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The Quranic disaster of Surat al-Ruum! Again!

Reader comment on item: Developments in Syria and Turkey
in response to reader comment: the Truth - abbasid Caliphate

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 26, 2013 at 07:30

Our dear GoD whose ancestors the Hindus were brutlalized by Islam ...

Prophet Muhammad predicted

Then you do disagree with Allah who says that no one can predict the future so do you disagree with your Allah? A yes or no will do and I will inform your Arabs masters that you our dear GoD disagree with Allah so what do you think would happen to you? Let me guess: Deportation right? How mant times do I have to say that?

For the readers: Just to refresh your memory our dear GoD who is saying that Muhammad his so called prophet predicted that the Persians will defeat the Greeks and then the Greeks will defeat the Persians but the proplem with this would be:

1. The Qur'an makes it very clear that only Allah can tell the future which means that if Muhammad predicted anything he was no more than guessing and what better odds than to guess a 50/50 outcome

So you tell us our dear GoD did Muhammad predict the furtue or was he gambling about the outcome? you tell us

2. Then our dear GoD is saying that Muhammad predicted the outcome of the Persian Greek war of 614-616CE then it is either Allah told him about the outcome of the war in Q30,1-3 or Muhammad did the predicting which means that our dear GoD is saying that Muhammad is really the author of the Qur'an

What a disaster

So is Muhammad the author of the Qur'an our dear GoD! Hint: I smell riots!

3, Now this is what really happened: The Persians starting in 614CE attacked and occupied the following areas of the Byzantine empire: Syria, today's Lebanon and Palestine/Israel and Jordan AND Egypt which was conquered in 616CE

The tide of the war started to go against the Persians in 620CE and they were defeated in Upper Mesopotamia in 622CE and it was down hill from there on until their final defeat and expulsion from Egypt in 628-629CE

Then the Byzantine empire was defeated by the Arabs (our dear GoD masters) starting in 633CE and indeed was have the famous Herclius farewell address to Syriac and in hind sight to the late antique age

4. Now let us see what it says in the Qur'an a book whose author is Muhammad as per our dear GoD

in Q30: 1: ALM

There three letters have no meaning and have nothing to do with the Greeks

in Q30:2 it says ghulabti al-ruum or the Romans were defeated and assuming that the author is talking about the Greeks by using a Syriac word instead of an Arabic words for the Greeks

But the disaster here is one can also read it as ghalabit al-ruum or the Romans DEFEATED

Because this is indeed what was the outcome of the war that the Greeks defeated the Persians

in Q30:3 it says fi adna al-ard or in the near land (even the liar Yusuf Ali translates the word adna as "close" so was the liar Yusuf Ali ignorant or was he an islamophobe)?

Now the ulama the likes of al-Tabari and Ibn Kathir and al-Qurtubi have no clue what adna al-ard means because the Qur'an does not tell us what is adna al-ard and why is that our dear GoD you tell us. But this did not stop them from guessing so we are told that adna al-ard means may be al-Sham (Syria) or Fars (Persia) or al-Jazira ( and only Allahu a3lam)

But none of them say that the word adna means lowest and al-Qurtubi makes it very clear that it means aqrab or NEAR

So this little gem is saying that the Greeks will be defeated in the near earth what ever that is

then in Q30:3 it also says wa huma ba3da ghalbihim sayaghlabuun or and after their defeat they will defeat

But the disaster here is you can also read it as wa huma ba3da ghulbuhim sayughlabuun or and after their defeating (of the Perisans) they will be defeated (by the Arabs) and this indeed what happened

What a disaster

So you tell us our dear GoD where would I find the following:

1. The Persians you will not find it

2. The dead sea you will not find it

3. That the meaning of the word adna is the lowest?

You will not find it

So it seems that your prophet did not even get it

See what happens when you repeat nonsense by others ... like you?

But here is the real disaster: we are told by Muslims that this little gem was "revealed" in year 7 of al-Mab3ath oh al-Mab3ath? it is the year when Muhammad claimed that he started to receive revelations form Allah! But the problem here is no one has a clue which year is it 610CE or 613CE and only Allahu A3lam and notice that there was no Hijra dating as of yet so if we use 610CE then this little gem would have been revealed in 617CE and if we use 613CE then this would have been revealed in 620CE and this would have been the start of the change of the tide of the war and Muhammad would have been stating the obvious

See what happens then you do not read history written by kuffar? let me help you you make a fool of yourself

But what is even more damaging is that the war lasted for about 15 years (when the Persians left Egypt) so the Persians if they are really subjects of this ayat then they did not defeat the Greeks they only conquered some lands and then were pushed back


the fall of the persian empire and the treasure of the emperor was given to one of his companions as promised to him by the Prophet himself -

And did Allah also get his share of the loot? You tell me and how did they get his share of the loot to him? via al-Buraq?

this victory happened after the death of the Prophet and during the rule of Caliph Omar bin Khattab - this was in 636AD -

Are we still talking about the Greek/Persian war or did you change gears ...?

after four years of the death of the Prophet. so this proves that the disaster is YOU

The ignorant is you

2. History tells us that the Greeks who originally migrated from Italy to Greece

Really? says who?

are called Romans by the Arabs,

ROTFL Pakistani ignorance the Arabs your masters call the Greeks al-Yunaniyuun or al-Aghreeq How come you did not know that? You need to stick to Urdu

The word al-Ruum is a loan word from Syriac and it means the Greeks what a disaster

and they wer originally Romans and the Arabs did not differenciate between the Greeks and the Romans,

... the Romans of Italy were long gone form the Middle East in 620CE

and the Arabs always referred to both the Greek and Romans as Romans, so the mention of Al-Rum in the holy Quran is correct.

You are ignorant and shame on you

God always says what is right.

So you tell us is Mizra Ahmad a rasul from Allah and did he die in a bathroom from diarrhea? or is al-Ahmadiyya kufr you tell us

3. what nearest Earth? Yemen is nearer to Mecca than dead sea, Sudan, Khortoum is nearer to Mecca than Dead sea, Madina city is nearer to Mecca than Dead sea. ADNA means lowest point on Earth.

Well then al-Qurtubia and al-Tabari and ibn Kathir are liars because they say that it means aqrab or NEAR so were they liars?

Even the liar Yusuf Ali tells us that the word adna means close by so was he a liar?

Ya Failasoof Zamanak.

ROTFL Pakistani Arabic you are not even original ya roh omak

there is no such thing as nearer in this verse,

Then the following are liars: al-Tabari and ibn kathir and al-Qurtubi and Yusuf Ali and here is what Pickthall who was stupid eonugh to be converted by stupid tablighees like you this is how he translates the word adna: NEARER LAND

So were all of them liars and you ... know?

Shame on you

because you can call many places nearer,

Oh you changing your mind now

So you tell us again:

1. What does the word adna mean?

2. Could you provide us with evidence from Arabic language dictionaries that will support your stupid claim?

The following will not be accepted as evidence:

1. My Mullah told me so

2. The moron Zakir Naik says so

3. Ignorant tablighee web sites

Now it is your chance to make a fool of yourself again

but there is only one place lowest point on Earth and this is the DEAD SEA,

Assuming that the word adna means lowest but as I have proven to you from your own Islamic sources that the word adna means near and not low

But you tell me where would i find the words al-bahr al-mayyet or the dead sea in the Qur'an? you will not find it and in real history the Persians defeated the Greeks in battles not just in the ares of the dead sea but also Syria and Lebanon and Jordan and Palestine/Isreal AND Egypt

Do you see why ?

so Ya Failasoof zamanak

na3am ya roh omak!

this is not only a prediction, it is also a miracle, that Prophet Muhammad says the Romans will be defeated in the lowest point on Earth.

Then I must inform your masters the Arabs that you are saying that Muhammad the Arabian warlord and caravan raider is the author of the Qur'an! Hint: deportation and it would serve you right

this is what happened, how did Prophet Muhammad know the lowest point on Earth ???

Your so called prophet was jahil just like you which explains why the Qur'an is no more than poor literature

And it is very clear where the location of the battle was.

ROTFL there were many battles in that long war for example we have the famous battle of Alexandria

See why you have to shut up sometime?

4. you don't know Arabic more than the Arabs,

The most ignorant people about their own language are the Arabs

what they wrote is correct and what you wrote is ambiguous DRIVEL & ROTFL.

You are not even original

Seems you are just learning Arabic unlike me who suckled Arabic since infancy.

Delusions! You are a lost tablighee from India/Pakistan right? and do you know why? because if you know Arabic then you would have known that the word adna means NEAR

Why the lies and delusions?

So you cannot know Arabic better than me. you are not allowed to comment on something you don't know.

I read this as you realize that we kuffar can read your Islamic sources in Arabic something that you cannot do otherwise you would have known that the word adna means NEAR and not LOWEST as you claimed

You are a lost tablighee and no more and tablighee are a dime a dozen

5. I don't have to comment on this point it is ROTFL and DRIVEL.

I read this as you have no answer right?

6. God gives some of His secrets to anyone He wishes to give, Prophet Muhammad was one of them, as Jesus, Moses and Abraham and many other prophets were, so there is no point in commenting on your DRIVEL

Allah also spoke to me too so do i get a PUBH too? and does Mizra Ghulam have a PUBH?

Oh there will be more so stay tuned

I urge you to leave islam and be free again and read a book and not the book of ignorance


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