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To Faisal, In Friendship and Sympathy

Reader comment on item: "At War with Islamic Fascists"
in response to reader comment: Hello there again Mr Amitabh

Submitted by Rakshas 10 Anan (India), Aug 25, 2006 at 10:36

Hullo Faisal! My honest sympathies with you, for I know how difficult it is to be a Muslim anywhere in today's world, entirely on account of the hatemongering Pakistani jihadis propped up by other fanatic Islamofascist nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

And it is not just the infidels, but what they are doing to the Muslim minorities, Muslim women and to dissenters among their own is truly abominable. These Muslim victims of jihad also end up displaying strong symptoms of the Stockholm syndrome, and that is why it is important for self-respecting honest Muslims to begin to stand up and be counted among those opposing jihad and islamisation of the world. I personally know the pain of many such families caught between the Devil and deep sea on account of the unforgivable actions of the Arab and Pakistani terrorist-military machine congenitally prone to violence and destruction. It is a fact that they disparagingly refer to Indian Muslims as Hindis, somehow second-class, or ‘low caste' Muslims who have chosen to prosper in the enemy land of secular India!

Since this is an important international forum, and given the decades-old manipulation of the western forums and media by the Arab-Pakistani Islamist lobby against India and Hindus in particular, I wish to raise the following matters:

  1. Do you justify the killing of innocent women and children in the train in Godhra, whatever may be the trigger? --Do you deny the fact that the secularists supporting the move for justice to subsequent riot-victims in Gujarat are majority Hindu? As they were in the case of the Sikh victims (following the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, after a decade-long terrorist movement that saw the killings of both Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab and outside, by Sikh terrorists headquartered in Canada, Washington, DC and London? A trans-Atlantic passenger plane was bombed over the Sea of Cork over Ireland by the Sikh terrorists, who were recently acquitted by a Canadian Court for tardiness of the Canadian authorities in gathering evidence, although a retrial has now been ordered. [http://www.hinduonnet.com/fline/fl1723/17230610.htm]. A simultaneous explosion was also planned at the Narita Airport in Japan, however, the timer didn't go off as planned, and many lives were saved. Interestingly, the methodology they employed was the same as the Pakistani ISI jihadis in Kashmir, for example, in isolating and executing poor Hindu villagers among the bus passengers on the highways. Yes, the recent incident against the Sikh boy's hair being cut was really bad, but in true anti-Hindu hate-propagating style pursued on the international forums, you forgot to mention the immediate attention given to it by the majority Secular and Hindu media. The perpetrator, a Mr. Meena, was arrested without delay by the Police Chief, who is also Mr. Meena.
  2. If Hindus must defend their faith each time a Hindu psychopath engages in criminal activity, what about the others? We never here of Muslims being asked to defend their faith each time there is a robbery, armed assault or rape committed by a Muslim, but remember that the numbers do eventually add up in the event of exceptionally brutal acts of adherents of one faith alone across the world! Yet the authorities and the media is seen to cover up and shield the minorities even by telling lies, while at the same time creating considerable hype when the majority community is involved! [See: "To keep the peace, I misled people on '93 blasts: Pawar", http://www.indianexpress.com/story/10419.html]. Who can forget the terrible midnight suburban train rape of the minor girl by a Muslim ruffian in Mumbai, and the ghastly slashing to death of a girl student sightseer from the northeast in broad daylight, by a deranged Muslim man at the Gateway of India?
  3. Yes, the Indian armed forces have a strongly secular, disciplined and professional record to-date, even though a few jihadi infiltrators are being discovered of late. What does the fact of highly decorated Muslims say of the Indian polity? And not just the armed services, but also the police force and civil society have a large number of patriotic Muslims. Can you point to a comparable record in any Muslim nation?
  4. Two Hindu policemen were lynched in mob violence in Bhiwandi, on the outskirts of Mumbai just before the 7/11 bombings, over false claims to government land on which a Police Outpost was being constructed, while eight others including two policewomen managed to save their lives. The claims were subsequently proven to be false, and withdrawn by the Raza Academy. The perpetrators have been duly arrested and the course of law will take its own course. Yet there is considerable deliberate disinformation in the Arab-funded Indian Muslim media on the subject!
  5. After the 7/11 train bombings, Abdul Rehman Antulay, Union Minister from Mumbai, contended in the highest cabinet meeting in Delhi that it was the handiwork of Hindu fundamentalist organisations. All he got in response was a light rap on the knuckles from the Sikh Prime Minister. You don't imagine the Hindus are a patient lot? This is in addition to a Hindu Chief Minister who shields the banned Students Islamic Movement of India, whose published goal is to Islamise India, while a Muslim Congressman, Salman Khursheed, is its advocate in the Supreme Court! Yet another Hindu Chief Minister actively demands reservations for Muslims in government jobs and institutions of higher learning, in contravention of the Constitution of India. At the same time, he arranges expensive massage treatment for the arrested terrorist involved in a bombing that killed 54 Hindus attending a political meeting. [Massaging Terror, http://www.indianexpress.com/fullcoverage/48.html]. Arab members of the PLO were allowed to visit mosques in Kerala to persuade the congregations about voting out the pro-Israel government in the elections prior to 2004. What do you have to say about this?
  6. All the chief culprits in the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai have taken refuge in Pakistan, and not a single perpetrator has been sentenced until now. The plotters of 9/11, 7/7, and the recent airlines plot, have been linked to the Kandahar hijack of the Indian Airlines plane from Kathmandu in Nepal on Christmas eve in 1999. They regrouped with help of the Islamic charities and the Pakistan government, to carry out unceasing jihadi attacks against the Indian Parliament, Hindu temples and civilian targets, as well as the security forces and tourists in Kashmir. India was utterly isolated internationally in that period, which in fact served to be the undoing of the Western states, since the same names figure in the current terrorist plots against the West.
  7. You have mentioned Kashmir! The Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir was a tourist haven with a thriving tourism economy until the end of the Cold War, when the mercenary jihadis of ISI conducted a heinous pogrom against the Hindus of Kashmir! In the five decades after independence from British rule, millions of Indians and foreigners have visited Kashmir as tourists, and thousands of Bollywood movies have been shot in the picturesque Himalyan locales of the State in peaceful times. So many Hindu pilgrimage sites were serviced by mainly Muslim Kashmiri traders and villagers during that period. Do you deny this? Among the first major jihadi strike against tourists there was the 1994 beheading of a group of Westerners, including two Americans, by Al Faran. That is what served to stop the inflow of all tourists and dealt the Kashmir economy such a body blow.
  8. Yet, comparatively speaking, the badly administered province of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) presented such a stark, underdeveloped picture following the recent earthquake, in the absence of effective communication links with Pakistan, or indigenous infrastructure. While the Pakistani army was engaged in rescuing its trapped brigades, it ignored the cries of help from victims in village after village that lay in its path. All the relief work was subsequently deliberately left to the jihadi terrorists, given the absence of any semblance of governance by Pakistan in the face of a massive human tragedy, in the coldest part of the Himalayan winter! The jihadis of Jamat-ud-Dawa diverted the funds towards terrorism against the Western countries, as the recent airlines plot has revealed! (And the same has happened in the Aceh Province of Indonesia, where funds for tsunami relief have been appropriated in the cause of Islamic Jihad)!
  9. This ought to see the end of the motivated anti-India disinformation lapped up by the non-Indian media over decades of concerted effort by the entrenched Pakistani-Islamist lobbies in Western nations! Just as interesting that their methodologies for bulldozing the media are now being exposed as a result of the latest Israel-Hezbollah face off with the help of the alert community of free bloggers in the West! [See littlegreenfootballs.com, for one]. Ditto for the Human Rights bodies infiltrated by the Islamists, that raise a hue and cry over every reported case of atrocity in India – no doubt with a salutary effect upon investigating agencies, even when in many cases the reports are later proved to be false – while worse crimes are completely ignored in the Muslim nations, including, for example, the continuing pogroms against Hindus in Bangladesh. Are you, Faisal, aware of this? Or do you think that Bangladeshi Hindus deserve it anyway, for their temerity in clinging on to a pitiable exitence as dhimmis in the Dar-ul-Islam?
  10. Regarding attacks by Hindus on aggressive western and Indian evangelists conducting mercenary conversions especially among the tribals in India, although such incidents are not all that common, they have served as a weapon to foment anti-Hindu hatred on the part of the all-powerful evangelical lobbies in the west, as much as for the ISI jihadis and Maoists seeking to fracture India's strong national unity! How Nepal, the only Hindu nation on earth, was attacked and undermined by a nexus of the ISI-Missionary-Maoist forces is currently history in the making. It is to the credit of patriotic Hindus in India, if they are trying to resist a replay of the same curious jihadi-crusader-communist advance within its sovereign secular boundaries! Majority of the reported cases of rape of nuns have been proved to be false retaliatory gimmicks against Hindus who protest mercenary conversions in ignorance! In fact it is important to observe how responsive the Indian State is in demonstrating fair justice for all the agents provocateurs and terrorists in its midst! On the other hand, unnoticed by the same evangelical zealots and the western media, there have been spectaculor arrests of foreigners, including priests in Goa, Kerala and Mumbai, for engaging in pedophilia in orphanages and institutions for street children! And the Pope is yet to offer an apology to Indians who suffered the worst Inquisitions in recorded history, at the hands of the Portugese in Goa! So the international media, human rights organisations, allied Western leftist-academicians, and evangelists' concern for justice is limited to one or other sect of minorities in India, and extreme in its hatred for Hindus (described as fundamentalists displaying ‘atavistic' passions).
  11. What do you think of the latest furore over Hitler's Cross eaterie in Mumbai, Faisal? The business partner of the proprietor, Punit Shablok, was one Shakir Siddiqui. The local State MLA and Minister took initiative in persuading the owners to change the name, while the offensive displays have been covered with white cloth in the meanwhile, to the satisfaction of the diminishing community of Jews in India. Since they were planning a chain of restaurants under the inspired name, it is anyone's guess if the funding source had Arab origins.
  12. Lastly, Faisal, the Indian State observed one day's state mourning for Ustad Bismillah Khan, maestro of the traditional Shehnai instrument. He was known to play the shehnai even in the holiest temple of Vishwanath (Shiva) in his hometown of Benaras, where no non-Hindus are permitted to enter. This is a tribute to the flexibility of Indians even in matters of narrow theological dogma! The over-rated Indian painter, M F Hussain freely walks in the streets of Mumbai, after widespread protests against his painting the Hindu Gods in nude – an act deeply offensive to the Hindu faith! Compare this to Salman Rushdie, who has to sneak around on his visits even now, so many years after the Khomeini death threat, with India being the first to ban his book in service to Muslim appeasement! There are Muslims India is inordinately proud of, like President Kalam, Irfan Pathan, Police Commissioner A K Khan, whose autobiography is being currently picturised, Azim Premji—the 6th richest IT tycoon in the latest Forbes list, and so many among the much-loved film personalities and music doyens.
  13. In all the disinformation about Hindus launched by all the international vested interests, what is not mentioned is the syncretic culture of India that we hope will prevail over the divisive hate ideologies that are essentially on the backfoot only in India. A friend who is the scion of an erstwhile royal family mentions how his grandfather built the mosque in his state. There is a prominent dargah or shrine to a local Muslim saint of which he is the chief patron, and the precious belongings there are given for safe-keeping in the Treasury maintained in his palace. For according to the Hindu tradition, the King as a formal authority had to be secular per se, irrespective of his personal faith, so that people of all faiths could flourish under his benign influence. The urs at the dargah (holy procession) would begin by paying obeisance to the Ganesh idol, as the chief Hindu deity in the local temple. This is witnessed in many villages in India even now! So also, increasingly we see Muslims observing Hindu festivals like Diwali with great abandon. More and more Muslim families are bringing home Ganesh idols as a part of festival celebrations, as reported even in the MSM; just in the manner of Hindus who throng at the Ajmersharif dargah, or at Haji Ali, or attend the St. Michael's novenas and the Mount Mary fair in Mumbai! Are you aware of this, Faisal? –This is India's creative answer to the current Western impasse over Islamist obduracy in their midst. But we will have to be extremely vigilant to see that ignorant and resentful minority opinion is not allowed to swell the ranks of mercenary jihadis sponsored by the hate-filled Pakistanis and their Bangladeshi jihadi brethren from across the borders.
  14. Finally, the latest miscarriage of the little harmless piece of whitewash amendment to the draconian hudood ordinance that victimises women rape victims under Sharia law, serves to demonstrate the writing on the wall not only for women of Pakistan, but also for Musharraf himself! Do you agree, Faisal, that Muslim Pakistani women welcome rape as adulteresses, or report rape only because their husbands or guardians are so careless in providing for them, that they must make money through crying rape?! In instances of grave injustice such as this, do Indian Muslims ever convey their honest feelings to the ummah in Pakistan, while enjoying relative freedom and safety from the Sharia laws in secular India? So why do Indian Muslims persistently oppose the enactment of a model and progressive 21st century legislation in the form of a Uniform Civil Code in India for all its citizen, irrespective of religious diversity?

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