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Here are some 'credible' most authenticated references of islam .. judge for yourselves

Reader comment on item: Spreading Islam in American Public Schools
in response to reader comment: Education Combats Ignorance

Submitted by sure enough observer (Egypt), Jun 22, 2008 at 13:53

Wow.. a Moslem finally says: Education combats Ignorance.. how smart.. he thinks he invented something new.. what about knowledge?

How many of you Moslems who defend the gang of Islam have actually studied your Islam ? What credible sources did you study? What sources of Islam you can call ‘credible', including your Koran ? how come you call your Koran Holy, while it is HOLEY? Did you have the chance to read – just read – your Koran ...? how dare you call it credible after that ? how dare you call it holy after that ? I will sure give you some examples from you credible and holy Koran for you judge it before opening your ‘nice mouth' to defend it, if you dare to.

The media exhibits what is there in your Koran –... and I am going to prove it right now, right here.

As for us Christians, yes, are very much proud of being Christians followers of Jesus Christ, the Lord and the Savior. Our objective is to fight Satan in all forms and all shapes. Followers of Islam ... have been trying their best to spread their teachings around the world and it is the time for every still closed eye to see the facts as they based on the references of islam if they can call it ‘credible'.

On of the major issues you will find from any Moslem defending islam is he/she will never be objective .. he/she will always try to divert your attention away from discussing what is stipulated in the rotten book called ‘koran', and turns the discussion into a personal issue .. Have you all noticed how this person never answered any of the issues raised but claiming that we didn't read credible references ?? ok now is the time for some so called credible references:


Mohamed the alleged prophet of Islam

Muhammad as per many Ahadeeth & verses of Quran, reveal him as any angry, ruthless, unforgiving, deceitful, and impious man. Acts like looting merchant caravans, killing those who decide to have their own faith and not follow him, cursing his enemies, treating women as second class citizens and calling them deficient in intelligence, assassinating cowardly his opponents like a common gangster, and many more acts like these are not precisely spiritual characteristics in many man that you seek to follow, they are very far from the deeds of an 'honored' as the Moslems used to claim:

Mohamed the wanderer
Mohamed of islam didn't know the straight path as per the Koran 1:6 and asks his allah to show him the way of the Jews and the Christians 1:7

Mohamed the criminal
Mohamed, as per Koran, was a criminal .. they interpreted the Arabic word ‘crimes' into ‘sins' .. read for yourselves 34:25 .. Moslems didn't read their Koran

Mohamed, the enemy of the people of the book (the Jews & Christians):
[5-51] O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors; they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. (which means whoever takes the people of the book for friends will be treated as they are treated. i.e. : whoever can be civilized enough, will not be considered as a ‘real Moslem' in the eyes of the Islamic community and Islamic sharia law. How nice ‘credible' Koran.. hahaha

Mohamed, the liar
Koran 45:16 And indeed We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture, and the understanding of the Scripture and its laws, and the Prophet hood; and provided them with good things, and preferred them above the 'Alamîn (mankind and jinns) (of their time, during that period) Al Jathiya 45:16

Muhammad said, "Lying (taqiya) is wrong, EXCEPT in three things: the lie of a man to his wife to make her content with him; a LIE TO AN ENEMY, FOR WAR IS DECEPTION; or a lie to settle trouble between people" (Ahmad, 6.459).

Mohamed the Head of the Mafia Group:
whoever rejects Islam or quits Islam, kill him. Saheeh bukhary 2794 al bakarra 2:217 and al maeda 5:54 Moslems are trapped in the rottenness of Islam.

Mohamed, said: the people accepted Islam for fear of the sword

mohamed , the rotten, said: I have been sent by the sword and my living is based on the edge of it

Mohamed, the trash, said: I have been made victorious by terror and the booty became mine... a gangster Mohamed was ..

The filthy ‘merciful prophet' cutted the hands and the legs and nailed the eyes with nails

Mohamed, the terrorist
Mohamed tied the right leg of an 84 year old woman (Om Kerffa) in one camel and the left leg in another camel and made the two camels run in opposite directions to cut the 84 years old lady who wrote some poetry which he didn't like.. after killing her in such most torturing way, he cutted her head and fixed it on a javelin to increase the degree of horror.

http://www.amcoptic.com/n2007/mohamad-keller.htm watch Bill Keller about Islam, Mohamed and the Koran

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF33pcljDRU watch Bill Keller about Islam, Mohamed and the Koran

Mohamed, the killer
http://www.muslimhope.com/JamesArlandson/MuhammadsCriticsAndTheirDeaths.htm Mohamed's critics & their deaths

Mohamed, the incredible 'prophet' and his teachings
http://www.domini.org/lam/statusteaching.htm Incredible Teachings of Mohammad and the Qur'an and the status of women. Words of an ex moslem

http://quran.al-islam.com/Targama/DispTargam.asp?nType=1&nSeg=0&l=arb&nSora=5&nAya=101&t=eng "ask not questions about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble".. Mohamed and his Allah want to hide the rottenness of Islam, koran 5:101

Those were the ‘credible' references said about Mohamed, do you like to read about your Allah?? Here are some that am sure will make you happy about your ‘credible' books the teachings of which are prevailing since the days of your Mohamed till today's date :

http://quran.al-islam.com/Targama/dispTargam.asp?l=arb&t=eng&nType=1&nSora=5&nAya=64 Allah says: We have placed enmity and hatred

http://quran.al-islam.com/Targama/dispTargam.asp?l=arb&t=eng&nType=1&nSora=5&nAya=91 the Satan excites enmity and hatred

http://mikeblume.com/moongod.htm Allah - the Moon God

http://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/skm30804.htm Allah The Moon God of Ancient Arab Pagan

http://www.muslimhope.com/DeceptionInIslam.htm Deception in Islam... and Allah, the best deceiver ..whoever follows a deceiver is a deceiver..

http://answering-islam.org/BehindVeil/btv10.html The Abrogating and Abrogated Qur'anic Verses = superceeding and superceeded (nasekh & mansookh) verses... Allah changes his mind, forgets, abrogats etc.. playing hide and seek with Moslems.

Qu'ran tells to kill Jews and Christian see these verses SURAH: 9:5 - 2:191 - 2:193 - 3:118 - 4:75,76 - 5:84 - 4:104 -5:33 - 5:51 - 5:57-5:80,81 - 8:12- 8:13 - 8:14 - 8:50 -8:65 - 9:23 - 9:38,39- 9:42-9:49-9:73-9:123-21:109-21:52-27:6

Saheeh Muslim:C9B1N33 "The Prophet said: ‘I have been commanded to go kiling the people till they testify there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and they establish prostration prayer, and pay Zakat. If they do it, their blood and property are protected.'"

Koran (el noor 24:31) "say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments ,except to their husbands, ....,or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess" the moslem woman treats her 'women' and right hand possessions (male gardeners, cooks, drivers ..etc )the same way as they treat their husbands ?? !!!!

http://quran.al-islam.com/Targama/DispTargam.asp?nType=2&nSora=24&nAya=32&nSeg=10&l=arb&t=eng see how allah of islam urges the Moslems to force their girls into prostitution, although they mis leadingly interpreted the words your (girls) into your (slaves) 24:32

(Surah Al Anfal 8:60) "Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike TERROR into (the hearts of) the enemies of Alla and your enemies …" Terror is urged by the filthy Allah to be performed by the filthy Mohamed and his followers, the filthy Moslems, who are the members of the filthy mafia named Islam.

(Surah Al Baqara 2: 216) "Fighting is prescribed upon you …" that means muslims will keep fighting for the rest of their lives.

Mohamed claimed that his Allah told him to fight the ‘people of the Book' (Christians & Jews) in Surah Al Tawba (9:29) ‘Fight those who believe not in Alla and the Last Day … nor acknowledge the religion of truth (Islam) from among the People of the Book until they pay the Jizyah (tax) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued …'

Allah told Mohamed to kill whoever rejects Islam in Surah Al Baqara (2:193) ‘And fight them on until there is no tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Alla …'

Allah told Mohamed to kill his opponents in Surah Al baqarah (2:191) ‘And slay them wherever ye catch them …'

Now Mr. expert Moslem, can you give us more credible sources of Islam you think better than I mentioned here? You can try..


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