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Oh and teaching one tablighee at a time

Reader comment on item: A Call for American Boldness in Iran
in response to reader comment: The Second Coming in Islam

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 28, 2009 at 10:57

Snip the usual gobbeldygook

>But, as a matter of fact, we have to accept the fact that all Western nations read and understand the Bible (Old Testament and the New) in their own languages i.e. in translations.

So? you can only understand what the Qur'an really says in Urdu right? Arabic? You do not know any Arabic and you know what? you use the same topoi used by other Pakistanis so are you from Paksitan? and why is the self hate and delusions mr wannabe Arab?

Oh Soharwardi? Non of your Arab masters would have a clue who is this Soharwardi

>The Qur'an on the other hand, preserves its original Arabisc

Really? then you have no clue that your Allah's words are written in the basic layer of the Qur'an called rasm which is the script that no one can read or understand and here is a case in point (see Luling) if you for example take the rasm of the word rasm it is: RSM and if we add the nuqat (the dots) and al-tashkeel (the vowels both short and long) it can be read it as:

1. zanaytum or you have fornicated

2. zayyantum or you have adorned

3. rabbaytum or you have educated

4. rannaytum or you have delected

5. rana'tum or you have looked at

6. ra'aytum or you have seen

And this is only one word and do you know what this means? it means the ulama edited your allah's words and we have no clue what the Qur'an really says

So you tell us ya ayuha al-falyasoof al-kabeer:

1. So in surat al-fatiha (oh darn it transliterated Arabic but get used to it) is it maliki (1969 Tunisian Qur'an) or is it maaliki (1923-1924 Cairo Qur'an) so which one is it? do you know what this means? It means that the ulama had no clue what the Qur'an really says and that the ulama edited the Qur'an and read the rasm MLK as either maliki or maaliki. So much for the unedited Qur'an

2. Oh and al- 3arabi al-faseeh (oh you can ask your Mullah to tell you what this 3arabi faseeh really means) so why would your Allah use Syriac word like tur when we have a perfect Arabic word for mountain or jabal and why would he use a Hebrew word as al-zakat and why would he use a Latin word via Syriac or sarat when we have the perfect Arabic words tariq and why would he use an Ethiopic word like Hawariyyun when we have the perfect Arabic word talameedh . Oh Urdu words in the Qur'an? you will not find any. Your Allah was an Arab who did not even know that there were such great world religions as Hinduism and Buddhism the religions of your ancestors

But do you know what the ultimate insult? it is the fact that the word sura or chapter is a perfect Syriac and Hebrew word and why would your Allah not use the Arabic word Juz' we will never know

So much for the Arabic of the Qur'an

3. And speaking of perfect Arabic what on earth are all these strange words in the Qur'an that no one had a clue what they really mean as in the case of Ilaf (surat Quriash) and the infamous kalala? So what is a kalala O guru of the Qur'an?and how about al-huruf al-muqata3a? do you have any clue? even your masters the Arabs have no clue

4. And the Qur'an is not even a complete book as what really happened to ayat al-rajm (the stoning verse) and ayat rida3at al-kabeer (the breast feeding of the adult and what a fadiha) ? Let me guess babbling 3A'isha tells that they the palm leaves upon which these two ayas were written were eaten by a hungry shah aw mu3za or goat. ROTFL Allah's words were eaten by a goat. So did a hungry goat eat your Allah's words?

5. Your Allah tells you that siyam ramadan is from sun rise to sun set: Right? well how about the arctic where the day can be 24 hours of sun during the arctic summer and 24 hours of darkness in the winter. Do you know what this means? it means that your Allah cannot be the God of the arctic and this means that if he is really a God then he is no more than an Arabian God

For the readers: the Qur'an claims to be written in eloquent Arabic is far from the truth as it is full of foreign words and strange words and poor garmmar and poor syntax and without the masoritic activity (circa 2-3 rd centuries of islam) this opaque revelation called the Qur'an would have no meaning

The Qur'an is the most edited book and with out the ulama we would have no clue what the Qur'an really says and the chances are the ulama did not even get it

> and is understood by all Arabs and non-Arab Moslem in its original Arabic.

What original Arabic you mean the rasm? so can you read the rasm mr demagogue? let me guess: you cannot read Arabic and no one can read the rasm alone so your claim is bogus

> No wonder that there are 15 verses that stress the Arabic of the Qur'an.

Because it is the religion of the Hijazi Arabs only as in

wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmihi (see cairo Qur'an) and you ain't no Hijazi Arab

>I have in my study and profession as a translator and linguist

Hint: delsuions. Hello you do not know any Arabic

Oh the topos of "I'm a linguist" as in the case of our dear zzazz

What a joke

>came to know that content and form are strongly and inseprably intertwined and confounded in the Qur'an: In other words, FORM in the Qur'an has meaning and if the Qur'an is read in translations, much of that meaning is distorted.

Bogus you need someone to explain to you what the Qur'an really says because it is an opaque revelation that does not make any sense and this is what your Arab masters came to call it:

al-tafseer lel sahaba wa al-ta'weel lel fuqaha/3ulama/jamee3

> I have just been talking to you of logic and mathmatical truth but believe me when I read the Qur'an with Sartre and Marx in my mental background :

Logic? what logic? You read marx and "Sartre" really?

>I shout Allahu Akbar!

Oh the allahu akbar thing. So your Allah is bigger, greater older thwn what? Oh you do not know the Arabic do you?

For the readers allahu akbar means Allah is bigger/greater/older but the question is: greater/older/bigger than what?

>It is amazingly beautiful and harmony in sense, images and cadences is never broken.


Being an Arab writer,

Hello: you do not know any Arabic mr demagogue

> poet

Poet? ROTFL can you share one of your poets with us mr demagogue?

>and devoted to Western languages and philosophy,

Which western languages O guru of the Qur'an?

> I can assure you

And I can assure you that you are beyond help

> that the EGO or The Spirit that speaks in the Qur'an is superhuman.

What a fake


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