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When Cair Attacked an American Hero

Reader comment on item: CAIR's Inner Workings Exposed

Submitted by Arlinda (United States), Oct 17, 2009 at 14:48

Cair was everywhere following the attack of September 11th. It said "Islam is the Religion of Peace and does not commit acts of violence." "The Israelis are the real killers." "Of course, we condemn terrorism but terrorism is caused by American foreign policy and Zionism not Islam because we are the religion of peace." It became Cair's mantra ad nauseum.

The religion of peace's murderous rage for power and money killed three thousand of us and thousands of Israelis. The religion of peace blew up subways in England and Spain. It blew up nightclubs in Austrailia hotels in India along with blowing up India's congress while in session. It waged a ground war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan while sending missles into Israel. It also engaged in murderous terrorist attacks throughout South East Asia. Cair's condemnation of terrorism came with enough "buts" to bury the condemnation and extol the terrorism. Cair's religion of peace was engaged in a world wide killing spree. Dr. Pipes continually and carefully dismantled Cair's ridiculous defense of Islamic terrorism. He admonished us to stay focused.

Cair redefined the real and original meaning of the word "al-islam" which means submission, surrender and obedience to the will of allah. Peace has nothing whatever to do with Islam. In his tafsir of: "No, whosoever surrenders himself to God, while doing good, he will have his reward with his Lord ... " [Qur'an 2:112] Tabari mentions "He means with 'islam al-wajh (Islam of the face): to make oneself low, and submissiveness to His order. The origin of 'al-islam' is: surrendering (istislaam), because it is from 'I surrendered to his order' meaning submitting to his order. The Muslim is only called a muslim with the submission of his body to the obedience of his Lord."

Qamus al-Muhit defines al-islam as "obedience, concession and surrender" Qurtabi says in his tafseer "al-islam in the language of the Arabs: surrendering, obedience and submitting"

So, the word Islam has submission at the heart of its linguistic meaning, and has been given a specific Islamic meaning of surrendering, obedience and submitting to Allah without resistance.

In fact, this is the very heart of what it means to be a Muslim. Submitting one's very desires to Allah is the highest form of worship. Submission is what Allah asks of us and is the naturally sensible thing to do. Every thing in existence is submitting to Allah against its will as all submit to the laws of the universe set by Allah. Humans have free will to choose what actions to perform. By submitting our actions to a system of rules (the shari'ah) designed by their Creator is certainly sensible. By willingly submitting our will to the Will of Allah, such that we do not even desire for that which would displease Allah, is an even purer worship to Him. Cair ever bother to educate the American audience as to what the real meaning of Islam was????? Nah. They just invented more lies about Islam... about Dr. Pipes and the mission of Cair.

Cair harangued and threatened Dr. Pipes whenever and wherever he was invited to speak. The truth about which this respected and knowledgable scholar spoke enraged them. Their tactics to intimidate him and prevent his speaking bore a creepy and frightening resemblance to the tactics used in Nazi Germany. We who read and listened to his essays and speeches and looked forward to his critical analysis worried for his safety and well being when these thugs from Cair screamed and physically threatened him. Cair hurled their well honed anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Israeii and anti-intellectual slurs at the single most courageous, best informed academic in the country. He did not flinch. He did not blink. He did not waiver. Not ever.

Who but Dr. Pipes could call into question the policies of political correctness of the most powerful universities in the world who were having a "love affair" with the "religion of peace," a religion academia neither understood nor comprehended but for whom they became apologists. Dr. Pipes' Campus Watch exposed universities and academics for their politically correct zeal and support for this very dangerous and murderous killing machine. It was mult-culturalism/political correctness/tolerance gone stark raving mad and Cair flourished as commentator, spokesman, authority and proponent for this religious slaughtering machine ... all in the name of "peace" of course. And nobody challenged Cair except Dr. Pipes.

Cair's atrocious, vicious, unfounded, untrue ad homenim attacks and campaign against Dr. Pipes' character and credentials to prevent this brilliant academic whose specialty was the Middle East from being appointed to the United States Institute for Peace was unspeakable. Cair claimed Dr. Pipes was a bigot and troublemaker and, therefore unfit for the appointment. Cair, the bigoted and prejudcial spokesman for Islam, produced not a shred of evidence of Dr. Pipes' bigotry and/or trouble making. The entire process of vetting Dr. Pipes' appointment was an unspeakanle act of political cowardice on the part of our so called lawmakers. Senators Kennedy (who killed a young girl because he drove into a lake while drunk, and Dodd (who took bribes from the mortage lenders who helped bankrupt the country) along with Harkin and Jefferds joined Cair in condemning Dr. Pipes. They were aided and abetted by their favorite Islamic organization Cair, the AP, MSNBC and CNN. Cair whose undocumented bigoted public remarks against a respected academic was joined by liberal Democratic senators who gave this dispiscable agency undeserved legitimacy and credence.

The Senate and the media believed Cair's slurs against this Middle Eastern scholar whose impeccable life was matched only by his impeccable credentials and courage. Cair with its lies, deceptions and undocumented accusations was given legitimacy by Congress. Dr. Pipes, an American scholar, a professor and author, an expert on Middle Eastern studies, and a speaker on University campuses throughout the nation and a defender of American interests and security was denigraded by Congress. Truth, honesty, integrity and scholarship is unimportant to Cair, the terrorists in the killing fields of Irag and Afghanistan and in the halls of Congress.

President Bush stood by Dr. Pipes and promised to appoint him to the Institute for Peace for which he was uniquely qualified and urgently needed. When Congress took its vacation, President Bush had the power to appoint Dr. Pipes without the approval of the brainless wonder that Congress has become. "It speaks, but its says nothing." All one hundred Senators are not worth one Dr. Pipes. Collectively they cannot match his credentials and scholarship on the Middle East. His critical analysis and passion for the truth along with an unparalleled courage finds no equal in Congress or in the present White House.

We wanted Dr. Pipes to be appointed to the US Institute for Peace. We e-mailed President Bush our under estimated President and e-mailed our over estimated Senators encouraging them to support Dr. Pipes. They never responded. There were about 50 people that I knew who contacted everyone they knew including the media. Our numbers grew exponentially. I asked for a day off so I could e-mail and stay on line all day. My boss thought it important enough to give me time off. We swore we would never ever give up on this appointment.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a brilliant political analyst was outstanding in his support for Dr. Pipes. Fox News also provided enthusiastic support for Dr. Pipes' appointment and challenged the outrageous claims by Cair. Of course, In those days we had a friend in the White House. Remember the President who made promises and kept them. Dr. Pipes was the President's nominee and President Bush had the power to appoint Dr. Pipes when the cowards posing as Senators took a vacation. He did so.

Nowadays Cair not only has old friends in Congress but has a new good friend in the White House.

As Thomas Paine said:
These are the times times that try men's souls.... Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered......"

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. "

Abraham Lincoln. The Gettysburg Address
"...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Dr. Daniel Pipes said
"The fight to preserve the Constitution has just begun......"


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