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In Support Of Dr. Pipes's Position...And Beyond

Reader comment on item: May an American Comment on Israel?

Submitted by Gerald A. Honigman (United States), Jul 29, 2008 at 22:41

Samir Kuntar And Other Lessons For The Diaspora...

By Gerald A. Honigman

[ISRAEL] Like a broken record, the same story replayed over and over again...ad nauseam.

Israel captures live Arab disembowelers and wannabes of Jews, other Jews pay to keep them alive in jail.

Until the inevitable happens...Arabs capture more live Jews, then offer a swap for hundreds of their comrades.

If the Jews are lucky, they get back a live prisoner or so. In just one example, in 1985 they exchanged almost 1,200 Arabs for three of their own. In January 2004, they handed over more than 400 Arabs for one Israeli businessman and the bodies of three soldiers abducted along the Lebanese border in 2000.

Usually, the deal involves remains of a few dead Jews for hundreds of Arab killers and collaborators--who are soon back in the Jew-killing business.

And I bet you thought Jews were smart...

Well, here we go again...

This time, the potential swap is for a few more Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah in another cross border raid. Recall the war that this triggered in 2006.

Among the other prizes Israel has supplied room and board to is Samir Kuntar, a Lebanese who the Jews have held for almost three decades. Good way to either directly or indirectly spend Jewish Diaspora funds, heh?

Kuntar's relevant bio is educational--and only emphasizes how beyond dumb Jews really can be.

On April 22, 1979, Kuntar led a terror team which entered Israel from Lebanon by boat.

Around midnight they reached coastal Nahariya, killed a policeman, and entered a high building.

They next split into two groups, one breaking into the apartment of the Haran family. Danny Haran was taken hostage along with his four-year-old daughter, Einat. His wife, Smadar, hid in a crawl space with their two-year-old daughter, Yael, and a neighbor.

Kuntar's group next dragged Danny and Einat to the beach. Kuntar shot Danny at close range in front of Einat and drowned him to ensure that he was dead.

Next, he smashed the four year old girl's head on beach rocks, crushing her skull with the butt of his rifle.

Meanwhile, back in the crawl space, 2-year-old Yael Haran had been accidentally suffocated to death by her mother's attempts to quiet her whimpering so as not to reveal their hideout.

While Kuntar's exploits rank "up there" with Arabs as far as his heroics against Jews go, he is no exception to the rule.

As just one of too many other examples, in May 2004 Arabs gunned down a pregnant Jewish mother and her four terrified little daughters.

After spraying their car with gunfire, they next ran up and blasted each of their victims' heads to make sure they had finished the job.

One of the Arab heroes next deliberately shot the swollen belly of the eight-months pregnant mother, Tali Hatuel, at point-blank range.

Note, please, that all of these Jewish victims were/are deliberately targeted--not accidentally caught in the middle because their own folks used them as human shields--a favorite tactic used by Arab "militants."

Now, combine this above lunacy (knowing what predictable blackmail awaits, the Samir Kuntars should never be taken alive, and if they are, after a quick trial, should be executed soon afterwards) with the additional death wish of still too many Israelis who believe that if they just keep on making concession after concession on crucial security issues, Arabs will finally let the microscopic Jewish rump state that's left live in peace.

Peace of the grave. And it's that obvious.

That others pressure Israel to act against its own basic needs is no surprise--the American State Department, Dhimmi Europe, and so forth. So the Jewish State should be used to this.

That Israel allows itself to be bullied this way--regardless of the aid issue and such--is beyond pathetic. It truly borders on suicidal, and such behavior should not be repeatedly rewarded.

Why is Olmert still in power, for example? Why can't the selfish portions of his fragile coalition not see the forest of their miniscule State's survival for their own individual trees?

How much longer must it take before a new Israeli leadership arises which will not behave like someone else's collective fool?

Olmert now also apparently seeks to appease Baby Assad--the late Butcher's son--with the gift of all the territory Syria has repeatedly used to attack Israel from, the Golan.

Think how borders constantly have changed all over the world due to such aggressive, murderous behavior as Syria's--not to mention that the Golan was to be part of the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine after World War I until the Brits and French did some imperial trading. Or that numerous peoples, besides Arabs, ruled the Golan Heights over the centuries...including Jews.

And what of Syria's oppressive shenanigans in Lebanon, burying hopes of those who wanted an independent, more peaceful path for their country? Or their continued murderous suppression of millions of Syrian Kurds?

Should Israel ignore all of this too in its quest to become a state like all others, with no friends, just interests? That's where it's current anti-Jewish, post-Zionist path has been leading it.

So, how to get the message across that such consistent self-destructive behavior cannot be supported?

Think about it...

Perpetually victimized Jews waited millennia to finally live to see the Hebraic Prophetic resurrection of Israel, only to see spineless leaders with head-in-the sand supporters undo the dream.

Perhaps the time has come to send a real wake up call...and it will indeed be a hard one for Diaspora Jews to deliver.

Yet such things as the refusal to enact the death penalty for deliberate butchers of innocents (and please don't sing to me about allegedly stooping to their level) and the refusal to demand the reasonable territorial compromises allowed by UNSC Resolution 242 require drastic action at this time.

Diaspora Jews have poured many billions of dollars into Israel for well over a century now.

While this doesn't give them the right to dictate Israeli policy, on the other hand, the Diaspora does not have to continue to support policies which are obviously dead end--both figuratively and literally.

Israel doesn't have to continuously try to prove how much "better" it is than the mostly giant dung heap surrounding it. Yet it continues to act this way...not that it makes any difference to the world's hypocrites. For the latter, murderers and those who seek to bring them to justice are morally equivalent.

If Samir Kuntar was a Jew, Kurd, Berber, Copt, Black Sudanese, etc. and committed these acts against any of those 'Arab' states in which these non-Arab peoples have lived, he would not have lived to see the light of day.

The Diaspora does not have to continue to pump money into a post-Zionist, anti-Jewish state which insists it's going to out Christian the Christians, turning cheek after cheek to enemies which will never accept a permanent Jewish neighbor, regardless of size.

Furthermore, the actions of recent Israeli leaders who have played along with the Arabs' well-known destruction in phases plans borders on treason--regardless of who is tightening the screws from abroad.

Something is needed to open up the eyes of too many who have forgotten what life was like for Jews all over the world before the miraculous Phoenix arose from the ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Perhaps a severe shock is what's really needed right now to bring the forest back into vision...and one long enough to drive home the message.

I realize it's controversial. It's hard to say "no" to the many worthy charities and such pulling at Diaspora heartstrings.

But if business stays as usual regarding current Israeli behavior, Iran's Ahmadinejad will be correct regarding his death forecast for the Jewish State. And the Jews will largely have done it to themselves.

If Israel can no longer count on Diaspora money to fill the many social gaps in society which depend upon it, and it then has to use state funds targeted for defense and elsewhere to cover those costs, perhaps the message will finally get through.

The heirs of Ben-Gurion, Jabotinsky, Golda, Begin, and a younger Arik must now come to the fore and take their rightful place. And an Israeli public finally awoken from its slumber must know how to respond.

Source: Article submitted by the author, an IHC Featured Writer

Edited by IHC staff, www.infoisrael.net

Published 16 June 2008


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