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Noha: Here are the reasons why

Reader comment on item: Destroying Sculptures of Muhammad
in response to reader comment: I ask Why

Submitted by Plato (India), Apr 13, 2008 at 09:30

Noha, you wrote:

>>I have known that around 2 million iraqis died since the start of Iraq war, is that equal to the 4000 americans who died? Is that because I am a Muslim that I worth nothing? Should all non-Muslims be so superior and Muslims be inferior?<<

Hear what one of your rightly guided Khalifas had to say about superiority of Muslims and what non-Muslim lives are worth. Ibn Ishaq page 505:'…Umar jumped up and walked alongside Abu Jandal (who had escaped from Mecca and was being returned as per the treaty of Hudaibiya) saying, "Be patient for they are only polytheists; the blood of one of them is but the blood of a dog. And this is your prophet about merit in killing unbelievers: Ibn ishaq Pg 377: ‘ Let him alone for that one man should accept Islam is dearer to me than the killing of a thousand unbelievers.' This was with reference to Wahshi who had killed Hamza the prophet's uncle. This would mean that killing unbelievers was a meritorious act.

>> why should I believe what you believe, and you don't? does it sound wierd?<<

It did not sound weird to your prophet when he exhorted everyone who would listen to believe what he believed. When he found that very few people were willing to listen to him he threatened them with hell fire and when he had the power of the sword in his hands he went about converting as many as could be convinced with the threat of the sword.

What is weird is Muslims insisting that their religion is the only true one and all other believers will go to hell.

>>and I need to know something, why should people intefere in our religion, and why they want to hurt our feelings in the most things that we love?<<

Noha, remember these words from your previous post: "So why wars were there: Prophet Muhamed first invited neighboring countries to Islam, and if they refused Muslims would conquer that country, and make Islamic law be the law of that country" (http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/125115). Now you have the chutzpah to claim that others interfere in your religion when that is exactly the example set by your so-called noble prophet. Muslims not only interfere by try to enforce their religion on others as you have yourself so eloquently put it. By forcing his religion on others was your prophet not hurting their feelings????

Coming to modern times, Noha, what is the dawa you do, but interference in other people's religion. What about the call to kill Muslim apostates? You are interfering in not just their religious belief but depriving them of their lives. You cannot come back and claim that people who call for such killings are not true muslims. This does not happen in any other religion. It means that your religion is so poorly written that Muslims think that they are ordered by Allah to kill apostates when it does not really say so.

>>why they don't deal with us without such inteference?<<

You have the cart before the horse. It is the Koran (and Muslims) which is always interfering with other faiths by denouncing them as false. Noha show me from the Koran that it does not interfere continuously with Christians, Jews, Pagans, and hypocrites.

The Koran (and Muslims) does not only interfere, it gives its followers a contract to kill non-Muslims and promises to reward them with heaven (9:111).

For you, if non-Muslims don't present their necks for execution if we refuse to follow Islam that is interference with the law of Allah.

>>why everytime you are discussing politics with someone, the discussion ends up: your prophet is so and so?<<

That is because during these discussions Muslims always come up with the fabulous rule of the Prophet and the rightly guided ones. They tell us that it was some kind of golden age never seen again. Well then we have to remind them that the prophet indulged in nearly seventy mostly unprovoked raids and wars, he took booty, including women and children, he had his critics assassinated, he broke his own rules of marriage and came up with aya to justify them post-facto. The list endless.

>>we are Muslims and Islam is a fact,…<<

Yes, Muslims and Islam are harsh facts that cannot be denied.

>>we have our religion and you have your opinions keep them for your selves, but for people to co-operate on this earth, they have to respect one another and know the limits of each other.<<

We will be absolutely delighted to keep our opinions to ourselves. But will Muslims let us. You blow yourself up with planes and in trains and kill our innocent people and then you tell us these people are not Muslims or that it was actually a conspiracy to defame Islam. You can tell that to the birds, even they will not believe you. You expect us to keep our opinions to ourselves??

When has Islam respected other faiths? It is an article of faith in Islam not to respect other religions. Show us Noha that I am wrong. Quote your Koran, hadith and sira and prove me wrong.

>>You are so proud of America?<<

Only Americans are proud of America.

>>is not US that interfere with all middle east's stuff to take other benefits.<<

For sure the US interferes in the Middle East to capture booty. But then did not your prophet set a good example for this. He raided his neighbours and captured booty and distributed it among his friends and relatives, and poor MUSLIM orphans and destitutes. The booty also included women and children as slaves. At least the US soldiers are not carrying off Muslim women and children as slaves to America. You should be thankful for small mercies after Muhammad set his example for all time and for all places.

>>If the middle east didn't have any resources, US would have never interfered.<<

Right again, Noha, in that case the US would not interfere. Your prophet launched raids on caravans returning with goodies not while they were going to get them. You know why the much-glorified Badr raid took place. It was the result of Muhammad trying to waylay Abu Sufyan on his way back from Syria with about 20,000 dirhams worth of valuables. What is wrong with the Americans raiding your oil??

>> US has destroyed our lands and our people.<<

Muhammad destroyed the Banu Nadir, the Banu Quraiza and so many other tribes. Muslims destroyed the cultures of Persia and Afghanistan. There is no record of the Persians or Afghans inviting the Muslims there.

>>It is the blame on Muslim presidents that they are so weak, and the blame is next on us,..<

Again you have the cart before the horse. The blame is first on you, the Muslim masses and only next on your ruling classes. Look around, why is it that only the Muslims have not been able to get rid of their kings and dictators. The Nepalis, dirt poor and poorly educated, are going to bid their monarch goodbye soon. The Butanese king is himself is ushering in democracy there.

In Muslim countries even the ones that start off democratically, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Sudan and so many others end up as dictatorships. Take, India, as poor and illiterate as Pakistan in 1947. India is a flourishing democracy expected to be a world economic power shortly. Pakistan is struggling with democracy and sunk in endemic violence, religious, linguistic and tribal.

Guess why. Care for my opinion? Your god Allah, and his apostle are both dictators and expect obedience from Muslims, eyes wide open. You allow the same leeway to your ruling dictators. Muslims have a religion that tells them to kneel before power, religious and temporal.

>>…and once people are religious enough they are able to get US out, because strong Muslims do not fear any one but God.<<

Muslims fear their dictators more than god, if you ask me. Why else are almost all Muslim countries ruled by dictators and potentates? The dictators are puppets of the US. Why don't you get rid of your dictators and automatically the US will leave you alone. They respect and fear real democracies. Name a proper democratic country which is under US tutelage.

>>Tell me that you were there with the prophet and you knew that he didn't speak to God, you are saying it with a 100 percent confidence, where did you people learn to do that?<<

Bush said that he spoke to his god about Iraq and he got permission to attack Saddam. Were you there to check whether it really happened? Can you say with hundred per cent confidence that God/Allah did not speak to Bush???

>>The conclusion is: we deal with the western world as a black box and they should do the same, with no one interefering in the other's matters, and each one respecting the other's limits, and why is Islam the only religion that is attacked in this way? why its beleifs are attacked in that manner? it sounds weird to me.<<

It is not weird. What is weird is your making this claim after yourself having said in another post that Muslims ‘INVITE' others to Islam and if the invitation is not accepted they are attacked and brought to heel. The Koran also attacks all other faiths harshly (Do you want me to give you the relevant verses, Noha?). It should expect to be attacked equally harshly and be sporting about it.


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