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Our dear samer and the Qur'an really says that Jesus is God and poor theology

Reader comment on item: Prepare to attack [Iran]
in response to reader comment: Facts about Jesus the Messiah

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 29, 2008 at 09:37

Our dear Samer who cannot be an Arab because he does not seem to know that the word bitaanah really means the lining of his little coat and because real Arabs never quote the Bible when advancing a point and only tablighees and Pakistanis do that wrote

>You are unable to understand that God knows everything, He is so powerful and so Merciful and he can reach you anytime anywhere. there is a verse in the Quran "And indeed We have created man, and We know what his ownself whispers to him. And We are nearer to him that his vein cord"

If your Allah is so powerful then I have a few questions for you:

1. Why does your Allah ask you to "qatil fi sabeel allah"? Oh I know by now that you ain't no Arab or fight in the casue of Allah! And what is really your Allah's cause? and does it have anything to do with getting 1/5 of the loot collected from infidels? Why does he not do his dirty work? Could it be because there is no Allah? Or could it be because your Allah is not omnipotent? But if he is not then he ain't no God! Right?and do you think that he wants you to fight in his cause so he can get 1/5 of the loot?

2. Why does your Allah ask you to go out and waste your time and try and spread the religion and the imperialism of the Arabs when he can do it at the blink of an eye? Could it be because there is no Allah? Or could it be becuase your Allah cannot do it because he is not omnipotent?

3. And if your Allah is indeed rahman wa raheem then where is he when we have starving people if Darfur and where was he when his minions that were after their 72 virgins or after boys as in the case of Mohamed Atta crashed planes in the world trade center and killed 3000 innocent people! Where was he? was he hiding under his little 3Arash (throne and oh not the one with the bidet)?

4. And why are you here trying to spread the imperialism of the Hijazi Arabs and you ain't no Arab?

Snip Islamic gobbledegook

>It is ok that you Love Jesus, because we Love him too, but you should search for the Love of God.

Is this Allah? No I do not do Allah and you should not either

>He is the One who can affect on your life not Jesus, we love Mohammad too,

So should we call you Mohammedan from now on?

>but we know that not Mohammad or any of the Prophets can help us, only making God content with us that will save us in this life and in the hereafter.

Really? then why do we get old and sick and then die? And why do we suffer during wars and famines? Could it be because there is no Allah and that this life is beyond his control? or could be because your Allah is neither rahman nor raheem?

>IF you open your heart you will not call me adversary, you would thank me for making you see what you were not seeing.

Open our heart to what? That islam is no more than Arabian imperialism that brutalized your Hindu ancestors and you are no more than a victim that joined the beast?or that you are really delusional? or that you need to get a life?

>You are right, Islam came about because of the corruption in religion of the people, this is what I 've been saying all the time,

Saying what? that your Allah did not get it the first time? He did not even get it the first time in the Qur'an either. Remember al-nasikh wa al-mansukh? You see you could have been enjoying a nice glass of wine and watching nice looking girls passing by and you will be human again. But your likes want their 72 virgins and the boys of heaven! Hint: there ain;t no virgins or boys and there ain't no Allah either

>God send prophets when people deviate from the truth, The last testament (The Quran) cannot be changed, altered, people will always find reference in this book without doubting its authenticity. Unlike the bible that has many versions,

Really? then why do we have the Cairo edition of the Qur'an and why do we have the Tunisian edition of the Qur'an? and MLK in surat al-fatiha is it maaliki or is it maliki? How come you did not know that? Could it be because you are ignorant? Or could it be because you are a liar?Or could it be because you ain't no Arab? And is the word QTULU in the infamous Q9:5 iqtuluu or is it qatiloo? And speaking of corruption in the Qur'an how do you explain Q53:32 which is for sure textual corruption. And how do you explain the poor grammar in : ina hadhan la sahiran? And are you aware that the masorites changed the basic rasm of the Quran by adding al-nuqat and the short and at times long vowels and also the letter hamza and the shadda as you shall see below. This was nothing more than editing of the book of your Arabian Allah. You are either ignorant or a liar. So which one is it?

Snip more islamic gobbeldygook

>Here an account of some verses about the Messiah

  1. When the angels said "O Mary, God gives you glad tidings of a Word from Him, his name will be the Messiah Jesus the son of Mary, held in honor in this life and in the hereafter and will be on of those who are near to God"
  2. "O people of the scripture (the Christians) Do not exceed the limits in your religion, nor say of God aught but the truth. The Messiah Jesus son of Mary was a Messenger of God and His word, which He bestowed on Mary and a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His Messengers Say not: "three (Trinity)!" Cease! better for you. ........... Glory be to Him above having a son......And God is All-Sufficient as a Disposer of all affairs"
  3. "The Messiah will never cease from being a slave to God nor the Angels who are nearer to God and whoever reject His worship and is proud, then He will gather them all together unto Himself"
  4. " It is indeed have disbelief in God those who say that God is the Messiah son of Mary, Say "Who has the least power against God, if He were to destroy the Messiah son of Mary or his mother, and all those who are on earth altogether?" ... And to God belongs the dominion of the Heavens and Earth and all that is in between..........
  5. "The Messiah son of Mary was no more than a Messenger, that many Messengers went before him; His mother was a believerin the words of God. They both ate food. See how We make signs to the people ; yet look how they are deluded away (from the truth)"

But our dear samer does not tell us what is really the Trinity as per the Qur'an a book that he cannot even read in Arabic so let me help you our dear samer:

1. in Q2:253 allah declares that: "tilka al-rusul fadalna ba3dahum 3ala ba3d minhum min kalami allah" and here your Allah is talking about Jesus and Allah says that he had exalted some messengers above others. And in this aya your Allah is talking about Jesus and not about Abul Qasim (and you will never find sayyid al-mursaleen to describe Muhammad in the Qur'an but it seesm that your Allah yufadil (oh I do not translate Arabic for wannabe Arabs like you) Jesus over Muhammad

2. We are not done yet. Then your Allah says: "wa rafa3a ba3duhum darajatin wa atayna 3isa ibn maryam al-bayanaat wa ayydnaahu bi al-roh al-quduus" Or and we elevated some (in this case Hesus) by degrees above the others and we gave 3isa the son of mary the signs and supported him with holy spirit

And here is your bonus for today:

the rasm of the word al-bayannat is ALBYNT which was edited by the ulama by adding the follwing nuqat to the rasm: one dot below the letter beh, two dots below the letter heh, a shadda above the yeh, a dot above the nuun, two dots above the teh, a sukun above the lam, a fatha above the beh, a kasra below the yeh, and an alif aafter the nuun, and a kasra below the teh. How come you did not know that? and so much for the unedited Qur'an

And notice that your Allah has no clue what is really the holy spirit and no the Qur'an does not tell us that it is Gabriel

3. Now if we trun to Qur'an Q5:116 blah...blah...blah...itakhidhuni wa ummi ilahian min duun allah or take me and my mother for two gods beside allah. Do you know what this means? It means that your Allah is saying that the Trinity is: Jesus, Mary and Allah. Right? Then Ihave the following questions for you:

A. Would you agree with me that Christians tell us that the Trinity is: Yasoo3 al-maseeh (Jesus), al-rabb (God) and al--roh al-quduus (the holy spirit) Right?

B. So is seems that your Allah have no like for the Trinity where we have God, Mary and Jesus. Right?

C. It seems that Allah has no difficulty with the Trinity of God, Jesus and the holy spirit. Right?

D. Then congratulations our dear samer but it seems that your Allah has no issues with the Christian Trinty as per Christians and so much for the poor theology of the Qur'an

But this is not all:

1. You agree with me that Jesus can cure the leper and the deaf and the blind. Right? The he must have been a good doctor which he never claimed to be or he is a God as only god can do such things

2. You agree with me that Jesus can breath life in clay birds. Right? Then he can create life allbeit biidhin Allah. And only a god can create life Right? Then Jesus must be God. And if your Allah can ask you for help to fight in his cause then there is nothing wrong for Jesus creating life with Allah idhin. Right?\

3. Jesus did not die on the cross but it was his like. Right? then Jesus did not die. Right? The only being that does not die is a God. Right?

4. Your Allah says that jesus ate food so he must be human. Right? But Allah also claims that he is a makkar (deceiver) Right? Then do you think that Jesus was not really eating food when he appeared to be eating food due to your Allah makkr?

Well congratulations our dear Samer the Pakistani but it seems that the Qur'an says that jesus is really god

Today? I'm a Bakkan (I mean Meccan) pagan.

So much for your poor education.


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