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The last one, different day same old, complete Islamaphobe, learnt nothing, rant over & what a waste of forum space again

Reader comment on item: Arabist Snobs
in response to reader comment: The long version

Submitted by Jamil (United Kingdom), Mar 25, 2015 at 21:38

Our dear Jamil is neither funny

OK, I'll read this as you acknowleding that I am funny and you aren't happy about it.

nor original and I really feel sorry for you

Original? ... says the dhimmi no more who is regurgitating other peoples work (!)

This is what I wrote

Our dear Jamil edited my post as usual wrote And here is from not one but two dictionaries English/Arabichttp://www.wordreference.com/enar/receiptI wrote And here is another dictionaryhttp://en.bab.la/dictionary/english-arabic/receipt

And this is his answer

This "dictionary" also says the following:Is a certain translation missing here? Let us know or submit your own translation below.You used an editable online dictionary.

Sure that is what a dictionary is all about it is about collecting words in a language at a point in time. I told you you and I can write an Urdu dictionary

I'll be waiting for you to post a link of this Urdu dictionary, don't be going shy on me now.

You are either a lazy couch potato

You are not even funny

Anyone quoting editable online dictionaries must be a lazy couch potato, there is no doubt about that. Please tell me you didn't go modifying that editable online dictionary and then post the results here?! Oh my God! You are unbelievable at times. Don't you care about your credibility?

or you just couldnt find any other dictionary to support your claim that: istilaam means receipt!

I never wrote that Istilam means receipt you are a careless writer

It was a typo on my behalf. I admit it and you can have your 10 seconds to celebrate.


You must pardon me but you are a poorly educated person

And this is our dear Amin's answer

Anything addessed to Amin, I will ignore.

You are pardoned,

You not funny how many times do i have to tell you that?

Thank you for that piece of important information. Anyways..

but go on lets hear you...

So what was deleted here? Swearing again? Oh I see you are frustrated right?

Another 25 of your precious American dollars in thousands donated to this forum if you can pove that I swore above.

In fact, with the moderators as my witnesses, I did not swear and you know what; I have no reason to. You need to stop with these accusations / assumptions as they make you look stupid when you are unable to claim the $25k for this forum.

but ... they are asking you to comment Oh let me guess you cannot comment becuase you are ignorant right? Go and tell them that the Arabic word for Receipt is not Wasl or Isal and it is Istilam and you will be making a fool of yourself Why are you making a fool of yourself? Tell me I challenge you to post

Are you calling Hans Wehr a fool?

I don't need to waste my time doing any such thing.

But you posted here at danielpipes.org so what is the difference? Oh let me guess your Arab masters will be making fun of you and your ignorance of the Arabic language right?

I'll read this as time wasting, how many points will you win by constantly talking about these so called Arab masters which you can't prove. There is $25k still up for the taking but if you cant prove this then you really should hush.

You see I was expecting a strong case from you to show that istilaam does not and cannot mean receipt

Poor education again. It is he who has a claim is the one that must provide the evidence to support such claim

lol! You, yes y o u Shaykh Dhimmi claimed istilaam doesnt mean receipt! And I am still waiting for the evidence, so lets have it.

We kuffar ask for evidence and I helped you by providing you with links to dictionaries including Lisan al-Arab but your real problem is that you cannot read Arabic right?

No, no, no. Lisan al Arab is a dictionary compiled by a Moslem. You said Moslems are poorly and un educated and that you are a proud kaafir, correct?. So, let us turn to the Kaafir dictionary then, and here it is; and it is called Hans Wehr; and on page426 it says that istilam means receipt! You made you bed and now you must sleep in it.

Your starting point is the bogus: If Hans Wehr the Grand Grammarian (which is really stupid remark)

OK, Hans Wehr the ARABIST says that ISTILAM means RECEIPT. Happy?

says so then it must true and this is what poor madrassa education is all about

but your replies have not been worthy.

I will leave this to the readers to judge

I have a few other dictionaries, by Moslems,

Where are they?

They are by un and poorly un educated Moslems so I dont think you will agree, however, the one that is by a kaafir I have aleady posted and you did not seem to like it one bit. What more can I do?

And did you check the 5 links to five Arabic/Arabic dictionaries including Lisan al-Arab that I provided you with? But you clearly cannot read Arabic

Somebody said that Moslems are un and poorly educated so I decided to take this advice and ignore all 5 links. BTW, what a hypocrite you are and I hope you disciples have understood.

I was waiting to bring them into light but there really is no point as you haven't got over the first hurdle yet. Anyways (sic)...

I read this as you really have nothing to add and if you did you would have provided links to such dictionaries written by "Moslems"

Now why is dhimmi "the arabic expert" using editable online dictionaries. Straight to the trash can with this.

Oh i see you realized that the words Wasl and Isal really mean RECEIPT right?

And for you disciples who have probably figured what is going on you know very well that these two words Wasl and Isal were not in question so there is no need to bring them into the equation.

Hello: the words for RECEIPT in Arabic are Wasl and Isal and not Istilam and Wasl Istilam means the RECEIPT OF RECEIVING and you are really ignorant

I rest my case

Why the lies? But you know what? your Arab masters have a wonderful saying that the ultimate liar is: الذي يكذب ويصدق كذبته! Oh الذي يكذب ويصدق كذبته? Go and ask the falafel guy or your stupid Mullah if he knows Arabic

My "Arab masters" have a wonderful saying but the Mullah who I assume is also my master is stupid? Do you ever read what you write?

And this is our dear Amin's answer

I'm still waiting for a list of these Arab masters of mine

I, Jamil wote the above and not Amin. Ae you always this confused?

Oh let me see Hazarat (ROTFL)

For those of you wondering what ROTFL means; it means Rolls On The Floor Laughing. Thats right, dhimmi no more, on the floor rolling over and over and whilst rolling he is laughing. Just picture that for a minute.

Muhammad, babbling 'Aisha and Omar, as per Shia Muslims, the sodomite would you like me to continue?

I see this time you have added "as per Shia Muslims". Case closed. Moving on...

who you seem to know more about than me and if you can't provide such a list then its straight to the trash can with this and what a waste of forum space.

I see you have nothing more to say

I see you couldnt back up your claims nor claim $25k fo this forum? What a shame.

And for the disciples, what do we call people who cannot back up their claims? Now come on, dont be shy.

Lets move on.

Move on? To Pakistan? If so then good riddance

Did you say you were once sacked fom the circucs because you weren't funny?

But the word استلام means RECEIVING it does not mean receipt

This is his flawed response

Then you better write to the editors of Hans Wehr because on page426,I had a valid point and I was being serious but anyways (sic)...

How many times do I have to tell you that you can only have a valid point if you check with the editors of the dictionary and ask these two questions

1. What is the meaning of the word receipt

According to Hans Wher it is Istilaam.

2. Where is the evidence from Kutub al-Turath that the word receipt really means istilam

Oh its Kutub al Tuath now? I wonder why.

Do you get it or are you that slow?

You must pardon me ...

You are pardoned...

it is who has a claim must be the one that provides the evidence to support his claim

Ok you claimed istilaam is NOT receipt, now where is your proof and an editable online dictionary does not count.

which means that it is YOU that should ask the editor of Hans Wehr dictionary: how did Hans Wehr come to the conclusion that one of the 4 MEANINGS (and you did not mention three of them)

As everyone knows by now, only the first one is in contestion.

This is our dear Jamil's answer

I didn't need to as they were not in contestion

This is why I keep telling you that you are a poorly educated man and you are not very honestI

I'll read this as you're fustration.

is receipt and all we kuffar can do is to reject his claims until we examine the evidence but fools like you must demand to know how did the editors of the dictionary come to this conclusion and in the meantime we kuffar make fun of you

Kuffar? Plural? You mean there's other people making fun of me too? Where are they? Can you please show yourselves?

This is his answer

Thank you for that important bit of info but lets get over it and moving on...

You have no clue do you?

Like I said moving on...

But wait you believe that an Arabian deity spoke to an Arabian warlord via an angel I see you believing any nonsense

And this is his answer

Ye of little faith?

But wait Allah spoke to me too and I have a book for you would you believe and i

OK, I'll ignore the fact that you said Allah doesnt exist, but If you can just post the link to this book of yours and BTW what did Allah say to you?

f not as you should so why would you believe Abul Qasim aka Quthm or what ever his name was? Tell me!

So he is Abul Qasim? Also known as Quthm? No, whatever his name was?

So what is his name? Do you ever read back what you write?

I agree that an Arabian diety speaking to an Arabian warlord via an angel is complete nonsense. Now moving on...

Not it is not nonsense

You said it was nonsense first and now you are saying it is not nonsense? Are you coming or are you going?

because it is what Islam is all about

Now do you get it?

I'll read this as you've had a long day at work.

On a serious point you have not proved that istilaam does not and cannot mean receipt!

I told you not once but several times that your Arab masters call a paper receipt: Wasl and Isal and a wasl or isal can be called WASL ISTILAM or the receipt of receiving

Oh, why didnt you just say so in the first place

And this is why Ibn Manzur provides an Isnad to support any meaning for any word in Lisan al-Arab

You do know he is a Moslem? And what did you say about Moslems again?

so it is you that has to contact Hans Wehr and tell them to povide you with al-Isnad to support such claim. All we kuffar can do is to make fun of you and your likes

I'll leave this to you who is a self poclaimed proud kaafir

You are a poorly educated man

Like Ibn Manzur and the Moslems I presume even though you have just quoted his dictionary

Again your poor education is a problem we kuffar read your sources in Arabic because this is how we can learn

Nobody cares.

You? you pretend to know Arabic when you do not and I call this delusional and get some help for it

Says the ROTFL man who Rolls On The Floor Laughing.

they have listed استلام as "receipt" and here is the link for those of you that want to check it for yourselves:https://archive.org/details/Dict_Wehr.pdf

Can you tell the readers word for word what does your idol Hans Wehr the "Grand Poobah" I mean "Grand Grammarian" (which is a stupid remark)

Fine, Hans Wehr the ARABIST says that ISTILAAM means RECEIPT. Happy? Has it cured your fever?

tell us about the meaning of the word Istilam every word!

Fine, I'll reword this as well: Hans Wehr the ARABIST

Oh so he is not the Grand Poobah of all the grammarians anymore I see

You've just said he IS the Grand Poobah somehwere above! You must really have had a long day at work.

says that ISTILAAM means RECEIPT. Happy now?

You proved my point that you are dishonest and good education is about finding the truth and not on being a blatant liar

So stop lying then!

Now read 'em and weep and make sure you do report back.

You are not even funny or original.

Original? Says the man that has regurtitated Wansbrough!

I'm not trying to be funny

You are not funny


and I am original.

No you are a poorly educated man


Oh you did not answer my question: I understand that our dear Amin reverted back to Hinduism is that true?

Yeah I think it is true,

So what happend to our dear Amin?

are you ok with the Hindus?

Are you OK with Hidnus our dear Jamil?

Hidnus? What are they? Can I call you a careless writer now too?

Is it just the Moslems that bother you?

I'll take this a yes.What an Islamaphobe you are.

And is it just the Hindus, Jews, Christians, atheists, gays, women, polytheists, Buddhists, Jains and the rest of humanity that are not followers of the religion of the Arabs bother you and your Allah?

No, because unlike you I do not judge people on their religion.

Leave islam and get some better education and no it is not too late to teach an old and you must pardon me dog new tricks

Lame. And here we come to a halt. -

------ *** ------

I don't think I will be replying to your comments anymore, you can say that I am running away if you wish but I have enough faith in the reader to know that I simply do not wish to waste forum space nor my own time. I will try coming back and reading your final replies but I already know it will be meaningless to me.



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