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What happens when a people takes back their own lives?

Reader comment on item: British Opinion Surveys from an Islamist Hell
in response to reader comment: Response to Lee Dickman

Submitted by Seamus Dafydd Dives MacNemi (United States), Sep 22, 2009 at 02:07

In my community there is a strong tradition of our independence from the outside world. We are for the most part self sufficient in our living and strongly community oriented. The emphasis in our communities is on social cooperation and communal responsibility. We don't have a religion such as many of you would understand. What we have is a way of living and being in the world that has a long tradition behind it. We keep ourselves apart from the rov and we have our own language customs and culture. We do not interfear with the lives of other people not do we seek to impose our beliefs and ideas upon other people. We do not beieve in the idea of conversion because as we see it conversion is only a political ploy used to satisfy those who hold political power.

It has absolutely nothing to do with morality or ethics in any way. It has no true spiritual value so we do not practice it. From our point of view, each individuals view point is true and valid for that individual but there are many things which cannot be generalized in the form of a system so we try to find those areas where we can share a common experience in our living and work from that point to formulate the laws which govern our living together as a community. Thus we all agree to drive on the right side of the road and in the sanctity of the home and the private property of the individual. We all agree to use a language that is common to us all in our dealings with outsiders. Where there is disagreement we have our courts to settle matters according to the law.

It is no accident that we live in this way. Our way has been tried and proven over thousands of years of human history and we know from our continued experience that it works for the betterment of all concerned. Since we have been so successful in the developement of our traditions over time, why should we want to throw all of our experience away in the hopes of achieving some illusionary notion of salvation?

We are not babes in the woods or naive innocents blindly feeling our way in the wilderness. Our step is sure and our path is proven and forthright. Our way is universal in the world and its truths can be applied to all men every where regardless of their religion, language, customs or culture. Our truths are as simple and as pure as a mathematical formula and they are as usable as any mathematical formula withstanding any and all arguements against them. They do not require that any man change his religion or familial language but the simplicity of our way makes it easy for any man to undertstand and apply in his own life with out compromising his religious beliefs.

You might say that we view the human mind as being like a computer in many ways. Our way seeks to produce and maintain an optimum mind state of being which makes it possible for the individual to be able to live up to his or her greatest potential. It is not utopian in any manner because we recognize the natural limitations in each individual and try to help the individual overcome any obstacles that he or she might encounter. Our effort is for what best serves the real needs of the individual. We are not interested in creating throngs of mindless automatons merely to serve our own selfish wants. We want each to live to the best of his or her abilities as participating equals in the community.

BUT, we want it to be understood that we are working to create a community that will be capable of surviving the millineum. This we are doing on our own for ourselves and for anyone who wants to join us. We do not believe in compulsion nor do we require that a person live in close proximity to us. We willingly share our thoughts and experience with anyone who might be interested. We have no set of rituals that we follow except as is enjoyed by individuals and families for sentimental reasons. Each person is free to create his or her own ritual observations for what ever reason or season that he or she feels valid in his or her lives. We are not an "ISM" or an "ITY". We are simply human beings doing those things which human beings do in order to live.

Our community has evolved beyond the petty tribalism of the primitive past. Our world view is simple holisitc and all inclusive. Our way is logical and reasonable and can be understood by even the simplist of minds. It is held amongst us that the greatest wisdom and the greatest virtue is kindness. A man might have great knowledge of many things but if he lacks kindness, his knowledge is as nothing before the seat of the judgement of the elders. I seriously doubt that islam could measure up to our standards.


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