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While Your Waiting for the Messiah...Do EVERYTHING With In Your Power To Deny You Are The One You Are Waiting For!!

Reader comment on item: Muslim Zionism

Submitted by Tom Hanifin(raised Irish Catholic and fortunately no longer practicing)) (United States), Jun 11, 2006 at 02:58

Unlike everyone else who does know everything about...I confess to being TOTALLY ignorant of the history of the middle east...and especially the area known as the "Holy Land" to some, though I am sure that even that term is loaded with all manner of inuendo and insult to those who are spiritually more well connected to the Supreme than I will ever be.

But I do know that there is no country called Palestine, especially if I look at a world map that was dated 1946...and see someone who was obvious lying from the very depths of their soul by labeling a land with that title, a land that was populated by less Jews than Brooklyn. And if that is wrong, I defy anyone to tell me there were more Jews in that area of the world than there were in all of New York City at that time. And of course I know likewise that Israel ought to be pushed into the sea because as anyone can obviously understand, Arabs do not have nearly enough land on which to live and deffinately need that miniscule spot on the earth which can probably be entirely traversed in less time that it would take someone to cross the city of Los Angelus at rush hour.

But let's face facts. Israel is there now because God almighty personnaly gave it to the Jews...even though, if I remember correctly from reading the Torah...there were already people living there. Though I am sure that memory is going to be hotly debated here even though it is singuraly and totally irrelavent to the present. After all it is God's earth and he/she/it has every right to give it to or take it away from who ever he/she/it wants to. What the hell, I'm sure that Being had some really fantastic reasons to give Dachau to the nazi's to do with as they wanted and I don't know about you but I'd gladly kill myself to fathom that divine mystery attrbuted to an all compassionate and good God. But then, jackass that I am...and just to be difficult and obstinate, I think I could manage to refuse to swallow what ever bull shit excuses I heard justifying that little experiment in unfathomable agony.

But I digress, the problem near as I can see it expressed here is what to do about the the world being dominated by Islam, or should I say fundamentalist Islamics who some Jews take their persecution by them personnaly when it is the fartest thing from those entities mind. For they persecute Jews no more or less so than they do there own people...or should I say better yet persecute true Islamics who are also no less attempting to find some universal thread tieing all of humanity together not unlike anyone ought to be doing if they are merely trying to assert their own humanity in a world that is doing everything in attempting to destroy it. Of course you can demonize all Islamics no less so than any fundamentalist nuts demonize everyone else around them. You can declare your own Jahad, and just call it by a different name...but basically that is what it is. While it can not be argued that many and maybe even most professed Islamics are antisemitic...that is not the end of the world. After all Israel is blessed by Hashem with nuclear arms to protect it from genocide today...of course I have no doubt His other face, Allah, is going to be blessing the nuts on the other side(or is it still the same side?) with their own instriments of mutually assurd destruction tomorrow.

Look, we are all just going through some riligious growing pains, much like we did during the Spanish inquisition when the Catholic Church had replaced Nero lightning up the night with burning Christians only then the Church lite it up with burning Jews, witches, heretics, homosexuals and all the other riff raff. And those who had the sense to "voluntarily" convert to the one and only true religion who ironically worships a dead Jew as God incarnate and still manages to have a considerable number of the faithful who have the all too logical(?) belief that Jews managed to siguarly and all by their lonsome aquire the ability to kill the Creator of the universe itself. Yeah, well if you think you are having trouble with that one...you ought to have tried growing up with that horse shit being ramed down your throat by a religion which claimed you could rape, torture and murder all your life but if you confess to God that you were sorry about it on your death bed you could "steal" heaven. Of course if you were 8 years old and played with yourself the night before you got hit and killed by a car on your way to school...you could be guaranteed you were going to hell for all eternity.

I could go on all night but more than likely this isn't even going to make it beyond the censors here especially after this little tid-bit of info I have for you. Out of all those people who went to the gas chambers have you ever wondered just who gave to the world that wonderful awe inspireing holy sacrement of love known as Zyclon B...the poison gas used to exterminate countless innocents like Anne Frank? His name was Fritz Harber, but then I know you knew that one already. Maybe you could tell me something really important about him that I don't know...like the day he celebrated his barmitzva. Because I only know those unimportant tidbits about him like the obvious fact that he was raised Jewish Orthodox and his angelic wife committed suicide in protest of his refusal to stop engageing in using science to produce military weapons. And if you don't know who he is do your own dam google search.

Now to show you just how insane I am...and though I have no way in hell of proving it there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hitler himself had Jewish blood in him and may in fact have even been Jewish...that is born of a Jewish mother and unless I am wrong about Talmudic law, a girl who is born of a Jewish mother and would then be adopted out as an infant and raised as a non-Jew would still give birth to Jewish children. And any of the children of any of her daughters would also be Jewish and all on down the female side would also be Jewish. You are just going to have to extrapolate back how the rest of that possibility goes.

Of course none of the Nuremberg Laws that defind what a Jew was had anything to do with Talmudic Law which is why so many avowed nazis had the wind kicked out of them because even though they were not Jewish by any stretch of the Torah as interpreted by the Hassidim, according to the nazis they were good enough fuel for the ovens because they had a grandfather on their fathers side who was Jewish. BTW to those of my Jewish brothers and sisters who were not born of a Jewish mother and still claim to be Jewish. I'm on your side. Of course I am also with you if you happend to be born with male sex orgains and claim to be a woman or vice versa.

As for me, tomorrow morning I will wonder why I didn't committ suicide tonight because I never got a chance to bring my Issac down from the mountain He died before I ever got to lay eyes on Him for my Sarah couldn't get her feet high enough into the stirrups or her thighs spread far enough for another Dr. Mengler who used a vacuum instaed of Zyclon B to be sure life didn't survive. And how do I know it was a boy? Oh my Sarah was most emphatic in making sure that I was aware that the fetus was a boy. And well, pretty much like too many that came out of the camps...I'm just another abortion who survived.

OMMFG! The nazis and hatred I can deal with but if there is anything at all listening....protect me from love and OMG is this really...LIFE? And WTF is it all for?


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