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Islam as mental crippling

Reader comment on item: [The Hamas Electoral Victory:] Democracy's Bitter Fruit
in response to reader comment: Defeating Jihad

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Feb 2, 2006 at 20:13

ed, the Light said :

Ianus - What a useless formality and fraudulent metaphysics by this Knower of all eternity!
He knows exactly what will happen to a man , how he will behave, whether he will repent before , at or after the point of death as He (Allah) has long decided it so ...and yet He (Allah) is still expecting something will happen or not ... He is open for repentence although He can't expect anything unexpected to Himself! ...It's like watching a film He made! He is the author of the script, he's the film director, He's the main actor, He controls all the tiniest details , He knows by heart all the smallest episodes ...and yet He wants to accept anything again and again ...

The Light - See now your attacking then notion of god knows the future? Man your impossible, are you an atheist, your comments above make you seem so.

Ianus - ...Yes, I am a stinking kaffir! But I do assure you, Light , I am worse that atheists. Not to open your widely shut Islamic mind to a point where it might burst into pieces I won't tell you how.

You are even unable to imagine that atheism can exist , let alone that it does and flourishes!..Poor mind so brainwashed that it can't live without a Quranic quote , an apt hadith phrase to shoo away the monsters of doubt and unfaith lurking everywhere!...

Light - The three Abrahamic religions all say god knows the future.

Ianus - You can't imagine what a religion (I mean your religion!!!) says can't be false, Light. Such an enlightened young mind can't. It wants , it craves and hankers for salvation above all things.

Light- Man doesn't know the Future.

Ianus- With one exception , Light! You do. Your Abrahamic fairy tales make a good fortune-teller of you.

Light- Man was created with free will.

Ianus Man certainly was, but not 'Muslim Man'. (Man is homo sapiens, Muslim man is homo Islamicus - a fundamental difference, you know).

Light- He can act and do as he pleases every moment.

Ianus- A Muslim can't! First a Quranic quote , a little hadith , an example to follow from the Prophet's (pbuh) life , a question to the imam, a few rakats and then and only then a Muslim can act as he pleases every moment.

Light- God knows what man will do because he knows the future.

Ianus- He knows it?...So He isn't the future?...Strange and puzzling! What is the relation between Allah and the Future?...I see the Future will do without Allah as Allah has no future!!...

Light- You're the type of person that says, I just murdered all these people, god made me do it.

Ianus- Don't be obscene! I am not a MuSlime!

Light- You have free will man, do as you please,

Ianus- Don't tell me truisms, Light! I know it's hard to be imaginative!...For a Muslim a thing of impossibility!

Light- Remember you will be called into account for it one day, your hands and body parts will testify to what you made them do. Your fingers will say, Dear Allah, he used me to spread lies about you" You will be stunned.

Ianus- I will do without all this pseudo-pathetic scene, Light.

Allah : You there, Ianus! I call on you - your hands, body parts, fingers to testify on what you have all done?

Ianus : Allah! You look like an uneducated college school teacher. Why are you asking the questions for which you know the answers. No pseudo-questions here. Your trick won't work with me.
I refuse any discussion with you! I simply boycatt you! I prefer to go on an eternity-long holiday to the sixth hell.
By the way , if you want any details on my numerous misdeeds, ask ed , you know ed Nur ad-Din the Light of the Abrahamic Religion!...Privately ,Allah! Nur ad-Din's tongue is no Light! It's Laser for desintegrating kaffirs! ...Laser is a Muslim invention , as we all know.

Light - Allah is the most corrupt and cheating monster you can think of.
He gives a man no chance whatsoever and punishes him for the consequences of deeds for which He Himself (Allah) alone is responsible.
Typically Islamic! I steal and cheat and kill ! But who will be punished? The victim , of course!

Light- Wow, still writing hateful messages I see Ianus, January.

Ianus Have you acquired any basic knowledge of Etruscan mythology yet, Light?

Light- So if he is so corrupt, why are billion of people five times a day turning to pray to him, and that number rising sharper then any other religion. Why is it that people who believe in him are the ones who were never fell slaves to anyone?

Ianus- May I , the Romano-Etruscan Ianus, quote one Latin proverb here , Light ? ....
"Mala herba cito crescit".
(Paste and Google the proverb to understand and glorify all the Muslim scientists and engineers that have made googling possible for us Latino-Muslim scholars!)

Conclusion for ed Nur ad-Din : Ask Allah (or your local imam) for a less insipid quote, will you !

Light- I don't really associate with the imam even though I should,

Ianus- Tell him about all and ask him to arrange the only right thing under the given circumstances of global Islamophobia, misconceptions about Islam, denigration of the prophet, hateful anti-Islamic mental crimes !

Remeber the first Quranic commandment, Light of Imams :
"Thou shalt kill justly"

Light : but if you want a quote, I got one for ya. You ready, here it comes.

(... He creates you stage by stage in your mothers' wombs in a threefold darkness. That is God, your Lord. Sovereignty is His. There is no god but Him. So what has made you deviate?) (The Qur'an, 39:6)

Ianus - This, dear Quran! :

Bukhari:V4B54N430 "Allah's Apostle, the true and truly inspired said, ‘Regarding the matter of the creation of a human being: humans are put together in the womb of the mother in forty days. Then he becomes a clot of thick blood for a similar period. He becomes a piece of flesh for forty days. Then Allah sends an angel who is ordered to write four things: the new creature's deeds, livelihood, date of death, and whether he will be blessed or wretched. He will do whatever is written for him.'"

And this , oh thou threefold Womb of the Book :

... threefold darkness ...?... I thought it was my father that was at work there at my procreation ...And it's again Allahthe busybody, the Meddler , the long-nosed intruder, the sadistic voyeur, the breaker of privacy, the Light-extinguisher, the decency-expeller!!!

Light - As will be understood,

Ianus- .. by whom? ...A Muslim(a)...?..a kaffir(a)?

Light- it is pointed out in this verse that a human being is created in the mother's womb in three distinct stages. Indeed, modern biology

Ianus - Wrong!..."Muslim modern biology"!

Light- has revealed that the baby's embryological development takes place in three distinct regions in the mother's womb.
Today, in all the embryology textbooks studied in faculties of medicine, this subject is taken as an element of basic knowledge. For instance in Basic Human Embryology, a fundamental reference text in the field of embryology, this fact is stated as follows: "The life in the uterus has three stages: pre-embryonic; first two and a half weeks, embryonic; until the end of the eight week, and fetal; from the eight week to labor."

Ianus - Your future as an embryologist will be bright! You'll revolutionize embryology by founding Islamoembryology showing that actually faith is a prenatal uqality of every Muslim child thus proving the rightness of the Prophet's (pbuh) saying
"All men are born Muslim".

Light- We both know this information was never known till modern times.

Ianus- The Light has never heard of Galen?

Light- How did Mohamed know this

Ianus- Good question , the man was illiterate after all!!

Light : if the Quran is not from god, was he a scientist.

Ianus : Yes , he was !!! Confer supra!

Light : That is one of the miracles of the Quran,

Ianus : On the same level as the miraculous fountains that sprang from the Prophet's (pbuh)fingertips!

Light : it tells lost of things that was unknown at that time but now is proven my science.

Ianus : What for? Whether it found out or refuted by science , the Muslims wouldn't mind. Reason must perish so that the Muslim faith might live! ...They can't coexist!

Light : I know even after this your not gonna stop your hate and one sidedness,

Ianus : I am thankful that you never mention the word "rationality", Light! It's so un-Islamic and so treacherous. You know that without asking your local imam!

Light : But it's ok, I expect as much, because the quran tells

Ianus: Can you stop insulting me with your Quran (pbuh), Light! I am a very sensitive man!

Light : us over and over again, its for people who think, people who see, and use their sight, people who are not closed minded but think and say, wait, if this then that.

Ianus: What did you say?...People who think use their brains , people who see rely on their eyes... And what do you do , Light ? You quote an ayat and call it "thinking". You show an ayat and call it "seeing" and now you assert pathetically "people who are not closed minded but think and say, wait, if this then that"...
Can't you see what Islam has made of mind - a piece of
useless scrap that is unable to produce a single rational understandabe thought ; of your eyes (a myopic ) , and your tongue ( a trumpet to toot out rubbish songs) ...
Light, you're a spiritual cripple that praises the crutches he uses to beat anyone who suggests trying to walk on his own feet!...
Look at what you are! ...Abandon this Satanic death cult called Islam and convert to whatever else (Christianity or taoism ...) if you still belong to the homo sapiens species !


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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