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Reader comment on item: Arabist Snobs
in response to reader comment: Amin, you are truly a master of Taqiyya

Submitted by Amin Riaz (United Kingdom), Dec 25, 2011 at 19:50


Well Amin, the point I have made many times is that Arabic does not work well in a modern environment.

Without EVER reading up on anything about Arabic and in sheer ignorance dismissing Academia.

There is no word for laser in Arabic. There may be somewhere, but it does not seem to be easy to find because your response if full of holes. The very fact this question is not easily refuted by you is a symptom of weakness in the Arabic language.

That is a lie - I gave you the word and I gave you usage of the word too - without referring to a single book - I found the word being used on the Internet.

So you resort to lying.......

The effectiveness of online translators is directly related to how many people use them and how often they are used.

For translations of English to French for example, most online translators are VERY accurate. The same for English to Japanese. Why is this?

English and French are similar languages - they translate easily - however online translators still make many mistakes.

English and Japanese do NOT translate easily.

You resort to lying again. As being member of several linguist forums I can ascertain this quickly.

The reason is that there are millions of people translating these languages. Demand has made them accurate. Arabic to English then English to Arabic, rarely give the same result, especially when using scientific or modern terms.

Again all three major translators give the words for Laser..... also I point out another of your deceitful lies. You said you were after LAZER - which is a Proper Noun.

"Again you are example that just keeps on giving, aren't you? Firstly Lazer is a word, and used by 1000s of companies ie Lazer Tags, Lazer Cutting. In English, I was using it as a proper noun,"


So why have you switched? Again more lying - lies that are easily proven as lies.

Now you harp on trying to be right like a belligerent 5yo , however you have totally missed the point. Arabic to English but more importantly English to Arabic does not work well with online translators.

Actually all three - I proved this lie earlier on .... you are so STUPID.... you repeat it here. Anyone can check up on Google Translator - for example. All three

Why? Now if I was writing a order to a Saudi Company, using a online translator wanting to purchase laser cut microchips, I could end up with rice cut chips, or rice crackers. You may not see the problem here, but I can, this is one of many examples of the weakness of Arabic. You asked

Then you would be the mos stupid person in the world. No one uses online translators

Here you are being openly deceitful and lying.... as EVEN YOU know no one will use Online Translators for that purpose.

Computers are not able to pick up intended meanings and nuances FOR ANY LANGUAGE.


Well you total lack of punctuation is a dead give away for someone who has poor English language skills. Even when you are being petty in correction my English, you do this with spelling mistakes and no punctuation.

An example? And the above should have read:

Well your total lack of punctuation is a dead give away for someone who has poor English language skills. Even when you are being petty in correcting my English, you do this with spelling mistakes and no punctuation.

Pot calling the kettle black? Ha ha ha ha .....


Now if you understood how the English Language works, you would understand that just because a word is not listed as an adjective, does not mean it cannot be used and an Adjective. I gave you some examples of the word laser being used as an adjective, but your internet sourced knowledge of English demonstrates your lack of understanding of how a sophisticated language works.

Again lying.... your claim was Laser is primarily and adjective.... I my dear pointed out it isn't even if some words can be used as adjectives. All one has to do is read this:

"Not only did you claim knowledge that I have easily proved wrong, you did so in a way that shows ... because the primary usage of laser is as an adjective which I have clearly demonstrated"


Again your story changes..... again LYING!!!!

Then you go on to call my knowledge - internet sourced .... whilst it is you who has to copy from the internet. Whereas I didn't have to:


More deceit and lies?


Why do you think I I do not know Hindi is the main native language of India?

Because you said it was URDU ..... well it isn't ..... ha ha ha ha .. ha ha ha

However do you know that not every Indian speaks Hindi? Do you know how many languages are native to India? Oh, I forgot you are trying to exert your assumed superiority again by making more unfounded assumptions.

Darling ... As being of India origin ... trust me I k - main Indian national language is Hindi .... You wrote a full shebang claiming Urdu was the Indian language. Difference here is Hindi is taught nationally - others are regional languages.

More lies to cover previous ignorance......

If your understanding of English was better, you would of realised one of my arguments I presented was that Classical Arabic, like Latin, is not spoken, it is mainly recited by Muslims in their Religious observances.That is why I said how stupid your argument was over the expansion of Islam will further Arabic when I said most non Arabic speaking Muslims only memorise the Qu'ran, they do not understand what they are saying. That is a bit like you Amin, in that you do not understand what you are saying, is that not true? You also repeat again

He he he ha ha ha ha - this is BILE to cover and divert from the mistake above... which proved beautifully how you have

But I am perfect proof that expansion of Islam by birth will mean more interest in Arabic - People do end up learning the language - and ALL MUSLIM CULTURES have system of learning Arabic.

There EVEN book around looking at HOW people learn Arabic in non-Arabic

With more and more Muslims - Westerners to have greater interest in Arabic - why else would more and more universities open Arabic departments?


Now the second point is, I do not need to know flint knapping to understand that flint tools are weak and inadequate. I have said many times, that I am using the verifiable facts, to show that where Arabic is used as a language, the population is less educated, have lower scientific and technical achievements, read less books, write less books and have lower levels of contribution to literature. I believe the weaknesses of Arabic as a language is a major contributing factor.

Yet as years go by - literacy rate have increased.... average of Arabia is around 70% - that is not bad.

All your figures show is level of education .... you need to know ABOUT ARABIC ... from a linguistic point of view - how Arabic is poor. You do not even have an inkling about the science.

If you have never used something or found out about it... you can never know much about it. You do not know ANYTHING ABOUT ARABIC. Yet you have opinion and that is STUPID and IGNORANT.

Also you side-stepped - that you have NO LIGUISTC knowledge and how you have rubbished academia. Why is that that you are the only person on the PLANET saying this...... and if this isn't arrogance what is?

You have NOT demonstrated how linguistically Arabic is poor.... how and where? I keep saying this ... you keep covering and avoiding. And giving the state of Arabs as evidence.... but that has never been the argument at all.

I believe the weaknesses of Arabic as a language is a major contributing factor.

See... you only believe .... with no backing of research AT ALL.... so many Western linguist and no support.

Then you avoid answering..... why is it that I can find support to the contrary. And calling linguists ..... academics/scholars as "Prejudiced".... just shows how STUPID your arguments are .....


Firstly, the Arabs and Muslim scholars have contributed very little to Western Science. My proof? Well if Arabia is the centre of Arabic, why is it most Muslim Scientist were living in areas outside of Arabia and usually in lands that were recently Arabised?


Why does these great scientific advances not originate in Arabia? The truth is that most great Arabic scientific works are either translations of earlier Grek, Roman, or Indian works into Arabic by populations force-ably made to use Arabic.

Again any evidence.... you have not read work of single scholar of history.... hence the only motivation for these IGNORANT VIEWS is your own HATE FOR MUSLIMS. Even if you had read Wiki - it tells you otherwise.

The last great leap of Arabic Science happened to coincide with the fall of Constantinople, and the release and translation of the libraries of the Byzantine's. The First great Arab advances coincided with the fall of Egypt and the libraries of the Greeks and Egyptians in Alexandria.

How do you think knowledge is learned and transferred? Where did you think West got its .... knowledge? For example China is rising to power and eminence - first by copying West .... then marking its own stamp.

The same with the Muslim Scientist in Spain and Egypt, and the Middle East. Most of these claimed discoveries were either translations of other previous works, or by peoples who made discoveries in spite of Arabic and Islam, not because of it.

Then there are scholars that have shown this .... where is proof - examples. And DO NOT GIVE ME BIASED CHRISTIAN HATE SITES - LIKE YOU HAVE DONE PREVIOUSLY. Proper Academics. You fail time and time again to back up your views .... you give out more and more gibberish.

If Arabic and Islam were good at enabling science and literature, why do areas that were previously high achievers, now failures? It seems the longer a culture uses Arabic, and the longer they are Muslim, the more stupid they become! Your next comment proves my point, you said

My darling all Civilizations decline .... you could read a bit of history first - rather than spouting self made ignorance out all the time. As one day West will come to an end.


You try and dismiss my evidence, without any meaningful evidence to refute what I claim, but in doing so you come across as a untruthful snob. Yet you ignore the facts and defend your position by citing other Arabists? Which other Arabists .... who did I cite? Name them .... lying again.


Well Amin, again you call me a liar, and again I show you are either lying yourself, have a bad memory, or are just plain stupid, do you not recall saying the following?

The above does not even make sense...... And how is you show I am lying.... see you have to OBSCURE something and pretend I am lying. What is that I have lied about.... you didn't say that ... simply pasted bunch of stuff mixed up and called it a lie. That hocus pocus does not work with me.

Read above - where I have CLEARLY with evidence shown how you have lied.


You shows ignorance of whole field of Linguistics.

This is the site of Dr Daniel Pipes - show me one comment of his that decries the Arabic language? It was your claim that Arabic is a weak language - the onus was upon you to provide evidence for your point of view. Yet you have failed to mention single academic, scholar, expert.

But evidence:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_language - make this a start - you need the basics.

SIBWAYHI - MG Carter. Edward Lane, Bernard Lewis on Arabic, A. Lockett, Professor Bernard G. Weiss, Wolfdietrich Fischer, A M Schimmel, Claude Addas, J Wansburgh, de Saussure and etc...


Well Amin, you prove to me again and again, that you really do not have a good understanding of English Now I really doubt that you understand the internet. Do you understand that when you write something here, it does not go away? Do you understand that I can cut and paste you own comments to show you are lying or stupid? You said

Aha .... and again what is that you are showing ..... you paste a quote of mine and ramble? Yet you CONVENIENTLY failed to mention what is it that you are demonstrating.....

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha The two - my quote and your rambling - are unrelated - there is no point there. Again open deceit. Ha ha ha


Amin, this is like shooting fish in a barrel. Amin, I asked you to name the book ! You claimed the whole of Europe has read classical Arabic. I have asked every person I know in Europe if they have read any Classical Arabic or read any translations of Classical Arabic literature. No one can site (CITE!) a single example, For your information I lived 2 years in Europe, so I do know a lot of locals. You said the following in a previous comment;

Where and when did I say there is one book that whole of Europe has read .... quote me? Else more lying and deceit.

Sorry - just because you out 6billion people - have asked a few Europeans - and that is somehow evidence that Arabic literature doesn't exist? Ha ha ha ha ha

Is that all you have to go on?


Again the whole Europe has read Arabic Classic. As it was Arab civilization its science technology and philosophy that lay basis for West?

I gave you examples .... works of Ibn Khaldun especially Muqaddamah

Canon of Medicine - Ibn Sina

Philosophical works of Avverrose

Kawarizmi.... and more

In deceit you forgot to quote this ... but I will remind you AGAIN!


Now do I really have to go through everything you say and treat you like a naughty 5 yo? Or are you going to act like an adult on this site?

Read the above ...... then you'll get the answer.

Oh you left out how you did not even know what language they speak in Arabia? Ha ha ha


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