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The Greater Evil for the World is the US-jihadis coalition then, isn't it?

Reader comment on item: Thoughts on the Syrian Downing of a Turkish Warplane
in response to reader comment: The Greater Evil for the World is that Too Few Seek for Its Peace

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Jul 23, 2012 at 09:12

M. Tovey wrote :

> To be sure, the times for euphemistic speculations are at an impasse; since arguments for the sake of rhetorical explorations are patronizing at a minimum in the wake of the reality of lives in jeopardy and risk of loss of more lives. People, indeed entire groups, are being decimated for the sake of political argument and dominance and the words just seem to fall to the ground for failure to penetrate into the hearts of the antagonists.<

You maybe have not noticed yet the talks about 'overpopulation' that pop up with increasing intensity and obstinacy in the media. It seems that the same people who scare us with the red rag of overpopulation do unleash wars which have not just to do with what you write , namely that "People, indeed entire groups, are being decimated for the sake of political argument and dominance". They have also a hidden unholy agenda , namely what they call euphemestically "reduction of population",and uneuphemistically speaking "genocide".

Frankly, why was it needed to decimate Libya's population, break up the country and make it fall back in its development to the Middle Ages ? Qaddafi was submissive enough, integrated into the Western system of exploitation, fraud and brainwashing. He assured stability not just in Libya but in the Sahara region. He directed the continuous flow of money into the Western banks. Now the US is not just exploiting Libya's oil fields for its (or Saudi Arabia's?) needs but also is making sure that "the reduction of population" is on the rise across Libya and the Sahara.

> As for the blunt question(s): what do I prefer?

Very few would give ear to my preferences; for my tolerance of blatant aggression at the hands of any aggressor is nil, no matter whose flag, either the Russian tri-color (a distant cousin to its predecessor, the red hammer and sickle), the flag(s) of the Islamic Revolution (in the variant forms of green and black and red, and yellow); and if it came down to it and we find that the presence of the American forces are detrimental to the peace of the region, then add that.<

I have never found anything written by you that would suggest that you condemn the US involvement in and support for worldwide jihad like exemplified by the creation of brand-new Moslem states on the Balkans by your country. Or maybe you still somehow think that it is the Russians and the Chinese that created the Islamic Republic Bosnia and Kosovo and then blamed the poor US for it ?

> The Russian presence in Tartus presents a situation that not too many understand. Are we to conclude that the interests of the Russian military is enough of a deterrent that none would dare to involve themselves in an encounter with the Russian navy or marines; or does the stated intentions of the Russian interests to defend Syria against aggression seem insignificant while the country implodes into civil war. My preference is to allow the Syrian crisis work itself out without outside interference, even that of the Russians. <

Can you explain to me why in some countries internal contradictions and conflicts end up in regime changes or civil wars ( like in Tunisia, Egypt,Libya, Syria) while in others with similar contradictions and conflicts we are spoon-fed with happy silence despite the news of brutal suppression of any opposition and protests like in Saudistan or Bahrein and no sweeteners of Western outcry and calls for intervention or embrago to impose "democracy" and "human rights" ?

It seems that to bring about a regime change in America all one needs to do is buy some you will later call "opposition" or "rebels", send masses of arms into the country , train terrorists in Mexico or Canada and bring them across the border and stage a few massacres. To make a long story short , without a foreign (i.e. US-approved ) intervention and involvement not a single regime can be changed in the Near East or I' d dare say worldwide! So don't tell me fairy tales of "allowing the Syrian crisis work itself out without outside interference".

> Otherwise, the question must be asked: what price peace? This is difficult to answer because no one, not even the American Secretary of State, knows how to achieve that there. Russia would love stability for their own purposes, but seem stifled for the moment. Turkey is even more clueless.<

I don't want to sound cynical but it seems very naive to believe that anybody in high places in America is really looking for or interested in "peace", "stability", "prosperity", "good". Quite the contrary, the powers that be quite openly call for war, chaos and destabilisation as a matter of principle to make sure that the status quo remains in place and keeps working for the sake of the only superpower despite the latter's thin feet of clay.

> As for the jihadists that are imbedded and embroiled in this latest iteration of the 'Arab Uprising,' their agenda is plain; and it seems unstoppable on several levels. They aim to take control – at any cost. Can the Russians stop it? Look at Afghanistan in the 80's and ask the question again.<

Can you remind me of what 'Operation "Cyclone" was all about and how could a horde of illiterate savages resist one of the finest war machines on earth ? Or do you perhaps believe that cries of "Allahu akbar" have the miraculous power of bringing down Mi-24 "Hind" helicopters ?

> Your contention that state sponsored terrorism is somehow easily laid at the base of covert operations of the American sort – and there may be something to that –but they are not alone. Definitively, the change in the American Administrative Executive's attitude since the change occurred in 2009 has lent itself to certain speculations of expectations and the antics of the American Secretary of State has done nothing to allay them; but if that were true, then the outcome should have produced better results if democracy were the motive.<

The influential author and diplomat I was referring to earlier writes with disarming sincerity that democracy is nothing but a "human virus" applied for warfare of a new type to bring about chaos and instability wherever necessary for the American national interests. So much for your "democracy" as the motive.

Second, you see persons without seeing the system. If it were this or that person's mistake, whim or fancy to do this or that which harmed or ran counter the system the system would have long corrected the mistake. If it hasn't done that it means it has been done in accordance with the system .

Can you name the US politicians that are calling for abolishing Bosnia and Kosovo as enclaves of jihadist aggression, anti-Western hatred and Saudi-sponsored bridgehead against Europe ? For the time being citizens who call exactly for this are being silenced, sacked and threatened by the system's servants.

> I have no known or speculative reason for the Russians being directly involved in Libya's demise; their interests there seemed limited to political observations. Kosovo on the other hand bears another look, if for no other reason than the peripheral association of the neighboring Slavic connections. I was not as keenly active in those circumstances in those days; except that to note that a Clinton is still involved in such things. You may draw your own conclusions on that one.<

I have drawn my conclusions. You have already read part of them.

> Let us revisit the first blunt question: do I prefer a Russian Naval base in Tartus? Considering that shortly the question will become academic, I have previously asserted that the Russians do not employ military force except, like emergency signs that say here in America –"in an emergency, break glass." Their emergency is about to break open because the glass is being shattered all over the place and I cannot see how they will not be compelled to respond. But, that would not have been my preference; my preference being that of seeking peace at equity for all concerned.<

It's hard to see whether the question of the Russian military base will be academic or not in the near future. If more Turkish planes are shot down over Syria and more Turkish pilots land in the Moslem paradise instead of a US-made air base in Turkey ,then the question will remain rather non-academic.

In the meantime I'd suggest - if you know anybody high enough in the hierarchy - you should inquire how the negotiations about selling the biggest US military base in Europe , namely Bondsteel in Kosovo , to Turkey are proceeding. I'd love to learn the details of another great American treachery in the long series of America's traitorous, pro-jihadist and anti-European acts.

Furthermore, the glass is being broken by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and their indefatigable American godfather ; the reason being - beside America's new grand strategy of applied chaos theory ,its greed and power hunger - the natural gas exports that are at stake. If Qatar acquires Syria's Mediterranean ports and builds natural gas terminals there it will be the end to Russia's natural gas exports from the North and maybe the end to Russia as such since she will lose her main source of income. Having been de-Industrialized in 1990-ies and afterwards her natural gas is the last straw that is keeping her afloat. Now Qatar - with US approval - wants to cut this straw in Syria. Some time ago the Qatari security officers beat up the Russian ambassador without apologizing. Recently, Qatar's prime minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani has been seen in Kyrgystand and Tajikistan spending money on organizing wahhabi madrassas and recruiting "supporters". It seems that after Syria Russia will become the next target of "Arab Spring"-style "democratization".

> Instead, all we see in what is going on is the race for dominance in the human race and history shows that never turns out well - now does it?<

Well, the Hellenistic period and the Roman Empire do show that if the right power wins, then all benefit from it . But when a wrong power wins , then nothing follows but more chaos, poverty,injustice and lawlessness as happened after the fall of Rome in the 5th century. Now the amazing thing is that this is nowadays the official US policy and strategy - the applied chaos theory with the US -jihadist alliance as its backbone and pillar.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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