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May an American Comment on Israel?

Reader comment on item: May an American Comment on Israel?

Submitted by Gabrielle(Australia) (Australia), Jul 28, 2008 at 03:12

Dear Dr Daniel Pipes,

"Hello from Downunder"!

I have read your above recent article answering to the rude and highly offensive article by,Yoram Schweitzer and wish to opine on the following. I did write to JP but notice my response was not published so I am sending you my own response.

Yoram Schweitzer in his article has exposed not just his own naive arrogance and clear intention to denigrate and malign those more knowledgeable on the subject than he, but also his personal malice towards you and your own undoubted extensive experience and amazing academic scholarship and insight on International Relations and Political developments in the world today, specifically in US and Overseas middle eastern areas.

Yoram has shown also, his lack of insight, lack of understanding on strategic implications for the swap of high value targets and future development of pro murderous kidnappings by Hamas and Hizbollah. The Machinations of evil, are easily apologised for by the likes of Yoram. Appeasers of the ilk of Chamberlain ( remember the infamous "peace in our time " worthless document signed with Hitler?)

The Israeli Jews are in an uterrly horrible position. They must choose to either win this war of annhilatiion against them by the murderous cold blooded assassins and killer muhammedans, or perish as a race and a civilisation, and a country which is a sovereign nation, which is very real, and legitimate and is the only true democratic government in the area surrounded on all sides by its evil enemies who seek despite what they claim in public to the western nations in taqqieyh, and must be defended to the last man woman and child by all Jews .

There is no middle ground. They either decide to win against an evil enemy whose barbarity knows no limits, whom civilisation has no meaning, or perish. It is the government whom decide, and it must choose now to destroy the enemy and punish collectively all whom act out violence to its people or give in to the insanity of left wingers and anti semite muhammedan and nazi nutters and as those whom led the Jews in ww2 to their murder in the gas chambers, and allow its own nation to be destroyed.

The Jews need to wall off completely all palestinian areas and prevent any access into Israel of every last one of them for Israeli Jewish protection, let the palestinians leech of other naive stupid fools, not let them into Israel for work or any other petty excuse, just as the Jews are not able to enter Jordan or Saudi Arabia, whats good for the muhammedanns to do to the jews is good for the jews to do to them.

Let those whom seek to kill any Jews or Israelis get food, oil, fuel ad electricty from their muslim u mma, not from the innocent victims of their crimes.

Israelis need to close down all palestinian tv and radio and jam their signals. Israel needs to bulldoze every single palestinian neighbourhood and remove from there all infrastructure . Then let the murderers work out for themselves how to look after themselves, build their own damned hospitals and infrastructure from the billions that they have bled from the international community for the lies they spread..

It is no longer the responsibility of Jews to help their enemies. No fool gives food money or aid to their enemies whom have sworn to murder them.

The world has to wake up and stop the ridiculous farce of a so called peace process, there never have been any real commtments or real resolve to peace by pallestinians, they are liars and thieves and evil. Let their Arab neighbours deal with them, Israel needs to wall off and prevent any pallies ever entering any areas of all of Bibical Israel now. This is the land given to them by GOD. God is watching them and everything that the government in Israel does.

If the government do not take a strong stand now to protect at all costs to its people, they will go in history as the greatest of all traitors to the Jews in history of its own governments of Israel.

They cannot afford any longer to bow down to the likes of the evil Muhammed's warriors who are sworn to eliminate Israel and all Jews from the earth. They cannot negotiate in good faith with monstrous murderers whom torture rape and dismember at will and base their actions on some preposterous so called self proclaimed prophet of their ilk whom wrote the best terrorists guide manual to terrorise innocent men women and children, to murder and heinous crimes and robbery- the koran.

Israel is being watched by those whom are truly world leading experts, such as Dr Daniel Pipes,in academic , Israeli Tactical and logistical and also in real International Relations expert knowledge. The experts such as Daniel Pipes live in democracies which means that they have a real right to speak their mind. It is their God given right to be free, to speak freely, to say exactly what they think and why.

Yoram would be one whom would want all people to shut up and follow like sheep disaster after disaster, indeed as he clearly has given up on all Jewish protection and enters into the dangerous zone of appeasers, to evi,l in the vain hope he or his family will not be one to be murdered himself, by terrorists and murderers of hamas and hizbollah vile serpents.

Daniel Pipes is the world's leader in Middle Eastern Politics. His opinion is vastly superior and has great weight of credibility than Yoram appeasers and others like him. Daniel Pipes is academically insightful and Accurate and justified , He provides to us the every day people of the world Academically validated accurate insights to what the governments around the world especially Israel do and fail to do. .

Daniel Pipes -He is , to put it frankly, the best that there is on Middle Eastern Issues.He is truly a gift to this world, a light which never must be silenced

Yoram should go back to high school, to learn what reality is and take a reality check on what is truly happening in Israel and the lack of courage and strength by Israelis appeasement gutless government..

I wish to God that I was in Israeli Govt Ministry or advising the Military-by God I would fight to the death to protect every single Jew alive in Israel and Christian also.

I would get that army into shape, and every single eligible Israeli into uniform and trained to defend its own nation, no such thing as being against serving ones own land , you either serve in IDF or no job, no house, no apartment, no pension and no citzenship. For you or your family.

I would have the cahoonies to build a impenetrable wall immediately and shut out every single palestinian from israel, bulldoze all so called palestinian towns villages and settlements, let them return to jordan syria and egypt where they came originally from and all have their family in, and evict them to Sinai now.

I would have every last one evicted by force and sent to sinai where they can get the gullible world to cry for them again and give them more money and they can have sinai to build on and start from scratch to build a civilised world, not the murderous evil insanity of sick mental cases it has in gaza and west bank. The billions all went in past to fund dear arafarts wife ( at least he never gave her aids from his licentious gay lifestyle)and her expensive daughters schooling and lifestyle splurges while he stole money and more and more, and wasted the money instead of building a decent civilised society he built a nation of liars and murderers and child killers and suicidal freaks.

Yoram is a sick disgrace, he should go back to school, he obviously knows little, and understands even less so. Yoram is gutless and naive, however I respect his right to speak his opinion though i strongly protest what he said,about Dr Pipes, Yoram has a right to say what he wills even when he does so and be thought of as a discredited fool for all time.

The farcical "State Department-esque" political dumbing down, and lying going on by the likes of Conn Rice, Bush and other gutless naive politicaly correct appeasers and liars thankfully is not yet supreme by way of the legal jihad of muhammedans attempting to silence all opposition to their murderous lying decitful ways. Dr Pipes thankfully is able to speak his mind .

I applaud Dr Pipes for his wonderful insights, thank you Sir you are amazing man, God Bless you always



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