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Predictions concerning the upcoming US Presidents

Reader comment on item: What's Trump's Policy on Visas for Muslims?
in response to reader comment: As Syrian Sand Trap Gets Deeper: Certain Influences Looking for Plausible Deniability?

Submitted by Michael S (United States), Oct 6, 2016 at 11:21

Hi, Tovey.

I have to be brief, because I am getting ready for surgery. You raised some good points:

A. "The motive, a little fuzzy even by Biblical standards, needed more information to flush out the end game as it pertained to the reasons of why America was still involved."

When looking for "motives" of great world powers, the answer is always "power". The US is UNQUESTIONABLY the only superpower, and will continue to be for the forseeable future. From a Biblical standpoint, the superpowers of Israel's world throughout history have been:

1. Pharoah's Egypt, which first hosted Israel and then put them under bondage. This was followed by the Exodus, the period of the Judges and the period of Kings.

2. Assyria, which carried away Samaria captive, and put Judah under tribute.

3. Babylonia, which carried away Judah captive.

4. Persia, which allowed Judah to return and rebuild Jerusalem.

5. Greece, which, under Alexander the Great, defeated the Persians and absorbed their empire. Alexander died, and his empire broke into four prominent parts: Egypt, Syria, Macedonia and Thrace. The Syrians ultimately became prominent, as the other three fell under growing Roman influence. Finally, the emperor of Syria, Antiochus Epiphanes, attacked Jerusalem and desecrated the Temple (setting up the "Abomination of Desolation"). This led Israel to revolt under the Maccabees, leading to independence under the Hasmonean Dynasty.

The above are the "five heads that were past", spoken of by John in Revelation.

6. Rome. This was the head "that is", spoken of by John. Jesus, of course, died at the hands of the Romans. In Daniel, this world power was described as "iron"- like, crushing its opponents. In the "statue" prophecy, it was described as having two legs, and ten toes. The ten toes were described in the "beast" prophecies as ten horns. Rome thus went through phases. It began unified, then split into two "legs":

6a. the Western Empire, centered first on Rome, then on Ravenna. It was overrun and sacked a few times before finally becoming a tribute of the Franks in 750 AD.

6b. the Eastern Empire, centered first on cities in what is now western Turkey, and finally in Constantinople. Beginning with Emperor Justinian, it ruled over remnant Rome, including the Pope, as well as a powerful empire in the East. Just as the Greek empires before it, it fell into gradual decline until surpassed in power by an ascendant Rome (This time a "reincarnated" Rome, part of the Frankish "Holy Roman Empire").

7. The Frankish Empire, which became the prominent power in the West, at the same time that Rome was wrested from the Eastern Empire and was about to be conquered by the barbaric Lombards. The Pope appealed to the Frankish king for protection. Fifty years later, the Pope crowned the Frankish king Charlemagne as the "Holy Roman Emperor". This was the "seventh head", which Revelation said would "last for a short while".

8. The "Ten horns" period, of "the beast itself". At Charlemagne's death, the empire was divided among his sons. This was the beginning of Europe becoming a great collective power composed of independent states. Charlemagne's dynasty was replaced by female-headed lines, ultimately giving us the Capetians, Plantagenets, etc. From these, the Great Powers emerged: France, Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Germany, etc., and ultimately, since the end of WWII, the United States.

The President of the United States is therefore the "beast" of Revelation. He is the culmination of the "seven heads". There is no other "head" (such as Russia or China) that will supplant it.

You brought up the subject of Russia's "motive". Here is how history has unfolded since Charlemagne's death: Beginning with his sons, one power would rise up and become prominent; then, after a while, another would challenge it. Thus, France was the dominant power around 1700. In the mid-18th century, the British supplanted it.

In a "last hurrah", Napoleon sought to revive French supremacy, but he was crushed. By and by, the Germans unified and opposed Britain in the "Great War" (World War I). Germany's "last hurrah" was under Hitler, in WWII.

Finally, after the British, Germans, Italians, Japanese and all the former great Colonial Powers had exhausted themselves in WWII, the US arose as the great Superpower. This was Daniel's "little horn, that grew". The Soviets tried to rise up and supplant the US, but fell apart in the 1980s.

What is Russia's motive? China's motive? Europe's motive? The same as that of the Soviets, Nazis and Napoleon before them: to become #1. Today, the US is the "ringmaster" of Europe and the Far East, and more powerful than Russia, China, India, Brazil and the others combined. This has the makings of a new "Cold War"; but it is an unequal struggle: Between the US and its allies, all challengers together are outnumbered in power by over 2:1.

As Revelation shows us, there is no "eighth head" or "ninth head": "The Beast" culminates into a world dominated by the US, and ends there at Armageddon.

B. "America balks at the talks of ceasefire. Is the American Administrative Chief Executive backing off? Why?"

Because Obama is a wimp, and an idiot in foreign policy. Neither Clinton nor Trump appear capable of completely reversing the damage done by Obama; but the President after the 2016 winner is likely to be young, charismatic and full of world-dominating "solutions". I think he will be elected in 2020, and become the end-time personification of "the beast".


I doubt it. Trump has no desire to, and Clinton is unable to. During the next four years, I expect Turkey to become the dominant player in the Middle East, coordinating with Iran. Russia's possible contribution to this will be that of a helper; but they will not DRIVE events: the Islamist Movement. led by Turkey and Iran, will do that.

As for being "dragged into things", Ezekiel tells us that it is "Gog" (i.e. Turkey) who will be "dragged" into things, when God puts "hooks in his jaws". This describes the likely end of Turkish President Erdogan, who leads by his mouth and then is ensnared by what he says. The US and other world powers will remain on the sidelines during this episode, as Ezekiel says (cf "Merchants of Tarshish" = America and Europe, and "Dedan & Sheba" = powers east of Suez).

The winner of the upcoming election, whoever it is, will probably be unable to deal with the changing realities in the world. Ditto for the Europeans, Japanese, Chinese and Russians. I expect Israel, meanwhile, to defeat the Turks and Iranians, possibly as early as 2017. This is likely to energize religious zealots in Israel, and may lead to the building of the Third Temple. I expect the rest of the world to see this as a threat to them, and they will exert their power -- around 2024 perhaps -- to cause offerings and oblations to stop. This will be under the administation of the President inaugurated on 20 Jan. 2021, whom I expect to be an Epiphanes-like and Nero-like firebrand.

Time will tell. I have to get ready to have my belly cut into.

Shalom shalom :-)


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