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For something bad to happen it requires a root cause and a trigger

Reader comment on item: Should We Blame a Florida Pastor for Deaths in Afghanistan?
in response to reader comment: what does it tell you?

Submitted by Michel C. Zala (Switzerland), Apr 9, 2011 at 14:14

Either one on itself is not sufficient to explain the deaths, the misery of the families and the general uproar in the media.

Answering the question, as to who is responsible for it, I hate to be the bringer of bad news and likely become unpopular here in this forum, but Jones must be blamed equally to those fanatics, who did the actual killing, as he willingly and fully aware of possible consequences of his actions, threw a match into an open gasoline pool, utterly neglecting innocent victims resulting from his moronic, self-centered and narcicistic behaviour.

I mentioned in many of my posts ( reg. Assange, Mosque in NY etc.), how our dear freedoms and civil liberties are in the process of being perverted.

Just because the law is on my side, does not relieve me of my own individual responsibility to exercise my rights considerately, responsibly and overall in a manner not harmful to others.

Just because the constitution grants me Freedom Of Speech, does not make it right to verbally assault someone, slander, insult, offend or harm another person.

Just because they have the legal right to build a mosque near ground zero, does not mean that they should build it there, but exercise restraint, consideration and empathy with the victims of 9/11, killed in the name of Allah.

Just because we know Freedom of Religion, does not mean that Islam all of a sudden should claim equality in traditionially judeo-christian western nations. It means that muslims have a right to freely practise their religion privately, while having to compromise in a secular environment and adapt to their host nation's traditions and culture (if they want to pursue happiness and priosperity there).

But the sword definitely cuts both ways. I myself experienced the walk of shame of going to a planned parenthood facility once to lend my partner moral support during one of her most painful decisions, ending a pregnancy. Without knowing the pain and hurt we went through, coming to that most excruciating decision, we found ourself that morning attacked, assaulted, insulted, yelled at, cursed at by a mob, exercising Freedom of Speech (ironically most of those people called themselves Christians, quoting the scripture).

Was that really, what our Founding Fathers intended, when designing this beautiful document we call our constitution?

Yes. there is literally no reciprocity in a bigot muslim culture, where it seems to be okay to wipe his ass with the Bible, on the other hand cry foul, when a Quran is burnt. No question, the backlash to Jone's action is disgusting and abhorrent. The double standards we encounter on all dimensions of this topic, are indeed sickening. Muslimkis sure talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk themselves.

But life ain't fair and justice is an utopian concept. We live - sorry to state the obvious - in the context of a bigot world, a cruel, unfair, unjust and violent environment. Yes we must deplore and condemn it, stand tall in the face of such fanatics justifying their inhuman acts as a response to a bigot in our own midst. No doubt, the root cause for these acts is found in a fundamentally flawed muslim doctrine. But that does not relieve us from the obligation to examine the trigger, which was as much prerequisite to these acts, as an intolerant, medieval religious doctrine.

Go right ahead and rightfully blame the people pouring gasoline into the pool. There is ample justification to do that. But do not forget to blame this stupid bigot moron, who lit the fuse, as well, as he full well knew, what the consequences of his actions would be. The blood of these victims is for that reason alone as much on his conscience, as on the islamist mob and the cynics behind it.

Unquestionably we must deal with a hypocritical, double standard, intolerant, medieval- deeply and fundamentally flawed muslim culture. We must reject and repell their demanding and aggressive intrusion into our western way of life by all means available to us, while welcoming all those as gracious hosts, who want to live beside us and integrate truly as the guests they at least initially are.

While thus trying to maintain the moral highground, we however must also deal with the bigots in our midst, who abuse and pervert our civil liberties, with the same resolve. We therefore are not absolved from a sad conclusion, that Terry Jones is as responsible for the deaths of these innocent people, as the murderers actually holding the knives and shooting the guns. He is as guilty as those miserable low lives.

My GOD, to whom I pray, will at some point grant ultimate justice, and people like Terry Jones will burn in hell. Together with all those dumb, ignorant, misguided, fanatic muslim f&cks, who stone women, behead people and terrorize innocents. No 77 virgins, but everlasting fire and a good dose of the misery you dished out yourself. Ironically, Hell will be crowded by exactly those people who during their lifetime proclaimed to be religious, on the righteous path, even holy. They'll all be happily reunited alright, meeting their Mohammed and Allah, Khomeini, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Saddam, a few Popes and some Dictators there.


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