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The light of faith or the obscurity of knowledge

Reader comment on item: [The Hamas Electoral Victory:] Democracy's Bitter Fruit
in response to reader comment: Hamas election

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Feb 1, 2006 at 09:35

ed,the Light, said :

> Thanks for calling me Light, as that is what my last name means
I can't call you two-faced, Janus, Ianus, for it's a distasteful name. How did I know, I googled it.

All glory belongs to the Google Allah! ...I am not so naive as to suspect you have ever been interested in Roman or Etruscan mythology. (it's the most haram thing !!!) I like this pristine Etruscan god. He gave his name to the month of January , by the way. As long as there was no peace, his temple in Rome was open.
By the way do you know what the meaning of the two faces of this "distasteful" god, was? Try to google it out!

> Anyway, I promise not to bomb this forum.

Will you promise it with your washed right heart put on the Immaculate Quran, Light?

> Don't make it seem like all Muslims blow themselves up, that's not fair.

It's not me, it the Muslims that make it seem so...ask any kaffir , if you don't
believe...People are afraid of you.

> You seem to be an educated person, and for you to say that shows ignorance.

I intended to change this sentence and apply it against you , but I abstained from
doing it. Please , do appreciate it!

Ianus said.

> Barely exists? Or there no statistics as any statistician trying to do reliable research and display the result would risk his death...

> Muslims are taught to hide their shortcomings, as not to affect their siblings, family, society etc.

No, Light. Muslims are taught to hide their shortcomings to gratify their narcistic neuroses. Muslim narcistic megalomania can't exist without this scrupulous suppression of its own ugliness.
You say "We Muslims! How beuatiful, how true, how pious, how perfect we are! Look into my (false) mirros, brother Muslim! How subtle and exalted my Muslim face , how elated my Islamic soul is!...It's because our Allah loves us and we are His slaves!!! "...

And them some damned kaffir (let's call him Ianus) comes and shouts out :
"You there, Muslims!...Let's organize a beauty contest! Your Allah and other gods participate!...Damn, this ugly monster of yours is disqualified !!! He can't treta all the other participants that way!... No bullying, you hidious Allah!...Get away!
Now the same with you Muslims ! You compete with all other religious people of these planet!...I am the judge! ...Get rid of this pompous make-up and no masks please!... No, no! you look exactly like the monstrous Devil you worship!...You behave the same! ...."

> For instance if a boy has a girlfriend, and he makes out with her in front of his little brother, its most likely the younger brother will do the same thing, and that will lead to sex before marriage. Jan you know that is HARAM right. In the west we have Sex in the City, etc, it is freedom of speech to show whatever in TV but I wonder what that teaches to our young ones. " don't say anything about censorship because they have sexually suggestive material in cartoons". Don't tell me the gay parades don't affect the minds of young ones who might have a broken heart, etc.

..."in the west we have ..." You're not living in one those Middle Eastern paradises like Iran or Yemen then , Light?

> How about happy harem life with regular husband-beating over there?...

> A beating, which is not whipping, or can cause injury. It's to scare more then it is to hurt. Note, a wife can divorce her husband for a simple reason as snoring.

You're quoting some hadiths again without telling it explicitly , aren't you? The distnction between "beating" and "whipping" is really crucial!...To whip you need something more ...let's say -not to heart your Muslim sensitivities - a paintbrush whereas for beating you just needfists and feet. ... What does the fiqh say : Can a wife beat (nota bene - not whip!) her husband "to scare more than to hurt ?"

> Harems, living quarters reserved for wives and female relatives in a Muslim household. I don't know why you said this, but if your referring to polygamy, we can talk about its benefits on the next posting.

How about the benefits of polyandria, Light?

> It's the fifth commandment, Light ...
If you're not sure about something , google first , will you!
Which commandment is it in the Quran, though ? My googling brings no results.

According to the Qur'an, killing a person unjustly is the same as killing all of humanity, and saving a person is the same as saving all humanity. (See 5:32.)

"unjustly"? ...How many thousand reasons for killing someone "justly" can you invent,
Light?...I as a kaffir could find a few hundred at least.
Besides, we both know that kaffirs are not counted as part of humanity. Don't you remember the Muslim fairy tale about the animals and men and how it was found out that's only the deen that creates the man sensu pleno?

Coming back to the fifth commandment it states: "Thou shalt not kill" . It doesn't state : "Thou shalt not kill unjustly, thou shalt kill justly!", Light.

Nowadays?...They have always quoted them so , from the very moment they heard and understood these satanic verses.

> Anyone can do that with any religious text.

Do the same with "the Heart Sutra" , if you can, Light!
(Google for it, if you have never happened to hear of it before! )

>Take the following for example

"I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh; with the blood of the slain and of the captives, from the long-haired heads of the enemy." (Deut. 32:42),

Have you ever been interested in the early Israelite history , Light? It's a quite fascinating and instructive subject. And quite secular , besides.

>so don't do that when you answering me back.

Try to find similar phrases in the later part of the Bible where both people's customs and general civilizational level have improved !...Now take whatever era of Islamic history - the butcher Muhammed's life or the Glorious Ottoman Empire or the present times ...You have all the same , the same nauseating list of crimes and self-glorifying lies! Not a single sign of self-criticism and regret!...It's sickening to read about your Islamic past, whereas the Jewish past was quite different , quite edifying.

> Suicide bombing and terrorism is legal instead, isn't it?

> Suicide bombing is not legal in Islam.

It's therefore non-Islamic suicide bombings we hear of almost every day! These were all kaffirs disguised as Muslims that blew themselves up...A brilliant into the preestablished innocence of Islam !

> Its frustrated people who are doing this,
Don't they happen to be Muslims ? Why don't frustrated kaffirs blow themselves
up? Why? Couldn't they create a paradise for themselves with 73 bomb girls awaiting them there? ...

> who are being mentally enslaved and being told everything they believe in is wrong and should follow the west or else. You know most of the Slaves from Africa were Muslims, we see what happened to them. "After this, whoever exceeds the limits shall be in grave chastisement" (2:178

You are talking about the limits of Muslim patience and tolerance, no doubt. There are no limits to debasing oneself before Allah.

> ...'Convert or die or pay jizya'...- a Muslim invitation card...Thanks, the Nur (Light)...I'd better do without.

That is if there was a truly Islamic state, and it was attacked, and it captured the attackers, Like POW's. But sense there is no real Islamic country with the Sharia as its supreme source of law, I don't know what your talking about. No time in history did a Muslim ruler attack a non Muslim country without provocation first.

You know that I can't contradict you without being accused of spreading mischief and denigarting Islam. For this no a panelboard discussion but a public beheading is foreseen.
Do you like kicking cut off heads , Light ?

> So the convert, die, or pay jizya rule is in place if a Muslim country is attacked without provocation.

How do "Muslim scholars" define provocation? ...

"You there , kaffir! You know I am a true Muslim and that it's only my religion which is true...Be my slave and don't provoke me and all the Muslims around the world because I'll couterattack you! "

> Jinns exist , the Quran(=God's word) says they do. If Renan is of a different opinion "I guess I have to disagree with Ernest Renan on that point."

> I don't know what you were trying to say there, but if Jinns do exist, like the devil, same concept.

Again, no "if", Light. You know all the Infallible Quran says does exist!!!

>Do you think I am an idiot , Light?

> No not at all, I actually think you're an intelligent person.

So why did you ask "do you think you can change the way I think?"...Was the questionintended to test my intelligence quotient ?

> But "here it comes", I think Allah has closed your heart to the truth,

Wrong, Light! ...Allah has opened my heart to the truth and closed yours!

> and made you see this life as the everlasting one, forgetting one day you will die,

Wrong, Light! Allah showed me you Muslims distorted his original message which
was the strictest commandment of seeing with one's own eyes, hearing with one's own ears and thinking with one's own brains with total disrespect for any illiterate rubbish, any pseudo-prophets and pseudoangels , any dogmas, any satanic verses spread in the desterts of human stupidity as 'eternal miracles'!...You are the worst perverted, mendacious, inhumane lot this world has ever seen. Allah detests you and we kaffirs do the same!

> and one day you will be placed in tiny grave, and everything will come back from the cemetery except you and your deeds. So when your in that small grave and the angels are questioning you, your going to say, Woe be on to me, why did I not believe in Allah and his messenger. LOL, I really don't think you're an idiot just in need of some repentance.

Yes, you do think am an idiot just like so many you have met and you have told the same fairy tales to and they were as stupid and sheepish as you expected . They were silent , they showed understanding and respect to the insane ravings you lavished on them (no your ravings nota bene , but the barren ravings reiterated in your damned barren civilization for 1400 years), some of them might have been even converted to this primitive, ...death cult you dare glorify before me.
Your Allah and the sixth hell that you have prepared for us Christians and kaffirs don't impress me at all. I find them even funny and alluring. I would be happy to see this hell exists. At least there would be no Muslims there (Muslims have their seperate 7th hell). And any place without Muslims is a clean place! Wherever you Muslims spread you kill all intelligent life and you create deserts and death zones!

> How can you do this, Light? Some intellectual jihad (your main mission),refreshing brain terror, hadith-intimidation, quran bombing , Middle East-style verbal beheading here and there...your weaponry must be infinte as the ways of Allah who has sent you on this "main mission"!

LoL, your style is plain. If any Muslim says anything you immediately term him A terrorist, a jihadist, etc. Weak

It's everyday experience that teaches me caution (plain text : Never trust a Muslim!). But also general considerations lead to the same caution (Never trust a Muslim!).
How can you be a non-violent Muslim, Light ? How can you be a non-violent tyrannosaurus rex? (Physical violence =terror in Muslims originate in mental violence they are imbued with through their religious schooling. The Quran was aptly named a cookbook for terrorists, Light. If you don't renounce the Quran and all it stands for you will never excape the violence trap all Muslims are in.)

> I am not even out of college yet, and I can debunk most of your ridiculous hateful statements.

Please do! But remeber there is only one way to "debunk" most "most of my (by the way plenty of people share these statements, even on this forum , not to speak of others ) ridiculous hateful statements" - convert to kaffirism (Become whatever you wish but stop bbeing a Muslim)! I promise to praise you if you decide to leave that bloody hateful somber and debasing death cult called Islam! I really do! ...

Refer me to the above to show "I am an idiot" if I expect you to ever do what I suggest.

> What do you think if I was educated, lol it wouldn't really matter, because most the people that come to this website only want to hear one thing, ISLAM IS THE ENEMY, LETS BOMB MECCA.

No, Light. If I may venture a guess. They don't want to hear it. They want to see it.
May Allah help them!!!

(By the way , whay can only Muslims be given the pleasure of devastating the cursed place? Remember Abu Tahir or November 1979?)


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