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Does America Face A Jihadist Threat That's Even Bigger Than Terrorism?

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Submitted by WeroInNM (United States), Nov 23, 2008 at 01:01

Does America face a jihadist threat that's even bigger than terrorism? http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Stealth-Jihad/Robert-Spencer/e/9781596985568/?itm=1

Disclaimer: I am not and would not accept a kickback for the marketing and sale of this or any other books, articles, videos or any other resources, along with their quotes, that I will share with you with my comment(s), only, as am means of attempting to fairly and factually document and support my stated concerns outlined on this and/or any other comments, that I may be share with you under separate cover. I also consider these and/or any other verbal or written concerns to be given me under our "FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS", which I consider as one of the corner stones of our "Constitution's 1st Amendment Rights."

And, with that being said, what follows is a culmination of questions, along with books, articles, videos and their supporting resources, that seem to fairly and factually support my stated concerns about our country's President Elect. Question: Is Islam Changing America From Within? • Children shout "Allahu akbar!" • Women aren't allowed in public without a male relative. • Muslims don't pay interest on financial transactions. Sounds like a description of daily life in Saudi Arabia, right?

It's actually happening right here in America—
most people just don't know it. But we can stop it! These are pertinent Barnes and Noble reviews relating to this issue: "While our homeland security efforts are focused on preventing terrorist attacks, another jihadist threat is growing right here in America-in plain sight. In Stealth Jihad, Islam expert and New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer blows the whistle on a long-term plot by Islamic jihadists to undermine the United States.

This effort aims not to bring America to its knees through attacks with guns or bombs, but to subvert the country from within-by gradually Islamizing America. The ultimate goal, the stealth jihadists themselves declare, is nothing less than the adoption of Islamic law in the United States. Describing the disturbing ease with which stealth jihadists have already become ensconced in the American political and media landscapes, Spencer exposes the full modus operandi of the movement as revealed in a stunning document unveiled in a recent terrorism funding trial. In this unsettling book, he explains: •Which Islamic fundamentalist organization is behind the stealth jihad

•How stealth jihadists have reinvented themselves as mainstream civil rights activists-despite their many past declarations of Islamic supremacism; •How stealth jihadists played a key role in formulating U.S. government guidelines for the War on Terror
*; •How insistence on "accommodating" Islamic cultural and religious practices in America is part of a calculated strategy to achieve a dangerous larger agenda

*; •The effort by stealth jihadists to whitewash the teaching of Islam in schools

*; and, •What can be done to defeat the stealth jihad and preserve America's liberty? America, Spencer demonstrates, is all but oblivious to a new kind of threat presented by a loosely organized movement whose activists are well funded, highly motivated, and relentless in pursuit of their agenda. This book is a wake-up call for a country so focused on foreign threats that it has left itself vulnerable to a growing danger much closer to home. More Reviews and Recommendations Biography Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and the author of eight books on Islam and jihad. Spencer is a weekly columnist for Human Events and the website Front-Page Magazine, and has led seminars on Islam and jihad for the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the U.S. intelligence community."

**Question: Whys Does President Elect Obama's Birth Certificate Continue To Be An Issue After The Campaign and Why Does The Media Not Report On The Lawsuits Regarding The Issue: By Douglas V. Gibbs On Political Pistacho Radio On Sunday, November 16, 2008. "You Decide": http://politicalpistachio.blogspot.com/2008/11/why-is-obamas-birth-certificate-still.html

**To Date, There Continues To Be Numerous Pending Law Suits That Have Been Filed Around The Country And Seem To Grow Day-By-Day, To Include Hawaii, Accusing Our Now President Elect Obama of Defrauding The American People By Denying Access To The Original Copy of His Typewritten 1961 Birth Certificate (e.g., Original (Vault) Birth Certificate With The State of Hawaii's Official Seal etc.), Which, To Date, He Has Adamantly Refused To Provide. These are the pertinent Web Sites: http://contrariancommentary.wordpress.com/ http://contrariancommentary.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/jerome-corsi-files-copycat-request-for-obama-birth-ertificate/?referer=sphere_related_content/

**(New) Obama's Hawaii Birth Certificate Confirmed: Posted By Pacific Business News (Honolulu) On Friday, October 31, 2008: http://pacific.bizjournals.com/pacific/stories/2008/10/27/daily60.html Which, In My Opinion, This Article Still Does Not Answer My Question Because, His Half Sister, Who Was, In Fact, Born In Indonesia, Also Has A Birth Certificate Issued By The State of Hawaii: **Former Obama Opponent Now Suing to Prove President-Elect's Citizenship By Rich Roger rogers@nbcaugusta.com and NBC Augusta Staff-Story Published On November 18, 2008 and Updated November 19, 2008: http://www.nbcaugusta.com/news/local/34587804.html

http://blogs.abcnews.com/thenumbers/2008/11/race-revisited.html (New) Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are 'garbage' Legal challenges spring up across U.S., demand proof of eligibility for office:

Posted By WorldNetDaily On: November 13, 2008 10:30 pm Eastern-Published By Chelsea Schilling: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=80928 These are pertinent quotes from this article: "More than a half-dozen legal challenges have been filed in federal and state courts demanding President-elect Barack Obama's decertification from ballots or seeking to halt elector meetings, claiming he has failed to prove his U.S. citizenship status.

An Obama campaign spokeswoman told WND the complaints are unfounded. "All I can tell you is that it is just pure garbage," she said. "There have been several lawsuits, but they have been dismissed." (New) U.S. Supreme Court To Review Barack Obama's Citizenship On Dec. 5,2008: Posted By GayWired.Com: Published By Jonas Oliver | Article Date: 11/20/2008 4:46 PM: http://www.gaywired.com/Article.cfm?ID=20943 These are pertinent quotes from this article: "On December 5, 2008 the United States Supreme Court is expected to meet to review a case being brought by Leo C. Donofrio against Nina Wells, the secretary of state in New Jersey, which challenges whether or not Barack Obama is a "natural-born citizen" and thus qualified under the U.S. Constitution's to become president.

Ironically Donofrio's suit also claims that Sen. John McCain's name should not have been on the election ballot for the same reason. The case, which was unsuccessful at the state level, is not expected to find much success with the Supreme Court. However if four of the nine justices vote to hear the case in full, oral argument may be scheduled. Questions linger regarding Barack Obama' s citizenship despite the fact that his campaign has posted the President-Elect's live certificate of birth at FightTheSmears.com.

Another action questioning Barack Obama's citizenship has been filed in the State of California by Alan Keyes, a former presidential candidate and rival of Obama's, who along with a series of other organizations including the United Justice Foundation, are petitioning the California secretary of state asking that the state's 55 Electoral College votes slated to be cast in the 2008 presidential election on behalf of Barack Obama be withheld until he verifies his eligibility to hold the office of president. According to conservative website World News Daily, the California case states, "There is a reasonable and common expectation by the voters that to qualify for the ballot, the individuals running for office must meet minimum qualifications as outlined in the federal and state Constitutions and statutes, and that compliance with those minimum qualifications has been confirmed by the officials overseeing the election process."

"Since [the secretary of state] has, as its core, the mission of certifying and establishing the validity of the election process, this writ seeks a Court Order barring SOS from certifying the California Electors until documentary proof that Senator Obama is a 'natural born' citizen of the United States of America is received by her," the document said. "This proof could include items such as his original birth certificate, showing the name of the hospital and the name and the signature of the doctor, all of his passports with immigration stamps, and verification from the governments where the candidate has resided, verifying that he did not, and does not, hold citizenship of these countries, and any other documents that certify an individual's citizenship and/or qualification for office.

Taking on the issue of the "certificate of live birth" posted by the Obama campaign, the California case alleges that it cannot be viewed as authoritative, given that: "Hawaii Revised Statute 338-178 allows registration of birth in Hawaii for a child that was born outside of Hawaii to parents who, for a year preceding the child's birth, claimed Hawaii as their place of residence," the document said. "The only way to know where Senator Obama was actually born is to view Senator Obama's original birth certificate from 1961 that shows the name of the hospital and the name and signature of the doctor that delivered him." The case also raises questions about the circumstances of Obama's time during his youth in Indonesia, where he was listed as having Indonesian citizenship. Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, raising the possibility of Obama's mother having given up his U.S. citizenship, according to World News Daily.

** More Detail on Obama and the Law Posted by Steve Marquis on November 11, 2008: http://www.peoplespassions.org/documents/Citizenship101.html ** Exhibits supporting Dual citizenship and Non-Native Born Status of Mr Obama "Yet unheard in the Courts who swat at a Gnat while Swallowing the Camel": http://www.peoplespassions.org/Exhibits/List_of_Exhibits.html

**HYMAN: Obama's Kenya Ghosts Posted By Mark Hyman On October 12, 2008 (Washington Times): http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/oct/12/obamas-kenya-ghosts/ **My Question To President Elect Obama Is: Why don't you just provide proof of your US Citizenship to put this lingering issue to rest, once in for all, and stop all the suspicion and negative gossip that this issue has stirred up? "Something Smells" **Obama's "Sex Rebel" Communist Mentor: The "Naked Truth" About Frank Marshall Davis: Sex Specialist: http://www.usasurvival.org/docs/Rpt_Davis_Sex.pdf

This is a pertinent quote from this article: "Frank Marshall Davis [was] an activist in Hawaii who died in 1987. Barack Obama met Davis when he was just 10 years old and sought his advice throughout his teen years…Who was he and what kind of an influence did he have on young Barack Obama?" **Communism In Hawaii and the Obama Connection: http://www.usasurvival.org/docs/hawaii-obama.pdf **Communists," Progressives," Obama, and the Media: http://www.usasurvival.org/docs/Column_on_Communism_ASI.pdf

**President Elect Obama's Connection to Bill Ayers Barack Obama, William Ayers Posted on October 7, 2008: http://hotair.com/archives/2008/10/07/cnn-obamas-lying-about-william-ayers/comment-page-1/#comments **Campaign Bogeyman William Ayers Talks to 'GMA"Good Morning America's 'Chris Cuomo Grills'60s Radical Bill Ayers On 11/14/08: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Politics/story?id=6251086&page=1

**Note: Many young Americans in uniform, upon returning home from the War in Viet Nam, to include others like myself who volunteered to fight in the War, but, for what ever reason, never set foot on Viet Nam, were spit on, called baby killers, refused service at some public establishments and threatened with our own lives by individuals and/or groups, the likes of Bill Ayers and his cronies, who were blaming us for the War, and, as a result, we were ordered by our base commanders to go low profile and not wear our uniforms when traveling off our home bases, thereby not attracting attention to ourselves.

I and numerous other of my young Marine friends found these threats to be, extremely, deplorable at the time because, we were serving our Country, which we had given our oath to defend and, literally, had nothing to do with the politics of starting and/or continuing the War. And here was this young rich college kid and his cronies, that were about our age, that had done absolutely nothing for their country and, more than likely, had been granted a school deferment to keep from getting drafted or had, right or wrong, burned their draft cards, which, shamefully and sadly for our country, had also been done by one of our previous Presidents.

Therefore, they did not have to serve their country, as members of our country's Armed Forces, like so many others did, simply, because their parents were well-to-do, and could afford to pay for their education, that most of us, to include our parents, as average Americans, could not afford to do back then. Today, many youngsters, both men and women, are still unable to afford a college education, as evidenced by the growing numbers that are volunteering to serve their country, as members of our Armed Forces, due to our country's deteriorating financial economic crises, which I also find suspicious because, I feel that it was caused, mainly, by greedy rich individuals, and this crisis, ultimately, increases the rolls of our unemployed.

These youngsters are joining the military not only to honorably serve their country, that is now at war here at home and abroad, but, as a means of providing for their loved ones. And back then Bill Ayers and his cronies had the audacity and, in my opinion, a twisted mind, to turn terrorists against their own country and, subsequently and unfairly, blamed us for starting and continuing the un-popular war. A war which was, more than likely, started by our country's rich politicians and, subsequently, where many of our young friends (approximately 58,000) had made the ultimate sacrifice for, by honorably, courageously and selflessly serving their country so others, like themselves, could enjoy the fruits of their FREEDOM, which, obviously, had not come free since the foundation of our great country.

A FREEDOM, that they had, obviously, taken for granted when they decided, not only, to protest the war, which was their God given right to do, as American Citizens, but, in my opinion, crossed the line when they turned the anger that they, rightfully, had towards our country's elected officials, who, at that time, I feel were visibly floundering because, they were not very sure how to save face by ending the war honorably and were, obviously, not listening to the alarming cries coming from their constituents that had elected them to serve in our country's highest leadership positions, but, instead, chose to take their anger out on other innocent young Americans in uniform, who, as members of our Armed Forces, were honorably, courageously and selflessly serving and, subsequently, making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Even more deplorable to me, is the fact that he and his 1960s cronies, who, by the way, are now all college professors (what does that tell us about the type of education our kids have been getting over the years), to this date, do not to have an ounce of regret for their terrorist actions and, as a matter of fact, they continue to say that they wished they would have done more. I, as an American Citizen, find their attitude and actions to shameful, but guess that's what their unearned FREEDOM allows them to do, as American citizens, in our great country?

And, to add insult to injury, when President Elect Obama, was an Illinois Senator he had the VA initiate an IG investigation in 2005 into the possible fraud of VA Service-Connected Disability Compensation Benefits by those Veteran's that were receiving 100% Unemployability (UI) benefits due to their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These Veterans were the most vulnerable due to their PTSD condition, and had worked for many years (approx. 30 years) to get those benefits granted by the VA.

As a result one of my very close Viet Nam Veterans, who was a Purple Heart recipient, ended up committing suicide in October of 2005 because, he was concerned that his benefits would be taken away from him and, subsequently, his spouse. Although, these poor souls survived their brush with combat, many return home and, eventually, begin self-medicating with alcohol and/or drugs, as a means of dealing with their deteriorating PTSD conditions, which, over time, becomes extremely unbearable, especially, without their critical support systems and, as a result, many end up committing suicide, as a means of putting an end to their miseries. Note: My, approximately, sixty-two (62) years of hands-on and eye-opening experiences with both men and women in uniform and Veterans came from serving my country honorably for twenty (20) years, as a Marine Corps Mustang (served as an Enlisted and a Commissioned Officer), my father's, approximately, forty (40) year battle with his PTSD symptoms, as a result of his military service during WWII, and my four (4) year tenure as a State Veterans Service Officer. I served in the Marine Corps during the course of the entire Viet Nam War (1964-1984), where I lost many of my close young American friends, and my post-military retirement experiences as a State Veterans' Service Officer, where I continued to lose some of my close Viet Nam Veteran friends, who, tragically, committed suicide, to include my own father, who survived the Battle of The Bulge during WWII, but lost his own battle with PTSD at the young age of fifty-nine (59), due to his approximately forty (40) years of self-medicating with alcohol, like many of his WWII Veteran friends did.

In 2006, I also was diagnosed as suffering from PTSD, which gives me some insight into what these young Americans returning home from combat are dealing with and was able to best assist them to deal with their symptoms, during my four (4) years as a State Veterans' Service Officer, a position which I, to this day, believe was one of my most rewarding and self satisfying positions that I've served in during my approximately forty-four (44) year professional career. And to add insult to injury, when President Elect Obama, was an Illinois Senator he had the VA initiate an IG investigation in 2005 into the possible fraud of VA Service-Connected Disability Compensation Benefits by those Veteran's that were receiving 100% Unemployability benefits due to their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

These Veterans were the most vulnerable due to their PTSD condition, and had worked for many years (approx. 30 years) to get those benefits granted by the VA. As a result one of my very close Viet Nam Veterans, who was a Purple Heart recipient, ended up committing suicide in October of 2005 because, he was concerned that his benefits would be taken away from him and, subsequently, his spouse. Note: I personally find It, extremely, ironic that here we are approximately forty some years later and, tragically, many young lives lost in the process of defending of our country's priceless FREEDOM, our own President Elect is AMIGOS with this and other TERRORISTS.

You'll have to excuse me because, although, I know that in some elitists circles am NOT being POLITICALLY CORRECT BY CALLING THEM TERRORISTS. Because, as they have said all along-they never meant to kill or mime anyone with their bombs-they were just throwing an innocent tantrum against anyone that represented any type of authority, but, until the day that I begin to smell roses from their roots, I'll always consider them as home grown TERRORISTS because in my eyes "ONCE-A-TERRORIST-ALWAYS-A-TERRORIST."

And, to top it off, our President Elect is ALSO thinking of having a civilian national security force that is trained and armed as well, if not better than our country's Armed Forces-why does this sound so much like something a tyrant (dictator) in a Third World Country would do to make sure and demand that everyone in that country has loyalty only to him-the likes of his cousin Odingo in Kenya...never would have dreamed it? I feel for my family, friends and our country. **Obama's Challenge: The Campaign Speaks To "Radicalism.": http://xn--obamas%20challengethe%20campaign%20speaks%20to%20radicalism-4f44amf.xn--ivg/ National Review Online (NRO) By: Stanley Kurtz Posted On: September 23, 2008 7:00 AM These are pertinent quotes from this article: "The Chicago Annenberg Challenge stands as Barack Obama's most important executive experience to date.

By its own account, CAC was a largely a failure. And a series of critical evaluations point to reasons for that failure, including a poor strategy, to which the foundation over-committed in 1995, and over-reliance on community organizers with insufficient education expertise. The failure of CAC thus raises entirely legitimate questions, both about Obama's competence, his alliances with radical community organizers, and about Ayers's continuing influence over CAC and its board, headed by Obama.

Above all, by continuing to fund Ayers's personal projects, and those of his political-educational allies, Obama was lending moral and material support to Ayers's profoundly radical efforts. Ayers's terrorist history aside that makes the Ayers-Obama relationship a perfectly legitimate issue in this campaign." (New) The following article is an example of how he covertly dealt with his opponents in the past, to include his Presidential Election Campaign: Question: How Obama Uses Alinsky's Rules to Out Maneuver His Opponents: Posted By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, September 22, 2008 4:20 PM PT: http://ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=306977141583041 "Election '08: Barrack Obama's mocking of John McCain, while urging his followers to "get in their face," are tactics right out of his radical hero Saul Alinsky's playbook: ridicule and agitation."

The following are pertinent quotes from this article: "At a recent Las Vegas rally, Obama poked fun at Sen. McCain for what he described as bragging about "how as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, he had oversight of every part of the economy." "Well, all I can say to Sen. McCain is, 'Nice job. Nice job,' " Obama said in a sarcastic tone. "Where is he getting these lines? It's like a 'Saturday Night Live' routine." Then he belittled the 72-year-old McCain for vowing to take on the old boys network. "In the McCain campaign, that's called a staff meeting," he sneered. The late Alinsky, a trench-warfare socialist who despised American capitalism, advised community organizers like Obama to "laugh at the enemy" to provoke "irrational anger." "Ridicule," he said, "is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage."

At another rally in Nevada, Obama called on the crowd of about 1,500 to join him in sharpening their elbows against McCain and his supporters. "I want you argue with them and get in their face," he said, in a naked attempt to "fan hostilities" in the tightening race, something Alinsky also advised from his bag of agitation tricks. Obama doesn't look or talk like an angry radical. He speaks in measured tones and is rarely seen out of business attire. That, too, is borrowed from Alinsky's playbook. "Don't scare" the middle class, he guides urban revolutionaries in his 1970s manual, "Rules for Radicals" (which he dedicated to mankind's "first radical, Lucifer").

Instead, look like them, talk like them, act like them. And work for radical change from the inside — "like a spy behind enemy lines," as Obama said in his first memoir. He wrote it before entering politics, while still working with hard-left Alinsky groups and training street agitators known as "community organizers." As he wrote, he became a community organizer in 1983 because of "The need for change. Change in the White House, where Reagan and his minions were carrying on their dirty deeds." That's when he set out to "organize black folks" for social revolution, first in Harlem, then the South Side of Chicago. Now he wants to do it on a "large scale."

Though most average voters wouldn't know it, he's applying Alinsky's radical rules to achieve his goal. Alinksy stressed that his rules be translated into real-life tactics responsive to the situation at hand — which right now happens to be something he never could have dreamed of: a disciple who would find himself in a viable battle for the most powerful job in the world. Obama translated several of Alinsky's rules into battle tactics, including: • Rule: "Rub raw the resentments of the people; search out controversy and issues."

In the mortgage meltdown, for instance, Obama vows to prosecute "predatory lenders" for "abusing" minority borrowers. He's also stoking class resentment by painting Wall Street and other executives as villains. • Rule: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." In an ad to woo Hispanic voters, Obama demonized Rush Limbaugh by falsely claiming he made racist statements against immigrants. • Rule: "A mass impression can be lasting and intimidating."

This explains why Obama moved his acceptance speech to a football stadium and bussed in 85,000 supporters. Alinsky's son was so impressed, he praised Obama for learning his father's "lesson well." • Rule: "Multiple issues mean constant action and life" for the cause. This is why Obama never harps on one issue, as Hillary did with health care. His platform is packed with grievances from "economic justice" to "reproductive justice" to "environmental justice." Obama is following almost to the letter the blueprint for socialist revolution drafted by the father of community organizing. While Alinsky may help him behind the scenes, however, he becomes a liability when brought out of the shadows. Sarah Palin proved this in St. Paul when she ridiculed his community organizing. Within hours, Obama surrogates whined about how just bringing up the phrase was racist code for "black." No, it's code for communist. And McCain should make that point instead of legitimizing such radicalism, as he did recently when he said, "I respect community organizers; and Sen. Obama's record there is outstanding" — which contradicted his running mate. There's nothing to respect about such anti-American radicals, even if they have traded their tie-dye for business ties.

Here were some, visible, results of now President Elect Obama's Application of "Alinsky's Rules" during his campaign: Inside Politics: The New West.-Posted On The Washington Times-Published By: Greg Pierce (Contact)
Thursday, October 16, 2008: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/oct/16/inside-politics-the-new-west/?page=2

The following are pertinent quotes from this article: "AN EMBARRASSMENT "As Obama lengthens his lead, the Republicans are praying that the election becomes close enough for the Democrats to steal," Dick Morris writes in the Hill newspaper. "But, meanwhile, ACORN, the radical community group, is becoming an embarrassment for Obama. It is not as if its shenanigans are likely to tip the result, with the Democrats so far ahead, but as they are raided by the FBI in state after state (11 so far) they are becoming identified as the electoral equivalent of Greenpeace - extremists who will stop at nothing to get their way," Mr. Morris said. "What makes ACORN particularly embarrassing for Obama is that he used to be one of them. He served as general counsel for ACORN in Illinois, channeled millions to the organization from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (whose funds he distributed), and has lately spent $800,000 of his campaign money to subsidize the group's activities. For this emolument, ACORN has registered voters 15 times over, canvassed the graveyards for votes and prepared to commit electoral fraud on a massive scale.

While such Obama albatrosses as William Ayres and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright can lie low until November, ACORN cannot. "But, as Election Day approaches and early balloting proceeds in many states, ACORN's tactics will get more and more media attention. As election officials discover ACORN frauds, the association will become more injurious to Obama, particularly when it is his own campaign that is funding many of the fraudulent activities. At the very least, the negative publicity ACORN will attract will paint Obama as a radical with questionable judgment. At the most, it might cause voters to wonder if he is not involved in electoral fraud."

**Obama's Middle East Studies Mentors By Cinnamon Stillwell 
American Thinker 
On November 2, 2008: http://www.meforum.org/article/2002

**Middle East Scholars Strike Out in Washington By Norvell B. De Atkine 
Middle East Quarterly
 In December 1994: http://www.meforum.org/article/203 **Syria Can't Be Flipped by Michael Rubin
 On November 12, 2008: http://www.meforum.org/article/2008 **Fred Thompson: Why We Must Be Concerned About Sen. Obama's Presidency: http://infidelsarecool.com/2008/10/24/video-fred-thomspon-obama/ (New) HOW OBAMA GOT ELECTED: Posted on howobamagotelected.com: http://www.howobamagotelected.com/

These are pertinent quotes from this web site: "On November 4th, 2008 millions of Americans were shocked that a man of Barack Obama's limited experience, extreme liberal positions and radical political alliances could be elected President of the United States. For many of these Americans, the explanation was rather simple... the news media, completely enamored with Obama, simply refused to do their job. On Election day twelve Obama voters were interviewed extensively right after they voted to learn how the news media impacted their knowledge of what occurred during the campaign. These voters were chosen for their apparent intelligence/verbal abilities and willingness to express their opinions to a large audience.

The rather shocking video below seeks to provide some insight into which information broke through the news media clutter and which did not." **Georgia Congressman Warns Of Obama Dictatorship (Published By: AP On 11/11/08): http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5iRxZox4GFoIweckPDP1oRhKBlHOwD94CCDU00

**Question: Is President Elect Obama An Islamic Puppet and, As A Result, Being Black Mailed By Other High Ranking Officials Here At Home And Abroad, Who Seem to Know The Answer To This Question-You Decide?: http://blog.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel

**My Final Question Is: Taking Into Account Everything That We Are Currently Experiencing Here In The US (e.g., Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Financial Crisis, Global Terrorist Historical, Growing Tensions Here At Home and Abroad and our Historical Presidential Election etc.), What Stage Of Subversion Do You Think The USA Is In TODAY-You Decide? And, if you had never thought about before, hopefully, I've shared enough, seemingly, fair, factual and unbiased information that would, at least, spark some curiosity within you, which would put you on a journey of better educating yourselves on the subject-You Decide.

Note: So this PRESIDENT ELECT is going to be our Troop's Commander-In-Chief? BOTTOM LINE: If my concerns are proven to have MERIT, which, tragically, the American people may NOT even find out about until after President Elect Obama takes office and governs our country for the next four years, all I can hope and pray for, this late in the game, is that my concerns are unfounded, but if they are NOT: "Good Bless Our United (Not Divided) States of America." "FOOD FOR THOUGHT"

Have A Great Day & Weekend! Semper Fi!


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