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Reader comment on item: Canada's Muslims, Not of One Mind
in response to reader comment: False accusations - as usual - Typical

Submitted by the Grand Infidel of Kaffiristan (Australia), Nov 19, 2011 at 05:21

Mr Slayhy from the UAE , not liking to hear negative reports about his fellow ... members, writes :

"Excuse me, I meant the Christians in general, because Many Christians are throwing stones at Islam and Muhammad without knowing the truth."

Does Mr. Slayhy mean many Christians (and Buddhists and Hindus and others) are quite rightly speaking out against the persecution BY muslims in so many countries around the world? And others in Western countries (who may be of ANY religion or none) complain about the islamic mindset that in muslim countries keeps women in repression, kills gays and kills muslim apostates. The same mindset that in western countries creates a continuous whining from muslims for new rights and accommodations for muslims (alone). It's not endemic to the Grand Infidel's country - but found all throughout the western world. Has Mr Slayhy ever wondered why?

'....They are MANY Christian groups who held arms against the Muslims. Such as the Crusades..."

Seeing Mr Slayhy drags up events so far in the past - one wonders why he stops there. In the spirit of fairness why does he not mention the muslim invasion off North Africa - or the muslim invasion of India?

'...Anyhow the point is not how many Christians are holding arms because they are minorities in Muslim countries,...'

Why is that not a point? Why do they feel so unsafe that they feel they have a need to be armed?

"but if you look at the Coptics in Egypt who are minority, they are stirring hell of problems to the Muslims and the Government. Blowing Mosques, but the great infidel on Earth does not receive such information..."

Verily, the Grand Infidel has access to all sorts of devilish Infidel wizardry - satellite TV (including al Jazeera, CNN, NBC, BBC) - and unfettered access to the internet - his Great Satan government offers no restriction to the types of websites he and other Infidels can visit - except of course sites that promote terrorism or promote the sexual exploitation of nine year old girls and filth of that sort. So - the Grand Infidel receives information of all sorts from everywhere. Over the years he has noticed a surprising trend - a common denominator in the religious beliefs of 99% of terrorists acts worldwide. In investigating this phenomena he has found that the 'scriptures' of this unnamed fascist ideology have time and again been quoted as justification for any amount of bloodshed.

"....But in the world there are many Christian terrorist groups and organizations who are holding arms, now and before...."

The Grand Infidel can make the statement that he went out into the Australian desert last week and found what he first thought was an Al Burak sipping at a water hole - surrounded by a group of feral camels. He could then say he realised it was not an al Burak at all - but a Unicorn.

Of course any sane person would want PROOF for such a nonsensical claim. In the same way - sane readers expect PROOF for claims that Mr Slayhy makes. None have been forthcoming. So far only opinions and rehashing of Mr Slayhy's most cherished beliefs.

"...The major source of these terrorist groups is the US bandits in the sequence of Governments killing everyone on this Earth."

To equate the US armed forces with a 'Christian' terrorist group really just shows how easy it must be to develop a delusional world view in the UAE. The US Armed forces are not "going around killing everyone on earth". The US armed forces are an instrument of the US Government. The US government is not 'Christian'. There are Christians serving in the US Armed Forces. There are also Jews, Sikhs , Buddhists , atheists and even Muslims serving in the US Armed forces. There are also millions of muslims who are citizens of the United states.

"Most mischief is coming from the Jews and Christians; Muslims such as in Palestine are defending themselves, their rights. Can you tell me who created these problems and forces the Muslims to hold arms, it is you (The west). "

Playing the whining victim card is not going to get Mr Slayhy or any muslims any sympathy. Who forces Hamas to fire rockets into Israeli kindergartens? Who forces Muslims to use terrorism in southern Russia (and elsewhere in Russia such as theatres, airports and main railway arteries and elsewhere ) to fight against the Russian government to create their muslim enclave?

"Who made Usama bin Laden, it is you (The West). In other words the Christians. Their doctrine which is twisted teaches them to do so."

If it was not for the Koran and the ubiquitous passages devoted to 'fight9ng for allah etc that Bin Laden quoted - he would not have been able to con his mostly uneducated followers into their deadly and ultimately futile activities.

"...Jesus Christ is a Great Prophet who God sent him to the Children of Israel. A great prophet of ours, we love him more than you do."

For Mr Slayhy to make such a statement he would have to be able to quantify the facts - clearly he cannot.It is amazing how many claims his 'me too' religion makes.

Jesus told his people that he has to go to allow the Counselor, the Paraclete, the Comforter to come (That is Muhammad). Moses told his people that to follow him who will come with the word of God. God will put the words in his mouth (That is Muhammad). He will speak to his people as if God is speaking to the people (That is Muhammad). His name is mentioned in Solomon songs 5:16 – in Hebrew it is pronounced Muhammad

"Jesus is a Muslim like all prophets of God, they are all Muslims, and Islam was the first religion on earth with Adam."

Oh the silly 'everyone is a muslim' semantic game. Without having recited the fiction of the 'shahada' how can anyone other than a muslim be a muslim? How can the billions of people who think Mohammed was a bad joke - be followers of Mohammed? Does Mr Slayhy not realise that everyone is a Buddhist? That everyone has Buddha nature shining at the core of their being? Having never had the chance to explore other religions and philosophies (partly because of severe social pressure and partly because delusional thinking has Mr Slayhy believing he already has the 'supreme religion'), Mr Slayhy would have no clue about 'Buddha nature'. In fact it is highly likely Mr Slayhy has only the faintest idea of the very foreign concepts of Samadhi, nirvana, enlightenment , the 'kingdom of heaven within' etc.

"You say you are Christians referring to Christ, but this name was not given to you by Jesus it was you who called yourselves Christians after him.

'Christos' is simply a Greek word meaning anointed'. His surname was not 'Christ'.

".....He is a Muslim and I probably know about Jesus and his Mother more than you do."

Yes, yes, of course you do Mr Slayhy. Just like you know everything about al Burak , what it ate, where it is now, how it could fly at hypersonic speeds and tolerate unimaginable G-forces and air friction enough to melt tungsten..

"..Did you know that Jesus spoke to the people while in the cradle, .........., she pointed at him (Jesus) they said how we can talk to a baby who is in the cradle, Then he spoke to them, they were shocked"

And Mr Slayhy knows this how? (Not just believes it but KNOWS ) . Was his source the same that gives us Al Burak?

"If Jesus is God because he has no flesh father, then Adam is greater God than him because he was created from no father and no mother."

Your argument is based on false premises (say what?) Christians do not believe that Christ was a divine being because of the belief he had no human father. It is possible now to develop human fetuses without the need for male sex cells. Does that mean that any child born through such a method could be considered 'God'?. Clearly not.

"Jesus did not have time to make wars..." Lucky for us eh? Instead he did have time to make speeches like this..."

"....Muhammad put up with persecutions against him and the Muslims 13 years without making a single war or battle, when he left Makkah after 13 years, God gave him the authority to retaliate against his people and the Jews.."

Right - so until he had built up numbers where he felt he had a decided advantage against people who were sick of his antics - he had no choice but to appear to tolerate them, no doubt all the while building massive resentment against those who insulted his ego. Simple rat cunning.

"...Your questions about slaves and other things are false "

Not false at all.

".... according to your Bible, God ordered the children of Israel to enter every village in the Holy Land and kill every man and every woman who slept with a man and leave virgin women for themselves, they destroyed the whole village like savage people."

Chapter , verse? And even if true - so what? It would have been in the Old Testament - the book the Christians share with the Jews - and that is not what Christianity is about.

" In another verse, they did not even spare the children.'Well what you have to say about that?!"

If it happened , it happened. Everyone knows the Middle East has always had a bloody history and a low regard for human life.


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