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Pork Forbidden as per Nature

Reader comment on item: Salman Rushdie and British Backbone
in response to reader comment: To Maqsood: Pigs are really humans in pigskin??

Submitted by Maqsood (Pakistan), Aug 13, 2007 at 02:59

Hello Plato,

>>M:What do you mean by edible?? Chinese eat snakes, scorpions, small insects R all these things are edible to you?? I saw once on internet that in thailand there is a restourant who serves the soup of dead children is it edible??? you yourself said that some people in Africa drink/eat blood. Can you do that?/ what is the boundary. If someone likes to eat human meat like your horror movies, what will you say about that.<<

P:Maqsood I wish we can have a more intelligent discussion than what we are having now.

M:Same I do. How interesting this is…. U don't like to discuss what you like to eat…..

P: Personally I think vegetarianism is preferable to being a meat eater. I realize that the animals we eat today have a much better life than any animal had in the wild. The only downside for them is that they can be slaughtered in the prime of their lives, painlessly in advanced countries and painfully in Muslim nations.

M: What? inspite of the study report i provided to you. I did not write that. It was from German University. At least you should confirm it from the source before having said this. Can you provide me report in favor of your ideas about pain. I am really sorry that you are not sincere to the topic.

P:If you can eat cows, goats, fish and fowl why not insects, snakes and small insects. The soup of dead children, if your story is true, which I seriously suspect is nonsense as Thailand is mostly Buddhist, is not inedible. The soup will not kill you. But the law will probably kill you since almost all human laws prohibit killing your fellow human for food. This rule is followed by most animals too. They don't normally kill and eat their own kind for simple evolutionary reasons.

About drinking blood. If you can eat the meat of cows with some of the blood still in it, though cooked, what do you find abhorrent in drinking uncooked blood? Not very different from eating uncooked vegetables. Sushi, mostly raw fish is very popular all over the world. I could have drunk the blood of animals if I had been made to from childhood. People brought up as vegetarians from childhood have a horror of consuming meat just as you have a horror of consuming insects and animal blood. If you had been born as a Zulu you would be drinking blood now and enjoying it. Just as if you had been born an Australian aborigine you would be eating live worms and enjoying it. Grow up Maqsood.

M: Amazing.... Thanks to Allah i m not there. What could you do if you were born in the home of a Muslim. Had you any control over your birth??? Matter is of lawful and not lawful, good or harmful for health. Not for cooked or uncooked. Can you see from where all the lethal diseases are coming? there would be rarely diseases origin from the region where only halal things are eaten.

>>P:It may be enough reason for Muslims to not eat pork. But non-Muslims need more reason than Islamic scripture to avoid pork.

M: yo can find more reasons as described below.<<

P: Unconvincing reasons, Maqsood.

M: I believe you will be convinced finally.

>>M: I would like to ask christians that what they say about this. I mean whether they negate this order from bible or simply they dont follow but have believe? In either case it is challenge to christians (about half of world population).<<

P:Will some Christian please answer Maqsood?

>>P:Also have you ever bothered to read the pamphlet that comes with any medicine you buy? If you read it would you dare to consume any of it, even the life saving anti-biotics.

M:If it is known to a Muslim, He will not use these unless there is life threat. As in that case Islam allows the haram but with the condition of no other option.<<

P: We all use anti-biotics and other medicines because of life-threatening or even non-life threatening (severe coughs, bronchitis…) diseases. You do not seem to have understood the question. Eating pork is even less harmful than taking antibiotics. Pneumonia, TB, cancer, HIV… In all cases there are other options. There are nature cures, homeopathy, or just our own immune system kicking in, or the innumerable faith healers. Is using anti-biotics, sulpha drugs, vaccines haram in these cases??

M: How can you say that eating pork is less harmfull than taking antibiotics. Do you have any scientific reason for this????.

And also it seems that you are convinced that pork is harmful for health.

>>P:Maqsood pig organs are so close to human ones that they have been approved for transplant into humans. Apart from being good source of nourishment they will soon be saving human lives. What will you do if your doctor suggests such a transplant to save a dear one?

M:Yes they might be close to humans and this supports the Quran that these and apes are converted forms of humans. And answer about transplant is same as for medicine.<<

P:That is a great piece of information, Maqsood. The pigs I see squealing in my friend's farm are descendants of men who were once Allah's chosen people. No wonder one feels like hugging those lovable creatures. If one day my doctor tells me I need a pig's heart to survive I will have no hesitation in okaying it knowing the Koran assures me that their hearts are as good as human hearts. What a relief!! Another feather in the cap of Islamic science.

The Koran indicated 1400 years ago that pigs are just humans in pigskin so their organs are okay for transplant! Probably this is also another good reason for not eating pork, it would be like cannibalism!!! This is even better that the advanced embryology in the Koran.

M: Its not a joke. Quran is for all ages after its appearance. yo will find many indications indicated 1400 years before you can take advantage today and onward.

>>M: Yes you 're right but pork has very little muscle building material and maximum fats. I think you will definitely agree that fats are not good for health. So y you cant eliminate the biggest source? for hypertension.<<

P: Similarly sugar has zero muscle building material and 100 per cent fat building carbohydrates. Why has the Koran not banned consumption of sugar? Fat is an essential ingredient in human health. There is no harm in consuming pork as long as it is balanced with other foods. Fat is the biggest source of hypertension? You need to check your sources more closely.

The Reference is http://www.ajmc.com/Article.cfm?Menu=1&ID=3046

I read the article and also its conclusion. There is nothing about pig fat or even any animal fat in general for that matter. It talks of obesity and there are pure vegetarians who are obese.

Ask your freshly graduated niece or nephew about the importance of fat for our health. Without fat you will be dead very quickly. What is bad is excess fat.

M: yo did not read that report properly, otherwise you should not say that. See the highlighted line…. 80% of people with hypertension in the United States are overweight

Can you provide me the biggest source of these extra fats?

The Latest NHANES Data

The most recent NHANES data (2001-2002) presented at the 2005 American Society of Hypertension scientific meeting indicate that hypertension is a worsening public health problem.11 One of every 3 Americans has hypertension,11 a 4.7% increase from previously reported data.<<

P:What is your claim? The increase in hypertension cases is due to consumption of pig fat? Where does it say that?

M: What are the other major sources for fats those are causing such a huge weight in Americans???

As 80% of people with hypertension in the United States are overweight.

>>As with earlier reports, these data continue to indicate that age, weight, and ethnicity are strong predictors of hypertension. Almost 50% of people with hypertension in the United States are =65 years of age, and 7 of 10 elderly Americans have hypertension. Approximately 80% of people with hypertension in the United States are overweight or obese (BMI =25 kg/m2). The highest prevalence occurs among blacks: a 46% prevalence rate compared with 29% among Hispanics, 32% in whites, and 33% in other ethnic groups.11 The impact of the higher rate of hypertension in these ethnic groups is complicated by the finding that Hispanics and blacks had lower levels of education and annual income and greater difficulty accessing healthcare compared with whites and other ethnic groups.

And also note that this 2001-2002 data. Till now it would be definitely near 50 % inspite of all measures.<<

P:Maqsood don't use statistics to bamboozle us. Let us take a quick look at your statistics. "Almost 50 % of people with hypertension in the United States are =65 years of age, and 7 out of 10 elderly Americans have hypertension.

Where does it indicate among all those numbers that pig fat is the cause of hypertension. Why don't you Google hypertension to get a better picture instead of trying to drown your readers in numbers.

M: Y don't you read ahead….. 80% of people with hypertension in the United States are overweight.

Can you tell me the reason???

P:Except in Islamic countries the Internet is a resource which everyone can access and your attempts to throw out meaningless statistics will not fool anyone. All those numbers have no relevance to pork. Just because it has more fat than some other animals does not mean that it is poison.

M: this is not relative to the topic. But still find my answer

If there is no internet in Islamic countries then how can I provide you all the facts and figures….

It makes no sense… Yes The same I want that the west should leave their bad practices and now should start to evaluate the bad results of what they have been doing since last few decades. They must learn from the horrifying results.

P:Can you point me to some links with such data for Muslim countries? I am unable to get any. Yes Maqsood, how many Muslims are killed daily? Read the Arab press. How many are killed in Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan. Muslims killed by Muslims. Or is it that what matters is only Muslims killed by kafirs. Try and do some research and you will be surprised Maqsood.

M:Plato! Tell me if this is correct data or not. why do you need a comparison?? If these figures are not enough to worry about. Will you be satisfied if hypertension in Muslim countries is also high?? Think of yourself. I will also try to find out any data from Muslim Countries.

>>M: I told you one reason that why it is forbidden in Islam. At least you will agree that it is the most filthiest animal on earth. <<

P:I don't consider it the ‘filthiest'. Why do you consider it the filthiest animal on earth? Eating its own or other animals' excreta? You don't seem to have read my previous post properly. I gave you the example of chicken (dogs eat human excreta too if not properly trained). Quite a few of the plant food you eat, especially the organically grown ones, have feasted on all kinds of animal and bird excreta and they are supposed to be the best for your health. Filth exists only in our minds.

M:>>There are other reasons too as mentioned above and below. There will be certainly other reasons too those might be unknown to humanity yet due to limited wisdom. I think you should agree on limited wisdom because you can check from history the end of different theories those were consedered right during their time. If you want example i can give to you.<<

P: If it is science you are referring to then you should know that science is not bothered about being wrong. It is just a search for truth and does not hesitate to go down blind alleys in its search. Scientific theories are falsifiable, that is not a weakness but its strength. Unlike religion which is faith based and un-falsifiable. Even if religious truths are falsified the faithful will refuse to accept the proof. An example would be the Koran saying the sun sets in a muddy pool. Some of the more over the top faithful believe it will be proved true some day. Others try to explain it away by sophistry. The Koranic theory of sperm arising near the backbone has been proven to be false but you as a faithful Muslim will still believe the Koran is right.

M: None of Quran's saying is proved to be false. As I suggested in my previous message, we can start a separate discussion point by point about these.

Although it is illogical to believe a science that can be proved to be wrong at the last day of your life. What can you do about the time you had considered it right? you want to believe an unreliable thing?? I cant understand why?? By nature every thoughtful human tries to live with the reliable things…. Think again Plato… you don't seem to be such a surface person.



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