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Submitted by Haji Jahangir Alam (India), Sep 3, 2009 at 01:11

Respected Sir,

Hope The quotation from the book of "Divine Truth" will enlight you a little more .You are requested not to enlight the Grammer or puntuation only see what is true what is Not .

Evil character and Irreligious

Baiman and kafer

As per the eternal truth good and evils ,fair and foul,exists in every social circle and its objects is to give man a colour full diverse life. As bad smell exists with fragrance the black with the fair complexion, day along with the night, winter along with the summer in this world likewise the human society is also divided into two types of men the pious and the evil, the honest and the dishonest men. If there is no bad smell one cannot feel the fragrance and it will be non existent. Likewise in the absent of evil power it is difficult to have acquaintance with the Divine strength. By Gods grace every social cycle has its diversity as well as contradiction. According to Holy Koran the evil spirit will remain in this world till its doomsday, the last day of its destruction, that is the wish of God himself. By its influence human life will remain free from all monotony. That is why both the good and bad exists eternally in our human society.

The Almighty God has created both honest and dishonest character side by side in this human society. The Holy Koran named those unbelievers of the existence of God as kafers, or irreligious. If a man is an honest person, a good natured man then indirectly he accepts the ideal of God though he has no faith on God and hence, he cannot be called an unbeliever, irreligious man, a kafer, on the other hand, who speaks of monotheism but in activity, remains engaged in evil deeds by breaking the ideal of God are in fact the kafir, God never excepts worship from any one. Hence by worshipping God directly one cannot except to fulfil all his mental desires and expectations. It is man only who can establish the foundation of Iman by dint of his own good and noble deeds and thus can get a Divine life.

Sura Al Anaam 6 Aiyat 1 The Cattle

Praise be to God who created the heavens and the earth and make the darkness and the light, yet those who reject faith, hold others as equal with their guardian lord.

Sura Rome 30 Aiyat 44

Those who reject faith will suffer from that rejection, and those who work righteousness will spread their couch of repose for themselves in heaven.

Sura Baqar 2 Aiyat 34 The Cow

And behold, we said to the angels, bow down to Adam and they bowed down, not so Iblis, he refused and was naughty. He was of those who reject faith.

In sura 2 / 34 aiyat of the Holy Koran we get the perfect identity of a kafer and we are told here that iblis by his disagreement and naughtiness, became the kafir. Thus it can be said that to refuse to accept the existence of God and feel naughty and proud is the way to become a kafer.

God has made man acquainted with both good and bad, but has kept the right to make judgement for his own. Man may feel curious to know that when God is the creator of everything then he must have been the creator of this evil spirit as well. Yet God has given power to the man to judge what is good and what is bad. According to all religious belief, the sole is immortal and by dividing this soul into good and bad, God has given this soul a scope to decide the good and the bad.

In this context, what I intend to say is that God may have many other universe in his possession like this one of ours whose existence is still unknown to man and likewise no body knows in advance when this universe will be demolished.

B hagawad Gita chapter 10 hymn 40

Oh mighty conqueror of enemies, there is no end to my Divine manifestations what 1 have spoken to you is but mere indication of my infinite opulence's.

There are some persons who thinks that the incidences of Adam and Eve as mere stories, be it a story or the truth, it needless to go deep into that debate, rather one should take the lesson that it gives. If we can analyse these information's with the help of scientific enquiry, we may get some scientific explanation of this story even.

Sura Nahl 16 Aiyat 83 The Bee

They recognise the favours of God, then they deny them, and most of them are creatures ungrateful.

To deny the nature is like denying the existence of God. To some of the scientist this world and man were created by itself, automatically. The enquiries of the scientist are the product of their own hard labour. As the scientist gets the result from their sincere labour, likewise any of the creation is the product of some ones sincere labour. Naturally it can well be surmised that there must be some one behind the creation of this universe and this great power is God. Yet, if the scientist who denies the existence of God is a virtuous man and devotes himself for the service of mankind, then he cannot be called baiman or kafer.

Sura Saba 34 Aiyat 31

The unbelievers say we shall neither believe in this scripture nor in any that came before it. Coldest thou but see when the wrong doers will be made to stand before their lord throwing back the word of blame.

No good advice can clean the sinners absolutely from their sins until he tries himself to get rid of it. For example, some of the people of Hindu religion tried to describe the Hymns of Bhagavad Gita in their own way without knowing and realising the real meaning of its advises. Likewise, the Muslims, too distorted the clear and easy meanings of the simple Aiyats of Holy Koran and diverted man and the latter to by sere blind faith accepted the wrong path. The exhibition of word pervasive figure of lord Krishna is the picture of the thinking power evolved through medication or yoga. In this picture it is said that God by his own power can see all, hear all, speak all and can go to any where and on the basis of this picture some men have built a human figure with many hands and legs and founded this figure or its pictures in the society of men as God. The evil minded intriguers who distorted the main teachings of the scriptures and produced their own arguments are the unbelievers of God. They are the kafers and they are the sinners. The greatest sin of all is to include baseless stories with the book, the scriptures and the attempt to establish it as the reshaped one and thus to hide the truth.

Sura Baqar 2 Aiyat 170 The Cow

When it is said to them follow what God hath revealed, they say nay we shall follow the ways of our fathers, what even though their fathers were void of wisdom and guidance?

There are men in this world who neglects good advices and trials though the wrong path and declares tha I have followed the ways of our father, in the contest of this, we can call them kafer as well who disregards the growth of the society and follow the unreasonable superstitious ways because the development of the society too is the creation of God.

The truth is this that the Maulanas, pandits or the clergyman who had translated the messages of the scriptures or explained them, had done it in their respective times, and situations and through different types of enquiries. However, with the advancement of civilisation when the scientist produced the truth of different facts with evidences then most of the people accepted that and rejected the untruth or false one. What is important is to analyse all the information of the scripture a fresh in accordance with new situation and information and evidences. Even in this regard, if any one tries to remain unmoved on the wrong social customs and prejudices that remain in vow for generations together then he is sure to become helpless in the wrong path of superstition and unreasonableness, but before that he will become the kafer. Hence it is wise for everyone to obey the advises and ideals of the scripture and become the real seeker of the truth.

Sura Baqar 2 Aiyat 171 The Cow

The parable of those who reject faith is as if one were

to shout like a goat herd, to things that listen to nothing but calls and cries, deaf, dumb and blind, they are void of wisdom.

God is not expectant of anyone's worship. The creator exists jn every atoms of his creation. For this reason, it is a sin to create rift in the method of worship excepting result of deeds. Since all resolution is under God, hence he is the judge to settle all rifts of seen and unseen worship. The true way to worship God is to serve the creatures created by God. Man can get his mental peace by rendering his devotion to God in any civilised manner, if we think deep into it we will realise that all ideal of God is always associated with the service to his creations with love. The person who create discrimination about the process of worship are "baimans" any worship devoid of honesty, humanity and love is baiman or igneous deed because without these all other worship is a kind of cheating.

Sura Imran Aiyat 21

As to those who deny the signs of God and in defiance of right, slay the prophets and slay those who teach just dealing with mankind, announces to them a grievous penalty.

There are many men who denies to obey the prophets of other religious communities except his own honourable prophet and scripture and invites the people of other community to join his own sect by showing them the temptation of living in paradise. They are also the sinners or Baiman to God. Denial of scriptures and the prophets mean indirectly the killing of Gods ideals and messages and this work to is considered as the sinful deed.

Sura Al Hajj 22 Aiyat 67, 68, 69 The Pilgrimage

To every people have we appointed rites and ceremonies, which they must follow? Let them not then dispute with the on the matter but do thou write them to thy lord, for thou art assuredly on the right way.

If they do wrong with the say God knows least what it is ye are doing.

God will judge between you on the day of judgement

concerning the matter in which you differ.

Sura Maida 5 Aiyat 48 The Table Spread

And unto thee we have revealed the scripture with the truth confirming what ever scripture was before it and a watcher over it so judge between them by that which Allah have revealed, and follow not their desire away from the truth which have come into thee. For each we have appointed a Divine law and a traced out way. Had Allah willed,he could have made you one community. But that he may try you by that which he hath given you (he hath made you as you are). So vie one with another in good works. Unto Allah ye will all return, and he will than inform you of that wherein ye differ.

Person who are not pious but dishonest and irreligious generally quarrels with each on religious, community, scriptures and prophets. This difference of opinion causes in the long run, discrimination and increases social hatred and disturbances. God is always against all rifts and conflicts. It is his wish that there are so many religious communities exists in this world with their different types and methods of worship. On the basis of this truth it can be said that what ever may be the pattern or method of worship the ear stick to judge the character of a man is his good work ,self discipline or restraint and peaceful life sacrifice and love for all, for the sake of humanity, the person who goes against or being proud of, tries to establish himself good and the other bad he is or they are the irreligious men or kafirs.

Sura Baqar 2 Aiyat 11, 12, 13 & 27 The Cow

When it is said to them, make not mischief on earth, they say why we only want to make peace.

Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise it not.

When it is said to them, believe as the other believe, they say; shall we believe as the fools believe ?nay of a surety they are the fools, but they do not know

Those who breaks Gods covenant after it is ratified, and who sunders what God has ordered to be joined and do mischief on earth, this cause loss only to themselves.

By including the untruth with the message of God the killers of humanity have talked about honesty and self discipline but in reality worked against it and dividing the society, these division makers have himself or herself become the creator of real conflict, and believing them the persons who sacrifice their own personality and follow them blindly they too are irreligious men or kafers.

Sura luqman 31 Aiyat 23

But if any reject faith let not his rejection grieve thee, to us is their return and we shall tell them the truth of their deeds. For God knows well all that is in mans heart.

It is Gods wish that man can get scope and then rejects faith. The persons who in spite of realising truth, act as ignorant and neglecting the present situation as is given by God, mark the progress of civilisation with untruth they too are irreligious men or kafirs.

Sura Baqar 2 Aiyat 98 The Cow

Who ever is an enemy of God and his angels and apostles, to Gabriel and Michael to God is an enemy to those who rejects faith.

Sura AI-Bainat 98 Aiyat 6 The clear proof

Those who reject truth among the people of the book and among the polytheists will be in hell fire to dwell there in for aye, they are the worst of the creatures.

The relation between God and the irreligious person is the relation of enmity. God takes off peace from the life of the sinners and make them suffer the agony of hell even in their life time. The human characters which God dislikes, he shows them the truth with evidences. For example, to the person who acquires property through sinful ways God makes him greedy to earn more and more wealth and thus takes off his peace, moreover, he gives him ill character, perverted wife and children and burns him with so much mental agony that even in his life time practically sees the hell.

In sura 2 Aiyat 98, of the Holy Koran, the Almighty has mentioned of Gods and apostles and ordered man to show respect to all the Gods and the apostles and thus by solving the conflicts of man has proved the unfaithful, unbelievers, the enemy of God.

In sura 98 Aiyat 6, It is said that the person who after reading the book given by God neglects the apostles and scriptures obeyed by others, is the real Kitabi Kafir (or who even after knowing the scripture revolt against the religion). The term Kitabi Kafir clearly means that the Hindu, the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Christians etc. irrespective of all these religions, the person in spite of reading the scripture and realising them, do sinful acts or supports it.

Sura Baqar 2 Aiyat 9 The Cow

Or another similitude is that of a rain laden cloud from the sky in it are zones of darkness and thunder and lightening; they press their fingers in their ears to keep out the stunning thunderclap. The while they are in terror of death. But God is ever round, the rejects of faith.

Sura fatah 48 Aiyat 26 Victory

While the unbelievers got up in their hearts heat and cant the heat and cant of ignorance God sent down his tranquillity to his apostles and to the believers and made them stick close to the command of self, restraint and well were they entitled to it and worthy of it, and God has full knowledge of all things.

The clear meaning of some of the words mentioned in sura 2 Aiyat 9 are as follows;

(1) Of rain of the sky;—The advice of God.

(2) There remains darkness—whatever brings darkness or
curse in the life of unfaithful.

(3) Thunder and shouting—the rebuke and punishment of God
to the unbelievers.

(4) To puts ones finger into ones own ear—for the fear of curse
the unbelievers put their own fingers into their own ears for
the fear of agony In the hell.

(5) Allah is surrounding the kafers—the unbelievers are tied by
the chain of will of God himself.

In this way, the unbelievers has been given scopes for a given period of time. The person who being subjected to superstition and unreasonable customs deny the truth they too are irreligious men or the kafers. With the change of time God also changes the human society. The honest and self disciplined men who accepts this truth must change his own ideas and thoughts and the person who hold the old and unreasonable customs and deny the truth, they are in fact, deprived of the blessing of God. It is not illegal to enjoy pleasure by leaving the absence. If man lives in peace that pleases God and hence, he has given men different types of nature.

Sura Baqar 2 Aiyat 126 The Cow

And remember Abraham said; my lord make this a city of peace, and feeds it people with fruits such of them as believe in God and the last day. He said yah and such as reject faith for a while I grant them their pleasure ,but will soon drive them to the torment of fire, an evil destination indeed.

Sura Imran 3 Aiyat 56

As to those who reject faith I will punish them with terrible agony in this world in the hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.

Sura Rome 30 Aiyat 16

And those who have rejected faith and falsely denied our signs and the meeting of the hereafter such shall be brought forth to punishment.

Both the heaven and the hell are invisible to man. Since there is no proof of the heaven or hell to man, it is difficult to except their existence, in spite of this if man does any good work having faith on the existence of heaven and hell, he can enjoy heavenly pleasure in his very lifetime. Because the pleasure which pleases the soul is the heavenly pleasure and man can enjoy this heavenly pleasure in his very lifetime in this world by observing honesty, restraint and service to all and the like ideals dictated by God. Doing evil works in the lifetime and suffering a great deal is a kin to the sufferings of hell. Each action has got a reaction and this is inevitable. Man can realise this within his lifetime. After death the soul goes to heaven or hell as per his own deeds and this very idea is somewhat absurd to man. Some people do not believe the existence of heaven or hell and thus they disbelieve the existence of God himself and naturally begin to think evil and sinful thoughts. Be there the existence of God and his created heaven and hell or not, it is always good for the human society to believe in their existence and remain engaged in good and pious activities.

Sura Al kafiroon 109 1,2,3,4,5,6 The Disbelievers
Say to you that reject faith.

I worship not that which you worship

Nor will you worship that which I worship

And I will not worship that which you have been wont to worship

Nor will you worship that which I worship

To you be your way and to me mine.

Bhagawad Gita chapter 16 hymn 6

O;son of partha ,in this world there are two kinds of created beings. One is called Divine and the other demoniac. I have already explained to you at length the Divine qualities, now hear from me of the demoniac.

Sura Taghabun 64 Aiyat 2 The Mutual Disillusion

It is he who has created you and of you are some that are unbelievers and some ,that are believers ; and God sees well all that you do.

Sura Al Thaireem 66 Aiyat 10, 11, 12 The Banning

God sets forth for an example to the unbelievers the wife of Noah, and the wife of Lutt; they were respectively under two of our righteous servants, but they were false to their husbands, and they profited nothing before God on their account but were told enter you the fire along with others that enter.

And God set forth as an example to those who believe, the wife of pharaoh, behold she added of my lord build for me a home with thee in the garden, and save me from the pharaoh and his work and save me from those that do wrong.

And marry the daughter of Imran who guarded her chastity, and we beneath into her body, of our spirit and she testified to the truth of the words of her lord, and of his revelations, and was one of the devout servant.

To be noted both Noah and Lutt were apostles. Pharoah was the cruel king of Egypt, a tyrant, who called himself God.

It is God command to live a peaceful life ,and show respect to the emotion of the others it is mans duty to obey this command. God has given different types of worship to all the religious communities. Each man holds his own ideas. So long a mans personal religious feelings and ideas

do not stand detrimental to the interest of the society at large till then no body has any right to interfere in his personal feelings.

The Aiyat no 10, 11, 12 of sura 66 of the Holy KORAN categorically proves that the way for becoming Iman wala or religious man does not depend on the name, community, dynasty, or language. A person having an Arabic name may not necessarily be a person with iman. Neither iman can be obtained hereditarily. It depends on human character. Hence the wife of pharaoh became an imandar by dint of her own work, while the wives of Noah and Lutf the apostles became kafer for their breach of faith. There is great difference between mistake and sin (doing some thing wrong wilfully is sin) and hence who ever does sins are irreligious, kafer.Thanking you and God bless you


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