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Philosophical Battle Today Portends the Judgment of a Non-Believing World When the King of Israel Returns

Reader comment on item: CAIR's Inner Workings Exposed
in response to reader comment: DOOMSDAY OF NON-MUSLIM WORLD,NO JOKE!

Submitted by M. Tovey (United States), Oct 27, 2009 at 16:24

There may be a perception that in the fight to keep proponents of an ideology from expanding their influences, that a battle needs to be fought in that ideological realm as well as in real time on the ground. Generally, that is a true understanding of what the world is involved in, whether in America, Europe, the Middle East, south Asia, and anywhere else one sees the conflict. In the vein of the premise of this post that Islam presents one of the greatest dangers to a peaceful existence of any conflicting ideology, we can certainly understand the trepidations of those societies that are exposed to the violent intrusions already perpetrated over the years, even centuries. And in that light, the societies that do not wish to succumb to the mindset of conforming to that ideology must set their minds to seek the truth and react accordingly, or resign to the circumstances for failing to hold on to the truth.

Now what the world is experiencing has been prognosticated, philosophically explored and debated to death, all to no avail for the lack of understanding why such things are, and why it is going to get worse before it gets better. To understand why Islam seems to be able to get footholds in societies, even ones that eschew the tenets of the Islamic prophet, is because many times they have already forsaken the only tool necessary for a proper defense, something which Islam has already dealt with, and counts on in dealing with the expansion of their influences.

From its inception, Islam starts with the process of denying the truth of the Hebrew Holy Bible. It denies the Jewishness of the Holy Bible, the proper place in Jewish history of the Hebrew beginnings, the proper fulfillment of promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the correct implementation of the expressed WORD of the LORD in all things related to Yeshua HaMashiach in His place as the Son of Almighty G-d. Get a society to question those things, and the rest is easily swept away in the debates and battles that follow. Understand that the Church had left its first love by the time of its Romanization, from there it is easy to see how Islam swept the then known world and for most of the time from then until World War One, held power in the Middle East and other similarly influenced societies.

The government of America has long ago conceded its strength of reliance on the Biblical principles that founded her and gave her prominence among the nations. Besides the black mark of removing said Biblical affirmations in eliminating prayer and the Bible in public forums decades ago, count the number of human sacrifices in the abortion clinics over the years since Roe v. Wade. How does a nation expect blessings when the bloodletting does not cease?

So what are we saying; that Islam will run its course, amok in the pages of history to trample humanity in a ceaseless endeavor for control? Nay, rather, Islam is, just as any other phase in the epochs of human existence, a momentary (in the eternal scheme of things) exercise in determining the inability of mankind to govern itself, that it requires the intervention of the Eternal Sovereign to begin the overt execution of His plan to finally bring this errant world under His direct control.

When, some might ask? If one does not have faith in the Son of Almighty G-d, that one may never get to know. For those who do know, the realization is that it is very near. Believers in Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, have His WORD on it. Where, others might ask? Watch for the battle of Jerusalem. It is the battle to be fought on the ground after the philosophical battle of agencies like CAIR, Hamas, Hizbollah, al Qaeda, etc., and those of their likeminded sensibilities, have expended their political resources and commence the battle to their ruin. It is all found in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures, requiring belief in Him to find full understanding as to why we fight the philosophical battle seen here now, to prepare for the witness of Him as He engages the world in the final judgment in the future.


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