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The lights are going out all over europe tonight

Reader comment on item: Zionism's Bleak Present
in response to reader comment: IS THIS OUR FATE?

Submitted by Antonia Gilligan (United States), Jan 26, 2008 at 01:00

I refuse to accept the decline of the "West."

When the First World War ignited, in August 1914, The forgien minister of Great Britian, Lord Grey declared the lights were going out all over Europe. The lights of progress temporially extinguished by the conflict. Again we face an existential threat to our culture, our homes and family. The evil springs from the belief that a religion is the way. If Islam is the response what was the question?

Let me be blunt. The "West" and by that I mean Ancient Greece, Rome, Canada, Austarlia, Ameraica and Europe have been the engine for progress for thousands of years. No culture has a monoplogy of progress or goodness But the "West" has given the world an invention, the free man who decides his own fate. The Greeks invention, that no citizen would bow to an eastern god-ruler, Darius or his son Xeres. What a shock , simple Greek telling an empire that they would not pay tribute. As the male greek citizens knew they would fight to protect their homes from a God King who must be obeyed..

Islam is just another "god" theocracy, where knaves and fools, follow a text without recourse to reason. The "West" is painted as war like. Was it the West that conquer Christain Syria in the eight century? What had the Hindus done to deserve the Moguls' years of cruelity, impossing Islam of infidels. Recall that Hindus could not "rely" on their Dihimi status to save them. "There is no complusion in religion" says the Koran.. Tell that to the Coptic Christians who live in fear in modern Egypt. Tell that to the Zorasterians. Yes, you don't know about them. Zorasterism, the religion of the ancient Persians. It was extinguished by Islam. They are the inventors of cultural imperialism.

Oh and Spain was a model of Islamic grace. I'm sure the Goths had no problem with a series of raids attaching them. The raids seeking plunder and slaves. Islam, the religion where slavery is still practiced, slowly destroying a state that had never attached Islam.

Let me tell you about the West. Inperialism, we didn't invent it. What would you call an army of bedoiuns seeking plunder under a religious banner. An Islamic invasion. Tell the Berbers of North Aferica that they were blessed in being conquer by the Arabs. The Arabs were soon conquered by the Turks. The Turks ruled over then since the 12 century. The closing years of 19th and early 20th century saw Britain and France provide the Islamic world excuse for their record of current cultural and economic stagnation. The European involvement last no more that 85 years. Yet ,the centuries of rule as a conquer people by their coreligious, the Turks" didn't degrade their culture at all did it.

It was all the fault of who ? America , Israel, Britian, France... Centuries of being abused by Ottoman rule is forgotten by the politically correct. They cry instead that they are the victims of the "West." They tell of the history of blood shed. Let me state clearly, we all have bloody hands. To to have a selective menory about it is almost Islamic. What happened when the Seljurk Turks conquered Jeresulem from the Arabs. The fall of Antioch results in the rivers runnig red according to the Turkish history with the last Christian blood in the area. Yes, now we have the Islamic response with Balck September, Munich, where the "West: stood helpless. The Germans allowed them to escape and have never attempted to capture the murders. So Islam blames who? Israel, for defending it citizens.

While they were studying the Koran, the west discovered that knowledge is power (Francis Bacon). That knowledge, based upon factual, evidence or experimental proof was an engine for, "Enlightenment." Islam being the "perfection" of Allah's mercy.. had no need for progress. No new works of theology were needed. Mohammed had closed the book, so to speak. And since we would die shortly, better to pray 5 times a day ...etc... The use of rote knowledge over free enquiry is a virture in Islam.

Let me remind you that science is the gift the "west "have given our fellows. All cultures have dabbled inthe sciences math astromomy etc. But only the "west" transformed science from thr work of a few self supported elites to a practice done though out the culture for pay. The "West" has cured more disease with knowledge that all the souls saved by Islamic prayer. What do you want penicillin or prayer beads and fatwas?

As for women, the "West" has been in the forefront recognizining the errors of past world discrimination. We are told how Islam is so progressive for woman, protecting them. Protecting them with the veil, protecting them by allowing only men to start divorce proceedings. Allowing males to ALWAYs have child custody since this is Islamic. Islan insists upon Islamic astromomy to protect the Koran. We are told in school,by the poltically correct that the arabs ivented our numbers. What a carnard. Our numbers are a gift from the Hindus, thank you. They delevoped Algebra. Yes, they had a primitive of algebra but they didn't have the concept of zero. Again an idea from ancient Greece and India. Hey. guys the earth goes around the sun. It has has been doing it for 4.5 billions years. It was the "West "that discover this

By allowing peiople to live without divine dictates, the "West" has allowed then to seek their own future. Their own future for good or ill. A future with promise and peril, but a future where each has the choice to be the mistress of her own ship. The "West" knows we are human, full of promise and potential of great evil. Tolerance is Western not Islamic. Sharia gives us dead bodies from suicide bombers "Honor Killings", capital punishmint for heresy. As for sexual minorities, gay men lesbian can expect what. Visit Chop Chop Square. apologists will decalre this is islamic baiting since so few are actually killed. As few sound like their concern for the rights of indivual s are predicated Hersey has died in the "West" What are the Islamic Nobel prize winners? Where are the guiding lights of progress from the Islamic world.

So lets here it for the "WEST " not as the perfect form of goverment , the brillant culture and such but as a cizilization where future progress is possible. Where change is possible and now a constant.

The West gave the world the germ theory of disease saving billio0ns. Islam has voiced is need for female circumcision with subsequent female multiulation and worse

The West gave us footprints on the moon, while Imans in Nigeria frustrate the erradication of polio. Being for Polio is not the mark of a culture with a future.

The" West" is aplace in our mind and culture but also a geographical location. As I last looked Islamic people aren't stayin put but seeking the advantage we create. How many Westerners long to be under Saudi control? How many Canadians are lining up to move to Egypt. So here we have it. The big bad "West" the place they want to live.

Yes, the "West" that invented the computer,(digital not a bunch of beads on a string) ,aviation, space flight, the automobile, the internet, a host of modern vaccines, modern sanation, the breaking of the gentic code. Think about that! For the first time ,we, mankind are on the doorstep of directing our evolution.

The "West" gave us constitutions, political rights not religious dictates. Islam has given us Chop Chop Square. Islam the theology that inhibits more woman than any other belief on earth

Islam, that demand its believers should seek to inpress upon the Dhmimi, that they are not equal. They may live, paying a pole tax for the pleasure of being oppressed.

It is the "West " that thought of man as living, in a unversise of infinite posibilities. Possibilities based upon individualism rational thought, property ownership, open discourse on all issues, transparency in law and business, open inquiry and freedom, to think as the person directs. Has the millenium come? No, but progress is more important than spirtual perfection. Let Islam rule in heaven but get your blood covered hands off of me on earth!

As a woman who's father fought in the WWII to cull the evil of Nazism, As a woman with two sons who served in the miltary. One was stationed in Saudi Arabis to protect it form other muslim states, Iran and Iraq. The same son who was on the pile at Ground Zero (69th " The Fighting Irish" )on 9/11. So much for being appreciated for saving these fools from each other. A woman who lives 1.2 miles from Ground Zero., a woman who saw the logical conclusion of Islam. As thousands died in the city I was born in, I realized, I too had forgeotten this lesson. "Freedon ain't free".

So I speak for the "West". I speak for faultering steps of material and cultural progress. I also cry out the words "Let's Role" as the Americans on United 93 did. They fought. They died to spare us from another "ground zero" Yes, Let's role over these speedbumps to energy independce. Let's aid small liberal democracies, like Israel. How many Europeans have died at Israeli hands? How many Europeans have died at Islamic hands.? Do the Math. It ain't difficult.

The "West:" almost lost in 1939. Let us guard ourselves from the "peace" at any price of the fearful. Life is a risk and I will risk living it ,standing up with no bowing to Mecca...Let's roll. ...

This war of civilizations isn't over and I know not where it will go but I know no diety on my side. I know of no God who will forgive me for killing innocents.


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