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How can the authors of exhilarating victories repeatedly bring such disgrace upon themselves, seemingly oblivious to the import of their actions?

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Submitted by Lame Cherry (United States), Jul 21, 2008 at 18:10

Mr. Pipes, most respectfully, to answer your question is to delve into the fact that should be not all that startling to you sir. You are not a fawning liberal Rob Reiner and Rob Reiner is not a resolute, Conservative Daniel Pipes.
You both are termed Jews, but you are as different as night and day in outlook.

To term the modern Marxist secularist of the Israeli state led by Ehud Olmert as the equal to a leader like Prime Minister Begin is to term the disaster of Jimmy Carter to the exultation of Ronald Reagan.

There is no comparison to ideology in what founded the Israeli state to what now exists. The Judeans who founded the Israeli state are not the Jewish people who have inherited it who deem religion but a means of herding Jews to policy by appointed rabbinical ideas the government being controlled out of financial cartels out of Europe wills to promote.

Secular Jews in America cringe at the idea that the same elitist Jews who were working with the national socialists drinking champagne while their people starved are the same elitists who are building walls to keep Jews behind and herding them out of their homes in Gush Katif into slums with the hope these religious people will leave the Israeli state.

This is not a Jewish question no more than it is a Muslim question in Iraq. Pointing these things out gets one banned on secular Jewish sites, because they are not willing to deal with the fact that Marxist or communist Jews in the Israeli state are selling the religious Jews out, letting them be bombed and trying to push them out of that nation.

The same al Qaeda communists were blowing up Muslims and in more "civil" actions one can look at Clinton history in burning up children in Waco to send a message to "those religious Americans" in the same way one hears the slurs against those red state (formerly blue but renamed for the purpose of Marxist Americans to red as everyone knows red states mean communist which is where all these liberals exist.) peoples who must be "dealt with".

Just listen to Barack Obama's statements about those rural state people in their religion and firearms.

So the modern Israeli state of Marxists is of course going to look at Hamas Islamocommunists of their type, Syrian communists of their type to trust in deals and of Hezbollah communists who one can return to freedom after murdering a Jewish child is all just part of the Joe Stalin dealing with Ukrainians who are not one of us.

If she was a Jewish COMMUNIST girl then the government would respond just like if it was missiles raining down on Marxist enclaves in Tel Aviv there would be a military response. People protect their own and the Olmert cabal is protecting communists and leaving religious and conservative Jews as fodder on the greater Peres road to the complete Marxist state joining with Syria, Iran and Russia.

Why on earth did the government ban religious Jews of Christian belief from America and allow in communist secular Jews from Russia? The answer is clear.

While not knowing nor advocating anything for the IDF nor Mosaad, it certainly would be much more intelligent and safe for Israeli security forces if they did not have to hunt down this terrorist Kuntar and have simply infected him with a viral agent which the IDF has in various forms and allowed this terrorist to die in 6 months from heart atrophy. (Public information).The public execution of Kuntar leaving a signature does nothing but waste resources and put Jewish lives at risk when the Israeli state needs all the good people it can muster for what is coming.

This is not a Jewish issue, but a communist issue. Bill Clinton's brand was unleashed on America and Olmert's brand has been unleashed on Jews who are not like him and his benefactors in Europe.

20 years ago there would have been a revolution if a butcher of a Jewish child was released for 2 dead corpses. Now there is only tears in Jews crying in being told to wait behind a wall as elitists negotiate the time for their slaughter.

I apologize for the graphic writing, but these things must be stated as the horror going on in the Israeli state must not be allowed to repeat as it has before.

God bless


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