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Our dear 7 Up and ignorance is bliss!

Reader comment on item: Developments in Syria and Turkey
in response to reader comment: Abbasid and Muslim Caliphate

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 15, 2013 at 07:24

Our dear 7 Up who lives among kuffar that pay the cost of his health insurance and social benefits and I understand that every Pakistani coming to Canada the likes of our dear 7 Up costs the kuffar in Canada close to $500,000 right our dear 7 Up and this is why Canadians will stop allowing grand papa and grand mama from Pakistan to immigrate to Canada right our dear 7 Up?

Ever since the beginning of Islam,

You mean Arabian imperialism?

prophet Muhammad prophecised many events that will happen after he was gone

Really? Then how about in Hadith al-Bukhari number 6.378 where no other than 3A'isha (his beloved wife who was 6 years old when he married her and he was a man of 53! What a disaster and she also used to breast feed the youth of Quraish!) and this is what she said and I'm only paraphrasing it:

"And who ever tells you that Abul Qasim (aka Qutham aka Muahmmad the PUBH) knows what is going to happen is a blatant liar"

Oh and she even quoted a verse from the Qur'an where it says

وماتدري نفس ماذا تكسب غدا وماتدري نفس باي ارض تموت

Do you know what this means? It means that 3Aisha who used to breast feed the youth of Quraish is saying that your Allah is saying that no one even Muhammad himself can foretell the future

How come you did not know that? Could it be because you had no clue that we kuffar read your sources and you really knew and were hoping that we do not know? but this will make you and you must pardon me a liar or you had no clue and this would make you and you must pardon me ignorant so which one is it our dear 7 Up liar or ignorant?

1. He prophecised the destruction of the Persians in the hands of the Byzantines (in the Quran)

Really? well we have established that he did not "prophecise" (sic) anything because your Allah says that he cannot tell the future so do you think that I should tell your wahhabi masters that you disagree with Allah? and do you also know that you are really saying that Muhammad must be the author of surat al-ruum after all he is the one who "prophecised" (sic) what was going to happen so is Muhammad the author of surat al-ruum? A yes or no will do

What a disaster our dear 7 Up is saying that the Qur'an and in this case surat al-ruum was composed by Muhammad and not Allah!

But I will give you a chance so let us read this little gem

1. الم

Oh can you tell the readers what these three letters mean? Hint: No one has a clue and why is that our dear 7 Up inspite the fact the the author of the Qur'an tells us that it is كتاب مبين so who is the liar here even your master Shiekh al-Azhar got into this disaster of الكلام العاطل and here is what he said http://elazhar.com/qadaiaux/5.asp

What a disater

2. غلبت الروم

But here is the disaster in this aya the above is the rasm of the aya and the ulama EDITED it (what a disaster the ulama edited the words of the Allah!) and it is now

غُلِبَتِ الرُّوْمُ

Or and the Ruum (read this as the Greeks) were defeated

But here are the problems with this aya: The words for the Greeks in Arabic are اليونانيون او الاغريق and for sure not الرُّوْمُ (oh and how come your Allah had no clue about what a shadda is all about?) so where does this word الرُّوْمُ come from? Let me help you it is a loan word from Syriac ܪܘܡܚܐ and it means the (Greek) soldiers (also lance or spear) in Syriac and what a disaster a Syriac word in the Qur'an a book that claims to be قران عربي so who is the liar here?

Foreign words in the Qur'an! I'm shocked!

3. في ادنى الارض

Or in the near earth but the Qur'an as usual never tells us what is this near earth and where is it located and the ulama has to guess

What a disaster

4. وهم من بعد غلبهم سيغلبون

And this is the rasm or Allah's words and the ulama hd to EDIT it as follows

وهم من بعد غَلَبِهِمْ سَيَغْلِبُنَ

Or and they after their defeat will defeat

Notice that I added the short vowels to the last two words

So here are the words in question

غَلَبِتِ الروم وهم من بعد غُلْبَهُمْ سَيُغْلَبُوْنَ

And my editing will read it as

The Greeks defeated and after the defeating they will be defeated

See? the meaning changed with a very slight change is short vowels

So let us see what this little gem is saying:

1. It mentioned the Greeks (by using a Syriac word to describe them) being either defeating in my version or being defeated in the version edited by the ulama

2. And this takes place in adna al-ard a place that no one has a clue about its location

3. Then the Greeks either defeated or were defeated and only Allahu A3lam

4. So where would we find any mention of الماجوس or even الارانييون or even اهل بلاد العجم so you tell me how come Allah is silent about the Persians if this verse was indeed about them as well as the Greeks?

5. Now let us examine the real history

A. The Persians invaded the Byzantine empire in 616CE

B. They were defeated by the Greeks starting in 622CE and the Persians were at last pushed out of Egypt in 628CE

C. But this is not the end of the story as the Greeks were defeated by the barbarian Arabs your masters starting in 633CE

So one can read the above that it very well could be saying that the Greeks defeated the unmentioned Persians and then they were defeated by the Arab barbarians

So it seems that if your so called prophet "prophecised" he did not even get it

What a disaster

2. He prophecised that after him,

But our dear 7 Up we are told not once but several times in the islamic tradition that ان الغيب لله or only Allah can foretell the future so who is the liar here? you tell me

30 years of rule will be in hands of the guided caliphates,

Really? then how come 3 of them were killed? and is it true as we are told by them Shi3a that Omar was a sodomite? So is that true?

then it will be oppressive rule and then tyrany - ever since the demise of the guided Caliphates, there rose the Umayyad empire which was oppressive to the people it was based in Damascus by the Umayyah family of Quraish (mecca) outside Hijaz and even just before Ali, Al-Hussain and many companions of the Prophet travelled and lived in Iraq (Kufah, Karbala) and Prophet Muhammad predicted that many of his companions would travel to live in Iraq,


Sham Land (including Palestine) and to Yemen

ROTFL Pakistani Arabic it is Bilad al-Sham and you need to stick to Urdu

Really? so you tell us how come the Umayyads had their capital in Damascus and not Mecca and why did Abd al-Malik build the first monument in the religion of the Arabs only not in Mecca but in Jerusalem unless the Umayyads were local Arabs and they had nothing to do with al-Hijaz? you tell me

3. after the Umayyad rule there came the Abbasid, (related to the founder Abbas the cousin of Prophet Muhammad) and moved the capital to Baghdad to continue the expansion of Islam from there and to differ from the Umayyah leagacy.

Really? Well I'm also related to Abul Qasim aka Muhammad your so called PUBH! should you believe me? Now you tell me

1. Why did the Abbassids build their capital not in al-Hijaz but in Baghdad? what is wrong with al-Hijaz?

2. Why did they call it Baghdad or the garden of God and this is Persian and not Arabic you tell me? why did they not use the Arabic hadiqatu Allah or the garden of Allah instead of Baghdad you tell me? Hint: Because they were Persians and not Arabs

3. And why did they select that location for their capital? Let me help you because they wanted to be close to the capital of the sassanids their real people! Oh the capital of the sassanids? It was Cteisphon which is only 30 miles from Baghdad!

What a disaster the Abbassids were not even Arabs

during this time Abdul Rahman Al-Dakhel (who was an Umayyad prince from Mecca) went to andalusia and established the umayyad rule there. (most of andalusia caliphs were of Arab origins from Hijaz

Oh and speaking of Arabian imperialims and you forgot that Muslims also invaded India where you come from and killed and raped and enslaved 90M of your Hindu ancestors but do you relaly care?

4. All Abbasid caliphate are descendants of Meccan tribes of Arab origin

No they were not even Harun al-Rashid was more Persian than Arab as his father al-Mahdi was and he was born in Rey in Iran and his papa was a Barmaki (this clan was a Buddhist Iranian clan) and his mama al-Khayzuran we are told that she was a Yemeni slave or may be Iranian and oly Allahu A3lam and you tell us that they were Hijazi Arabs? how come you did not know that?

5. Egypt was conquered by Amr ibn Al-Ass during Omar bin Al-Khattab rule. his army consisted of pure Arab hijazi origins

Really? where is the EXTANT evidence? Let me help you it does not exist

you are twisting and making quite many lies for reasons known to every intellectual

The and you must pardon me the ignorant is you

Oh the Arabic! But you see our dear 7 Up the lost tablighee Islam is the religion of the arabs only and you ain't no Arab


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