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Rushdie, Taslima Nasrin, Amina Wadud, Jyllands-Posten, Pope Benedict

Reader comment on item: Salman Rushdie and British Backbone

Submitted by Syed Rafey Husain (Pakistan), Jun 27, 2007 at 10:36

I am a Muslim from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a student and not qualified to talk on this subject. But I have a perspective about all the incidents that made Muslims like me sad around the world and I want to share it with you.

I do not have a desire to talk about surface issues or faces i.e. Rushdie, Taslima Nasrin, Amina Wadud, Jyllands-Posten, Pope Benedict. But I have a great desire that someone to have a talk about root causes, so we could understand and resolve this all.

And My Objective Is To Safely Hijack Them

In my perspective, as there is no system of justice in place anywhere in the world. So instead of killing, I will make sure all that these faces and issues will be safely "Hijacked from West" and they surrender to One True God - Allah. And I ask Allah to help me. I hope you will help me in making this Hijack.

Basic Need of Soul - Surrender but NOT to any other Human

Let's understand basic need of every human soul. Every human soul wishes to surrender. That is why religions exist right! It is delicate; so many "minds" never get a clue and they pass from this world without noticing it.

And all religions teach humans (in different ways) to lean their heads and surrender to something all Mighty and some value system. Surrender to all Mighty makes human soul satisfied. And it is hard wired in all humans' souls that they will get peace by submitting (surrendering) to divinity.

Humans cannot stay happy and satisfied life without surrender, and also humans cannot live without freedom. These are two contradictory ideas, but this state of surrendered freedom is possible to attain.

To make long story short, if you surrender to something "All Mighty", it is possible to have your freedom intact while you are surrendered also. A really satisfied state for any human soul to be!

So, in short perspective is "Human must surrender but NOT to any other Human, And only to all Powerful and all Mighty God – Allah, to protect his/her freedom".

Now Let's Get To Basic Need of Body – Food & Water

Let's get to another basic first. You need food and water to survive. If you do not have food you will die. And you don't want to die. And if you die, you will have no soul left within you.

These basics are hard wired in all human brains!

So normally people (except those who are highly conscious) go for fulfilling the needs of body first, before addressing the needs of soul.

Talking About Need of Body Is Simple

As mostly people are not "conscious", so they "think more" to feed stomach (and ways to comfort body). Though you have seen that all humans wish (rather love) to talk and sometimes even debate about moral value system (i.e. right model to surrender All Mighty).

But in reality unfortunately, they have very little quality time to understand the true way to surrender to All Mighty. In this model of living, where soul remains hungry (which basically means unsatisfied), talking about right model to surrender is like untrained extra playing with two sided razor sharp sword in the middle of battle field.

Talking About Need of Soul Is Delicate

Talking about right model to surrender is a delicate subject like soul.

It's delicate because a little "inside reaction" could end up in making one human to surrender in front of other human (certainly not required) and could snatch his/her freedom.

While it will lead to the way of true surrender to all Mighty if understood correctly. A surrender where person's freedom stay intact.

It is an issue of doing "One Big Justice" to human soul and providing him right "food". It requires conscious soul and egoless personality who do not wish to make other humans to surrender their freedom in front of him/her (leaving surrendered soul hungry and more violent and unfulfilled!).

If you have hungry soul, even talking (leaving debating aside) about needs of human soul will create sadness in other human hearts (or perhaps frustration and anger in unconscious minds).

Reactive Souls Cannot Help You in True Surrender

Those souls, who do not get "food for soul" for long time, become truly reactive (i.e. unsatisfied). And only if All Mighty wishes someone else has to feed their souls and calm them down through talking, writing or just holding hand or hugging.

For example, an "early age rape in Bangladesh (like with Taslima Nasrin)" or "Unjust way to surrender in Egypt (like with Amina Wadud)" could make a woman to simply forget all the beautiful aspects of life and become "reactive for bodily survival".

With such unjust happenings, her brain works now to protect her body "only". This is obviously not a complete way of life (i.e. one that nourishes body and not soul) but at least it protects her life!

But victim pain has to find some kind of vent out. And as I said earlier there is no system of justice in place currently in this world, harmonious to all humans, so this cry (or inner shout) finds its way out in all kind of reactive ways.

She "voice in reaction" and not because of conscious soul (not even conscious mind as far as I analyzed) that is showing way to others to surrender to All Mighty. But that woman "voice violently" for such a moral system that protects her body at least. This gives quick relief to pain (not necessarily harmonious to her and other human soul in long run).

I just wanted to share my feelings that you and I have to calm down all such souls and all calmness is from all Mighty Allah.

And when I analyzed and did some research, I found Rushdie, Taslima Nasrin, Amina Wadud, Jyllands-Posten cartoon creators, Pope Benedict all have reactive (i.e. unsatisfied) souls. And these are just few names and faces; I know most souls are hungry and reactive (albeit unaware of their hunger or find no source to feed their hungry souls).

Root Cause - Interest Based Capitalist Economy & Education

What is making so many souls around the world hungry? Have you ever thought?

In a word it is "Interest".

For few this may be surprising but it is brutal "markup based banking systems" that is taking away space to survive from families around the world. This is a deep and complex equation but as far as I analyzed, it is there.

So far what I have analyzed, root cause of almost all current soul illnesses is this big cruel capitalist social setup (i.e. interest based capitalist economy and education) that has left no quality time for humans to think about themselves and to calm down other reactive souls.

Why Root Cause Is Interest Based Capitalist Economy & Education?

Using interest as tool, businesses and especially banks have became the owner of most of the money and hence resources that people need to survive.

Most Asians and Africans are deprived of resources and find it difficult to survive physically while Western societies like USA and EU are left alone with money and ways to make more. And these resource owners (mostly banks) are investing it to "dig" more material out of earth for bodily comfort as oppose to give away to other people to make their survival possible.

I tell you without any doubts in my heart that in absence of interest human survival becomes as easy as breathing fresh air and people will have more quality time to feed their hungry souls and calm down their "reactive souls".

Let's analyze closely, if it is a big cruel capitalist social setup (i.e. interest based capitalist economy and education) that has caused Rushdie, Taslima Nasrin, Amina Wadud, Jyllands-Posten Cartoon, Pope Benedict controversy at its very root or is it something else?

Let's analyze the lives of people who made Muslims around the world deeply sad and unfortunately "unconscious Western hearts" to voice "surface issue" and never finding enough courage to root out real problem (i.e. interest based capitalist economy/banks and education).

Again as no system of justice is in place, so instead of killing, I will make sure that all those who make me sad to be "hijacked" from West and they surrender to One True God. Allah it is.

Let's analyze if societies are getting deprived of breathing space due to interest based capitalist economy and education and it is producing more and more "reactive souls" like Rushdie, Taslima Nasrin and Amina Wadud.


I invite Rushdie for a talk on his book. If you have read sections above, you could understand that discussing way to surrender to All Mighty is a delicate subject while novels are for the pleasure of mind (hence food for body not for soul).

Rushdie is brought up in an Islamic family in Mumbai but taught at Cathedral and John Connon School. To me this is a clear indication, that he was confused between Islam and Christianity (obviously not harmonious for any soul). And now with passage of time, finding no clear answer has made his soul "reactive". If he has different opinion, he could share.

I have message for Rushdie.

Your idea of The Satanic Verses will not provide hungry souls way out. Reformation within societies is a delicate subject. Removing rust from religion (being matters of souls) is even far more delicate job. Writing Novel on such subject, if on one hand is not delicate (but brutal) piece of work for hungry souls then on the other hand your efforts have made sad so many souls already around the world. Look again the outline you sketched in your novel, and review its plot once again if you really care.


Taslima Nasrin

Understand that at its root, it is no religion but the brutality of rape committed in this big deprived social setup (i.e. interest based capitalist economy and education) that has made Taslima Nasrin a secular humanist and an atheist.

Nasrin mentioned that she was sexually assaulted by her relatives and other men in her early years. These incidents had a strong influence on her later life to become a staunch feminist. Refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taslima_Nasrin.

I also invite Taslima Nasrin for a talk.

Amina Wadud

Amina Wadud was the cause of controversy in March 2005 when she led a Friday prayer (salat) for a group of Muslims in New York City. Refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amina_Wadud

I know situation at Egypt and I know more cases like Amina Wadud originating from Egypt. It's difficult to take breath under the corrupted rule of Hosni Mubarak that now spans more than 25 years. I know corruption that is his sons, Ministry of Interior and Police is making.

But like Rushdie, Amina Wadud's education kept her confused. Combined with education, lots of unjust in Egypt with women has made her reactive. And now her "reactive voice" could be listened using her book Qur'an and Woman: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective.

I also invite Amina Wadud for a talk.

Her way, like Rushdie, has not led so far and will not lead to any harmony for hungry female souls especially for her own unless she calm down.

More Links related to Amina Wadud:

Amina Wadud Email: awadud@vcu.edu



Pope Benedict XVI

Pope said "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached". Refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Benedict_XVI_Islam_controversy

I invite Pope for talk. Let's discuss.

I am a follower of Muhammad (May blessings of Allah on him) and I am ready to show (and filter out misunderstandings) with Pope what Muhammad has brought is all good and all human and in line with the teachings of Jesus (May blessings of Allah on him).

I standing here and I also invite Pope; Let us both surrender to all Mighty and let's help other souls to calm down.

Wassalam ma'alIkram

Syed Rafey Husain

Karachi, Pakistan.

More @ http://blog.360.yahoo.com/syedrafey


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