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CAIR and Who's Army?

Reader comment on item: CAIR's Inner Workings Exposed

Submitted by Hankelvis (United States), Oct 26, 2009 at 22:58

I believe the AFL-CIO has captured the media and the Whitehouse. Using a brilliant scheme incorporate all the non-government organizations with the unions, they wield power with blinded and loyal members worldwide. The irony is that every taxpayer has added to the U.S. Government funding of the United Nations, ACORN, the union-owned non-profits, and regulatory bodies. The AFL-CIO dominates the media and Hollywood. Every single advertisement, television show and movie has a pro-left or anti-right message embedded. Any media workers speaking out against them will be fired. The leftist media is run exactly like a Union street brawl. Their influence over the United Nations will lead toward implementation of their co-IMF stated goal of "stabilizing" labor worldwide. The U.S. Constitution is their only constraint.

The unions have built an elaborate web of networks using Non-Profit, Non-Government Organizations, volunteer agencies, and their union affiliates. The highly organized unions with the AFL-CIO at the top have managed to creep into local governments, churches, schools, fundraising groups, and local associations. These groups act as an arm of the union. They hold to the same principles and methodologies. They all state the same goals. Each organization expresses their allegiance to the unions and the same political bias. Every one of them supports the unions and labor completely. Unchecked, these organizations are a threat to national security and the public health. There must be an anti-trust law to control this activity. The FCC just passed new regulations that will allow the AFL-CIO shadow government to operate independently on their own separate internet. They can monitor ours, but we cannot see theirs.

As political discourse in America is rapidly becoming more hostile, the threat of unpredictable violent and unstable union disciples increases. One example is the recent beating of a man at a town hall meeting. Another is the rancor taking place in the mainstream media. While the leftist media decries Fox News as "not real news", the left reports on irrelevant issues. They analyze Fox news line by line deposition style. They ridicule each syllable. Everyone scratches their heads in disbelief over the way conservatives have been treated by the mainstream leftist media. They are the "I am just saying" news. So, are they "real news" or just "ridicule"? Consider the fact that all of them are in the union and the union directs them.

Groups such as the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) are active in local churches. The IAF also leads protests for specific causes. The methods they use are outlined below. The methods used by suppressive union affiliate groups focus on the "think global, act local" mantras. The number one method used by these organizations to pick a target group or organization. They present themselves as successful consultants at resolving issues common across other organizations of the same type. They create a relationship and win trust by volunteering time and money invaluable to the target group. They make further inroads into the unsuspecting groups by constructing a common-cause mentality among key members or leaders. They do this by first identifying the natural leaders in the group and isolating a single cause. They continue talking to members until they reach a mediated consensus that inevitably includes Union Labor cause. These causes seem fair, honest, and in keeping with the ideology or faith of the target group. They teach the group how to fight for a cause as they detail the hardships of those suffering from great injustice. They continue to explain what must be done to further causes such as "fair pay", or "workers rights". The leaders of the church or group begin to be influenced by the zeal their members show toward the "grass roots" activity. As their coffers swell and church membership increases, the group leaders begin to champion the cause. Ultimately, the cause originally seeded or presented is supported solely by the left.

After a great deal of time and effort, the groups become champion believers. Steady propaganda creates a stressed environment. The members become compulsive. They become agitated toward perceived opposition. They become so consumed they lose sight of the big picture. They will vote resounding for any candidate that supports the isolated cause of their group. They will rationalize, deny, or disregard contradictions between their cause and their own belief system. As each cause ends, another of greater importance presents itself. The targeted members apply the same logic as before. Critical thinking is abandoned and group-think prevails. Many will be trained and skilled at targeting groups on their own. They may start up another in an endless sea of government-funded non-profit AFL-CIO seed groups.


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