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Our dear Salah and his "locus of contorl" what ever that is

Reader comment on item: A Call for American Boldness in Iran
in response to reader comment: Locus-of-control

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 28, 2009 at 09:22

Our dear Salah rabina yusalih 3aqluhu al-sagheer

>It is true that most Western, not only, America, are departing from Faith.

Wrong. The west practices what your Arab masters call al-3ulmaniyya oh darn it I mean secularism or the separation of the Chruch and the state and you are free to believe or not. It is what your Hindu ancestors would have called it vedanta dharma. So we here in the west believe that if your likes believe that there is an Allah then you are free to believe that there is an Allah and those of us that beleive that there is no God or Allah that would be OK too and this is what we have in common with your Hidnu ancestors. Islam? It is a fascist idea and incompatible with logic and the fact that man and woman kind have the freedom to belong to a faith or not. Is this too much for the Muslim mind our dear salah al-falyasoof al-kabeer?

You see our dear Salah the wannabe Arab if your Allah is for real then we should have been all Muslims by now as you must agree with me O guru of the Qur'an that this life is about al-qada' wa al-qadr right?

>Christianity, however, is itself alien from Western Pagan traditions epotomized by the Roman church marriage of Heavens and Hell, or rather between greco-Roman paganism and Christianity which sprouted in the East.

Oh the topos of Christianity is pagan but so is Islam

Why are you surpirsed mr demagogue? . Religions in the words of Patricia Crone "do not spring fully fledged from the heads of prophets" and Islam is a case in point and more later.

Yes if you examine for example the convesion of the people of Egypt to Christianity in the late antique period you will discover that when Christianity replaced the religion of Egypt it was in the words of Frankfurter: "assimilation and resistance" where the old religion of Egypt had the Trinity of isis, Osiris and Horus and the great God was Ra' or Amon now we have the Godhead. Jesus and the Holy Spirit and in the words of Frankurter the process of conversion was:

"an idiosyncratic process that involved even the highest levels a protracted scrambling for definition and ideological authority but at the local level the assimilation of an ideology but at the local level the assimilation of an ideology whether seductive or forced to the realities of success hierarchy disease harvest and population. as for christian demons and saints became oracles in the Egyptian mold so it is not so unimaginable as a late 4th century Alexandrian author asserted satirically that those who worshiped Serapis (a hybrid pagan god in Alexandria) are in fact Christians and those who call themselves bishops of Christ are in fact devotees of Serapis. After the intial violence after the shift in mapping demonic powers Christianity settled back to function as an idiom for supernatural authority and that may conclude speaks to the resilience and indeed the triumph of the local culture."

And this is what indeed also happened in the case of islam in Arabia . Egypt is a great place to study the history of religion in general as extant literary evidence is available because the literary medium of papyri can survive for ever. Arabia before islam? there in no extant literary sources to support the history of early islam All we have is what was written (and mostly be Iranians) 2-3 centuries after the death of Abul Qasim aka Muhammad

You did not undersatnd a word of what i wrote right? do you know why? because you are a demagogue!

This is what indeed happened in the case of islam. The islamic historical tradtion tells us about the concept of al-jahiliyya or the bogus "historical discontuinity" when in fact Islam is no more than the various layers of old Arabian prophets that we do not know very much about, al-isra'iliyyat which is no more than what is in the OT, Nestorian Christianity, Christian apochrypha (the Gospel of Thomas), the stories and the lore of the Syrians and the Greeks (qisat dhul qarnain and qisat ahl al-kahf) and al-isra' wa al-mi3raj borrowed from the the Arta Viraf of the Zoroastrians and a huge layer of Arabian pagansim that still persists in islam the likes of kissing and venerating the black stone of al-ka3bba.

You see our dear salah O Guru of 6 languages plus ca chnage plus c'est la meme chose

Muslims lied to you when they told that it is all about historical discontinuity

>And it is this very departure from faith that renders the West weak and blind.

mr demagogue al-3ulmaniyya is not about departure from faith or lack of faith. It is about your right as a human baing to believe or not to believe but again Greek logic and democracy is beyond the muslim mind

>Confounding Faith with any particular religion plants the seeds for difference and clash not between cultures but between different religions


> since most of the Arabs are Moslems

Not true. There are substantial Christian communities in the so called Arab world in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Palestine/Israel. Your claim is bogus

> and most of the Westerners are Christians (Now the new term of irreligious is prevalent everywhere in the West).

Not true either but what is your point?

>Of course, we in Islamdom have not changed temporally, i.e. History persists as a form of feeling and personal identity. In other words, our personal and cultural identities are the same and religion (Islam) is the nucleous of this Identity.

Hello: you told us that you live in Europe right? then what is this "Islamdon" anyway?

But wait you claim is bogus. Your mother tongue is the most important factor in what your cultural identity is all about. An Egyptian Muslim would have much in common with a Copt than with an Urdu speaker and pakistani like you. You must padron me but your Arab masters have no regard for you and even the Saudis would find cultural links with a Copt than with a pakistani like you

>The way we attribute events differs from the way you Westerners attribute them which entails a different locus of control.

Whar locus of contorl? oh I see more gobbeldygook

> Heavens is present and the sacred still persists in our minds and everyday life practices. Unfortunately, it is not the same in the West despite howling in Tv missionary channels.

more gobbledygook. Did you really pass or flunk your "desertation" our dear salah?

>The sacred has been victimised by pornography.

Oh and speaking of pornography you can buy pornographic videos in the Garhi Shahu district of Lahore (see NYT 11/3/2008) in pakistan. Did you ever visit one of those stores our dear Salah? So you see pornography is not alien to Pakistan either except we here in the west talk about it. You? you deny the obvious. Now how come you did not know that you can buy pornography in Lahore? Could it be because you are ignorant or could it be because you are lying to us? so which one is it?

>Of course, you call this mess freedom of expression, democracy and the like. man is colonized by the system. The cities in the West are organized and individuals are tightly controlled but not by inner mechanisms. They are controlled by the system. Individuals are free to choose from what they are offered and what he is offered follows the same pattern..

So why do you live in the west? or do you live in the West? ...

>You live outside history and there is no faith.

More gobbledygook

>There are of course churches but there is no God in them.

And in your case if there is an Allah in the mosque then he does not really understand you as the poor guy is an Arab and he does not know any urdu

>To minimise Jesus Christ to the level of a body and give the body false attribute: The Son of God, is to bring God to human standards, make him mundane..

But our dear Salah the Qur'an says that jesus did not die right? and he raised the dead right? and he he created life right? and only a god can create life and raise the dead and does not die right?

Then congratulations our dear Salah but the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic says that Jesus is your God and I'm not the author of this poor theology

>Of course we cannot match spiritual hierarchy to biological regeneration. So the West needs another Faith or a new Faith.

More gobbledygook

>I am dead sure that if the West understands Arabic, and reads the Holy Qur'an, it will embrace Islam

Oh the topos of "read Qur'an" you are not very original and you must be from Pakistan right?

Hello: you do not seem to know any Arabic and by the way I can read speak and write Arabic but I have no plan of becoming a Muslim how do you explain that? Oh al-qada' wa al-qadr? if so how can we get in touch with your Allah al-makkar so he can change his mind and change me to a Muslim? Oh do not panic: I will do the talking

>because Islam is a common-sense.

really? but wait: Allah spoke to me too via an angel and I have a book for you and if you can believe that Allah spoke to an Arabian warlord and caravan raider then you must believe me too or you are a kafir and munafiq more so when I'm not an Arabian warlord and caravan raider

>It brings together our world and the world of the souls together. It is universal and particular and provides for both the ignorant and the intelligent.

The ignorant is you

The Hebrew Bible is Assyrian history.

So? and islam is Arabian history it ain't Pakistani history right mr demagogue?

>It is a cuniform given strange alphabets of the pagan Hebrews and pagan Christians.

Oh let me see and to parapharse this little gem: the Arabic of Allah: "it is a rasm given strange alphabet of the pagan Arabs and your Allah's command of Arabic garmmar was poor to say the least as in the case of ian hadhan la sahiran"! What a fadiha

Now do you know what is a demagogue? You are really a demagogue. But you are also ignorant

>The Bible which I read and compared to the Holy Qur'an is not Holy..

Why do you read a kitab muharraf mr demagogue? oh let me see the Pakistani topos of "I read Bible" right?

There is nothing holy about the Qur'an period it is the book of Arabian imperialism and Arabian ignorance so you tell us is the earth flat as the Qur'an says our dear salah the demagogue?

>It needs to be rewritten in Aramic and read in Aramic

Well the Qur'an is an Arabic language book it ain't an urdu book so what is your point?

to see the original Jesus in it because Jesus is just as human as muhammad and it is a howler to bring God to a human standard.

Oh the holwer thing again. But wait: your Allah is omnipotent right? your Allah is makkar then he can pretend to be a man right? oh can he pretend to be a man or not and a yes or no answer will do as you see if he cannot then he is not omnipotent and if he can then Jesus is indeed god so which one is it yes or no mr demagogue?

>God is the light and radiance of Heavens and Earth..

Oh and he has a kursi and emotions and hand! Your Allah is a man with a white beard who sits on a kursi

So much for islamic pagansim

>He exist everywhere and keeps our living bodies from corruption as ordinary matter does.

hello: what are you talking about our dear Salah al-tablighee?

>He lives in the consciousness as light, proportion and philosophy and it is he who gave the Tigre its ferocity and the lam its meekness. We see God in the Mosques but in the church there are no guards against the penetration of instincts which I visualize as a horse ridden by the devil. It destrys man and corrupt family life...Look how far permissiveness has gone in destroying your western culture. True we lack your cities, but we preserve the family. We lack the diversity of production, but we preserve the taste.

islamic gobbledygook

> We lack science,

Yes you do after all your Allah says that the earth is flat and the earth is the center of the universe and the sun and the moon orbit earth and semen comes from you kidneys do you want more bogus exmaples of islamic science our dear Salah?

> but we possess insight.

Insight in what? In ignorance?

>Now what happened in Persia is simply a conflict between generations. it is between principles represented by the oldguards and instincts represented by the young after being corrupted by democracy.

No Iran is an old civilization and if they were able to get rid of their oppresive mobeds (Zoroastian priests) then they can also get rid of the ayatollahs and they will and Islam will be a thing of the past in Iran

>Moslems should never sell their principle of Shura with that of Democracy.

Majlis al-shura is not democracy becuase in-order to have democracy then you must have al-3ulmaniyya first and there is no 3ulmaniyya in islam

> Shura is history, democracy is a whore. shura is reality, democracy is hypothesis. in other words, iran must not confound free expression with Western democracy. It threatens family unity and negates history by negating Faith.

What faith? Oh the faith of your Arab mastars that brutalized your ancestors?

Hello: you are a poorly educated demagogue and you need to get a life


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