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The Catholic Church, Anti-Semitism, Islam & the Holocaust

Reader comment on item: Anti-Semitism Evolves

Submitted by Arlinda DeAngelis (United States), Feb 27, 2005 at 20:06

The Catholic Church has had for many years and unholy alliance with Islam that borders on lunacy. Pope John Paul encouraged Catholics everywhere to use Islam as a role model for faithfulness. I believe he said "Catholics could learn how to pray, watching Islam." Perhaps it was the Vatican's off handedness about a religion dedicated to the proposition that all women are slaves and their adherents should pray five times a day turning their personal power and rights over to the clergy to ensure paradise.

I went to Catholic schools all my life and learned that the Jews killed Christ. It did not make me an anti-Semite. If there was a Christ, it was the Romans that killed him, not the Jews. The Romans convicted him, tortured him, crucified him and then a Roman centurian stabbed him in the side with a sword to insure he was dead. It didn't matter. He rose again three days later and that is what Christianity has at its heart. It is about redemption not death. Jesus' death is not a holy day in the Catholic Church. Easter is. It celebrates his ascension and rebirth as the son of God.

I did not see the "Passion." I had a feeling that the Jews would be blamed. It is a preposturous and ridiculous accusation according to the Church's own written history.

I cannot accuse this Pope of anti-Semitism. He has acted moderately well to the holocaust. But the Church's unholy alliance with and pandering to Islam is a very disturbing movement in the Catholic Church and could very well stem from a latent anti-Semitism of which Islam is most guilty. Let us not forget the Islamic alliance with the Third Reich and all that it implies. The Catholic Church may or may not have had some agreement with the Third Reich. It may have been to save Rome. Pope Pius the XII didn't seem very disturbed while Nazis hauled the Italian Jews out of Israel to the concentration camps. Yeah, yeah I know he and the rest Europe knew nothing.

Mr. Berenstein is quite right about the Armenians and the Jews and Hitler. The world did indeed stand by while crematoria killed millions of Jews. The Jews became the international scapegoats of Europe. He should not have stopped there. When it comes to holocausts, the world is still making deals with the fascists, whether they be communists or Islamists.

The greatest slaughter in history was perpetrated by none other than Mao Tse Tung ... he killed upwards of 90,000,000 people. Stalin killed upwards of 60,000 Ukrainians. Pol Pot killed two million Cambodians and the killing goes on among the best of the Middle East. The Butcher of Baghdad did it with the Kurds, the Sudanese are doing it to the Christians, the Rwandins are killing themselves, the Serbs did it to the Islamics and nobody and I mean nobody said a word except Elie Weisel when he pronounced that it was indeed a genocide in Kosovo.

Can it happen again? ... the question was asked. You betcha. It's happening now in the Sudan as we speak.and what did the world do? ... it appointed the Sudanese to the Human Rights Commission in the UN. It's happening now in Israel. The Arabs want to annihiliate and wipe Israel off the face of the earth. For them it's one or two or three or four or ten or twenty Israelis at a time. What did the world do. It condemned Israel in the UN 100% of the time when it defended itself against these atrocities. It blamed Israel, It invited Missy Arafat to give a speech. If Arafat was not committing genocide against the Jews what else was he doing?

Genocide is alive and well in the world and Europe as usual wants to make deals with these leaders who have committed and prospered from crimes against humanity.

If we don't stand against genocide now then when? If we don't then who? The Islamists came here and killed three thousand of us and isn't for lack of trying that they haven't done it again. We along with Israelis have now become the target of faith based on genocide.

The world has responded by doing nothing ... again. It is up to us now ... again.

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