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More lies...as per usual

Reader comment on item: Arabist Snobs
in response to reader comment: Amin, I guess I can claim VICTORY using your own term that is.

Submitted by Amin Riaz (United Kingdom), Dec 26, 2011 at 22:40

Ha ha ha - I proved lie after lie for you - guess what you had no answer - but tried to adopt similar line - BUT fail miserable as I prove it below.

Now you originally said that Islam would spread Classical Arabic, I am glad you now see that you are wrong and most Muslims only know Classical Arabic on a superficial level and I was correct, Peter correct - Amin wrong.

Classical Arabic spreads through spread of Islam - because other races and cultures that are non Arab learn Classical Arabic and produce their own experts. I am PERFECT EXAMPLE of that. I told you that previously as well. You in your haste to lie.... chose to forget that.

The point stand perfectly well. Else show me where I claimed that most or all Muslim learn to speak Arabic. A clear and OBVIOUS lie.


You asked how many books I have read about Arabic, NONE, I have not read about stone knapping either, but I am sure I have read many more books than you as I understand the uses of punctuation.

But "stone knapping" is not under discussion - Arabic is. If you have not read anything about Arabic. Then you do not know anything about Arabic. Else is there any other way you have knowledge of Arabic? I have given you plenty of chances to say it.

Hence - you are ignorant about Arabic. Hence your views are false as they are based on ignorance.

You have not given a shred of evidence of my bad use of punctuation.... you tried to claim I did not know how to spell defense but failed miserably.

Yet you do not know how to spell LASER - you do not know the primary language of India (Yet you had views!), you do not know what and adjective is (and you made a mistake).


What is the reason for asking about 10 books? What is the relevance? Or is this a taqiyya to deflect from the issue, or are you just masturbating in public again?? Peter correct - Amin look pathetic. You said in response to my comment

To ascertain if you have read anything about anything - or do you form all your views on ignorance - like your views on Arabic.

If you had read ten books - you would not have had such a problem answering.


It is a legitimate areas of study, the same as Arabic is. But that does not mean it is a strong language when it has so many flaws.

Name one flaw.... you keep saying this I keep asking - you have NOT COME UP WITH ONE?


Language is a tool, not Arabic when anybody looks at how it copes in the modern world can see it does not cope well.

Any examples?


The world is not astounded by Arabic Literature, only a few western Scholars and a few Educated Arabs bother to read it, That is a fact.

How and where? That is one of you biggest and most deceitful lie.


Otherwise show me the number of editions of Arabic literature sold each year that proves me wrong!! Again you have no evidence for this at all...no figures -

you have NOT even read one book about Arabic or Arabic literature. So how is that you have formed these views? there is a Word beyond USA, EUROPE and West..... Arabic literature is read .... in India, China, Russia, Asia and Africa. How about a few writers..... whose works have been translated into several languages. Anis Mansoor, Mahmood Darwish, Izz ad Din Madani, Zakariya Tamir, Muhammad al-Zafzaf, Ibrahim al-Faqih, Najib Mahfouz, Hanan al-shaykh, Muhammad Shukri, Idwar al-Kharrat, Salwa Bakr, Yusuf Idris, Layla al-Uthman, al-Takrali...... and etc.

This was my answer to something in the last post ... yet you attached it with your words without distinction - I warned you of this petty and deceitful tactic.


I asked you to prove you statement about all of Europe reading classical Arabic, you go off on another subject and are hiding from your lie.

I have answered this TWICE - yet it is YOU who is lying here. You have got nothing else left!

Either provide proof of your claim or admit you made it up ! Either put up or shut up, Give some facts Amin, I am getting sick of your Taqiyya, I ask a very specific question and you hide because you know I am correct and I caught you out lying.

Completely answered - yet you did not bother to paste that but you lie again - you have done that TWICE!

You are critical of Wikipedia, CIA factbooks, Nationbuilder, and numerous other sites I have provide links for you, they are my evidence, where is yours?

WIKIPEDIA - is edited by amateurs and the above are references sites - I am not critical of them (except you have to be wary of Wiki) you are.

You in your STUPIDITY were against Academia - now a complete U TURN! - you cannot

Second all these - so called websites are general reference sites - not one of them you used to answer - how is Arabic a weak language.

You may not like my evidence, but you are either a lair or a fool for saying I have provided no evidence. The only one here who has provided no evidence is you!!

You dismissed Academia/Scholarship - you said it was prejudiced... so answer me - what evidence is it that you have given.

I repeatedly have asked for the answer to one question - you have not answered. How is Arabic a WEAK LANGUAGE?

All you did was gave few web address showing literacy rates and science output rates of Arabia,

Then you said "I believe" this is because of Arabic is weak. And that is completely wrong and an illogical. It is not you beliefs that I am after.

Giving a few names is not evidence, or even Wikipedia is not evidence according you your high standards Amin, but is that the standard you hold for only other people and not yourself? Is that not arrogant and dishonest when you say others have no evidence when they have, and you not providing any to support your position? Peter correct - Amin looking like a dishonest fool You said

Ah - but you have trouble giving name of anyone. If you knew how this worked you would have figured it out. but here goes, one name was Mahmood Darwish:



Najib Mahfouz


Anis Mansoor


(A short entry but even then it mentions his works is translated into other languages - but also into India - by Hindi and Urdu - he is translated into English)

Yusuf Idris (Influential - personal favourite)


.... and etc.

When I have given you evidence - your job is to explore why this is weak or wrong evidence. Like I did.

It is NOT my job to force feed everything to you. That is why names of Academics and Books tend to work. read their entries - clearly show how wrong you were to claim only few academics and educated Arabs reads Arab authors.

That is why I asked you give me names of ten books you have read in 2011.

Just because YOU are ignorant about Arabic .... this does not mean others are too.


You are like a dog with a dead bird Amin, please stop showing your ignorance, or are you going to get all excited over personal insults?

An example - again. And you fail at this repeatedly.... why?

BTW your comment should read, You do not even understand the application of adjectives in the English language ! Your poor English showing again, the poor punctuation is definitely a give away. You comment Actually my command (of English) is far far superior than yours..... it is not the typos that show(demonstrate) that..(;).. its grammar (your grammatical) mistakes.... and ESPECIALLY NOT KNOWING WHAT(understanding) AN(the use of an) ADJECTIVE IS.( ! ) AND THEN THE LIE OVER THE WORD "LAZER". Again, the Indian gentleman who works at our local 7/11 thinks his English is great too !!I put the corrections is brackets so you can see how silly your criticism looks. So, someone who is

Actually my command is far far superior than yours..... it is not the typos that show that.... its grammar mistakes.... and ESPECIALLY NOT KNOWING WHAT AN ADJECTIVE IS. AND THEN THE LIE OVER THE WORD "LAZER".

Ha ha ha ha ha - none of these is a mistake. the word "show" for example you substituted for "demonstrate" - and that was not even a mistake. And you did not know what an adjective was. And you still do not know. Find alternatives and filling in does NOT constitute mistakes.

And you did not answer why you lied over the word LASER?

Ha ha ha ha

educated in English would say; My command of English is fare superior to yours.

Will they ... is "fare" superior than mine?

It is not your typos that demonstrate this observation, but your grammatical mistakes, and especially not understanding the application of adjectives ! So not only choosing the right words is important, but the ,.?"'! are all there for a reason, they are not only for filler. Its called punctuation.

My excuse for a lot of my posts was using a smartphone to comment, have you ever tried using spell checker or even revising using a smartphone Amin?

Actually that is your claim - and afterwards.... given you history of lies. I don't believe you.

See how someone who understands English would write Amin? See now why I have been laughing? Now if you are going to try and act all superior, at least do so in a way that does not make you look like a fool.

Ha ha ha ha - so why was it that you could not spell laser? Then claimed you meant LAZER then changed it back to laser.... I showed WITH evidence you had lied.

And you have no answer for it. I am the one who started laughing at YOU....... he he it does not work afterwards... you look like a copycat.

And you tried to claim LASER - was an adjective. Which it wasn't - and you lied over it. And I exposed you thoroughly - and you had no answer .... but have attempted to invent lies.

And failed. My linguistic skills ARE SUPERIOR. Ha Ha ha ha ...... don't try to challenge it. Else I will give you a list of questions..... then what will you do?


I am cognitive people here make typos, or do not speak English as a first language, but arrogant fools like you really need a reality check, and having to read you atrocious English, then claim superiority made me sick. Peter Correct - Amin looking ignorant.

Ha ha ha - English is my first language - but it simply shares that position with few others. I am superior in linguistics.

I have not achieved a degree from London for nothing.


I do recall Dhimmi taking you to task over the word microchip, do you not recall? Peter Correct - Amin wrong again Also I guess most People agree with me, so I do not need their help, they agree, I see you have Slayhy in your corner, I will throw him a bone and say he is loyal and dogged, but like you not correct. You make not like my evidence Amin, but your double standards you apply, one rule for Amin, one for others, shows you are a man of straw.

Yet Dhimmi - has long long long list of lies - me and him have been exchanging for a long time.... he loses EVERY SIGNLE TIME. I have thoroughly exposed him for having no knowledge of Arabic.

It took him about 2 weeks to come up with an alternatives ... and claim lies - yet one challenge he has not answered.

Second..... here you are clearly lying - because after more lying dhimmi - has yet to answer.

I gave you the word with usage form site like the BBC. And PROVED you lied over online translators.

You have in your stupidity decided to go down this road. You are welcome to go down it.... but be careful there is along history here.... also I warned you from start:

"Dhimmi like tactics" yet you chose not to listen.

All online translators translate microchip as I said. One just gave the plural. I have ALREADY demonstrated you lies ... and I can do it again.


You claim to have superior English skills.... tried to pin false mistakes on me. Here are some real ones:

I do recall Dhimmi taking you to task over the word microchip, do you not recall? Peter Correct - Amin wrong again Also I guess most People agree with me, so I do not need their help, they agree, I see you have Slayhy in your corner, I will throw him a bone and say he is loyal and dogged, but like you not correct. You make not like my evidence Amin, but your double standards you apply, one rule for Amin, one for others, shows you are a man of straw.

You claimed to have punctuation skills but forgot to put fullstops in a few places.

Yet it was YOU who said I had no support - now another U turn - when I pointed out that you don't really have support at all.

If you had read what I said - I have already stated that BY DEFAULT most people would agree with you as this is not a pro-Muslim site. This is a site critical of Islam.

Yet even here lies deceitfully.

I think Sal is an Arab - but no scholar of Arabic at all. But to his/her credit - has not claimed to be either.


The reason why so many Westerners work in the Middle East and the Arabia, is that there are no local Arabs who are educated enough or resourceful enough to run the oil Industry there, they rely on educated westerners.

Meaning they buy in skills - yet still are the owners. They also employ many nationalities besides.

The Arabs of the UAE and Saudi Arabia are too uneducated to run the high tech side of things and all their shinney new building are all designed and engineered by non Arabs.

Yet you OWN evidence (that you claim) does not agree here .... what was the level of these two countries for literacy? Pray repeat you evidence in this area.

Ahh caught you lying again..... ha ha ha ha hah ah ha - that is another thing you will not bother to answer for a while. Then twist it and try at re-claim. You are so obvious.....

Even the labour is from other countries. The oil that pays for it is extracted by non Arabs, and they only reason the Arabs can pay for their shinney new trinkets is that they sit on land that happens to have oil under it, otherwise they would still be sitting in mud huts and picking flees from their camels. Soon as the oil runs out they will be doing the same again.

Well - they are bunch of lazy bastards.... yes. And have no excuse to be in that sorry state - other than the dictators. And the political mismanagement. At long last they have decided to do something.


LOOK AT THE LIST OF THE TOP SELLING BOOKS OF ALL TIME, (well since 1998) http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/jan/01/top-100-books-of-all-time Are any Arabic authors listed?

You should have checked this .... its Nielsen - partial data.

Your question shows your lack of understanding. Is there book of any other language there? China has over 1billion people so has India. Asia in total has more than 3.4 billion people more than half of the world. Is there any mention?

That kind of list is similar to this:


Yet people like A R Rahamn, Lata Maghestar, Asha Boshle Mohammed Rafi have sold 100s of millions of records yet are not included. Look at AR RAHMAN - his page will say he has sold more than 300 million.


That is simply a Western book list. Virtually all are English language originals. This does not show that for example Divan of Hafiz - its print runs are into millions. But every household in Iran will have its copies.

It does not show print runs of Al-Hidayah (a religious book) its print runs are into millions and millions - many Hanafi households have it.

NO So in the last 13 years, what was the top selling Arabic book and how many copies were sold?

Top selling fiction book is Najib Mahfouz - its print run is millions - it is read all over Arabia and beyond. India, Pakistan, Indonesia and etc.




Tell me Amin, this is ASKING YOU FOR SIMPLE EVIDENCE ! Your response will show who is correct, if you can find a source that shows large numbers of Arabic books by Arabic authors, maybe you can prove you argument. However, if you cannot supply confirmation of these large book sales of an Arab book, by an Arab author, then I am correct and you are wrong. So I throw this challenge to you Amin, either put up, or shut up. Peter correct - Amin under pressure Peter Correct - Amin hiding with no evidence

You're WRONG! - this does not answer in anyway HOW IS ARABIC A WEAK LANGUAGE.

This is question of linguistics.... you turn and make excuse, lie, avoid, deceit an etc - to answer this

And how is showing popularity of Arab writers going to answer that? Or about any other language.

I keep asking you LINGUISTICS is the science that explores languages.... that will show how good a language is. And I have given you an open Academic field you still bring up a list of popular fiction of English......

Dan Brown and Harry Potter are not considered high literature - take Orhan Pamuk Vs Dan Brown


Brown outsells Pamuk - But the latter has far more literary prizes - including Nobel.

Popular books are bad idea to show literary strength of a language. It hardly shows best of English.... no Shakespeare or Dickens?


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