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rituals of Hajj

Reader comment on item: Must Counterinsurgency Wars Fail?
in response to reader comment: Worship Of Almighty God is Worshipped in Spirit and in Truth - Holy Bible is Written Evidence of the Truth in Yeshua HaMashiach

Submitted by sTs (United Arab Emirates), Oct 28, 2008 at 02:52

This is the reality that the Quran came after the Bible, so we believe in the latest version/edition from God. Students at schools normally follow the latest books there are in the market for they contain the latest information about topics in subject.

The Gospel and the Torah are books of God; we don't deny that, we don't follow because they are corrupt. God Himself told us that the Jews and Christians corrupted them that is why He sent another one. He never said that he was to preserve them from corruption. But He made a vow to preserve the Quran alone. The bible cannot be a proper book to follow because we have seen and I showed you many times the fatal errors in it. I can list them again for you if you like. Jesus Christ in his form, who eats, sleeps, feels pain, is a human being. He cannot be God. I have many questions why He cannot be God - 1. Why God needed to send Himself to earth and suffer- 2. Why did God take His life by Himself on the Cross and then How did He raise Himself up after He was dead. 3. What will happen to the people before Jesus who did not believe in him and did not see him, but they truly Worshiped God, such as the People of Abraham and Moses for example.

You say that Muslims lack of obedience for God - How is so, when Muslims worship God everyday 5 times a day, they call his name every second and they give the poor and needy for the sake of God and love the neighbors for the love of God and the women wear Hijab for the Love of God.... can we such society in the western world. NO and a thousand no

Nowadays the religion is clear, there is no compulsion in religion, any Imam call for the death of non-Muslim is not a true Muslim, for Muhammad himself said no killing except in Jihad and self defense. The Quran says if you deliberately kill one person in as if you killed the whole humanity and Mohammad elaborated even if not a Muslim. He will be punished, if not in this life, God will punish him Later.

So you see Mr. Tovey, you really way out of touch with true Islam, I once wrote in this forum, don't look at what some Muslims do and link it to Islam, because it is not of Islam. Search the true Islam as so many in the West did and they embraced Islam when they found the truth.

Muslims will only acknowledge Quran because it is the last and latest book from God. It is the only book that is acceptable by God. Although we believe that God sent the Torah on Moses and the Gospel on Jesus. but then God said the Jews and Christians have corrupted these books. He never said that he is going to preserve these books from Corruption, but he promised He is going to preserve the Quran from corruption.

And He did.

We have seen and witnessed that the translation from Arabic to other languages (English in this instance) have changed the meaning of the Quran, because the people who translated do not have a good command of the meaning of the Quran, they don't have deep knowledge of the study of the Quran and the Hadith and they translate at will. This process have wrongly changed the meaning of the words of the Quran such as Waly considered a friend, which is wrong and the eye of the sun sunset in murky waters is another wrong. And there are many more. But the true meaning of the Quran in Arabic is preserved.

If we take the bible for its meanings, we find that the original text disappears and we find that the bible had been translated from one language to another until it reach us in English, therefore we must conclude that corruption of the words are there and that the translation has deformed the meaning of the words of the bible plus adding salt and pepper on the Christians through out the ages.

Any person would see the errors in the Bible very clear. But if you take the Quran, you will never find any slightest error in the original text. NEVER.

I ask God to forgive my sins, He is the only worthy of asking. I don not ask one of His creation for forgiveness even how much good he is. We don't ask Mohammad for forgiveness either.

You need a tangible evidence to believe in the presence of God by believing He has done miracles in the form of Jesus (Christ) and the miraculous creation of Jesus (pbuh), these are tangible evidence for you to believe that he is God. This is wrong, because God is not tangible and we don't see Him but He sees us. and because almost all prophets made miracles including Mohammad (pbuh).

As for Hajj, it is what we all Muslims look forward before we die, because it is an occasion when we can cleanse ourselves from our sins. God said to take this trip once in a life time. Its hardships are unbearable. But this will show God that you will take the struggle (Jihad) to obey him and fulfill his command. Prophet Muhammad said that who ever makes hajj will return back with no sins like when he was born. It is not an obligation to kiss the black stone. Khalifah Omar bin Khattab said "If I did not see the Prophet kiss you I would not have done so" - Prophet Mohammad said that this stone was more white than the white - it is not of earthly origins, it is from heavens". I repeat it is not obligatory to kiss it or touch it or touch the Kabaa in the Hajj. It is not part of the rituals. People do very strange things out of belief but truly are not part of the belief; it is some local culture or habits in their original countries.

The Hajj rituals are clear - wear Ihram clothes, go round the kab'aa seven times, go from safa and marwa 7 times- stand in to mount Arafat, throw seven stones three times, cut the hair, slaughter the sacrifice. That is it and during all this time you mention the name of Allah and some prayers.

Then you are clean from all sins. I looking forward that day, when I will be cleaned from all my sins and purified. Become calmer person and do not agitate quickly (to be patient). God willing


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