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....because it was fed to me then it must be true..... duh

Reader comment on item: Canada's Muslims, Not of One Mind
in response to reader comment: Infidel points answered

Submitted by the Grand Infidel of Kaffiristan (Australia), Nov 10, 2011 at 01:38

Mr Slayhy, ever unwilling to admit to being mistaken, writes:

"...I already sent you who should own the land, but now lets see what other ...."

You are talking about the other post littered with historical inaccuracies which details an arab view of history of Israel??

"......that came out of your mouth, Mr. Indifel (you are very proud to call yourself indifel, you will pround in the hereafter when Hell fire engulf you) "

heaven and hell are here and now - but as you've traded direct knowledge for your 7th century Islamic beliefs - you'll never realise that.

1. You say and I quote "what grounds the muslims claimed a city which belonged to another ethnic" I ...... Jerusalem is sacred place to the Muslims and every Muslim is ordered to make pelgrimage to it, praying towards Jerusalme was ordered by God for 18 months at the beginning of Islam,

Garbage. "God' ordered nothing. Mo did. Did God order the Vikings in Sweden living at the same time to do face Jerusalem? The Anglo-Saxons? The religious Celts in Ireland? People alive in central and Eastern Europe?

".....Muslims when praying they used to face Jerusalem. Jerusalem was not for the Jews,"

Muslims are highly skilled in circular arguments based on the Koran .So if all Australians face the UAE and pray towards it - that somehow would give them some right of ownership of the UAE?

it was ruled by the Romans and it was handed over to the Muslims without a single bloodshed ( handedover peacefully) by the Request of the governer. (read history do not imitate)'..."

Good advice Mr Slayhy - read history: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Jerusalem

2. You say and I quote "Perhaps he can explain where in the koran it says that islam has any right to jerusalem" Perhaps you can explain what right has Jews to the city of Jerusalem, is it mentioned there in the Torah? did Moses say anything about Jerusalem?

Typical, Mr. Slayhy has not answered my question. Seeing that Jerusalem and Judaea was regarded as 'Jewish' by the Romans 2,000 years ago and the First Temple was built there by King Solomon nearly 1000 years before that - we can safely say the Jews have a far greater historical connection there than do the nomadic arabs.

3. you say and I quote "the pathetic fable of the 'night flight' to the 'furthest mosque' " That pathetic journey as you infidel say, is authinticated thorout history and even the unbeliever could not deny it,

More garbage. Where - apart from the islamic 'scriptures' (fables) - has the 'night journey' been authenticated??? In which history? Which scientists (archaeo-biologists) have verified it. What genus does it belong to? Where does it fit in the fossil record? Where are the fossils to be found? What did the Burak eat? Where was it before the 'night journey'?

'but they said he was a sorceror, and since you are an infidell who do not believe in God, there is no point in explaining this to you.'

I sense a bit of an air of exclusivity here.... I see - only 'special' people like Mr. Slayhy can get to trade in common sense and believe nonsense for fact.

4. you say and I quote "a winged horse with the face of a woman and the tail of a peacock" seems your sources are those which attack Islam vigorously, that is why I could not open any of the website you sent, they are blocked in here not to distract our mind from the truth.

So the 'progressive' UAE government actually blocks web traffic to websites that describes Buraks? OK, so that impenetrable bubble I suspected Mr Slayhy lives in, in a previous post previous post is going to be very hard to burst. And I'm sorry to bust Mr Slayhy's bubble - but pointing out that Buraks actually do not and never have existed should not distract him from the 'truth' - as that is the truth.

- the explanation you gave as winged horses with woman tail, what are these stupid sources you ar referring to (They for sure mocking site, not islamic) - first time I hear of such description. That creature is call Al-Buraq and it is a heavenly creaute, what you know -an infidel like you ,

If , by 'heavenly', you mean fabulous (of or connected with fables, fictional ) - or mythical then I will agree with you. "Then he [Gabriel] brought the Buraq, handsome-faced and bridled, a tall, white beast, bigger than the donkey but smaller than the mule. He could place his hooves at the farthest boundary of his gaze. He had long ears. Whenever he faced a mountain his hind legs would extend, and whenever he went downhill his front legs would extend. He had two wings on his thighs which lent strength to his legs. He bucked when Muhammad came to mount him. The angelJibril (Gabriel) put his hand on his mane and said: "Are you not ashamed, O Buraq? By Allah, no-one has ridden you in all creation more dear to Allah than he is." Hearing this he was so ashamed that he sweated until he became soaked, and he stood still so that the Prophet mounted him."

So apart from inherently unverifiable Islamic scrtiptures - where is any evidence of this creature found?

5. You say and I quote: "that the 'furthest mosque' is clearly named as being Jerusalem. As I said in the previous comment, and since you are infidel who does not believe in God and to that matter in Muhammad, then what is the point in telling you that since Muhammad said it is Jerusalem, then it is Jerusalem .

Again - Mr Slayhy seems unable to make a distinction between what he believes (i.e. what he has been fed, his muslim cultural conditioning etc) and what he actually knows. There is no way easy way to get that through to him unfortunately. Ignorance is by definition - ignorant.

"....according to Islam, the Night Journey took place 12 years after Muhammad became a prophet, during the 7th century. Muhammad had been in his home city of Mecca, at his cousin's home (the house of Ummu Hani' binti Abu Thalib) in Isha'a prayer. Afterwards, Muhammad went to the Masjid al-Haram. While he was resting at the Kaaba, the angel Jibril (Gabriel) appeared to him followed by the Buraq. Muhammad mounted the beast, and in the company of Gabriel, they traveled to the "farthest mosque". The location of this mosque was not explicitly stated, but is generally accepted to mean Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount) in Jerusalem."

see - The location of this mosque was not explicitly stated.

"..Muahmmad said also, there will people of my Nation (Muslims) who will fight the Jews until the End of times - a prophecy - a true prophecy - we still our eyes like lions and tigers waiting to jumb."

And if this venerable killer of jews and 53 year old husband of a nine year old had not said that - there would be no self-fulfilling prophecy for Mr Slayhy and other muslims to slavishly quote - or indeed act on, would there?

6. you say and I quote: "explained why the 'angel Gabriel' had such a creature" . You are infidel , what do you care to know about that.

Again - Mr Slayhy does not answer a simple question. I care about the truth of the answer.

"....7. you say and I quote:"how such a winged horse and its rider can fly from Medina to Jerusalem" seems to me you are ignorant person - "

So far all Mr Slayhy does is make veiled or overt insults - yet continually fail to answer simple questions

".....did you know what people thought of TV when ever it was invented, or Radio or Electricity - they used to call Electricity the Devil."

Sounds like a cultural proiection by Mr. Slayhy - that may well be true for people from the UAE. I understand that people even today in the 21st century get arrested and even beheaded for sorcery in Mr Slayhy's neighbouring country - Saudi Arabia.

TV was invented by an infidel American named Philo Farnsworth. . It was a product of scientific research and an inventive mind. Same with the invention of radio by another infidel - Gulglielmo Marconi. Neither Americans nor Italians (nor Canadians nor any other Westerners) thought that TV or radio was associated with the 'devil'.

"......Seems you are going to go straight down to Hell over Al-Buraq..."

Now if Mr Slayhy had written 'you are going straight to hell ON an al-Burak' - I'd have been intrigued!

Without getting too bogged down in the quagmire of muslim psychology - I wonder why it seems to Mr Slayhy that anyone is 'going to go straight down to Hell' because they prefer to use common sense in interpreting the world rather than buying into untestable , unproveable 7th century arab-centric fables?


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