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Some Musings on: Where We Are? and Where Do We Go From Here?

Reader comment on item: Arab-Israeli Fatalities Rank 49th
in response to reader comment: How about the number of non-Muslims killed by Muslims?

Submitted by mariana (United States), Oct 13, 2007 at 17:39

Dr. RJP: Thank you so much for your kind comments on my "...unuseful distractions..." posting; from you, I consider this high praise, indeed. Thank you.

">...It literally sickens me how many "enlightened" Europeans and Americans have no clue as to what is happening all around them. They would rather believe what inveterate, pathological liars say than what those bound by the truth have to say."

As always, your organization of current and historical events and the data you've provided bring focus, context and clarity to our discussions. Facts are stubborn things.

Do you think perhaps we're seeing that the culmination of 40 years of progressively diminished competence and objective intellectuality, combined with the blind acceptance of political activism, group-think, and heavy-handed "left wing orthodoxy" supplanting facts and reason in the schools, media, courts, government [all the compulsory institutions foisted upon us], have resulted in a miasma of "escapism" [Alfred E. Newman: "What, Me Worry?]?

The predominance of "political correctness", enabled of course by the appalling state of Education, seems to explicitly suggest that, had people been educated to be proficiently literate and able to think critically, much of the dangerous nonsense we are having to deal with would be laughed off the planet.

Forty years of not teaching history, and refusal on the part of those formulating and executing national policies to accurately assess, explain and communicate to the electorate the motives, actions and true behaviours of "others" and the results one can rationally predict/project therefrom, appear to have created a population content to be deluded and distracted by a government and media which dissemble and pander for weeks on end, creating canards and "'reality' circuses": [OJ, RJewell, WakoTexas, New Ice Age, Global Warming, school shootings, "Katrina", etc]. Meanwhile, attention to serious, ongoing matters which affect us on an existential level, go either unmentioned or mutilated beyond recognition.

As to preferring belief in "...what inveterate, pathological liars say than what those bound by the truth have to say..." I'm becoming convinced that "they" are too ignorant and brainwashed to discern the difference. Besides, the "...inveterate, pathological liars..." are utterly bereft of conscience, and have better "media consultants", "proving" -once again- that "appearances trump reality", "the end justifies the means", and "all 'truths' are relative"! A child cannot get through the American school system without having had this poisonous drivel drummed into him with demonstrable ostracism and punishment [bad grades, isolation and ridicule] for dissenters.

For those of us who try to understand these things, sharing data, details, opinions and information generally, is certainly "a good thing"; but, "Tempus fugit" and I do not think we have a great deal of time left to dither; neither should we pat our [own] backs and feel "satisfied". The "good guys" need to execute strategies that will educate and disseminate to those uninvolved, the desperate need for serious policy changes [DPipes, VDHanson, DHorowitz, JBolton, MLedeen]. This has to begin with explicitly describing and de-constructing postulations, decisions and remedies advocated by enemies, media and our ubiquitous permanent foreign policy establishment [PFPE].

I know I sound like a broken record, but the "world view" fabricated, advocated and executed by the PFPE has been consistently disastrous to American interests, as well as the interests of all peoples subjugated to horrendous regimes and tyrants. They've been wrong in their "estimates" of the objectives, motives, and even capabilities of demonstrably hostile "others" [particularly enemies], and wrong in their prescriptions and "pc" stop-gap solutions [which always seem to first paper-over, then exacerbate the situation in short order].

The current "round" [like "Bolero"] of "Peace Talks" for a "Final Solution," and official insistence on the pretense that Putin-Tsar is an "ally" and not the belligerent head of an aggressively imperialistic, murderous, oil rich "thugocracy", totally controlled by KGB [".. a rose by any other name.."]- as cases in point, illustrate the wrongheadedness of these twisted elitist-wannabes. ["Third verse, same as the first; a little bit louder, a little bit worse..."].

Neither America, Israel nor any other "enlightened" nation has need of "approval" or "permission" from an hostile, majority-Muslim and anti-democracy dominated "World Community of Tyrannies" in matters of survival... or even preference! Neither do we need to be loved or even liked by them.

What we do need is: to forthwith deliberately and explicitly remove all of the farcical "appearances" of "credibility" from these institutions by immediately withdrawing all financial support and our very presence. [Some wag posited the notion of shipping the UN out of The Big Apple and down to Central Africa; that's an intriguing idea with many obvious advantages. If our PR people had any competence, they could sell this as "sensitivity" and being "responsive" to the ever-growing "needs" of the "Third World"].

When the UN was created, it was assumed that the organization would be a The Force for World Peace. Instead, it has become an un-serious, corrupt rat-hole welfare-entity into which America has deposited much of its wealth and sovereignty, and the lives of too many of our youth. In exchange, we've received from them: conspiracy, organized belligerent opposition, overt hostility, scofflaw noncompliance with NYC and American law, and demands that they are "entitled" to control, tax, direct and redistribute all the wealth and technology "The American Way of Life, Laws and Liberty" have produced.

We've permitted them to ignore their own culpability for their almost-total failure by allowing them to believe that our country's phenomenal success was "spontaneously generated", as Athena was sprung from Zeus' head.

Instead of drawing a red line, setting limits and conditions for the financial aid and military protection America has provided for 60 years [enabling these corrupt regimes, regents and bureaucrats to thrive and survive in place], our PFPE commiserates, consorts and conspires with these enemies to denigrate, subvert and undermine our nation, our security, and our President.

Instead of advocating here and abroad, the stated policies of the Elected President of these United States, who explicitly wants them to go out "as missionaries" sharing and teaching these perennially "needy" barbarians the "secrets of our success", our PFPE does all they possibly can to subsume our Freedom, Liberties, Courts and Laws under the domination and control of unelected bureaucrats from the "Failing" [Old Europe], and the Failed" [certainly to include most of the Muslim and Southern Hemisphere countries]. mariana


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