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Mark, with all respect...

Reader comment on item: Muslim Soldiers in the West, Criticized by their Communities
in response to reader comment: My Opinion

Submitted by sam (United Kingdom), Feb 21, 2007 at 21:01

Nah I was simply trying 2 give u an explanation & a very limited one about a subject u touched on & many do so regularly. I do waffle a lot so I tend to go off the point with most issues I discuss & by no means am I expert enough to talk about these subjects in full detail but there r some simple facts that I believe everyone should know & I do not like an unfair attitude. I respect Christianity and Judaism & I believe people who adopt true faith will always be a positive influence for society or family. That said u have actually not taken into account the fact that there are no 'Islamic' countries or nations in existence and there have not been countries using Islamic law for a very, very long time but u can try your best to name me one.

An Islamic country would mean NO royal family such as that of Saudi Arabia or the Gulf, in fact it is not Islamic law 2 be born in2 status so with that u can also rule out Morocco, Brunei as well as those with permanent presidents; Egypt (America's friend), Libya, Syria, Pakistan (America's friend), the late Iraq & all the others u can think of. Most countries with high Muslim populations are in fact capitalist states. If u understands Islam then u should also understand that Islam and capitalism don't go; Islam and communism also don't go...it would lead to contradictions in society as they r separate laws which don't & won't meet. Afghanistan u might say? Well no it's not and never was Islamic...religion even if it is Islam can never ever be forced, and a woman can not be prevented from education or work under any Islamic law, and it's unlawful to be cut off from the world whereby you select trade depending on the source. There's no bias in honest Islamic ruling…etc

Whoever was it that said that being Muslim means u always follow the path of Islam? Islam is the first religion & probably the only religion which states and very clearly that Muslims who stray will be punished. That alone should be significant in telling u that not all Muslims are Islamic. Muslim does not represent Islam; I was doing a survey once a long time ago about religions in my school (maths assignment), and I casually asked a girl wearing a crucifix what religion she belonged 2 in which she replied 'I don't believe in god' (it's become a more common sight). I wouldn't dare judge a Christian/ Christianity based on that because I know that the only thing that represents Christianity is the original Bible...not a girl, nor a publishing company, nor a newspaper & if you think that 1 Malaysian newspaper is convenient to formulate an opinion about Islam then imagine if I distributed the likes of Murdoch's newspapers in the Middle-East; do u think that would be an appropriate reflection of Christians for them? Mind you we already have a significant Christian population who actually follow the religion.

Back 2 the point...it is not really a concern what Muslims do...Muslims do wrong, I do wrong and we're aware that we as Muslims sin. That's the point of life isn't it? If we were all perfect, then what's the point of creating us on earth...we'd all be in heaven by now! Facts around the globe are many plenty but if facts of certain people's actions are what will dictate your view on Islam then it's your loss, not 4 not following Islam but simply for being yet another judgemental westerner who would rather settle in the belief of falsities.

Regarding ‘your opinion' I think you should be a bit more respectable simply because nothing you have said is true. I've never actually heard Muslims being disrespectful towards Christianity but what I have heard is Christians using the same old tired lines (2 or 3 to be precise) over and over again & I stress it's nothing against the faith, more about ignorance & laziness to read valid texts (websites have become far too easy & unfortunately many individuals will use it as opportunity 2 rumour & scandal; unfortunately again many will contribute & willingly believe without any ground 2 believe other than word of mouth). Our prophet was a beautiful man and in true history it has been recognised that he is the best example of a man who embodies humanity & kindness. So where did you get the ‘many wives' killed from (first time I ever heard anybody using that line)?

Do you honestly believe 2 billion people r that foolish or evil? And why would they be killed; do u have a reason 2 say that? Maybe u should try 2 understand why 2 billion follow his message rather than scandal him with distortion & maliciousness & unreasonable ill feeling. And if so why are Christians the greatest proportion from other faiths that are continuously converting/ reverting 2 Islam in droves?

For the umpteenth time Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him married Ayesha but left her with her parents until she was ready 2 commit to marriage. He did not touch her, did not live with her, there was no physical contact. She was left to live as she wanted 2 until she said ‘I want 2 go'. It's against Islam to force anyone into marriage and if a marriage does take place against a daughters will then it is considered illegitimate and therefore not actually a marriage (so not even a divorce has 2 take place).

In that time I am sure you r well aware that people used 2 get married at an earlier age as well as die at an earlier age. Marriages were of the norm in the East and in the west 2 take place from puberty. It is only unusual in modern society because people r leaving it so late, they r career minded, live longer etc.

I'm sorry but why else would God make puberty occur at the age it does? He could have made it so periods in females started at the age of 18 or 19 & never end. But periods begin at approximately 9 & end at approximately 45 (& getting pregnant becomes more difficult with age significantly after approx 35). If god has given women that span of time to be able to NATURALLY get pregnant then who r u to say it's wrong? For sure people r taking longer to mature Now and r not up 2 responsibility but u will also know that kids in the west would begin to work as young as 9, 10 not so long ago (remember industrialism- it was the last period that witnessed mature adolescents) etc. Life has changed & ‘kids' know that they can get away with more by being babied for longer. What is the west to say that a kid can have sex ay 16 but not at 15 or they can start at 15 but if they do at 14 then punishment looms (That's not even a law 2 take seriously it's a mockery of peoples different developing mentalities & it is pitiful).

To conclude, like it or not it is a fact of ‘proper' history that the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) never ever, ever killed anybody, let alone raised a hand on anyone. His last wife lived with him in true love and learnt a lot of the Hadith that Muslims read today & she details much of his life and actions and how he would wash and dress and eat and pray and so on so that we could emulate him & be true followers…the reasons she was young should be obvious (memory for one, strength of observation, fresh mind…). Otherwise we might have ended up like Christianity; having 1000's different versions one thing.

Anyway sorry 4 length & waffling again & any typos.


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