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Submitted by Nura (United States), Jun 30, 2008 at 14:58

Christians practice Christianity, not pagans. By believing in Jesus we give ourselves a chance, because Jesus will mediate between God and man. Mohammed will not do this.

If that was true why is Christian society Pagan? All of your Holidays, Christmas, Easter, Holloween,Valentines day ect… They are all pagan. That is why you have wiccans who celebrate them too? You should re-search that.

All of our days of the week, months, planets, solar systems, even stars are named after Gods and Goddesses!

Triune gods were known first to the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who were all pagan. They all had some form of a Trinity. Christianity is the only monotheistic religion that accepts a similar doctrine!

Why does our currency and monuments display ancient Egyptian, pagan symbols on our currency on the Washington monument which actually has ancient Egyptian witchcraft symbols on it? You should also research Satanism in this culture.

"Christianity did not destroy paganism, it adopted it"- Will Durant

I would say not. If anything, Islam is based on paganism. I'm sure you've heard of the illa statues and the moon cult?

I thought Islam came from Roman Catholicism? The moon cult? Before Islam came people were worshipping much more than that. That is why Muhammad(PBUH) came in the first place! To stop idol worship. This is obvious. There used to idols in the Kaabba, there aren't anymore thank s to Islam.

Who's "you good Christians?" I don't support everything the USA does, Nura. I have no idea what you mean about the anti-Christ coming to Jerusalem.

In the Bible the anti-Christ will rule from Jerusalem. This is what Israel is working for. This is what The U.S. supports when they support Israel.

Most Americans do not understand the reason for this relationship between these two countries. If it were not for the constant lobby in Washington, we would have condemned them like every other country in the world. Okay you don't support everything that the U.S. does, I don't support everything that Muslim countries do! As simple as that. You will not find me endorsing a single one. The purpose of my argumentation is for my religion. I am defending my religion. This is my reason for arguments.

Oh, I get it, you think the end of the world is happening now? Well, they thought the same thing 500 years ago....

Jesus teaches us "There will be many will come in my name and they will deceive many."

We are in the Last days. Gods time is not the same as our time, so yes it has been the end of the world since Adam. This does not diminish the seriousness of the times.

Well, strength is not measured by land or technology alone. The apathetic parts of the West are weak compared to the strong determination of the mujahedeen for world control.

Do you realize that the Mujahedeen are a minority in this Religion? Thos who are actively trying to expel Western influence from their nations are a very small minority. I agree that Faith is all that is own the side of the Muslim. It is said that it can move mountains. It is not world control that they seek, it is the expulsion of Western influences from Islamic countries that they call for. This is what Bin Laden said. What better information than from the mouth of a jihadist? They are not seeking world control. At most the control over their countries. It is not until the West realizes what they are really saying will they begin to understand the dynamics of the problem. I say they already understand, the people just don't.

My Church teaches that Muslims actually can be saved, since they believe in the God of Abraham. Yet, it would be best for all to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. That is the best chance we have of going to heaven, Nura. If you do not accept Jesus, then you run the risk of divine Judgement and will be held accountable for every single sin. Only perfect souls may enter heaven.

I rather follow the religion of Abraham; he was not of the polytheists. Nor did he preach of a triune God.

When I look at the Middle East, I see massive persecution and suffering and the effects of sharia law. I see Muslim leaders telling their people to have even more children, as though they will be able to eat and drink the sand if the water runs out, for the purpose of becoming numerous to conquer the world.

Nura, the Middle East will soon no longer be able to sustain itself. All Europe has to do is shut its doors and all for them will be lost in civil war.

Where exactly to you look from;CNN? Sharia law is RARELY applied in so-called Muslim countries. As Muslims we know this. That is why Muslims around the World call for an Islamic State. A State where Islam and Allah will be the greatest law, not man's.

Muslims Suffer because of the immoral Leadership. Dictators that the West prefers because they can control them. The leadership that does not practice the religion and persecute those who practice the religion. Did you know the religious Muslims are persecuted in Muslim countries? Of course you don't. Islam is not the problem, the problem is the lack thereof.

You can not tell me of the trials to come for Muslims, We already know! Our prophet has told us exactly the perils that face us. We know what is to come, and yes it will get very bad before it becomes good. All Muslims know this. It has already been prophesied. These trials will not come from the religion, but from the lack of it. Money and power in the greatest test for humanity. Having an abundance in either does not prove righteousness, as you once mentioned that God gave the West power. We could also say that people who call themselves Muslims are the most wealthy in the world. What does that prove? Only that both of these nations have and are being tested. The wealth in Saudi will leave, that it the best for them. Their wealth has only corrupted them. I would hope that the West would shut its doors sooner than later.

I answer all questions carefully, and I think you underestimate your religion, Nura. I see the power of Islam growing.

I do not underestimate my religion. I am displaying a frustration with the people of Islam. In the coming days it is Faith that will aid our survival, not force. This is what I am saying. We see this in Palestine which is a good foreshadow of the future. Muslims will always resist, this is true, but the threat that the West has in Islam is not a threat of the genocide of the Western world. This is clear. It is the threat that Muslims will become more resistant to Western ideas which are enough to cause invasion as we see in Iraq and Afghanistan which HAD NO involvement in 911. It is the ideological war that the West is afraid of losing. It's a threat to their sovereignty which is what it is really all about, Western World sovereignty. How do we know this, because to this day any country that tries to establish an Islamic state is attacked and bombed unprovoked! We se this in Afghanistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia (This was a little while after the country was established). It is very clear the Muslims are not allowed to have an Islamic state when the Papacy has a state, Jews have a state!! In the papal state they do not have to abide by the laws of their nation. It's basically its own country. My question, what is the harm of a small Islamic nation other than it threatens Western Sovereignty. This is why Saudi Arabia will never claim to be the Khalif of the Islamic world. We don't have one figure that has the similarity of the Christian Pope, interesting? Especially when according to Islam there should be one.

Don't you get it, Nura? There is no collective Muslim unity. You have Muslims who are secular and refuse to wear hijab. Then, you have zealots who kill their own children in Iraq. They don't care, as long as the good of Islam is put first.

What a statement! You are contradicting yourself. If it is about Islamic Zealots, how do Islamic secularists fit into the picture? How about saying most of the Islamic world is secular, and you have couple of Muslims who are resisting this political structure. That would be more accurate. If Islam was put first, believe me, the world would be a much better place.

Iraq was secular and it did not stop the invasion. Palestine is also secular but it deos not help their plight. Turkey is the most secular of All and they will never be apart of the European Union. Allot of good it does us. It is only a tool for corruption and control.

It Saddam who brought this, Nura, because he bluffed the world that he had WMD's and he didn't.

In a previous post, you complain that the Iraqis lack civil infrastructure. Why do you think the Americans are still there? For the sunshine? No! It's to help train police and get the infrastructure, that other MUSLIMS are BLOWING UP to make BUSH look bad!

Come on! Do you forget that he was cooperating with the U.N. before Iraq was invaded. I guess you also forget that he was actively destroying his long range missiles also before they invaded. He said that he did not have the weapons!!! He let the U.N. come check what more could he do? The U.S. wanted this war, there was no way he could have avoided it.

The American are there because it serves their interests! Yes, it's an inconvenience for the soldiers but who cares about them? They barely can get their money for service after they come back here. The U.S. is in the best strategic position to help Israel for a war in Iran. Let's not forget, Iraq does have allot of Oil that was not available to us before the war. Oh, I guess you still believe that it's for freedom.

Muslims are pawns in a cruel plan. Divide and conquer all over again.


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