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Cherry or is it kabab picking time and our dear Salah

Reader comment on item: A Call for American Boldness in Iran
in response to reader comment: Change dictates the killing of a father!

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 28, 2009 at 18:28

Our dear Salah... but I still do not understand why is the self hate so if you are Pakistani what is wrong with that?

>Secularism has failed in Turkey because it has created anomie

Excuse me but what is 'anomie" O guru of six European languages and a "desertation" about the Qur'an and has published articles in Karachi and who is a linguist what ever that is? But wait you do not know any Arabic right?

Oh by the way i did a search about a Salah Ali and a PhD in England I could not find any so could you tell us what was the subject of your "desertation" and where did you earn your PhD?

>and loss of cultural identity.

really? so secularism in Turkey led to "loss of cultural identity"? Could you explain to us how did this happen ya ayuha al-falyasoof al-kabeer?

>It is impossible to bring back enlightened nations to paganism after they had embraced the light of Islam.

subhanllah but wait you are a pagan too because:

1. You would agree with me that Muslims kiss and venerate the black stone at al-ka3bba right? And you agree with me that your Arab master Omar ibn al-Khatab is quoted in kutub al-turath al-islami as saying that he would not kiss a stone like this black stone because this is pagansim right? But he went ahead and kissed it and venerate it anyway because Abul Qasim aka Muhammad also kissed it. right? Then congratulations but Muslims by kissing the black stone are really pagan

2. You kiss and venerate a copy of the Qur'an right? and a copy of the Qur'an is no more than ink glue and paper and do you know what this is? It is pagansim astaghfirullah our dear Salah which means that you are also pagan

3. Muslims pray to an unseen God right? but there really is no difference between praying to an unseen God and an idol except in the mind of an ignorant Arab that shall remain unnamed so congratulations our dear Salah al-tablighee but you are also pagan

4. You venerate big time your idol Muhammad. right? then congratulations our dear Salah but this is also paganism

5. You venerate the city of Mecca right? well this is paganism on a grand sacle so congratulations our dear Salah but you are also pagan

6. Your friends in Afghanistan claim to have Abul Qasim's coat and they venerate it right? Then congratulations our dear Salah but this is paganism

7. You pray in the direction of an imaginary qibla right? But this is also paganism

8. Allah sits on a kursi or throne/chair and he has hands rights? and you pray to him right? then he is an idol albeit you cannot see so congratulations our dear Salah but you are a pagan too

9. And speaking of islamic shirk: your Allah says that "wa ilahina wa ilahikum wahid" which means that he is also the god of the Jews and Christians right? And Christians and Jews do not believe that Muhammad is a prophet right? Well in ayat al-jizya he says that and I'm paraphrasing that muslims should fight ahl al-kitab because thay do not forbid what Allah (their God that is) AND MUHAMMAD forbid. I'm sure you would agree with me that Jews and Christians woudl forbid what Allah did forbid but Muhammad? Do you know what this means? It means that Muhammad is as important as your Allah and it is shirk so you are a mushrik too

So congratulations our dear Salah but you are both mushrik and wathani Oh do not panic I mean you are both a idolator and a pagan

And if I'm a pagan would that drive your Allah out of his mind right? then where can I sign in?

>But I believe,

You believe in what? that an Arabain warlord and caravan raider spoke to an Arabian deity right? Well Allah spoke to me too and if you do not believe me then you are a munafiq

>it is not Islam that antagonized the West towards Iran..for Islam exists in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc but it is the growing power of Iran and its declared animosity to Israeli expansionism, Ahmadi Najad denial of a holocaust which even Western thinkers as the Vatican priest denied. Illusions are not history, and I believe too that the demonstrations were indirectly feuled by Western media, by the internet, by the many satellite Tv channels based in the USA

You are clueless about Iran. The people of Iran were dragged into islam yelling and screaming and their revenge against the Arabs and their imperialism is that without them there would be no islam in the way we know it now (Ali Dashti claims that 70% of the books of Islam were written by Iranians) and to distance themselves from the Arabs and their inferior culture they opted for Shi3a Islam and continued to speak their language Persian that is. You Pakistanis? you wanted to stop speaking your native tongue Urdu and switch to Arab right? How pathetic

All Iran and its people want is repect and admitting that iran is a great country with great civilization and great past

You tell us how many mad and crazy Iranians blew themsleves off and killed others in the name of Islam? I cannot think of a single incident. Oh Sunni Muslims? that is a different story

And you know what? the only Muslim country where its people shared our grief here in the US following the 9/11 atrocity committed by sunni Muslims was iran so you see you are ignorant of what iran is all about

>and these media indoctrinate the young Iranians Western ways of life: dancing, drinking and the like in Persian.

OK you can find dancing and drinking (oh the favorite drink of Pakistanis is scotch) and porno and Indian soaps in your backyard in Lahore right our dear Salah al-munafiq?

You need to clean up your back yard before you go after others

See? you are not even original


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