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Reader comment on item: Prepare to attack [Iran]
in response to reader comment: Secularism, Another Christian false God!

Submitted by Straight_Talk_Luigi (United States), Jul 14, 2008 at 16:10

Well, I've seen his tapes translated on CNN and he didn't mention anything about female solders. Wow, that is a new response. You hear something new everyday. I think he made it clear why he is so angry. If it was only female soldiers why didn't he just wage a Jihad against them?

Probably because they'd clean his clock. Actually, he implied in his declaration of war against the West in 1998.

Jesus said:

Luke 12:51

Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Of course, Jesus was referring to the New Covenant of Christianity. It would certainly stir up trouble because He was changing many of the old ways, ways which the Jews practiced for centuries to please God.

Profound statement. Only a believer truly understand what this means. In case Dhimmie is reading, Muslims acknowledge that Jesus was a prophet and that he was given the Gospel. As Muslims we believe that the book was corrupted, however, the Quran has revealed the truth in it. As Muslims we can distinguish the truth from the corruption. This is why I quote the Bible.

First of all, my posts may put Dhimmie to sleep. Secondly, it's always convenient to say how the Gospel is corrupted. See, Christians do the same thing, they just are better (as Sen. Fritz Hollings would say) at reasoning around the facts. I'm talking about liberal Protestant denominations and gay marriage and abortion.

Islam is designed to be a light that will never go out. It is a promise from Allah. If this is what you speak of, then Allah's religion must reign supreme

Here we go again..Islam is supreme!

No it isn't. It's just a concoction of Catholicism and paganism from the moon-cult. There's evidence in Yemen that suggests that the Qu'ran existed before Mohammed did and wasn't revealed to him at all!

,however, we know that conversions under the sword does not count. We do not kill to convert, unlike so-called Christians, it would be counterproductive.

Really? Is the that language of bigotry you talk about later on? So, who's we, Nura? Apparently, we isn't the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Name me one time in the last 100 years that a Christian has killed to convert. Just one. If you've done your research like you say you have, this shouldn't be too difficult.

According to jihadwatch, there have been over 11,000 attacks by Muslims alone. I cannot find one done by Christians.

Islam is not supreme to any other religion. It is just an offshoot of Roman Catholicism mixed with the pagan moon-cult. The Qu'ran existed even before

So you think that one Islamic state is a threat to the world?

We understand they want us all dead. They should come out and fight like real mujaheedin if God is really on their side.

Ah, here we go. The real language of bigotry. Who is "we","they", and "us?"

Just like "YOU PEOPLE ARE SO TIRED!!!"???

Not quite.

We/us = all non-Muslims, and apparently those Muslims who don't think that chopping of heads and blowing everything else up to make a point

They = those who fight for sharia law all over the globe

Now, answer my question: Who are "you people" and "you Christians?"


Prove it. If it is immoral then the Bible is immoral.

The Bible makes no mention of sharia law.


When they go into the tabernacle of the congregation, they shall wash with water, that they die not; or when they come near to the altar to minister, to burn offering made by fire unto .


All from the Old Testament, Nura, and once again, it doesn't apply to Christians. You can keep quoting until you are blue in the face, my response will always be the same.

You said that the law was tough because the Hebrews had no social order, what was the Kingdom of David and Solomon?

Tradition. You essentially make the argument that it is tradition within societies that keeps from falling apart. Correct me if I wrong, but this seems to be on the tip of your tongue, and I agree.

God had chosen not to give them a new covenant yet (at least timewise) perhaps because he also is a merciful God. My surmise is that He wanted to give them time, to show patience. Remember, the Israelites at this point did not believe in life after death. You lived, you died is the essential argument.

Not even in David's time did the Israelites complete the conquest that God had ordered. Since you like to quote the Bible, you'll note that in Judges and Chronicles that there were pagan tribes in the mountains who were not subjugated as God wished.

These laws are much more sever than ANY law in Sharia. Are you going to say that the Bible is immoral?

No, because those are directed from God, and the reason why they were so strict was because after the Jews left Egypt, they had no infrastructure at all. It was absolutely necessary for order and discipline and the loyalty that God wanted.

Huh, that was a low blow. No additional comment needed.

That is a FACT, Nura. Islamic lands are soaking in wealth because of oil and they are wasting it all on buildings in far away lands while their populations grow and stretch water, food—much less books---to the extreme.

They're like a selfish Western woman who can't get enough jewelry while her cupboards are empty.

Tell me why would God bless this nation considering how it was founded? If this nation is blessed then the rich nations of Muslims is also blessed. Imagine the worlds most valuable asset being in the hands of Muslims.

I hate to break it to you, but if the USA REALLY wanted to, it could get all its residential and commercial energy from solar and wind and Canada now has more oil than anyone but Saudi Arabia. In fact, Canada is where most of our oil comes from.

In the sacred land of Muslims. Muslims are among the richest individuals in the world. This economy not only relies on their oil, but their investments. In short, if those rich Arabs took their money out of this country, our stock market would crash. Simple as that.

Rich Arabs, huh? Are you aware that only 20% of Muslims are Arabs? Are you also aware that it is foreign workers under the five huge American oil companies who have the technology and knowledge to extract the oil?

Where do you think these rich men would be without our technology? Possibly herding goats in the Empty Quarter.

I don't think Arabs could harm our markets simply by withdrawing money. If they want to go the Euro or the Yen, that's fine. Just keep in mind that Japan and Europe are dying breeds, while America remains strong.

It is obvious that wealth and power is not the keys to salvation, in-fact, it is the opposite.

That's right, Nura.

For you to say that this nation is blessed solely because it is powerful, I would only say again that Allah gives power,for a time, to whom he wills. All power and wealth belongs to Allah and he will make this very clear to whomever does not perceive it now. The history of great civilizations is that they always fall. My question for you is how do they usually fall? From an outside foe? Or, from within?

Oh, I see, so you ARE trying to get me to get angry and make a futile argument that Western secularism is better than Islam? My dear Nura, you have me mistaken. The reason why I stick to my faith, other than the fact that Catholicism is the Divine religion from God, is that I've studied enough history to know that societies die from within FIRST.

I'm NOT going to defend secularism. It will be the downfall of democracies everywhere. BUT, Nura, unlike Canada, Austrailia, or Japan or Western Europe, we still have God. 95% of our people believe in Him.

I never said that Saudi should shut it's door, but I guess that could work too. In fact, I believe there was a King who tried that. He was killed in a coo I believe. I wonder who was behind that? I promise, if Saudi shuts it's door I will be on the next plan out of here. It will get crazy very quick.

It won't. King Fahd knows the game, and he plays all sides. His order of preference, is

1) himself

2) his peers

3) Saudi Arabia

4) The greater Muslim community

Natuarlly, you'd blame the West for everything since you cannot stomach the fact that Muslims make mistakes.

Perhaps that is the key difference, here, Nura. Christians admit they come short of the glory of God.

Let others bask in their pride and blame others for their troubles. That is what far left secularists do, Nura. I'm amazed that you haven't shown me evidence you recognize the parallels here.

Really? I guess the Muslim world was importing water from Europe all this time. How were they eating before Western influence? In fact, they were doing quite well. That's the latest! Oil for food indeed.

Before Western influence, you didn't have the population growth that you have now, Nura. Not even close.

Actually, a lot of these countries have desalinization plants, but it would actually be cheaper to haul an iceberg from Canada than to get water via desalinization from the Persian Gulf.

Religion doesn't feed people, give them drink or shelter.

Religion brings faith and faith can fill empty bellies. Our prophet told us that there will come a day when the only food of the believer will be with the words "There is no God but Allah." It is faith that will feed and give shelter during the trials to come.People who have little of it will be the ones who go hungry.

Sorry, but it doesn't. Even those Christian missionaries that you seem to abhor know it.

Your using a phrase that was invented specifically for The War On Terror. There is no Ethical concept that condones war because of "Harboring" a would be terrorist. Especially when there was no proof. When did "guilty by affiliation" become ethical? The Taliban had NO involvement in 911 and neither did Saddam.

There's plenty of proof. The Taliban harbored bin-laden, even after all the Afghan ulemas's demanded he be deported.

So why is it more ethical when the West seeks sovereignty? Is this not a hypocrisy? The law of the fittest is why. The strongest makes the rules that the world must comply to. I know that there are allot of "interests" at stake, I'm not one-dimensional. Everyone wants a piece of the pie that is the oil rich Middle East, so jealousy is normal.

Sorry, but I'm really not jealous. Your mind games of trying to incite me to become angry and charge blindly into this discussion will not work. The reality is, Nura, that there are much better energy resources than oil on this planet.

You keep believing that. I'm not fooled. Then why was the Caliphate destroyed?

Because Attaturk constitutionally abolished it?

Why do people keep comparing Islam to Nazism? In case you forgot Hitler was a Christian who justified what he did by the Bible. He said that Jews had the mark of Caan. He's your shame not ours.

Wow, that's funny. I thought Hilter was an atheist. Oh, and one more thing to note, it's not Christians who carry around signs saying "God Bless Hitler."

Aljazeera is an Arabic news channel. It has Muslim and Christian Arabs who anchor and report and I would hardly call them the mouthpiece for Sharia Law considering you barely see a woman with her hair covered on the show.

I guess religious Muslims got it better? Muslim women can't wear a scarf to work or school, how's that for persecution.

In Turkey, they can.

Yea, they are ungrateful because they are tired of their wives,mother,fathers,sisters,brothers, and children would have to die for that freedom. They didn't read the fine print.

Oh, so now you're speaking for the Iraqis? The more I read your posts, Nura, the more you sound like the liberal democrats that you claim to abhor. You're so full of awe over Islam that you don't even see it.

I could care less what your roommate thinks. Is he there now? Ask him how is the water.

Naturally, a testimony from an actual Iraqi that reflects positively on American presence over there really throws a kink in secularist and Muslims who hate us for being over there.

I see Iraqi's asking for Saddam back on Al Jazzeera. At-least they had clean water and regular electricity. I am 27 years old, beyond the "kid" category. I was on the debate team in High School, won a few trophies actually, that was a long time ago.

Of course, you're not going to find anything positive about Iraq on al-Jazeera. They want it to fail for their selfish reasons, but the Iraqi people are strong and will thwart their evil ambitions.

Well, this is the first time a 27-year-old has had to brag about his/her high school awards to me, it's usually teenagers on youtube who do that, and I can't recall a single time when my roommate said he wanted Saddam back.

It's hard to believe that you've been so successful, I mean, you've made some amateurish mistakes on here, Nura.

Guess you didn't see the reaction of Shiite Muslims in Basra when the British arrived, either?

You may be more experienced and older than me, but, I have learned long, long ago that men mature much slower than women.

You mean you learned that in your psychology curriculum? Fantastic. Our discussion is going just as I have foreseen.

You see, Nura, you're the one who's comments have been edited for insults, not mine. I'm actually younger than you are.

I also learned that age does not bring wisdom. Wisdom, not knowledge, is the gift that we could all hope for. Unlike money and power, only the blessed gets it. David was only a boy when he slew Goliath.

Naturally, and I suppose you consider yourself wise with all your awards and Islam and that you are David the underdog fighting the evil Christians, right?

Oh, one last thing, Nura, I am not angry. Not at all. Do angry people laugh? Because I did as I read this. It's been a while since I've had this much fun on a blog, and I always get a kick out of people who come onto blogs they don't agree with and try show how mighty they are.


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