltered word of Allah? See how convoluted and bizarre Muslim Logic is?

MM: "Religious zealots of any creed are defeated people who lash out in desperation, and they often do horrific things. And if these people indeed are Arabs, Muslims, they're obviously very sick people and I can't even look at it in religious terms."

That last sentence (I can't even look at it in religious terms) is precisely why Muslims cannot and will not reform Islam unless and until we force them to. This complaint of yours is typical of the very problem I speak of.

MM: "It's politics, tragic politics"

If that's the case, then why are over 90% of all terrorists killing in the name of Islam, and not in the name of socialism, or communism, or capitalism? Yet another twisted example of Muslim Logic.

MM: "There's no Islamic justification for any of it."

Well, except for the Koran, the Hadith, the fatwas issued by leading Muslim clerics, the actions of the founder of Islam, etc. You sorta glosse over that.

MM: "It's like some misguided Irish using Catholicism as an excuse for blowing up English people."

Now that part is not Muslim Logic, it's Muslim Propaganda. It is not the same at all. You don't see Catholic priests, bishops, or the Pope condoning the IRA blowing stuff up. They condemn it. Unlike Islam, where the clerics condone and even command such violent, depraved actions.

MM: "They're not martyrs, it's as simple as that."

Outside of the fact that the leading Muslim clerics refer to them as martyrs, outside of the fact that the great masses of Muslims idolize them as martyrs, outside of the fact that they encourage being a "martyr". I guess Muslim Logic deals mainly outside of factual reality. No wonder it's so screwed up.

MM: "You can't kill innocent people. There's no Islamic declaration of war against the United States"

Maybe in Fantasy Land there isn't. Iran is already threatening to destroy America. But even Muslims are not stupid enough to openly declare war on America. Instead, it's an implied thing.

MM: "I think every Muslim country except Afghanistan has an embassy in this country."

And yet that did not prevent the 9/11 atrocity, nor any of the other atrocities committed or planned by Muslims against America. That fact does nothing to change the fact that Muslims are engaged in a migratory attack against America as we see in Detroit (another issue you keep ducking from). We had embassies in Russia during the Cold War. Having an embassy somewhere means nothing. Egypt signed a supposed peace treaty with Israel (in exchange for billions of dollars in gifts from the Great Satan of course!), but that doesn't stop them from exporting Islamic Jihad terrorists to commit atrocities against Jews or from training Palestinians in terror techniques.

MM: "What role should American Muslims have in opposing this brand of violent Islam?"

How about standing up for peace for starters, instead of going into hiding every time an anti-terrorism rally is conducted? How about stopping support for the terrorist group/organization CAIR? How about admitting that Islam is violent and in need of reform? None of this will come from American Muslims, hence they should be deported by force, isolated, and deterred.

MM: "I think that the Muslims -- and I really feel this strongly -- have to reject the discourse of anger. Because there is a lot of anger in the Muslim communities around the world about the oppressive conditions that many Muslims find themselves in."

Yes, they are oppressed in Syria, Iran, Malaysia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. Who is oppressing Muslims? Islam. They are oppressed mainly by their own death cult, not by outside forces. But instead of turning their anger on their own problems, they prefer to blame everyone else and commit atrocities in order to vent their feelings of inferiority to the civilized world.

MM: "But we have to reject the discourse of anger and we have to move to a higher moral ground, recognizing that the desire to blame others leads to anger and eventually to wrath, neither of which are rungs on a spiritual ladder to God. It's times like these that we really need to become introspective."

You just need to admit Islam is violent. Always has been since the day it was founded. It needs modernization and reform. Until you admit that Islam has a problem, you cannot reform it. Muslims are like recalcitrant alcoholics who refuse to admit they have a problem. Admitting to the problem is Step #1, but virtually no Muslims anywhere in the world are willing to take that first step. Instead they prefer to blame a "minority group of radicals", or America, or the Jews. Until that mentality changes, Islam will remain a depraved death cult and not a truly peaceful religion. There is no escaping that truth.

MM: "The fact that there are any Muslims -- no matter how statistically insignificant their numbers -- who consider these acts to be religious acts is in and of itself shocking."

That's irrelevant. It's an aberration. It doesn't amount to anything. A one-in-ten-million occurrence is not shocking.

MM: "And therefore we as Muslims have to ask the question, "How is it that our religious leadership has failed to reach these people with the true message of Islam?"

They haven't. On the contrary, the true message of Islam as it has always existed is out on force today. Muslims around the world are practicing their religion precisely as their founder practiced it - by raping, pillaging, and murdering.

MM: "That's an abomination. These are mass murderers, pure and simple."

Mass murderers. Muslims. Semantics.

MM: " It's like Christians in this country who blow up abortion clinics or kill abortion doctors."

Wrong. Dead wrong. It it nothing at all like that. Christian clerics and Catholic priests do not advocate blowing up abortion clinics. Christianity condemns such actions. Christians do not name their children in honor of such terrorists. Instead, they condemn them. This is yet another example of Typical Muslim Relativism, which is (similar to Muslim Logic) always wrong.

MM: "I don't think anyone in the Christian community, except a very extreme fringe, would condone that as an acceptable Christian response. In the same way, there's no Muslim who understands his religion at all who would condone this."

Well, outside of the tens of millions of Muslims who paraded in the streets celebrating the 9/11 terrorist atrocities and the millions upon millions of Muslims who name their kids in honor of known and admitted terrorists, and the hundreds of millions of Muslims who support, fund, and vote for known terrorist organizations, etc. Outside of that, I'm sure the one-ten-thousanth of one percent of Muslims who are peaceful and reform minded do indeed condemn terror. Once again, your Muslim Logic flies in the face of verifiable reality.

MM: "One of the worst crimes in Islam is brigandry -- highway robbery, or today we'd say armed robbery -- because it disrupts the sense of well-being and security among civilians."

I guess that makes your beloved Prophet a brigand, now doesn't it?

MM: "Muslims believe in the authority of government."

Right, as long as that government endorses terrorism, as the Palestinians have proven for us.

MM: "Imam Malik, an early Islamic legal authority, said that 60 years of oppression under an unjust ruler is better than one hour of anarchy."

Then the man was an idiot who did not understand the meaning or value of "freedom".

MM: "Because we're dealing in an age of ignorance and an age of anomie, the loss of social order. And people are very confused and they're impoverished. What Americans are feeling now, this has been business as usual for Lebanese people, Palestinian people, Bosnian people."

Why then are impoverished Chinese Taoists not hijacking airplanes? Why then are impoverished American Christians not blowing up skyscrapers? When they are impoverished Israeli Jews not committing suicide bombings? Why aren't the Native Americans or the Tibetan Buddists, who are very impoverished, not planning nuclear attacks on innocent people?

I guess Muslim Logic cannot address that little discrepancy, now can it?

MM: "It seems at some point, the cycles of violence have to stop. It's a type of insanity"

Yes, and it's called "Islam". The cycle of violence has to stop by the Muslims stopping it. They first must admit they have a problem with violence in their religion, then reform it. But they are, as you typify, in denial and unwilling to address the truth.

MM: "People are saying that this was an attack on civilization -- and that is exactly the point. And I think the question we all have to ask is whether indiscriminate retaliation is going to help preserve civilization."

Intelligent people need not ask that question. The answer is obvious. No, indiscriminate retaliation will not preserve civilization. Targetted retaliation against the source of the threat will. And that source is Islam.

MM: "The perpetrators of this and, really, all acts of terror are people who hate too much."

No kdding? Who'd have thought? [Rolling my eyes and sighing]

MM: "How do you explain Palestinians and others celebrating the attacks in the streets?"

Oh, maybe that the're MUSLIMS? Duh! We did not see Christians or Buddhists or Taoists or Native Americans celebrating. What we saw were MUSLIMS celebrating, regardless of what country they lived in.

MM: "When you see ignorant people in the streets, rejoicing -- the Prophet condemned it."

Really? When did "The Prophet" condemn all the Muslim terrorists around the world celebrating in the streets after the 9/11 atrocities? Was this a "Second Coming" that we all missed or something?

MM: "It's rejoicing at the calamities of your enemies, and Islam prohibits that."

I see. And that explains why hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world publicly celebrated the 9/11 terrorist atrocities? If Islam prohibits that, then why did so many Muslims celebrate that attack? Why didn't Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or any other religion celebrate it? Once again, Muslim Logic falls on its face when dealing with reality.

MM: "They do have a lot of anger toward America, because America produces much of Israel's military hardware and so many American tax dollars go to support Israel."

True, because anyone who supports those damned terrorist Jews is evil, according to Islam. Muslim Logic conveniently ignores the fact that Israel grants full rights and freedoms to Muslims, while the reverse is totally untrue. It also ignores the fact that Israel strives to live in peace with her neighbors, while the cowardly Muslims have repeatedly ganged up on Israel in a genocidal rage trying to wipe it off the map. But don't let reality get in the way of Muslim Logic. That would be, well, inconvenient!

MM: "But the vast majority of Arabs are horrified by what's happened."

Right, because we see how all those horrified Arabs are protesting terrorism and how they're trying so hard to prevent future acts of terror.

MM: "There's animosity in the Muslim world toward American foreign policy. This is the unfortunate price of power and its exercise in the world, that you incur the resentment and animosity of a lot of people."

Bingo! Once again a self-declared "moderate" Muslim blames terrorism on the victim. And people wonder why I say that moderate Muslims are figments of the imagination?

MM: "I have read many statements akin to this and I think that this pretty much sums up the thought of the Muslim community in America on the subject of terror."

Explain then why the America Muslims refuse to stand up for peace. Explain why they support terror groups like CAIR. Explain then why they teach their children to hate. Explain then why none of them attend rallies for peace or engage in massive reform efforts. Muslim Logic claims one thing, reality shows us the exact opposite.

MM: "And I would like to reiterate the thoughts of Yusuf when he said they are mass murderers, plain and simple. They are."

Agreed. And they are Muslim. That's what unites over 90% of all terrorists...Islam. That's the reality you refuse to deal with.

Face it, MM. You're just another delusional Muslim apologist who lives in denial of reality. Big surprise from someone claiming to be a "moderate" Muslim. I think I'm going to start calling myself "Real Unicorn".


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