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Reader comment on item: Arabist Snobs
in response to reader comment: Whinning? More Taqiyya?

Submitted by Amin Riaz (United Kingdom), Jan 1, 2012 at 20:47




LOL, This is really too funny! I have given you many opportunities to prove me wrong, and all you have done in reality is prove me correct, you failure to provide any facts at all is self evident. J K Rowlings has written a series of children's books that collectively, would have been printed more copies that the total number of books printed by the whole Arabic world combined.

Yet to know this you would have had to add up all the books printed in Arabic - then compared with prints

Which you haven't done so - so this is unsubstantiated - and made up from you.

Also I gave you two authors data - with web evidence. Just one book of Anis Mansoor - sold more than 60 million. He wrote 177. He translated about 200.

Also I said - as I got the figures I will post them.... plus if I remind you. You actually only asked for one book - originally. I have done more than that.


She has achieved this at a time when English speaking children are reading less and less for pleasure. To do this she has proven herself to be a great children's writer.

Again how is it you know this? Evidence? Again more making up.


When was the last example of 100's of thousands of children lined up to buy a book the day it was released in the Arab world? When was there, if ever a book that when released had print runs in the millions? The answer is NEVER! Have you ever thought about the purpose of literature? What does literature do? Is it for the sole enjoyment of a few elite? Or is it for mankind as a whole? Does the appreciation of a Professor mean a work is of more value than if 40 million children read and enjoy a book? Can a book be great if no one reads it, or can a book be bad is billions do read it? I am posing questions Amin, not answers here, but you fail to see past your snobbish and self serving attitudes to what is important.

The diatribe - still does not answer Why Arabic is a weak language. This doesn't happen anywhere else much. In India, Japan or China etc. Yet their languages are not "Weak" either.

To call Arabic weak - it is an assessment and question of Linguistic. You skirt around unrelated facts then claim a completely different conclusion.

Which you have dreamed up. No one else supports you.

Questions like literacy rates - were NEVER even under challenge. Using that to call Arabic weak - is illogical. Else bring linguistic evidence?

As from start none.


The title of this article is Arabist Snobs, do you understand what a snob is? A snob is someone who believes that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of reasons, including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, taste, beauty, nationality, et cetera.

Yet - one evidence where I have shown snobbery? Is this like you calling me "a liar" then giving no evidence - repeatedly. Yet when I call you a liar - I give the list of lies.


Often, the form of snobbery reflects the snob's personal attributes. For example, a common snobbery of the affluent is the belief that wealth is either the cause or result of superiority, or both. You Amin, are a snob of the worst sort !,

Yet it is your SNOBBERY - that Arabic is a Weak language - without proof - a single evidence of proof. That is ignorance hate and prejudice.


You are the type of snob who lied to protect their own inherent belief that you are correct. You ignore what you do not want to hear, and I can imagine you in real life throwing tantrums when you do not get you way.

If you were able to answer - you would have answered why Arabic is weak. Which you haven't.

So far you have admitted - You do not know anything about Arabic or the linguistics. You have dismissed all academia - yet use fact and figures from Wiki - yet you have stupidity to call me a liar - without proof. Another baseless accusation.

One lie? Or are you talking about LAZER again?


I have shown that Arabic literature is not valued by the populations of the Middle East and North Africa. Do you understand what valued is?

No you haven't. Else where? Just because you are not aware of

To value something is to covert, to want, to desire or to hold closely. If Arabic literature was valued, Arab speakers, which there are 100s of millions of them, would want to possess Arabic literature. It is clear they do not want to possess it as there is no market for it, compared to Western literature, where the numbers of writers, the numbers of published books and the sheer numbers of books printed dwarf the non existent numbers of Arabic literature.

Actually people have less money. But on percentage .... but they do not buy substantially less books.

There ar

Also Western literature comes from the dominant Civilization - it has more market. Number of English speakers as 2nd language are more.

This does not equal to ignorant ravings as these: It is clear they do not want to possess it as there is no market for it

You simply show your own ignorance, a person who could not name ten books he read the past year.


Western Scholars of Arabic in its various forms by their existence is no proof of the strength of Arabic.

Why is it not. If Arabic wasn't a valued language - who will want o study it?


The study of dinosaurs by scholars does not mean that dinosaurs exist today.

That is a ridiculous and illogical conclusion. A closer analogy would have been scholars studying Slovincian. The reasons why a language is studied is far different from study of Dinosaur (for science of Evolution and history).


It is clear that Arabic speakers as they become more civilized, are adopting more and more Western attitudes and habits, and by copying Western literature and other hallmarks of Western civilization, may start to want to read, and they may want to read about their own culture.

How and where is it clear? Again no evidence.


But the advent of more writers in Arabic emerging over the last few decades has been more a function of Arabic speakers copying the habits of the West, as opposed to be any sign that Arabic is alive and strong. All the Arabic writers have been doing the last few decades is copying a style of writing that is Western in nature, not Arabic.

How do you know this - prove it? You who has not read ONE book about Arabs or Arabic - i have repeatedly asked you this. You have even admitted it in a round about way. Yet if this isn't pure ignorance what is it.

The numbers of things you cannot and have not answered.

Yet by each post you make more and more baseless claims.


Try as you have to dismiss my comments and statements, if you did not fear the reality of what I have written, you would not have gone to so much effort to refute or deny have I wrote.

And not given evidence for one..... someone who is a confirmed liar - with evidence. Who has dismissed Academia as simply "prejudiced" - has not even read a book about Arabic or Arabs. That makes your statement out of ignorance and prejudice. Motivation "Hate"

Else give evidence - where you got this and that from - proper evidence. Not fact and figure of something different. With more rambling conclusions that have

No lies ... like the way you lied about Arab country literacy levels.


The mere fact you pushed your limited intellect to its boundaries to try and refute me, show how correct I am.

Oh - is that the limited intellect - that showed you up over lying about LAZER or not knowing what an adjective is.


I have been able to go through the list of Arabic failures and short comings, and tick off the standard check list of responses from you.

Such as ..... failings that are from Arabs. And those were well know .... What I asked you was how is Arabic a weak language. You have not been able to answer that... the two are separate arguments.

I am feeling a little guilty over my using your numerous insecurities for my own entertainment, but my attempts at disavowing you of your many disillusions was really meant to be educational for you as opposed to being mean.

Ah.... are you trying to account for how you have to resort to petty insults. Dear me. Ha ha ha - I have GOT TO YOU


I do feel that my continued toying with you will not really achieve anything, because it is obviously that you have no answers worth responding to, you can only repeat the same hollow rhetoric.

Ha ha ha ha...... Yet it is you who write realms and realms of ignorant thought. I put them up - then show up mistake, ignorance, insults and hate....

Paragraph by Paragraph. I ask for evidence.... it doesn't come back. You ignore it - build up more ignorance .... or find a little story like number of English books published. Then make gigantic claims.... most of the unrelated.


The same predicable denials, that do not warrant further effort on my behalf to prove my point. Yet the delusions you hold are one of the reasons the Arab world is so backward, and the only route taken to improvement is sadly copying the west, not learning from the West.

Aha .... name me one so called delusion. Arabic is a strong language with deep history. That I can prove countless ways. But you couldn't once answer

How can you .... you have read nothing about language, you have dismissed academia - saying there evidence is prejudiced (strange!), you do not speak the language.

That makes you assertion ... ignorant.


The hate the Arabic world directs at the West is more out of frustration. The Arabic male mindset is that of total belief in their own superiority, and when all the evidence points to Arab males not being successful, they look to blame others. The poor state of the Arabic world is linked to the failures of Arabic culture and the social con

Why go at whole Arabs. I am not even Arab. As compared to me .... you have repeatedly been the hateful one. With lists of petty insults ....


The inability to understand that what people like you hold dear, and superior, is what is actually holding you back. The inability to change and adapt, means you are locked into a downwards path. Your great grandfather obviously understood the limitations of his own culture and migrated to a country that offered many opportunities that will never be available in countries like India.

Ah..... India is a growing super-power - behind China. As opposed to China (to whom USA is substantially in debt) -

Now more baseless ramblings ... this time on India.

My forefathers moved with the Army - Britain was the colonial master. Fought for the British in the European World Wars. Some even gave lives. And it wasn't even their war.


It was a result of his actions that you are able to have some education and live in a country with clean water and a medical system. Clearly, communicating ideas and debate is another areas that you are not well suited for,

Ah.... and this snobbery! Ha ha ha ha - and you provided the definition. One question - how Arabic is weak.... and look at your answer.... hate hate and ignorance. What has the above diatribe got to do with it?


but Hinal said that there are great career opportunities for even those who have poor English language skills like you at 7/11, and he can put in a good word for you as a fellow Indian.

Ha ha ha - yet you it was you who could not spell Laser, Fractal or tell what an adjective is. And another lie like ... the way you had supposed Arabic friends...... whom you have long forgotten.


Clearly, communicating ideas and debate is another areas that you are not well suited for,

Yet you have understood fine. It has been me .... pointing out illogical arguments and analogies. Like the one on the dinosaurs.


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