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M & W Mean that Dr. Pipes and Everyone Who Disagrees With Them -- Is The lobby

Reader comment on item: Is Campus Watch Part of a Conspiracy? [On Mearsheimer-Walt and "The Israeli Lobby"]

Submitted by Sofa Sogood (United States), Feb 24, 2008 at 05:24

Although I think that Dr. Pipes gets it, refuses to give credence to, and might be waiting to see if M & W will state it bluntly, the answer to,

< No Lobby told me to start Campus Watch >

is, that what they mean is that, Dr. Pipes Is (capital T lower case L) The lobby.

Few have actually stated it, but it seems so clear that the meaning of M & W is that anyone at all who truly supports Israel (as opposed to the, I Love Israel, Let's Watch It Get Destroyed, school), and

Anyone at All who Disagrees with their viewpoint, Is The lobby.

This includes anyone, whether they be Jew, Christian, Journalist, Politician, member of a group or organization, or just any ordinary citizen.

According to them (aside from the views of obviously biased Jews and certain Christians), in their opinion, since views opposed to theirs have no value or worth whatsoever, the majority of our population who disagrees with them has been duped, and that dupedom also qualifies them to be part of The lobby.

These dupes, according to M & W, have been unduly influenced, largely due to the fact that the Media is controlled by The lobby, which is mostly, but not only, composed of the Jews. The lobby, again, includes all of the people who disagree with M & W, which includes the dupes themselves. In some ways it's circular. Not only do Jews, excuse me, some or most Jews, dupe the dupes, but the dupes dupe other dupes as well. And they are all The lobby.

It's Aipac, the genuine Lobby, and The lobby (inclusive of Aipac itself, Jews, Christians, various groups and organizations, and other ordinary citizens) which through both nefarious dealings and the apparently very anti-American threat of losing votes by going against the wishes of the public, who are also The lobby, which literally, frighteningly and sometimes eerily, forces Congress to submit to it's Dark Will. And, of course, those (practically non-existent) Congressmen who honestly believe in the Israeli cause, are also either part of the The lobby or its dupes who are The lobby too.

There really isn't any need to go into how absurd their claim is, for one, about the Media. Our Media rarely gives the whole picture including the Israeli side. The public seems to side with the Israelis in spite of the Media. If there has been any duping, it's been the other way. These days, the only place to get any real information is from the Internet. I'm sure M & W would be thrilled if the U.S. Media were more like the English or the French, etc., where, like in their own works, there is a consistent and continuous demonization of Israel, without ever, ever giving the European public even a peek at even part of the whole story, much less the truth. [An interesting anecdote on the web was an interview with a recent immigrant to France from a Muslim country. He said he was never anti-semitic and never hated Israel until he came to France. The Interviewer asked if he was influenced by Al-Jazeera. He replied that he never watches it, and was influenced solely by the French press.]

Has anyone noticed it's no longer necessary to call it, The Israel lobby, but that, The lobby, is enough? What does that say about what M & W intended to accomplish?

Their hope is that they can just pidgeonhole anyone by using (don't forget, They are using Their Control against U.S. interests) that (now) disparaging smear of a phrase, and can automatically thereby de-legitimize whatever it is They say or do. They are The lobby. They are all different (but really wink, wink, They are all the same). We've got Their number. No need for accuracy. Innuendo is perfectly acceptable. No need for debate. All that is needed to get the message across is to say the phrase. Oh, The lobby, The Bad and Controlling lobby. No more acceptable, legitimate testimony taken seriously from The Suspect Jew lobby.

Framing their argument as, The Israel lobby Controls and has Overbearing Influence... is so clearly aimed at tweaking both vague, latent anti-semitic feelings and judeophobia. It was also very deliberately aimed at Jews who would have to respond because they would not be able to ignore this diatribe. Thus, and by subjecting the respectability of their credentials to their paranoid and bigoted fantasies, they set themselves up for plenty, plenty of attention. How clever.

Lumping together each and every person, and everything they do that even remotely appears to be helpful to the cause of Israel, or even the Middle East in general, especially if they are Jews, as The lobby, is nothing but name calling. The exclusion of anti-Israel and veiled anti-Israel Jews is ultimately irrelevant here. The lobby has already come to be a code word for Jew and only sometimes includes Jew lovers. Come on now -- what must this or M & W then be called?

Dr. Pipes is very right that it would have been better to ignore their screed of a paper, but, unfortunately, it wasn't possible for most Jews to just allow such a paper to go without comment, precisely because it was written by well-positioned professors. Considering who it came from, it was too false, hurtful and shocking, and thus irresistible. It's true that had it been ignored, it would have faded away.

It's now an oozing and contageous pustule.

It's an ugly thing that Mearsheimer and Walt have done.


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