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Shameful Behaviors In Muslims

Reader comment on item: Canada's Muslims, Not of One Mind

Submitted by Lawman (Canada), May 27, 2012 at 17:41

A white convert from Ontario, Canada this guy is saddened by the shameful display of many born Muslims who immigrate to our land and others only to show disrespectful culturally backward ways that do not show Islam in a good light. It takes courage and convictions with a moral compass to show a negative side to those who practice the religion and, in fairness, no culture-religion-race or people are perfect. Often those who preach the religion are the biggest hypocrites and to those who do not engage in this indefensible behavior, I salute you as you show the religion and way of life in a good light unlike far too many others. We need to look in the mirror to correct the imperfections in our lives as, "eyes are watching" since the cowardly acts of 9/11 and the jury is still out as to who is behind it all. Let us be clear that, Muslims did not kill JFK, try to assassinate Ronald Reagan, were responsible for Oklahoma city bombing, Viet Nam, etc.

Since blindsided into practicing this religion, coming from a Western perspective, my academic knowledge and fair insights are accurate not insulting as some with guilty minds would quickly claim. As a global religious society, Muslims need to clean up their act big time as we not only embarrass ourselves but others too. At the same time, there are despicable crimes against humanity including sickening crimes against children by sex predators in the Catholic church that is well documented as they are harbored by a crooked central institution in the Vatican with its clandestine dirty laundry, fact! Other people who practice other religions are also no better with stealing money, wars, etc. Lets be honest, no excuses for anyone including our Islam.

Muslims need to be more proactive and reactive in their community affairs instead of allowing control freaks (Imams and Sheikhs) to manipulate people without knowledge or life skills. Again, this white male is not perfect either and despite my personal character flaws (nobody perfect) I still have an open mind and tell it like it is and we need to examine the truth to correct inexcusable behavior that is a detriment to our religion, our people and image.

When people immigrate to another landscape such as Canada, they often bring their backward cultural baggage and practices with them instead of assimilating respectfully into a new society. It would be irresponsible to paint all Muslims with the same brush but, many of you out there are guilty as charged! I am horrified by Arab Muslims, in particular, who claim to know it all rather than be open minded and listen to others and most have the brazen audacity to lecture or control converts or people within the community with bullying tactics that shows not only ignorance but low self esteem.

I cannot recall how many times my Arab wife has opened up our doors to Iraqis, Iranians, UAE Arabs, Lebanese, Afghanistanis or others for dinner invitations and see our guest arrive 2-3 hours late without any shame or respect. Western civilizations are guided by the concept of time, to show up late at Arabic School (seen it shamefully for 10 years) in excess of 1 hour is a joke and neither the kids or adult parents show class or brains. Their carefree attitude is disrespectful to the host, the efforts of the host in making a hot meal and it is something I personally detest in their cavalier mentality. How is it that, our kids do not show up 2 hours late in public school, Muslims do not show up late for doctor appointments hours later but will disrespectfully do this garbage to a convert or others including belated prayer times because the Imam cannot show time respect for prayers either.

The world goes around based on the concept of time and Muslims, sorry to say, are the biggest violators of this idiocy. Can you imagine cooking for hours to make a hot dinner, cleaning house, time expended organizing this event only to wait feverishly for your Muslim friends to show up while your food goes cold and you are stressed because of their shameful stupidity - I do not call these people friends or good Mulsims, they are jerks. I remember a bad ex-UAE young woman who we finally booted out of our social friendship after years of putting up with her bad behavior because she was a hypocrite and belligerently disrespectful fueled by her immaturity and lack of social grace. The very first time I met her, my wife sent me to the bus station with my son and we waited 1.5 hours for this clown to show up. Frustrated and justifiably angered, I called my wife who told me she did not even leave her place 40 minutes from our home. Being a nice guy, my wife asked us to go fetch her and believe me on the qu'aran, we waited another 1 hour before this fool finally came out like she was the queen of sheba, nice first impression, and not an isolated case.

Coming from a very rich UAE family, we permitted years of this nonsense from her because of the friendship with her family who had a little more class that their rebellious daughter. Yet the unbelievable nonsense continued even when my wife worked a full 8 hour shift this irresponsible disrespectful joker would take her out for hours afterwards or show up at our place far beyond the mutually appointed time. Finally after 4 tormented years, she, like I predicted put a knife in our back and will face the music with her family who know we are very good people despite being poor and struggling. Is her behavior alone, don't bet on it! Maybe our experiences are bad luck but it is more widespread than we know, wake up people! Do you think you can walk in after being tardy for a medical appointment or others and people just bow to your selfishness and cater to your irresponsible ways, no. Yet I see this insanity with mosque prayers, eid dinners, iftaars, social gatherings and more that disgusts me as a convert and some good truthful Muslims woud agree.

I am sure their would be Muslims out there who would love to see me shot with these bold comments but they miss the point. We should not be afraid of the truth to promote a better healthier community and image. I am ashamed to say, Eid dinners and Iftaar dinners are a major turnoff to see people of different ethnic cultures: Tunis, Pakistan, Iraq, Iranians, UAE, Egyptians, Palestinians, Syrians, Phillipines, Yemen, Morrocans act like ravenous wolves who haven't see food before. I have organized these events and have also supported others in their efforts to maintain social order and respect which is often underminded by selfish people who feel these events are their right to "lay low" or "sit back and let others do the work. Wrong. respect earns respect. I do not know how many years this educated family man has attended these gatherings only to see disgraceful behavior from our membership. Let me be clear, it is not acceptable in any religion, culture of social public setting and sets a deplorable standard.

I practice all aspects of this religion including Ramadan despite my growing intense frustration with the people and its dogma, which is perceived as a mechanism to control oppress/suppress the masses - like all other religions. Please tell me, this Canadian is wrong when he sees Muslim sisters hording food like pack rats at dinners to quickly go to their vehicles and return for more food when people in the lineups are yet to be served, is that classy? How about brothers and sisters sitting on the backsides during these food functions while their kids run amuck and make messes in the masjid while they gossip for hours? Guess it is acceptable for many to chow down and lazily never help out serving food to the masses or cleaning up after themselves to show they have the brains to help out! Sorry to say, these bad behaviors are rampant in all lands and it is pathetically embarrassing.

A long time community volunteer, my family always rolls up their sleeves to help out in these functions as a few others but time and time again, most are ignorant to their community responsibilities and use these functions to horde food or be gluttons. With my own observant eyes, I have seen strange brothers and sisters from other mosques descend upon our small community and put extra strain on our food sources while most of them visit without bringing anything to help out or just feed their faces and take off and throughout the year, these people are not seen in our mosque. I hardly think that is neither respectful or fair just as much as Muslims from other mosques coming to stir up trouble within our political structure that is not their affairs. Its like Oregon Walmart, for example, arriving at a Detroit, Michigan Starbucks to get involved in their headship governance - get my point!

Simply put, its not their business as much as our community members have no business in the affairs of another local mosque. Case closed but often transient troublemakers do not know limits or boundaries. I recall a sad truth that, during Eid prayers I prayed in coffee and tea spillage in the mosque that was attributed to some ethnic culture kids whose parents show no parental guidance or control over their kids. No excuses, the ground beneath my feet and others should be clean not soiled by messes spawned by unruly children who run rampant in the mosque without control, who is to blame - many! Whats the point to get cleaned up with your fine suits and look nice to celebrate Eid after having to walk through a pig's stye mess (not insulting comment).

What would an innocent bystander, a guest of the mosque, a politician, cop or religious leader from another faith say with these hardcore truths? Somehow their opinion would be predictable and before turning to Islam (I often regret it) this man has been in other religious settings to see a organized respectful culture, responsible parenting and contributions that sours our backward practices. If anyone is offended by my truths, let them face Allah as they are cowards to deny the facts.

What other religion, dare I ask, would want to imprison or kill someone if they wanted to leave the religion - is that god's way? Those who act like barbarians, sorry to say, have no brains as if someone wants to leave the religion they should do it without fear for their safety or lives - yet a well documented case happened a few years ago when some loose nutcases wanted to kill a person because they were fed up with the religion which I can understand. Do the Christians, Catholics or Jews do this outrageous nonsense? No! Why Muslims? So fear and intimidation often rules people to suppress and oppress their rights, this is wrong just as much as the cowardly acts of wild savages doing terrorist acts that gives us all a black eye and mistrust in the global arena. Shame on us, we have a long way to go and it is hard to convert non believers (kaffers) when we have widespread misbehaving and ignorances because of indifferent religious sects and cultural clashes thinking they "know it all" and I rather talk to a convert who searches for the truth with open minds than a born muslim whose mind is clouded by arrogance or entitlement.

Call me negative, but don't call me a liar as we all face the judgement day. There are Muslims with incredible wealth who spend money like fools to get wrapped into consumerism while ignoring the needy in their community. Nowhere is this more prevalent than oil rich nations. I visited UAE in 2004 and saw disgusting wealth and egomaniacs dressed in Arab attire and most were Muslims including the pompous royal family who act like the sleazy trash Kardashians. I recall desperately seeking a public toilet in a foreign worker section of the city and nearly had an embarrassing situation after going to 7 different shops until I found a disgusting toilet that made me cringe. Yet, the oil rich royal family and other silver spooned UAE people have incredible wealth while they commit inhuman human rights crimes against foreign workers who break their backs for these rich Arabs. Ironically, many will pray and practice Ramadan, etc. but turn a blind eye to others in need or ignore other human rights to be treated with dignity and respect. These oil rich lands have been criticized publicly and in the social media for putting foreign workers in squalid chambers similar to fish packed in a box, it is indefensible and shameful. Yet many of these rich UAE and Saudi Arabians, etc. care less with their new found fortunes and yet claim to practice the religion - wow! It surely inspires people to see them with a respectful light.

Am I ranting and raving or defaming a religion, no! The difference is the truth but many Muslims rather hide their shame than face it to make it better for all, sheer ignorance. This born Canadian could write a best selling novel into the shame within our global community and believe me, other people who practice their religions also have both good and bad stories to share. We have women, including mine, who do not give their husbands sexual rights and yet, it is a topic in the Quaran. Marriage is an institution that should be based on mutual respect, team work, love and sexual practices. Its like a flower it takes love and attention to nurture it to good health. I am shocked to say I have seen the ugly side of the religion and those who practice it - Arab men often cheat on their spouses, women mistreat husbands, children see their parents or adults arguing or disrespecting each other and yet yap about the religion in their lectures or lifestyle practices. We have a saying, walk the walk and talk the talk or shut up! Islam is not about wearing the hijabb, Ramadan, prayers, etc. it is a way of life and a road map promising a better end.

Countless abuse it and its practicing foundation. Why should someone be killed, tortured, jailed or maimed for burning the Qu'aran or the bible? Yes, it is wrong and a sin but two wrongs never made a right and if we believe in the herarafter, why not leave it to a higher authority? When neanderthals kill another in this manner, they show us to be savage animals not civilized people. I am not condoning these acts but to merely point out it is a matter for the government or law not laypersons to act as vigilantes no matter their state of mind. It is also a joke that, some royal families consume alcohol (Saudi family members) and have the audacity to kill another for such crime, proven case in Saudi Arabia. Is that right to kill another but shield the guilty royal prince from death or jail? NO!

I laugh when this person recollects many personal stories that are unfathomable to believe. A convert, I have helped out countless hours and days in my place of worship and seen uncaring Muslim brothers and sisters lazily walk by while I am sweating like crazy or another elder while we do the work. Are these Muslims too good to help out and they lack shame or a volunteer spirit? Yet, they are rarely seen to help clean the mosque or help with dinners, etc. but when free food is offered - they are there in a heart beat! You want me to be proud as a Muslim, give me a reason why? My phone rings off the hook as Muslims ask for help or my opinion as a convert white Canadian and often they are unavailable when I need help or do not give a damn except when it serves their purpose. After years of abuse, I now turn a deaf ear - like so many of them. We have needy people desperately looking for work, elderly sick people, poor leadership, ineffective conflict resolution for marriage discourse, many preventable divorces, shameful children behavior and disrespect from countries like Afghanistan, Libya and others that have no excuses. A mosque is a place to showcase your beliefs, an open door to outsiders, a place of worship and people use it as a garbage can where bad kids of different cultures throw garbage on the floor despite many litter cans in its location, do they do this stuff at home too? Our child helps out, is respected and well liked by all as a role model for others but many do not want to learn. This is Canada, like other countries, respect the land and its people. Show Islam in a positive light instead of unruly behavior.

I have Iraqi friends that I personally detest and they live less than 20 minutes from my home, yet when they want something these rich people snap their arrogant fingers and yet months could pass by and you never hear from them until they want something. Fact, a lot of Arabs (not racism) like others use people and then throw them out like trash. When you come to our home, our door is open with one condition - you respect us and we unconditionally respect you. If not, there is the way out! I have even seen demonic so-called Muslims put a knife in your back with a un-islamic lie trying to get leverage over her estranged husband and this woman (evil) claims to follow the religion and was once a friend? It shocks me to say I have personally seen Muslims drink alcohol in front of me and then act like it was acceptable. Two faced, many are, but also there are good ones that tell the truth and see these flaws. We are a dysfunctional religion that is polarized by different faiths within, how dare a Muslim Imam or Sheikh condemn another faith like Shite to be misguided, its one holy book, one religion, one Quaran. How dare we criticize another for practicing a different faith within, a Shite brother or Sunni or B'hai is still a Muslim. You do not see religious wars between the Christians faith or others except in old days of ignorance.

We should be united in every mosque to fight poverty within, help the needy, maintain social order and dignity within disputes, prevent divorces, visit the sick and elderly, guide those newcomers to Islam with good role models, share wealth, help the jobless find suitable work, take charge and responsibilities in your place of worship and respect each other. I once sat on the management committee and my views were treated like a distant echo and yet. my education and background far exceeds most. I have seen indescribable clashes within internal meetings that are fueled by foul language, anger, childish behavior, power struggles, disrespect and shame - should I be proud of my community or religion? Give me the tools to tell someone the positive aspects of this way of life. I see more problems that benefits including the repulsive profanities I weathered by our Imam long ago. Do you think we are good role models for our children when some commit crimes including tax evasion by accepting lots of money for services unreported to Revenue Canada for dental work done inside their mansion home, first hand knowledge. I read the Quaran 2x and must have missed it.

Maybe I am an old man weathered by abuses at the hands of others but I see two-faced people of all walks in our religion and yet we claim to be the right one. Where is our shame, where is our effort to restore order and structure? Like terrorism and commercial greed, there are no excuses. What kind of role models are we when our rich horde money instead of helping others, the greedy grabbing food when others have not eaten, showing up chronically late without shame to frustrate quality people you call friends and we use the term, "inshalla" which is often misused as an excuse to take our time if it suits our personal needs or to procrastinate. Like a sexless marriage full of verbal abuse, there are no excuses in the absence of applied intelligence.

This caucasian man hates those cowardly spineless Arab men from our religion who can place their sperms in a woman and yet, drop their pregnant wives off in another country to lie to immigration people and take off for home to make money while they expect family members (such as my case) to babysit their wife until the child is born and then come like a storybook hero to pick up the baby. I saw this animalistic spineless behavior from a relative in the Middle East who I despise. The idiot donkey lied to us, lied to government to have a passport baby and literally dumped his excrement on my home while he avoided his husbandry duties, this man is a cheat liar in my eyes and I have no love or respect for him or his wife who are unfortunately family but people of low class and subhuman characters. When our child was born, like so many billions of others, I was there all the way including the delivery, not my gutless relative who is an unfit husband and father in disgracing so many good fathers of all religions and cultures. Maybe we are in a bad bunch but there are no excuses. Like the Masonic lodge, Muslims call you when they want something and as soon as they get it they're often long gone and care less to make contact to see if you are alive or dead, truth. Not all are the same but many fit the label.

Should I rejoice over this religion or way of life, no I want to hang my head in disgust. Whether Iraqi, Libyan, Jordanian or others, start in your homes to clean up your act. Teach your children to be responsible guardians of earth and respectful citizens of tomorrow to abscond the many negative social issues of western cultures: drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, crime, etc. If we stop using the religion as a control mechanism and start using it as a GPS beacon it will be better for all including the outdated archaic use of Shariah law that is bullying tactics in many minds. We need to clean up our acts, distance ourselves from bad conduct and show our faith in a good light. My wife has more freedoms than I because of liberal open mindedness while other insecure Muslim men dominate their spouses instead of showing them equality and mutual respect. Women, I am sorry to say, have a backward mentality towards marriage sex like it is purely for procreation, wrong! That is why, years ago Phillipine Muslim women banded together in the social media to bring to light a growing problem with men's infidelity. No excuses but it takes too hands to clap. If you are fed a buffet at home, why do you need to look elsewhere or fool around?

Men, treat your wives like your equal for without them we would not have a future generation to pass on our family name or legacy or theirs. North American values have diminished significantly, why because morally bankrupt clowns in political offices let it happen with blinders on. The result, a crime spree nation with social problems including the deterioration of the institution of the family and many divorces with dysfunctional kids because of a lack of parenting and this leads to problems like gangs, etc.

We need to protect our image instead of being typecasted as terrorists or untrustworthy people despite it being the fastest growing religion. Education and open mindedness goes along way....we do not need endless black clouds over the horizon. Talk to your mosque committee, open dialogues, respect others, be good citizens of your land and nurture our children with good values. Do I wish I never converted, 80%of the time as I see things that are unacceptable and makes me polarized from trusting Muslims or wanting to be their friends as it is often one-sided. Enough, shame on us all. For those who are offended by my undaunting truths, wake up and smell the coffee. For those within who agree, you champion the good and pass it on....this educated person doesn't know all the answers but at least, like other converts, we are trying and there is no aspiration or avocation to be a religious leader as many are hypocrites including those who advocate violence, terrorism, hatred and community disorganization that is a detriment to us all. Look in the mirror, see the truth instead of smokescreens and once again, humanity is not without its scars or dirty secrets. We are all sinners and some never stop despite propagating the Quaran.

My experiences of being a Muslim is hardly favorable or gives me the foundation to sway others. I would be a dead man targeted by nutcases if my identity was known or if I wanted to quit this religion - nice to know there is a bullet in the chamber of the gun to my head and others, unlike most world religions that have freedoms and rights. Will Allah judge me, probably but also many of you who claim to follow this religion that is bent on mind control and disarray. Ironically my father did not know Islam and did not convert when he died in the 1980's as Islam was unknown in North America. According to scholars and Imams or laypersons, he is deemed a kaffer and due to burn in hell.

Let me be explictedly clear, he was a noble ex-cop and extremely well liked and community orientated and you condemn him and others for not converting like we are the privileged class in humanity, shame. What happened to a merciful god, surely he would not condone terrorism, lies, vile conduct, etc. Give me a break!


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