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Reader comment on item: Strange Sex Stories from the Muslim World
in response to reader comment: We're alive and kicken!

Submitted by Ariana (India), Oct 19, 2008 at 05:01


Your name has an origin in the word Noor, which means light or enlightenment. You have neither.
I do not blame you; after all you are following a man who was a narcissist, lecher, pedophile, mass murdered, supremist, racist. Oops! Did I leave out some of his traits? I'm sure I did. Your ability to think is does not exceed that of a reptile. You made just too many claims without substantiating any of them. Typical Muslim behavior.

However I will in this post of mine reply all you allegations, not using proof from the Vedas, Upanishads, The Bible Torah or any other religious text. No way! I will use your own Quran and Sunnah to prove what kind of religious philosophy you believe in.

Faithfreedon.org… been there done that. It's just another extremist website like this one spewing the reeking fumes of intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, inaccuracy, blasphemy, feigned conspiracies, and bureaucracy. Did I leave out one?

Yes www.faithfreedom.org is all of these. No because the person who runs this website believes or advocates any of these vices. Rather he exposes your prophet's way of life, his thoughts and his teachings. While including such content the website does become all of the above, by virtue of showing the reality to the people at large. You would be well advised to read the articles, doubt them, go back to your Islamic texts and then form opinions.

You gave me the following links get some perspective. Perspective Huh! A Muslim talking about perspective, is that some kind of evil joke. Are you kidding me or is it Taqqiyya at work that I see here.
Anyway I did go to these websites. I will tell you what I found out on them. I will deal with each website in anther post.

Well, the Prophet (PBUH) married for very different reasons than others. He married to join diverse tibes and nations in peace. He also married women who were widows and divorced. Lastly, he was a prophet; he is not like other men. A prophet is capable of being just and fair with his wives unlike the majority of men.

He was God's Prophet for God's sake. He is the perfect man in eyes of Muslims. Muslims try to imitate him in everyway they can. If you have the ears for truth then read on. Let us begin with his marriages.

1. Lets start with the "great" Mohammed himself, the founder of this "fabulous" faith. Mohammed was married to Khadija, his employer and 15 years his senior. At that time Mohammed was 25 years old. He was Khadija's third husband. Khadija was a widow when she married Mohammed. For the first time in his life, Mohammed enjoyed a luxurious life.

This shows the parasitic nature of Mohammed who married his employer so that he can live a rich life without putting in a single day's work.

2. Khadija died when Mohammed was 49 years old. Between the ages of 49 and 63 the "great prophet" married at least 11 times.

This shows how he treated the institution of marriage. For him, women were nothing but objects for sexual fulfillment. Marrying at least 11 women in 14 years throws light on his insatiable sexual appetite.

3. Mohammed's favorite wife was Ayesha who was 6 years old when she was married to him.

Marrying a 6 year old baby clearly shows that Mohammed was not only a lecher but also a pedophile.
4. Mohammed's adopted son Zayed was married to Zainab, daughter of Jahsh. But one day the prophet "beheld in a loose undress, the beauty of Zainab, and burst forth into an ejaculation of devotion and desire. The servile, or grateful, freeman (Zayed) understood the hint and yielded without hesitation to the love of the benefactor."

Mohammed was not satisfied with his own overflowing harem and had to marry his son's wife. His son being a devoted follower of the "great" prophet was more than happy to divorce his wife. What a great father-in-law Mohammed was, a model for all Islamic father-in-laws!

Muslim scholar and statesman, Ali Dashti gives the following list of women who your prophet got married to:

  1. Khadija
  2. Sawda
  3. Ayesha
  4. Omm Salama
  5. Hafsa
  6. Zainab (of Jahsh)
  7. Juwariya
  8. Omm Habiba
  9. Safia
  10. Maymuna (of Hareth)
  11. Fatima
  12. Hend
  13. Asma (of Saba)
  14. Zainab (of Khozayma)
  15. Habla
  16. Asma (of Noman)
  17. Maria
  18. Rayhana
  19. Omm Sharik
  20. Maymuna (not of Hareth)
  21. Zainab (third one)
  22. Khawla
  23. Duba

Know that this list is not exhaustive and does not include his right hand possessions.

Your Prophet used to love issuing threats to people such that they would oblige him, in a similar manner that you brethren do in today's time to subjugate those who do not submit to them

here is the Proof from your Quran

(Sura 33:28) "O Prophet! Say to thy consorts: 'If it be that ye desire the life of this world and its glitter then come! I will provide for your enjoyment and set you free in a handsome manner.'

(Sura 33:30) "O Consorts of the Prophet if any of you were guilty of evident unseemly conduct, the punishment would be doubled to her, and that is easy for Allah."

(Sura 33:37) "....Fear Allah. Then when Zayad had dissolved his marriage with her (Zainab) we joined her in marriage to thee: in order that there may be no difficulty to the believers in the matter of marriage of the wives of their adopted sons...."

Wow! What a sense of justice your prophet had. Inorder to satisfy his sexual desires he would invoke Allah. And his Allah would happily oblige him.

Furthermore, why don't you ask the polygamous sects in this country why they practice it? Don't tell me you didn't know there were Christian groups in this country who practice polygamy. Often having more than four wives. I'll leave there for now.

Any group that believes in Polygamy deserves to be severely criticized. However The Bible does not permit polygamous relations and groups such as the Mormons are merely practicing Blasphemy.
In any case why are you shifting the topic of the debate? We are not discussing Mormons here, are we? We are discussing Islam. Do you believe that if one group of people is involved in an evil act it gives you a permit to commit the same sins? Please try and stick to what Your Quran says about marriage and women. Furthermore majority Christian Denominations neither practice nor believe in polygamy. However for a Muslim man this is his divine right given to him by Allah!

You believe that Islam is from Allah. Christians and Jews have corrupted their texts. Are you going to use the practices of people like such to prove that your are not alone in the muck! Get a life..........

Well, my HUSBAND of 8 years has never laid a hand on me, how about your's. Don't go to the domestic abuse issue your not prepared

nice story! You are lucky that you husband is not a good Muslims. Otherwise you would have never been able to access the internet. Why I said what I said is because of what your Quran and hadeeths say.
About wife beating and the status of women.
From the Quran:

IV/34: Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other... As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.
II/223: Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate). So go to your tilth as ye will...
XXIV/6-7: As for those who accuse their wives but have no witnesses except themselves, let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies.

I've already told you I apologize for nothing. I am what you would call a reactionary if you will, in a literary sense, of course. I fight lies and slander against my religion, nothing more, and nothing less.

Of course you won't apologies. Why should you. You are a Muslims. Muslims just kill they do not apologies. Your brothers have yet to apologies for slaughtering 100 million Hindus in a span of 500 years of rule in India.

Ah… another sour Hindu?I am sorry Noora, you are wrong here. I am not a sour Hindu! Even though my distant ancestors were Hindus.

Forgot about the British? If it weren't for Muslims you would still be colonized.

Are you kidding me? I guess you have not studied beyond grade school. Did you go to school at all? You're extremely ignorant of World history especially about the history of the Indian subcontinent.
The Muslim Barbarian hordes arrived in India at least 700-800 years before the British. The Indian war of Independence was fought single handedly by the Hindus and the Sikhs in the Indian subcontinent with Mahatma Gandhi spearheading the Freedom Movement. Infact I am thankful to the British in some ways. It was only after the British came that Hindus could breathe freely without the fear of being subjugated by Muslims. Infect it was the Muslim league that was responsible for the partition of the Indian subcontinent, because they could not bear to live as a non ruling class.
Funny that you claim that Muslims were responsible for the freedom Movement in India.

It would do you good to read some good history books before you make loud statements.

Islam gave rights to the poor, women, prisoners, children, and mothers that were unprecedented.

Your stupidity keeps growing. Can you tell me what rights are you talking of? India was prosperous nation before the Barbarians from Central Asia and Arabia attacked us. Here are a few quotes from Muslims historians that prove my point.

1. "Mir'at-i-Alam" by Bakhtawar Khan

The author was a nobleman of Aurangzeb's court. He died in AD 1684. The history ascribed to him was really compiled by Muhammad Baqa of Saharanpur who gave the name of his friend as its author. Baqa was a prolific writer who was invited by Bakhtawar Khan to Aurangzeb's court and given a respectable rank. He died in AD 1683.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (1658-1707) General Order

" ...Hindu writers have been entirely excluded from holding public offices, and ALL THE WORSHIPPING PLACES OF THE INFIDELS AND GREAT TEMPLES of these infamous people HAVE BEEN THROWN DOWN AND DESTROYED in a manner which excites astonishment at the successful completion of so difficult a task. His Majesty personally teaches the sacred kalima to many infidels with success. ... All mosques in the empire are repaired at public expense..."

2. "Alamgir-Nama" by Mirza Muhammad Kazim

This work, written in AD 1688 contains a history of the first ten years of Aurangzeb's reign.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (1658-1707) Palamau (Bihar)

" ...In 1661 Aurangzeb in his zeal to uphold the law of Islam sent orders to his viceroy in Bihar, Daud Khan, to conquer Palamau. In the military operations that followed MANY TEMPLES WERE DESTROYED..."

Koch Bihar (Bengal)

" ...Towards the end of the same year when Mir Jumla made a war on the Raja of Kuch Bihar, the MUGHALS DESTROYED MANY TEMPLES during the course of their operations. IDOLS WERE BROKEN AND SOME TEMPLES WERE CONVERTED INTO MOSQUES. ..."

3. "Mas'ir-i-'Alamgiri" by Saqi Must'ad Khan

The author completed this history in 1710 at the behest of Inayatu"llah Khan Kashmiri, Aurangzeb's last secretary and favorite disciple in state policy and religiosity. The materials which Must'ad Khan used in this history of Aurangzeb's reign came mostly from the State archives.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (1658-1707) General Order

"...The Lord Cherisher of the faith learnt that in the provinces of Tatta, Multan, and especially at Benaras, the Brahmin misbelievers used to teach their false books in their established schools, and that admirers and students both Hindu and Muslim, used to come from great distances to these misguided men in order to acquire this vile learning. His majesty, eager to establish Islam, issues orders to the governors of all the provinces TO DEMOLISH THE SCHOOLS AND TEMPLES OF THE INFIDELS and with utmost urgency put down the teaching and the public practice of the religion of these misbelievers..."

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

" ...It was reported that, according to the Emperor's command, his officers HAD DEMOLISHED THE TEMPLE OF VISHWANATH AT KASHI. ..." Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)

" ... During this month of Ramzan abounding in miracles, the Emperor as the promoter of justice and overthrower of mischief, as the knower of truth and destroyer of oppression, as the zephyr of the garden of victory and the reviver of the faith of the Prophet, ISSUED ORDERS FOR THE DEMOLITION OF THE TEMPLE SITUATED IN MATHURA< FAMOUS AS THE DEHRA OF KESHO RAI. In the short time by the great exertions of his officers the DESTRUCTION OF THIS STRONG FOUNDATION OF INFIDELITY WAS ACCOMPLISHED< AND ON ITS SITE A LOFTY MOSQUE WAS BUILT at the expenditure of a large sum..."

" ...Praised be the August God of the faith of Islam, that in the auspicious reign of this DESTROYER OF INFIDELITY AND TURBULENCE, such a wonderful and seemingly impossible work was successfully accomplished. On seeing this instance of strength of the Emperor's faith and the grandeur of his devotion to God, the proud Rajas were stifled and in amazement they stood like images facing the wall. THE IDOLS, LARGE AND SMALL< SET WITH COSTLY JEWELS WHIC HAD BEEN SET UP IN THE TEMPLE WERE BROUGHT TO AGRA< AND BURIED UNDER THE STEPS OF THE MOSQUE OF BEGUM SAHIB, IN ORDER TO BE CONTINUALLY TRODDEN UPON. The name of Mathura was changed to Islamabad. ..."

Khandela (Rajasthan)

" ... Darab Khan who had been sent with a strong force to punish the Rajputs of Khandela and TO DEMOLISH THE GREAT TEMPLE OF THE PLACE, attacked on March 8th/Safar 5th, and slew the three hundred and odd men who made a bold defence, not one of them escaping alive. THE TEMPLES OF KHANDELA AND SANULA AND ALL OTHER TEMPLES IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD WERE DEMOLISHED ..."

Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

" ... On 24th Rabi S. (Sunday, May 25th), Khan Jahan Bahadur came from Jodhpur, AFTER DEMOLISHING THE TEMPLES and bringing with himself some cart-loads of idols, and had audience of the Emperor, who higly praised him and ordered that the idols, which were mostly jewelled, golden, silver, bronze, copper, or stone, should be cast in the yard (jilaukhanah) of the Court AND UNDER THE STEPS OF THE JAMA MOSQUE, TO BE TRODDEN UPON..."

Udaipur (Rajasthan)

" ... Ruhullah Khan and Ekkataz Khan WENT TO DEMOLISH THE GREAT TEMPLE in front of the Rana's palace, which was one of the rarest buildings of the age and the chief cause of the destruction of the life and property of the despised worshippers. Twenty 'machator' Rajputs who were sitting in the Temple vowed to give up their lives; first one of them came out to fight, killed some and was them himself slain, then came out another and so on, until every one of the twenty perished, after killing a large number of the imperialists including the trusted slave Ikhlas. The Temple was found empty. THE HEWERS BROKE THE IMAGES. ..."

" ...On Saturday, the 24th January, 1680 (2nd Muharram), the Emperor went to view lake Udaisagar, constructed by the Rana, AND ORDERED ALL THE THREE TEMPLES ON ITS BANKS TO BE DEMOLISHED. ..."

" ...On the 29th January/7th Muharram, Hasan Ali Khan brought to the Emperor twenty camel-loads of tents and other things captured from the Rana's Palace and REPORTED THAT ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO OTHER TEMPLES IN THE ENVIRONS OF UDAIPUR HAD BEEN DESTROYED. The Khan received the title of Bahadur Alamgirshahi..."

Amber (Rajasthan)

"... Abu Turab, who had been SENT TO DEMOLISH THE TEMPLES of AMBER, returned to the Court on Tuesday August 10th (Rajab 24th), and reported that HE HAD PULLED DOWN SIXTY-SIX TEMPLES. ..."

Bijapur (Karnataka)

" ... Hamiduddin Khan Bahadur WHO HAD GONE TO DEMOLISH A TEMPLE AND BUILD A MOSQUE (IN ITS PLACE) in Bijapur, having excellently carried his orders, came to court and gained praise and the post of darogha of gusulkhanah, which brought him near the Emperor's person..."

General Text

"...LARGE NUMBERS OF PLACES OF WORSHIP OF THE INFIDELS AND GREAT TEMPLES OF THESE WICKED PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROWN DOWN AND DESOLATED. Men who can see only the outside of things are filled with wonder at the successful accomplishment of such a seemingly difficult task. AND ON THE SITES OF THE TEMPLES LOFTY MOSQUES HAVE BEEN BUILT..."

4. "Akhbarat"

These were reports from different provinces compiled in the reign of Aurangzeb.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (1658-1707)

Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)

" ... The emporer learning that in the temple of Keshav Rai at Mathura there was a stone railing presented by Dara Shikoh, remarked, 'In the Muslim faith it is a sin even to look at a temple, and this Dara Shikoh had restored a railing in a temple. This fact is not creditable to the Muhammadans. REMOVE THE RAILING.' By his order Abdun Nabi Khan (the faujdar of Mathura) REMOVED IT..."

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh)

" ... News came from Malwa that Wazir Khan had sent Gada Beg, a slave, with 400 troopers, TO DESTROY ALL TEMPLES AROUND UJJAIN... A Rawat of the place resisted and slew Gada Beg with 121 of his men..."

Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

"...... The Emperor learnt from a secret news writer of Delhi that in Jaisinghpura Bairagis used to worship idols, and that the Censor on hearing of it had gone there, arrested Sri Krishna Bairagis and taken him with 15 idols away to his house; then the Rajputs had assembled, flocked to the Censor's house, wounded three footmen of the Censor and tried to seize the Censor himself; so that the latter set the Bairagis free and sent the copper idols to the local subahdar ..."

Pandharpur (Maharashtra)

"... The Emperor, summoning Muhammad Khalil and Khidmat Rai, the darogha of hatchet-men .... ORDERED THEM TO DEMOLISH THE TEMPLE OF PANDHARPUR, and to take the butchers of the camp there AND SLAUGHTER COWS IN THE TEMPLE ... It was done..."

On Way to the Deccan

" ... When the war with the Rajputs was over, Aurangzeb decided to leave for the Deccan. His march seems to have been marked with A DESTRUCTION TO MANY TEMPLES on the way. On May 21, 1681, the superintendent of the labourers WAS ORDERED TO DESTROY ALL THE TEMPLES on the route..."

Lakheri ( ? - means the place is not traceable today )

" ... On 27 Sept., 1681, the emperor issued orders FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLES at Lakheri..."

Rasulpur( ? )

"... About this time, April 14, 1692, orders were issued to the provincial governor and the district faujdar TO DEMOLISH THE TEMPLES at Rasulpur..."

Sheogaon ( ? )

" ... Sankar, a messenger, was sent TO DEMOLISH A TEMPLE near Sheogaon.."

Ajmer (Rajasthan)

"... Bijai Singh and several other Hindus were reported to be carrying on public worship of idols in a temple in the neighborhood of Ajmer. On 23 June, 1694, THE GOVERNER OF AJMER WAS ORDERED TO DESTROY THE TEMPLE and stop the public adoration of idol worship there..."

Wakenkhera ( ? )


Bhagwant Garh (Rajasthan)

"... The newswriter of Ranthambore REPORTED THE DESTRUCTION OF A TEMPLE IN PARGANAH BHAGWANT GARH. Gaj Singh Gor had repaired the temple and made some additions thereto..."

Malpura (Rajasthan)

" ... Royal orders FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF TEMPLES IN MALPURA TODA were received and the officers were assigned for this work..."

5. "Fathiyya-i-'Ibriyya"

This is a diary of Mir Jumla's campaigns in Kuch Bihar and Assam. "By looting," writes Jadunath Sarkar, "the temples of the South and hunting out buried treasures, Mir Jumla amassed a vast fortune. The huge Hindu idols of copper were brought away in large numbers to be melted and cast into cannon. ..."


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (AD 1658-1707)

Koch Bihar (Bengal)

" ... Mir Jumla made his way into Kuch Bihar by an obscure and neglected highway. .... In six days the Mughal Army reached the capital (19th December) which had been deserted by the Rajah and his people in terror. The name of the town was changed to Alamgirnagar; the muslim call to prayer, so long forbidden in the city, was chanted from the lofty roof of the palace, and a mosque was built by DEMOLISHING THE PRINCIPLE TEMPLE..."

6. "Kalimat-i-Tayyibat" by 'Inayatullah

This is a collection of letters and orders of Aurangzeb compiled by 'Inayatullah in AD 1719 and covers the years 1699-1704 of Aurangzeb's reign.

Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (AD 1658-1707)

Somnath (Gujarat)

"... The TEMPLE OF SOMNATH WAS DEMOLISHED early in my reign and idol worship (there) put down. It is not known what the state of things there is at present. If the idolators have again taken to the worship of images at the place, THEN DESTROY THE TEMPLE IN SUCH A WAY THAT NO TRACE OF THE BUILDING MAY BE LEFT, and also expel them (the worshippers) from the place. ..."

Satara (Maharashtra)

"... The village of Sattara near Aurangabad was my hunting ground. Here on the top of the hill, STOOD A TEMPLE WITH AN IMAGE OF KHANDE RAI. BY GOD'S GRACE I DEMOLISHED IT, AND FORBADE THE TEMPLE DANCERS (muralis) to ply their shameful profession..."

General Observation "... THE DEMOLITION OF A TEMPLE IS POSSIBLE AT ANY TIME, as it cannot walk away from its place. ..."

Sirhind (Punjab)

"... In a small village in the sarkar of Sirhind, A SIKH TEMPLE WAS DEMOLISHED AND CONVERTED INTO A MOSQUE. An imam was appointed who was subsequently killed. ..."

7. "Ganj-i-Arshadi"

It is a contemporary account of the destruction of Hindu temples at Varanasi in the reign of Aurangzeb.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (AD 1658-1707)

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

"... The infidels demolished a mosque that was under construction and wounded the artisans. When the news reached Shah Yasin, he came to Banaras from Mandyawa and collecting the Muslim weavers, DEMOLISHED THE BIG TEMPLE. A Sayyid who was an artisan by profession agreed with one Abdul Rasul to build a mosque at Banaras and accordingly the foundation was laid. Near the place there was a temple and many houses belonging to it were in the occupation of the Rajputs. The infidels decided that the construction of a mosque in the locality was not proper and that it should be razed to the ground. At night the walls of the mosque were found demolished. next day the wall was rebuilt but it was again destroyed. This happened three or four times. At last the Sayyid his himself in the corner. With the advent of night the infidels came to achieve their nefarious purpose. When Abdul Rasul gave the alarm, the infidels began to fight and the Sayyid was wounded by the Rajputs. In the meantime, the Musalman residents of the neighborhood arrived at the spot and the infidels took to their heels. The wounded muslims were taken to Shah Yasin who determined to vindicate the cause of Islam. When he came to the mosque, people collected from the neighborhood. the civil officers were outwardly inclined to side with the saint, but in reality they were afraid of the Royal displeasure on the account of the Raja, who was a courtier of the Emperor and had built the temple (near which the mosque was under construction). Shah Yasin, however, took up the sword and started for Jihad. The civil officers sent him a message that such a grave step should not be taken without the Emperor's permission. Shah Yasin, paying no heed, sallied forth till he reached Bazar Chau Khamba through a fusillade of stones ...... THE DOORS (OF TEMPLES) WERE FORCED OPEN AND THE IDOLS THROWN DOWN. THE WEAVERS AND OTHER MUSALMANS DEMOLISHED ABOUT 500 TEMPLES. They desired to destroy the temple of Beni Madho, but as lanes were barricaded, they desisted from going further...."

8. "Kalimat-i-Aurangzeb" by 'Inayatullah

This is another compilation of letters and orders by 'Inayatu'llah covering the years 1703-06 of Aurangzeb's reign.

Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (AD 1658-1707) Maharashtra

"...The houses of this country (Maharashtra) are exceedingly strong and built solely of stone and iron. The hatchet-men of the Govt. in the course of my marching do not get sufficient strength and power (i.e. time) TO DESTROY AND RAZE THE TEMPLES OF THE INFIDELS that meet the eye on the way. You should appoint an orthodox inspector (darogha) who may afterwards DESTROY THEM AT LEISURE AND DIG UP THEIR FOUNDATIONS..."

9. "Muraq'at-i-Abu'I Hasan" by Maulana Abu'l Hasan

This is a collection of records and documents compiled by (the above named author) one of Aurangzeb's officers in Bengal and Orissa during AD 1655-67.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (AD 1658-1707)

Bengal and Orissa

"...Order issued on all faujdars of thanas, civil officers (mutasaddis), agents of jagirdars, kroris, and amlas from Katak to Medinipur on the frontier of Orissa :- The imperial paymaster Asad Khan has sent a letter written by order of the Emperor, to say, that the Emperor learning from the newsletters of the province of Orissa that at the village of Tilkuti in Medinipur a temple has been (newly) built, HAS ISSUED HIS AUGUST MANDATE FOR ITS DESTRUCTION, and THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL TEMPLES BUILT ANYWHERE IN THIS PROVINCE BY THE WORTHLESS INFIDELS. Therefore, you are commanded with extreme urgency that immediately on the receipt of this letter YOU SHOULD DESTROY THE ABOVE MENTIONED TEMPLES. EVERY IDOL-HOUSE BUILT DURING THE LAST 10 or 12 YEARS, WHETHER WITH BRICK OR CLAY, SHOULD BE DEMOLISHED WITHOUT DELAY. ALSO, DO NOT ALLOW THE CRUSHED HINDUS AND DESPICABLE INFIDELS TO REPAIR THEIR OLD TEMPLES. REPORTS OF THE DESTRUCTION OF TEMPLES SHOULD BE SENT TO THE COURT UNDER THE SEAL OF THE QAZIS and attested by PIOUS SHAIKHS..."

10. "Futuhat-i-Alamgiri" by Ishwardas Nagar

The author was a Brahman from Gujarat, born around AD 1654. Till the age of thirty he was in the service of the Chief Qazi of the empire under Aurangzeb. Later on, he took up a post under Shujat Khan, the governor of Gujarat, who appointed him Amin in the pargana of Jodhpur. His history covers almost half a century of Aurangzeb's reign, from 1657 to 1700. There is nothing in his style which may mark him out as a Hindu.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (AD 1658-1707)

Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)

" ... When the imperial army was encamping at Mathura, a holy city of the Hindus, the state of affairs with regard to temples of Mathura was brought to the notice of His Majesty. Thus, HE ORDERED THE FAUJDAR OF THE CITY, ABDUL NABI KHAN, TO RAZE TO THE GROUND EVERY TEMPLE AND TO CONSTRUCT BIG MOSQUES (over their demolished sites)..."

Udaipur (Rajasthan)

"... The Emperor, within a short time, reached Udaipur AND DESTROYED THE GATE OF DEHBARI, THE PALACES OF RANA AND THE TEMPLES OF UDAIPUR. Apart from it, the trees of his gardens were also destroyed..."

These are a few examples of of the tolerance shown by your Muslim brothers during their reign in India. I can provide you with thousands of examples such as these. They have been recorded in history books by Muslim scholars and not by the Hindus (whom you hate so much) nor by the British.

I kind of figured that you were not a Christian. You're another pagan who is pissed that they are becoming a minority in their country, right? I have read the Quran 10 times more than you have read the Vedas.

How you figured out that Aim not a Christian beats me. Probably your Allah has given you knowledge of the unseen, not that it matters to me. I have never read the Vedas.
You're another pagan who is pissed that they are becoming a minority in their country, right?
I am an atheist, and by the way the way you call me pagan sounds so sweet considering what Muslims are like.

I have read the Quran 10 times more than you have read the Vedas. I can understand what I am reading. Can you understand your book? I didn't think so. We do have a method called translation. It enables people of different languages to read the same book. That is how Christians in your country read the bible. Anyway, I have learned a great deal of Quranic Arabic and I must say that the translation does it no justice. It is 100 times more beautiful in Arabic.

Yet again you show how ignorant you are of other cultures. I have spent a very long time living with Hindus. Unlike Muslims Hindus do not follow a book. Hindu philosophy is not bound by what a man did in prehistory nor is their actions guided by a psychopath. Yes Christians read in my country read translated versions of the Bible, because the purpose is to understand what Jesus taught and not to kill people or subjugate other nations. For your very kind information not more 5% Muslims really understand Arabic in my country. So are you saying that those Muslims are not Good Enough Muslims? Good grief! How low you will stoop in order to justify yourself.
Mr. Noora let me tell you something, I was born in a Muslim family and we used to follow the Hale Hades sect. I know Arabic very well, and without reading the Tafsir. Not because the Quran is difficult to understand rather because it sounds extremely stupid and unintelligent to the reader. The Quran is much better understood in translations.

LOL! Wishful thinking?
LOL.... what are u chat freak! please keep your lol's and BRB's to chat rooms.

The pagan Arabs wished the same thing. Tell me, why couldn't they destroy the religion when it was just a handful of Muslims in the world? They tried with all their power and might. Islam only grew.

The pagan Arabs were numerous if they wished they would have destroyed Islam. They did not. You just proved yourself that they were a peace loving people who did not like to create problems. We could have a whole debate on this topic.

Islam is dying? That's a new one. If you were right the conflict in the world is coming to an end, right? There would be no need for sites like Daniel Pipes and Faithfreedom.org. Obviously that is another fallacy. I am alive and so is over 1/6 of the world's population and growing by the day despite the deaths of many at the hands of warmongers. Despite the hardships presently, and the ones to come for Muslims, there will always be resistance. No nation with resisters is ever conquered, so maybe you should blame your ancestors for Islam's take over by the sword, or indoctrination? Answer carefully.Islam is not growing by virtues of its converts. Rather it is growing because of the high birth rate amongst Muslims. More non Muslims have died in this world thanks to the terrorist efforts of your brothers. Not us in India but all over the World. And the ones who are dying in war against terror are not innocent people. They are terrorists. Civilian casualties are rare and the result of collateral damage. Because you Muslim Mujahideen are cowards who hide behind women and children when they attack others.
What you are saying is a well baked lie propagated by Apologists like you. While a few misguided people do convert to Islam after listening to the false version of Islam made up Mullahs living in the West. The fact of the matter is that 75-85% of these converts apostize from Islam within a matter of two years.

Here is the proof
it is a video made by your own Muslim brothers.
Again Islam is propagated through all sorts of fraudulent means, which include Taqqiyya, Money, etc.

No nation with resisters is ever conquered, so maybe you should blame your ancestors for Islam's take over by the sword, or indoctrination? Answer carefully.You are very big hypocrites. On one hand you cry for say that Muslims are facing hardships and are being subjugate and on the other you want me to reply to your stupid question. The onus falls on you to tell me. WHAT WERE MUSLIMS DOING IN THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT IN THE FIRST PLACE?
However, I will explain to you why India was subjugated by the Muslims:

Hindu defeats were more intellectual and cultural. Muslims brought a new ideology and a new kind of warfare to India -- one that at first the Hindus did not understand. And today when they fully understand it, they are not willing to adopt it. <span style="f


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