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I respond in disappointment to Faqi Hussein

Reader comment on item: Why Revoke Tariq Ramadan's U.S. Visa?

Submitted by Ramy Ramadan (United Kingdom), Aug 31, 2005 at 11:39

I respond in disappointment to the so called Faqi Hussein and his or her strong misguided anxious opinions.

I dumfounded that this person, a so called "European Muslim "would lose the plot and utter so negative unconstructive thoughts. I can only assume that this lost soul is affected and pressurised, as are all Western Muslims...by the marginalisation that we "Muslims" have faced in western society since 9/11, more so these days with recent unfortunate and ugly happenings in Britain. We are all (Muslim or non-Muslim) greatly influenced and pressured by the ongoing media onslaught that labels all followers of the Islamic Faith as "Muslims". It is no longer a faith, a religion, but a tag with many negative connotations that we followers of the faith, must all bare on our shoulders.

It is no matter that the majority of us are peaceful individuals of different races and societies, of different creeds, skin colours, identities and patterns of thought. Faqi Hussein's solution is that we must accept the label "Muslim" Shut-up, hide in the corner and disperse with shame. Keep quiet and accept what is said of all of us and not find any solutions to the problem...

Is this the solution he suggests for the misguided influenced youth, British sons and fathers who were so influenced by zealots to choose the Terrorist path to unbelievably kill themselves and innocent civilians - Is this how we tackle the problem, hide and wish the problem disappears and if we are lucky, is not repeated. Perhaps the CIA and James Bond will catch them all…

Rather than put forward solutions and support constructive initiatives, Faqi Hussein chooses to attack and denounce Tariq Ramadan with baseless moronic rantings. Has he read Tariq books /, heard his speeches? I doubt he knows anything about Tariq or cares to know. A baseless attack from an ignorant fool, perhaps alleviating some of the guilt he feels by being born a "Muslim"

Tariq Ramadan is indeed a voice that our youth of today so desperately need. His books and lectures are a fresh of breath air.

I was born in Europe and raised in the UK. I am British, but also a Muslim. For the majority of my life and until today, you could say I felt alien to my faith. I felt no relationship to so called Middle Eastern Scholars. Their anti-western words, the old Islam they preach, the so called primitive repetitive illogical doctrines they utter…it made no sense to my mind and heart. I can only assume that those fools who killed themselves were easily misguided and brainwashed with primitive mis-guided teachings, perfected over a 1000 years.

Tariq's writings helped me see a version of Islam, one that made sense to my European mind in this day and age. His book, "To be a European Muslim" discusses Islam in today's Europe . Rather than alienate ourselves it encourages that we find a way to express our thoughts, fight for our rights, pay our taxes and live our lives in peace , but to do so as Europeans and as humans first and as Muslims second

I applaud the UK government for taking this stance. Only in Britain would such a courageous, and forward thinking move take place to find a solution and not given to the tabloids. In the US, Holland, France.. in one swoop reaction to the media and public opinion.. they choose to erase laws , constitutions , pillars of liberty that they defended for so long to alienate "Muslims" in society, using the terrorist tag as the cover.

Followers of the Islamic Faith need a Modern Voice and forward thinking scholars. Tariq Ramadan is one if those voice and part of the solution.

Faqi Hussein isn't….


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