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Gedanken aus dem Südpazifik

Reader comment on item: It's Not Road Rage, It's Terrorism
in response to reader comment: ITS, go ahead and rubb it in

Submitted by the Grand Infidel of Kaffiristan (Australia), May 1, 2012 at 07:17

Hello Michel

"...you were in our debates in the camp of the "pessimists",.."

I generally associate pessimism with negativity and depression. Maybe I have the definition wrong
- but I would say that having looked at the whole muslim meme, observed its outcomes and built-in rules that preserve its identity down through generations - I've made certain evaluations and am just being realistic. Many of the evaluations are obvious. They'd just seem 'negative' if you were a muslim or at least an islamophile.

"....Yes, GIK, I have developed from a 50:50, glass half full kind of guy into a 90% pessimist in everything concerning islam. "

It's not pessimism at all , it's almost science. Observation and an awareness of one of the laws of physics - inertia. -

"Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest, or the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion."

but it works for paradigms and memes too. So who/what is the external force in this case ? Common sense - in the form of us infidels.

It's also just the dawning of Islamorealism. I'm all for positive change - but 'he who expects nothing shall not be disappointed'

"While I staunchly believed that the millions of Turks, living in Europe, would with their strong family ties prove to become some form of counter balance to those Islamist forces at home by pouring millions of Dollars (and influence) back into Turkey, I find myself today sadly disappointed,
as Turkey proper, heck most their people in Europe, is as far removed from our guiding principles as ever."

I have not been to Turkey - though have met several Turks living here. Some of these guys are OK - especially those who are just nominally muslim. Others aren't - eg those who still have a highly (Turkish) agenda despite even having been born here and still carry the hatreds of 17,000 kms and a century ago with them - e.g. destroying a monument put up by Armenians.
Sitting around in shops sipping Turkish coffee all day, living on ocial security while at the same time sniping at the West which supports them is the height of hytpocrisy.
But as far as Turkey joining the EU - the bar needs to be set extremely high. So how that they won't be able to pretend they have made the necessary cultural and attitudinal changes necessary to be able to live together harmoniously in large numbers with non-muslims.
I have German friends who live here in Australia and it is hard for them to disguise their disdain for the changes that the Turkish influx has sustained in Germany.

"As far, as Libya is concerned, GIK, I am not quite 100% ready and willing to concede defeat or agreement with you, as most revolutions,
eventually resulting in stable democracies, were immediately followed by turmoil,"

True - but countries like my own and Canada have stable democracies without having had a revolution - so it is not necessary to actually have a revolution first.
Other places - like Russia and China - which had their very own revolutions - well, you know where I'm going with that.....
So really the only countries of note that had revolutions followed by stable democracies were France and the US. And possibly India but all they really did was throw out the whites , grab the institutions and systems they left - and adapt them for their own use. Different faces, same machine.
How well suited they were for each other - the Brits with their social class hierarchy and the Indians with their caste system.

"Even my beloved American Revolution, which could very well have ended up in some form of Monarchy or dictatorship, if Washington did not gracefully and voluntarily exit and allow for a fragile parlamentary democracy to take roots. His people, his compatriots, heck, even many of his fellow Founding Fathers were willing to grant this man a crown or presidency for life - albeit he walked away without need or pressure but for the knowledge that he would endanger the hard-fought results of the war for independency and democracy. "

So he was a man of high principles who was true to his ideals. I doubt if you're going to find too many of them in Libya or elsewhere in the muslim world. Bright lights are quickly and very deliberately extinguished.

"..... While I do appreciate the danger a seemingly strong Islamist faction presents, there are at present also forces which work towards a secular democracy - quite difficult in any muslim nation, because of the mentioned built-in design flaws of this religion,which commands a strong involvement in literally all aspect of the people's life, political or private, as a people and as individual."

Yes exactly so. Those forces we don't hear about - perhaps because they are very small in number but mostly because for them to display themselves is to invite their own destruction. I've asked muslims on this blog why there is no campaign by muslims against islamists - the result was predictable - no response. Nada.

I pointed out that muslims could easily make a token effort and just set up one measly website which voiced opposition - even anonymously. Muslims living in stable western societies, who know from day to day experience that the muslim religion
and ideals really have no redeeming qualities that are not found in other religions
- have a moral obligation to speak out against the ingrained attitudes that lead to human rights abuses by their co-believers living elsewhere. But I'm not going to hold my breath waiting.

"While the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union, an ultra left Association) clamors about racial profiling,99 out of 100 people traveling by airplane understand, that it is not the white grey haired grandmother who will ikely blow up a plane. "

I saw an Indian stand-up comedian on TV last night - he joked about profiling at airports and how he was sometimes on the end of inspections. But he said he understood it. He said it's like if you have a puppy and your grandmother living at your house. If you come home, find the curtains ripped up,
the sofa shredded and poop on the floor - you don't go and ask your grandmother if it was her.

"Worldwide, Muslims demand special treatment, equality in western host nations,
tolerance and acceptance."

It's go to the stage here where Muslims have demanded (and , shamefully, been given) prayer rooms at AFL (Aussie Rules) football stadiums! In Australia - can you believe it?

" And in return? They build religious indoctrination centers and say nothing of note about muslim violence."
Not only that - but they tear down churches, synagogues and temples in their own countries. Zero reciprocity - which makes a COMPLETE lie of the notion of muslim tolerance. No, the game is world domination (yes, sounds comical doesn't it?). The Koran says it must be so - so who are they to argue? And petrodollars flow freely to support the cause - so why argue when there's a buck in it?

"How are things in Australia? "

Apart from this issue? Great!!!

"Do you encounter the same there? "

Absolutely. There are muslim enclaves here - where it's not wise to look non-approvingly at any of its denizens.
There's been 80 or so shootings just in Sydney over the last few months - odd for a country where you have to go through hoops to get a permit to carry a gun . Most of the shootings are attributed to Middle Eastern crime - and turf wars following the infiltration of ME background people into bike gangs.
There's the usual perpetual clamour in all sorts of ways for special treatment. A few months ago the Islamic womens conference put forward the idea that recently arrived muslim migrants should be given free plane flights (return) back to their countries - to help them adjust!

Of course most Australians would agree with that idea - on the proviso that it was a one-way trip.
They also demanded free housing in the same list.
These situations are not unique to Australia' but it's going to be interesting when they really do cross the line here. I think we're extremely tolerant but tolerance has its limits - but also we're an irreverent bunch by nature. In that way they couldn't have picked a worse place to come.
Maybe Russia would give them a run for their money too. Those boys can be quite straightforward.

"Are the activities of Muslims monitored and curbed,"

Yes - the state police even have a Middle Eastern crime squad. Our national intelligence service has so far successfully monitor the most deranged - and thwarted plans for indiscriminate Infidel destruction on a couple of occasions.

"or do you experience the same fruitless debates as well with a media hiding behind the shield of political correctness? "

That too - but as I inferred - we mercilessly cut down (figuratively only ) - people who put special accolades on themselves and require special treatment.
After a few beers....people express what they REALLY think. There of course is political correctness - but you can't legislate away people's thoughts -
and that soon becomes apparent when you gauge the general opinion about islam in general. To most people attempts to whitewash Islam is putting lipstick on a pig.

"You guys are sitting right next to a 300 M people hotspot (Indonesia) which can erupt at any time,
sitting so close to so much open, free territory. How are you guys dealing with that danger?

200 million poorly educated muslims sounds like a worry - but really what can they do?
They have a hard enough time smuggling hundreds of illegal afghan immigrants here across the
1,000 kms + from their. They simply do not have enough boats! And the ocean is treacherous.
And if they were ever stupid enough to try - our military would whip them.
And now that the US has a new base in the NT - well.........

"Do not forget, I was exec with Boeing and am privy to certain classified info with regard to AU defenses in the center north of your continent.
You guys aware of the respective collaboration between the US and AU? Is it a topic of discussion

If it is really classified - then, no - this would not be an appropriate forum .
But - you are talking about Pine Gap? Or the bases'in NT? A lot of it is public domain - my unanswered question about PG is whether there actually is a large underground component there.

I'm all for collaboration with the US. By and large Americans are good hearted people.

At this point I'll take a break and refer you to this article which explains these points more eloquently

"Islam is savage, intolerant, cruel and expansionistic, not due to a misunderstanding,
but because it is what it is and no amount of wishing will make it otherwise."

How succinctly and elegantly it sums up your realisation.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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