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Our problem is we are not united...everything else are details

Reader comment on item: Samir Kuntar and the Last Laugh

Submitted by JAck Glasner (United States), Jul 21, 2008 at 21:57

In Reply to: Amos OZ. Interview with Nadia Epstein editor of the Magazine ‘Moment' about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Dear Mr. Oz

In reference to your interview with the editor of the ‘Magazine Moment'

allow me to illuminate the basic issue which you omitted, and which is accessible in the Hamas charter,( see below) media, TV and Radio stations of the democratically elected government of Hezbollah.

It can be condensed in three words "Lttbach el Yhood" (kill the Jews…period)

You said, and I quote you: Building settlements in the occupied territories in 1967, I think was more than a mistake. It was sin because it could only be based on ignoring the simple fact that we Jews are not alone in this country

I agree with you whole- heartedly.

A bunch of people known as the UN (who are biased) divided a region known as Palestine, which left many homeless. They gave part, to those who came from Europe, where they had lived for decades. The bible says ‘Zedek tirdoff ‘ (Justice you shall pursue.) consequently you are right, we should not tarry but return the complete track of land to whoever was before us,.Let us further pursue the path of fairness, we must also return America to the Indians. The Falklands and Gibraltar to Argentine and Spain New Zealand to the Maoris Australia to the aboriginals…don't let us forget the Kurds. The Scotch...and Welsh (cumbru am byss) Wales for ever…and rescind the division of the Middle East by Britain after WW I, and the Kurli Island, should be returned to Japan. …And the Land of Canaan conquered by an Egyptian now known as Moses…. the name shows clearly he was an Egyptian. (MOS means born of, or child of…in the hieroglyphic writing.)

You further state: "..ignoring the simple fact that we Jews are not alone in this country etc.."

My reply: There is not a spot on earth devoid of former inhabitants. You are inferring ( I assume) the so called "Palestinians'.

Be advised, there never was a Palestinian culture, language, government, or a coinage. The present day Palestinians are Arab people with an Arab culture, who have their own Arab states from where they came into Palestine. It is from the term Philistine that the name Palestine has been taken, also known as Aelia Capitolina the original people of this region were the Canaanites who intermarried with those who came out of Egypt.

The former PLO terrorist Walled Shoe bat said:

"Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian…The teaching of the destruction of Israel was a definite part of the curriculum, but we considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem …etc

Further more: Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. 3. Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 B.C.E. the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years. 4. Arabs have only had control of Israel twice - from 634 until the Crusader invasion in June 1099, and from 1292 until the year 1517 when they were dispelled by the Turks in their conquest. 5. For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital.

Now to the beef:

The Israeli/Palestinian dilemma is a side issue and irrelevant, in the Global power play. It is of substance only to a handful of people. The main player is Islam, and the propagation of its religion world wide, ending with the establishment of the Caliphate. This is nolens volens supported by the West's addiction to oil. I dare say, the Muslims are on the right track, they have proven it in Europe, Ms. Ayaan Hitsi Ali can attest to it. The archbishop Tom Butler of Southwark, and The arch bishop of Canterbury have somewhat come to conclusion that the Sharia law might be acceptable ………It's a giant step for Islam. They have achieved a lot in spreading out into the western world. If Israel would disappear tomorrow, Islam's Drang nach Westen would have problems. Where would they find pronto a minority of people who fight among themselves and plead to be accepted? Besides the Arab street would have to channel hate/rage to someone else….Not easy, it takes patience and nurturing to instill new hatred.

…..In the mean time they spread out. It will take time, but Islam thinks in centuries, and they are willing to pay any price, even in blood. Their kids visit the exclusive Universities in the States while the poor suckers are fed with hatred in their madrassas (schools) and learn to shout "Lttbach al Yhood" (kill the Jews). Matter of fact the earliest biographers of Muhammad, Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Sa'd both zealous Muslims record his telling, his followers at a certain point : "Kill any Jew that falls in your power." That was centuries before Israel. How come they abhorred us then? Did we "occupy" any territories?

The rich Arab countries love it. If the masses would recognize that they are being used, they might revolt. The fact is, no one wants this, the West would not like it either….so they too play ball, and balance, "divide and conquer". Otherwise it might slow down, or stop the flow of oil…and oil is thicker than blood….so the pendulum what is right, fair and just is subjective and fluctuates. The modus operandi of the UN towards Israel is indicative of my assertion. How come those rich brethren don't help out? Did any Agency and "do gooders" ever take them to task about it? Or is it possible, that the world want them chained to hatred towards a country, who without the diplomatic, financial, subsides, support by a superpower will not be able to survive and can be at will used as a balance /-and turned off at a whim?

The Arab newspapers including the so called "moderates" mirror and feed the rage of the masses. In spite of all this Jews don't learn from the past. We flock to Egypt on vacation, very few on the other side, spend their money in Israel. We never learn.

The Arab Jerusalem Media and Communication Center. points out that over 65% support continued suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. Nearly 50 percent of Gaza's civilians feel that launching rockets at Israeli civilians is a "useful" means of terrorism.

‘Al Manar . The Arab Radio broadcasted the u/m on Sept 28.2001

« Que veulent les Juifs ? Ils veulent la sécurité et l'argent. Les Juifs, depuis l'aube de l'histoire, sont les plus lâches et les plus avides des créatures d'Allah. Cherchez dans le monde entier : vous ne trouverez personne de plus venimeux ou avide que les Juifs. »


"What do the Jews want? They want security and the money. The Jews, since the dawn of history, are the biggest cowards and most avid of the creatures of Allah. Search all over the world' you will not find anyone more verminous or avid than the Jews .

AND Le Hezbollah n'acceptera jamais l'existence d'Israël. » [Hassan Nasrallah, Télévision Al-Manar, 7 mai 1998].

TRANSLATION: The Hezbolla will never accept the existence of Israel. (televisionAl Manar May 7th 1998)

My question to you.

1) How do you negotiate with someone one, who does not recognize you, and has in his manifesto the directive to kill you. 2) will the Jews again be subjected to....Jiyza Tax? Dhimmi is the name given to Jews and Christians living in the Islamic State. They are second class citizens and thus do not have the same rights as the Muslims in the State. In order to secure their protection in the Islamic State. It is a higher tax than the zakat tax that the Muslims pay and the Jiyza Is typical paid in a humiliating fashion in order to allow the Jews and Christians to know that they have been subjugated by Muslims.

From the Hamas charter:
"The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can renounce it or part of it, or abandon it or part of it. No Arab country nor the aggregate of all Arab countries, and no Arab King or President nor all of them in the aggregate, have that right, nor has that right any organization or the aggregate of all organizations, be they Palestinian or Arab, because Palestine is an Islamic Waqf throughout all generations and to the Day of Resurrection. Who can presume to speak for all Islamic Generations to the Day of Resurrection? This is the status [of the land] in Islamic Shari'a, and it is similar to all lands conquered by Islam by force, and made thereby Waqf lands upon their conquest, for all generations of Muslims until the Day of Resurrection. This [norm] has prevailed since the commanders of the Muslim armies completed the conquest of Syria and Iraq - :
"[Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. For renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion; the nationalism of the Islamic Resistance Movement is part of its faith, the movement educates its members to adhere to its principles and to raise the banner of Allah over their homeland as they fight their Jihad ... Those conferences are no more than a means to appoint the nonbelievers as arbitrators in the lands of Islam. Since when did the Unbelievers do justice to the Believers? "And the Jews will not be pleased with thee, nor will the Christians, till thou follow their creed. Say: Lo! the guidance of Allah [himself] is the Guidance. And if you should follow their desires after the knowledge which has come unto thee, then you would have from Allah no protecting friend nor helper." Sura 2 (the Cow), verse 120

Here is what they think of us. http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/ArabCartoons.htm

Muslims leaders probably thank God, ‘Allah Karim,' (God is gracious) because Israel is divided. Many of us will go to any extreme, to distance themselves from their own, they will preach, represent. Judge, besmirch, us …Gisele Halimi (the Rabbi's granddaughter) who has no qualm defending Marwan Barghouti. Noam Chomsky, Amira Haas, Roni Brauman Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, Ben Cramer, Sami Michael, Prof Norman Finkelstein…Gerald Kaufman who is a member of the British Parliament. Professor Richard Falk Human rights council, Irene Nemirovsky who lauded the Nazis and despised the Jews (she was Jewish) and in spite of her husband's pleading with the German Rep. ( Ordnung muss sein) in occupied France she ended in Auschwitz, and Charlotte Knoblauch president of ‘Der Zentralrats der Juden Deutschland' (the central advisory of Jews in Germany) who said "Ich schame mich als Deutsche Judin fur die Taten der Israelis" (As a German Jewess I am ashamed of the Israeli's doing). The CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France) proclaimed ‘Soutenir Israel… pas en notre nome (support Israel… Not in our name) .Published In Le Monde 6th of April 2002 signed by at least 25 French/ Jewish VIPs.

And then we have those who feel, that they, only they, and this includes you Mr. Oz have the solution, only they know the answer. ....They point out, that the current democratically elected Israeli government is not leading the country in the right direction...so they must take action, by refusing to serve in the forces, or write and lecture, and as you said in your interview, they should "follow your voice".

May I respectfully ask you, have you been elected? Will you run for office? What is your program? It is easy to sit back at home, while some one else is taking you place picking the chestnuts out of the fire for you…If you and those u/m feel different, use the ballot and win.

With the u/m seekers of peace, ( who are also divided among themselves) the enemy does not need suicide bombers…WE will do the job ourselves.

* 1)Jews for Justice for Palestinians POB 46081 London W9 2ZF :2)Bat Shalom; 3)Breaking the silence: 4)Courage to refuse: 5)Gush Shalom: 6)The Israeli Committee against house demolition(ICAHD):7) Machsom; 8)Physicians for human rights; 9)Rabbis for Human rights; 9)Ta'ayuasha; 10)Yesh Gvul: 11)Zochrot: 12) Starhawk.: 13) Jewish Union for Peace (France); 14) Network of Jews against occupation Italy) 15)Jewish voices for peace in the middle east (Germany) 16) New outlook (Denmark) : 17)Another Jewish Voice (Netherland): 17) Judische Stimmen fur ein Gerechten Frieden im Nahen Osten (Germany) 18) Alliance of Concerned JewishCanadians.19)Union des Progressistes Juifs de Belgique.etc..etc


In spite of the above. Peace is possible; however we must understand that the Arabs will not come to terms of a Jewish State in their midst. No victory will bring acceptance of Israel, unless we operate from a position of strength. ergo 1) A well armed and efficient army not splintered by ‘refusing' to serve.

, 2) speak to foes and ‘friends' with one voice. None of the current ‘derivatives bleeding hearts' who, by their opposition weaken us. When we become one, in time the Arabs will inevitably face un fait accompli, and accept that we are here to stay. It is at this point we can talk about a peace agreement.

Short of this we will dis-integrate. I give it ten years.


Jack Glasner


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