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Submitted by Allonehhob (Canada), Dec 9, 2005 at 16:32

==unfortunately nothing you do can change your kids from converting....this might make u miserable but too bad. Some of what you said is true but most ...is not. ==

Yes there are lots of things we can do in order to show our kids the true love on Christianity and make sure that they are not fooled by all of the lies that muslims distribute in order to gain converts. I have read the Quran, hadith and sira; imams can make a great religion out of it when they quote the Mecca verses. And Muslim terrorist can make killing machine out of it when they quote the Madina verses. Christianity doesn't have mix messages, it is one straight simple and clear message it is all about love, mercy, and peace. Quran even to muslims deliver conflicting messages. Allah in Quran changes his mind several times, not to my surprise because this book was poorly written by Mohammad, sometimes it says if you kill one soul it is like killing the whole world, many other verses say "Kill the infidales and slay their necks" Muhammad's Sira is full of violence and rape, this is the sad truth about this religion.

==1. The religion of islam was brought back to fix the wronging that the PEOPLE changed in christianity....so how can u say the love that christianity brings is not found in islam...see that is exactly why your kids are converting....you lie to them...why dont you just tell them the truth? oh yeah because then they are more likely to convert.==

What I said is that Islam doesn't understand unconditional love, the love that Christ has taught, lived, and died for. Christ has demonstrated this love to humanity in his teachings, his life and difinately set a great example for such love. Islam didn't bring anything new, Muhammad claim that it did, He claimed that since punch of Arabs in the deseart were practicing Idol worshipping and killing their new born daughters, then Islam was necessary to resolve these issues. I am sure you know that these problems are still exist today, there are still idol worshippers, violence against infants, etc. does that mean that we need to create a new religion to solve these issues?

Muhammad, if he understood the message of Christianity, he would have solved the Meccan's issues by spreading Jesus' teachings, Muhammad had a very little understanding of Judism and Christianity, he claimed that Christians believe in three GODs, father, Mother Marry and Son Jesus. He also claimed that Christians worship Idols because we bow to Jesus pictures. Can't you understand that Islam not only corrupted the mission of Christianity, it corrupted the image of Christ, and took away the most important fact of Christianity which is Jesus death and resurrection.

==As practicing muslims we learn about christianity and judaism and love and respect Jesus and the rest of the prophets..when we say Muhammed..it is always followed by "peace be upon him"..when we say jesus..it is also ALWAYS followed by "peace be upon him"....==

It doesn't make a difference if you put "PBUH" or not behind Jesus' name, you have done enough damage to him that this phrase will not fix, if you really respect someone then learn about him from unbiased sources, you know as much as Islam tell you about Christianity but neither muslims nor Muhammad know the truth about Jesus or Christianity

==2. "well..i explain to them about islam, but not without any emotions.."you sound like a little kid saying that...grow up people and face reality.==

Ok thank you, we are facing the sad reality, it is time that you face yours. However, do not rejoice, Muslims are leaving Islam by thousands every day in Africa, Russian converts to Christianity is about 500% times of converts to Islam. Lots of exMuslims are not afraid anymore of spreading their apostate, see faithfreedom.com and man y other websites. We don't have exact numbers of converts to Christianity in Arabs countries because people are too afraid from being killed if denounced Islam.

==Islam is all around you..no one is putting a gun against your children's heads and forcing them to convert and the only people that are helping them convert is you islamophobic people that think your children are stupid and are never gonna go out to find the truth...==

Our children are not stupid by they were raised on honesty, they believe what they are told from brainwashers like mulsim preachers. High percentage of converts to Islam take one year or bit more before they convert back to Christianity or even become atheists

GOD bless you and hope that you will see the truth one day

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